CH — LARRY ROMANOFF — 上帝保佑女王。或者,也许并不保佑 — 2022年1月14日

  上帝保佑女王。或者,也许并不保佑 拉里·罗曼诺夫《俄罗斯真理报》,2022年1月14日 译者:珍珠   CHINESE  ENGLISH  PORTUGUESE  SPANISH

CH — LARRY ROMANOFF — 珍视的美国品牌 — December 01, 2021

珍视的美国品牌 拉里·罗诺夫  宝贵的美国品牌 译者:珍珠 2021年12月1日     CHINESE   ENGLISH   ITALIAN   PORTUGUESE

EN — LARRY ROMANOFF — God Save the Queen. Or, Maybe not — January 14, 2022

God Save the Queen. Or, Maybe not   By Larry Romanoff for PRAVDA, January 14, 2022 Westerners seem to hold a fondness for monarchies; pleasant remembrances of times past, the pleasures of the…

EN — LARRY ROMANOFF — Treasured American Brands — December 01, 2021

Treasured American Brands By Larry Romanoff for PRAVDA, 30 November 2021   The non-Western world needs a few successes in rejecting American “values”, beginning with some American icons.   Barbie…