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November 01, 2022


Democracy, The Most Dangerous Religion

4. Chapter 4 –The Right-Wing Brain


By Larry Romanoff


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We now have scientific proof that those who belong to the political Right-Wing are more primitive and less able to reason clearly than the rest of us, according to a recent study by the UCL Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience in the UK. Neuroscientists have discovered evidence that the brains of political Right-Wingers are a different shape from those of normal people, lacking grey matter in a vital portion of the brain associated with development, indicating a strong correlation with primitive political views and religions based on witchcraft and crop circles. [1][2]


Right-Wingers have a thinner section of the brain that permits rational and conscious thought – the anterior cingulate portion, and a much thicker, enlarged part – the amygdala – which is an ancient part of the brain associated with primitive emotional aggression. Given the typically pre-human tendencies of the political Right Wing, it appears that these political allegiances are hard-wired into these people as a genetic defect due to the shrunken portions of their brain related to human development and civilisation. No surprise there.


This stunning scientific revelation finally proves what we always suspected, namely that the Political Right Wing is a kind of Cro-Magnon deviant from the “normal” Left-Wing brain, having somehow escaped evolutionary extinction while preserving its Neanderthal outlook. We now see why it is so difficult to explain things to conservatives in ways they can understand, since their mental processes function only in terms of three or less bulleted points, migraine headaches being the most common result of exposure to concepts. It seems their primitive religious and political inclinations would be unresponsive to education or environment, which would explain the high US crime rates and propensity for guns and whacky Christian religions. This explains much about Donald Trump, Mike Pompeo, George Bush, Hillary Clinton, Ronald Reagan, all of the US Congress, much of the population of Israel, most of the UK and 85% of Australia.


Actually, the Right-Wing brain study was the shocking and totally-unexpected result of a joke, and was widely-reported in the UK media at the time. A gentleman whose name unfortunately escapes me was planning a political debate on a UK talk show. As preparation, and as a joke, he collected some neurologists and brain specialists and asked if they could identify anything in brain scans that made Right-Wing people naturally violent and stupid. The scientists dutifully performed said brain scans and other examinations and discovered to their great surprise there really were significant physical differences in the brain structures between those who identified as either Liberal or Conservative. This surprise naturally spawned many other studies and the results are now classic.


In 2011, Samuel Goldman wrote a useful article on this same issue, noting that sane people “have dismissed conservatism as a mental defect ever since it emerged as a distinctive brand of political thought”. [3] Thomas Paine equated conservative minds with “an obliteration of knowledge”. Goldman related John Stuart Mill’s assertion that, “although not all conservatives are stupid, most stupid people are conservative”. [4] Theodore Adorno diagnosed conservative views as symptoms of a pathological “authoritarian personality”. [5]


I couldn’t have said it better myself. Finally, the universe is unfolding as it should. If we can evolve a little further, perhaps we can consign the Political Right Wing to the historical trash bin and build a more peaceful future for those of us who survive.




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