EN — LARRY ROMANOFF — The Jewish Hasbara in All its Glory. Lies, Lies Everywhere — May 16, 2022

The Jewish Hasbara in All its Glory. Lies, Lies Everywhere

By  Larry Romanoff, May 16, 2022





This is the final Part 8 of a series titled ‘Propaganda and the Media’, the first 7 parts of which were published earlier, and available here: (1) The entire series will now be combined into an eBook in .pdf format, available on bluemoonofshanghai.com (in the books section).


This is primarily an article about lies, about the people who tell them, and about their methods of telling them. This essay, long as it is, is only a brief introduction to only a minor aspect of this subject.


Canada and other Western countries have what we call ‘anti-hate laws’, legislation intended to prevent the dissemination of hateful and racist accusations against another people, especially if they are likely to inspire negative or violent actions. Unfortunately, these laws, regulations, and newspaper editing appear to be applied in a less than equitable fashion, intended only to silence criticism of, and opposition to, Israel and the activities of the Jews, and never meant to apply to any other nation of people.


I don’t make that accusation carelessly. As a case in point, at about the time these laws were enacted, there was a book published titled “The Hajj”, which received some popular acclaim. I no longer recall much of the content, but one passage remains in my mind – a description of an Arab woman who, while admittedly attractive, was of such inferior and primitive stock that her infant was happy to lie in its bassinette, eating its own excrement. I recall thinking at the time that if that passage had been written about a Jew, there would have been hell to pay. But in the event, nobody raised a fuss and nothing happened, at least nothing that came to my attention. And from that point onward, I have never seen anything to change my original conviction that these laws were introduced by fierce Jewish lobbying pressure only to ensure that Jews – and only Jews – would not be subject to public criticism.


I believe I could stand on the steps of Canada’s Parliament Buildings or the US House of Congress, and yell out that Arabs are all insane terrorists, primitive nomads, sub-human animals who should be exterminated, and nothing much would happen. In fact, the racial biases in much of the West are such that I might receive for a medal. But once again, I doubt very much that any anti-hate laws would come out of the woodwork to defend the Arabs from my hateful tirades. We can conclude only that anti-hate legislation is intended to protect only Jews from criticism, while leaving the Jews free to trash any people with absolute impunity. And they do, relentlessly, every day. The Jews wanted the laws to protect them from criticism, but those laws don’t protect anyone from the Jews.


Of all the people in the world who should understand what it is like to be a nation without a home, to be set upon, to be driven from their homes, often with violence, to lose everything including their lives, it should be the Jews. But any suffering the Jews experienced could not be worse than the travesties they inflict every day upon the Palestinian people. The incredible injustices inflicted on the Palestinians are legion, and well-documented – including by the UN, Human Rights Watch and many other organisations. How can any thinking people – how can the Jews – defend such consistent and brutal, even savage, actions, against another people, while proclaiming their holiness and innocence to the world, while at the same time expecting the world to remember Jewish (and only Jewish) suffering? How can a people like the Jews, who want (and are pressing hard for) many countries to build ‘holocaust museums’ to commemorate their suffering, have in turn inflicted much greater injustices and suffering on other innocent peoples, and then disavow all of it and in fact mock it?


And now the entire world is repeating precisely the same mistakes it made about the Jews before and during the two World Wars – watching the denigration of entire nations of people, China especially, but others as well – recognising the illegality and dishonesty of it, the savage brutality, the injustice, the degradation, the humiliation, the poverty and hopelessness in some victim countries. And watching, and watching. Silently. Too cowardly to speak out. One of the more unfortunate aspects of this is that the Jews are strongly aided by Gentiles carrying out their agenda, Christian Zionists who foolishly don’t appreciate that they are also disposable, compradors who greatly assist in this enormous tragedy taking place but who will be discarded as Goyim when the job is done.


I would have to say that while I am aware of the past tragedies, I was not a part of them. While I can feel much compassion for the suffering and the loss of life, I myself have committed no wrongs – not against the Jews nor anyone else. And I deeply resent attempts to make me feel guilty for things that happened before I was born and over which I had no control. I resent anyone attempting to control my thinking, to make me timid and hesitant in my own opinions, to make me fear reprisal for speaking openly of my honest thoughts and feelings. Those are characteristics of a fascist police state, not of a free world. As I wrote earlier, I have no dislike for Jews. But I don’t expect my government to cower in fear of a powerful ethnic lobby and throw me in prison for my genuine personal thoughts or opinions. And perhaps even more to the point, I don’t expect my government to be cowardly and hypocritical on such an important issue, to the extent of telling me I am free to dislike Native Aboriginals, or Arabs, or the Chinese or Russians, but that the Jews are off limits – not because they’re God’s Chosen People but because they possess financial, media and extortion power.


The Basics of Control


There are only two nations in the world whose existence seems to be founded primarily on historical myths, and only two peoples where a false historical mythology seems to permeate every nook and cranny of the national psyche. These two are the US and the American people, and Israel and the Jews. For the Jews, this condition pertains not only to all historical events, but somehow to the fabric of daily life itself, where almost all reference to Jews, their activities, their nature, their social position, and even their intentions, comprise something resembling a Disney fairytale. In many instances, the experience is surreal.


Jews control, usually by ownership, sometimes by other means, virtually the entire mass and social media of much of the world, certainly in what we define as ‘The West’ but also deeply into the other continents. In many Jewish publications the Jews boast of their ownership and control of the media and Hollywood yet, if a Gentile dares to state the same facts, the invariable response is loud denial and vicious personal attacks that are often socially and financially fatal.


Most of Jewish history is buried, and most of that is buried very deeply, this circumstance abetted enormously by the Jews’ virtual control of all means of communication: the mass media, social media, Internet tools like Google and Wikipedia, the book publishers and much more. I have written often that the only value in free speech lies in having control of the microphone, but in our real world only the Jews have this to any appreciable extent and the remaining channels are rapidly being closed.


The Jews’ muzzling power is very much in evidence today. In fact, the mere mention, the bringing to public attention, of completely innocent facts relating to the Jews, is sufficient to generate bitter and quite dirty accusations of anti-Semitism, of being a Nazi or a racist. It is very unpleasant. I once observed in an online forum that Jews were over-represented in the professions – medicine, dentistry, law, accounting – far above their percentage of the population at large. This received no comment. But when I added that Jews were also over-represented in media, publishing and entertainment fields, as well as in the US government – as they are – my observations immediately generated multiple personal attacks of anti-Semitism, of being a “Jew-hater” and more.


The awkwardness and disadvantage of this is that the Jews have a tightly-organised and well-thought-out agenda determined by their Jewish interests, aims and objectives, an agenda not shared by the other 99% of the world’s people. This might not matter if we were dealing with truth, but it seems that we mostly are faced with – and must deal with – fiction, fallacy, misconception, and outright lies. Nothing is as it seems.


On one of my earlier articles on Information Blockades, a reader using the name of Mark Green made the following comments: (2) “We must counter their ethnocentric, ubiquitous, and heavily biased propaganda with additional photo-imagery of our own, which details the ongoing and escalating levels of needless brutality being dished out by the Zionist whores in Washington and their zombie-like foot soldiers wherever there is an active TV set. The nauseating and revolting evidence of Zio-American criminality must be presented in blood-drenched, living color. This is war. And it’s coming our way.” He commented again: “Jewish power is absolutely global, brilliantly organized, and unsurpassed.”


All through my university and later years I can recall being strongly encouraged (by the media and various portions of ‘the establishment’), to read various books, notably among them William Shirer’s ‘The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich’, and being also powerfully discouraged against reading some others. Being young and naïve, I typically obeyed. It required a long awakening process to realise that most of the ‘recommended’ books, like Shirer’s, were works of Jewish propaganda and not worth the reading.


Henry Ford – The International Jew


Ford’s articles were published in the Dearborn Independent, a kind of in-house organ that carried no advertising and was distributed only through Ford’s auto dealerships. “Even in the early exuberant period the bulk of the paper’s content was not devoted to Jews. The majority of articles covered a wide range of human-interest topics unrelated to race, which still make interesting reading today.” The paper was wildly popular, consistently having the second-highest readership of all newspapers in America. The series of articles on the Jews was later published as a book consisting of about 80 brief essays, which sold over a half million copies in the United States alone, and was translated into sixteen languages including German. His series of articles is as useful today, and as pertinent, as when written in the early 1900s and I encourage you to read them. You can download the .pdf file here. (3)


There have been repeated Jewish claims that Henry Ford recanted the content of all his articles and apologised to the Jews, but there is no evidence Ford ever saw the (unsigned) letter he purportedly wrote, and both letter and later signature are widely acknowledged to have been forged. The story is a bit messy, but even Haaretz agrees the letter was “signed in Ford’s name” while he was in the hospital, (4) after Ford was run off the road in a clear attempt to kill him. A curious part of the recanting and apology relates to evidence that someone bought Ford’s editor, who was then fired by Ford for ‘treason’.


The story being spun by Jews today is that Ford wrote to Louis Marshall, a very prominent American Jew, asking Marshall to write an appropriate letter of apology on Ford’s behalf – and to sign it for him – but no evidence has ever surfaced to document such an unusual claim which is almost certainly false. There is no reason to believe, and it is nonsense to suggest, that Ford would have felt incapable of writing his own apology if he cared to do that. Moreover, the much-publicised defamation lawsuit against Ford was by an individual who felt slighted by references in an article, but which is now presented as a lawsuit launched (and won) by “The Jews” against Ford’s entire series of articles; it was no such thing, and almost unrelated. Also, today’s Jewish propaganda machine spins the tale that, after settling the lawsuit, Ford ceased publication of his work and the Dearborn Independent was forced to close. This, and the supposed apology were in 1927, but Ford’s articles and the book containing them were in constant publication until his death in 1947. (5)


The JTA publishes a supposed letter of forgiveness from Marshall, an astonishing example of hypocrisy writ large: (6) “For twenty centuries we Jews have been accustomed to forgive insults and injuries, persecution and intolerance, blah, blah, blah”, but in fact the Jews hounded Ford mercilessly until his death. And one would be hard-pressed today to find even a single example where the Jews displayed forgiveness for even the smallest slight. This essay provides many examples of vengeance and retribution; I know of no forgivenesses.


Jewish so-called “scholars” today have published reams of rubbish about this topic, all of it consisting of vicious slander and undocumented claims, and none worth reading. The National Vanguard published a brief reasonable article on this, along with a complete listing of the articles. (7) It’s worth reading and referencing because it seems to be one of only a very few with any respect for truth. All the rest are just frantic measures of pre-emptive damage control from what seems to be a strong resurgence of interest in Ford’s articles.


However, the main point is that we should not permit ourselves to be driven away by these desperate propagandistic attacks on an important historical work. Don’t listen to Jewish opinions of Henry Ford. Take the time to read the articles and decide for yourself the accuracy and importance of the contents. Hasbara is not your mother. You don’t need baby-sitting on this.


Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion


Another similar ‘prohibited’ item was the infamous Protocols which, as we all know, was “a Russian forgery” (it’s always ‘Russian’; doesn’t anyone else ever forge anything?), and which is “a fabricated antisemitic text purporting to describe a Jewish plan for global domination”. It has been described as “probably the most influential work of antisemitism ever written”. Once again, not wanting to pollute my mind with rubbish, I avoided this text for decades. But when my research demanded knowledge of this document, I was surprised at what I found.


As near as I have been able to determine, this is the actual story of the Protocols: First, the document was not Russian, but French. A young man brought the Protocols document to a small bookstore in Paris, provided an overview of the contents, and offered it to the female proprietor. We know that she purchased the document, and that the young man’s body was found in a nearby lane the next morning. Apparently nothing further occurred, since there were no traces of what the young man had done with the document. After that, it seems the document remained in her possession for some time, perhaps several years (no firm evidence). Then, a Russian named Sergei Nilus, a religious writer, was browsing in the bookstore whereupon the woman acquainted Nilus with the document and offered it for sale. Nilus agreed to purchase it if the woman could provide him with a professional translation into Russian, which was done. Nilus took the document to Russia and had it published. This was in 1905. The ‘Protocols’ was originally included as the last chapter of Nilus’ then-new book ‘The Great within the Small and Antichrist, an Imminent Political Possibility, Notes of an Orthodox Believer,’ about the coming of the Antichrist. It was also published separately later.


Wikipedia of course does its best to trash the document as a forgery, but actually indirectly corroborates and essentially confirms the French origin: “It is likely that the document was actually written at this time in Russia, despite Nilus’ attempt to cover this up by inserting French-sounding words into his edition.” In fact, those ‘French-sounding words’ were almost certainly a residue from the original French text. That is typical for Wikipedia; If facts cannot be denied, they can always be twisted to suit the desired narrative.


Immediately upon its discovery, the Jewish Bolsheviks appear to have gone ballistic. The mere possession of the document was a capital offense. Reports were that anyone found with a copy would be executed on sight (a condition Wikipedia forgot to mention), and all copies were ordered collected and destroyed. It seems that few remained, although copies seem to have escaped to other countries in Europe. It was reprinted in Germany in 1922, and some copies made it to North America where they were translated into English. I have in my possession a copy of a report by the US military intelligence service who reviewed the document in light of world events at the time, and pronounced it genuine. Henry Ford did something similar. He didn’t precisely declare the Protocols document as genuine, but he did write this: “Is there likelihood of the program of the Protocols being carried through to success? The program is successful already. In many of its most important phases it is already a reality.” He said again, “These things are happening now.”


“We shall of course, absolutely control the press, so that not a single announcement will ever reach the public without our control. We have already practically reached this goal, since the news from the entire world flows through a few news agencies, where they are processed and only then sent on to the individual editorial boards, agencies, etc.” [Protocol 12]

The document is worth reading and you can find a copy of it here. (8) But I strongly urge you to also access the FBI copy (9) and peruse the initial section because it contains much commentary, including listing of other versions of the Jewish Protocols, including a primitive truncated version from 1489, versions from 1860 and 1869, and one from 1919 in Hebrew that was apparently found in the pocket of a dead Jewish soldier. It also contains correspondence with J. Edgar Hoover and documents the provision of the Protocols to the FBI and, in one portion, mentions the involved names of King Edward of England (10), Sir William Sassoon, Robert Lansing, Sir William Wiseman, Kuhn & Loeb, Felix Frankfurter, Arthur Goldsmith, Ernest Cuneo (11) (12), and Jerome Frank. With the exception of King Edward, the others are all Jews.


Again, the main point is that we should not permit ourselves to be driven away by these desperate propagandistic attacks on an important historical work. Don’t listen to Jewish opinions of the Protocols. Take the time to read the document and decide for yourself the accuracy and importance of the contents. This is important because there are many such situations where we can be badly misled.


If we pay attention, we can often discern that considerable pressure is put on us to read or avoid certain books or authors. The methods and channels change but the intent is the same. In days gone by when people did more book reading than now, we had no shortage of so-called “book clubs” whose promotional leaflets appeared regularly in our mailboxes for years, each attempting to popularise this month’s ‘must-read’ volumes, the great majority by Jewish authors and publishers flogging something in keeping with Hasbara’s narrative. Those book clubs had a powerful influence on what we chose to read; few at the time suspected there might be an ulterior motive for the reading selections, or that these might have been following a master plan according to Jewish interests. The channels have changed, but the strategy and tactics are the same: “Read what we tell you to read, and don’t read what we tell you to not read.”


I have written elsewhere: “Whenever you see an author subjected to “hit pieces” or a publication being trashed in the media, you know there is something they don’t want you to know. The best is to go there immediately and find out what that is. Almost invariably, whenever people or nations are being demonised, you know that’s propaganda; you are being indoctrinated to avoid information they don’t want you to have.” (13)


What is Hasbara?


“Hasbara is a multi-billion dollar, tightly-coordinated Jewish campaign carried out by several Israeli government ministries and engaged in internationally by hundreds of Jewish organisations whose sole purpose is to silence criticism of anything Jewish and to promote a positive image of Israel abroad.” Fundamentally, it is a vast propaganda machine in the more insidious sense of the meaning of this word, attempting a more or less full control of information available to the world’s publics, utilising both powerful promotion of, and severe restriction on, the components of that information. We are quite aware of some parts of this today, given the promotion of the ‘standard narratives’ by the (Jewish-owned) mass media, and abetted by the determined suppression of so-called ‘misinformation’, culminating in the open censorship exercised today by Google, Wikipedia, the social media, and the deceptive fact-checking industry. Biden’s “Ministry of Truth”, the DHS Disinformation Governance Board (14) promoted to fight the spread of so-called disinformation, is another propaganda tool (and information control tool) that is in the open.


On this note, it is almost amusing to read in the media that some event not on the Jewish agenda, or one not serving Jewish interests of demonising one nation or another, “Sparked a Global Outcry”. That may be true, but it’s not difficult to light such a spark when you own all the newspapers.


But there are many components of Hasbara’s vast effort that operate in the dark and of which we are unlikely to have any knowledge. As an introduction, Noam Sheizaf wrote a rather good article on Hasbara: (15) “A short discussion of the Israeli term used to describe the ongoing, ever-growing, national propaganda effort.” I recommend it.


In it, he tells us “Hasbara is a form of propaganda aimed at an international audience, primarily, but not exclusively, in Western countries. It is meant to influence the conversation in a way that positively portrays Israeli political moves and policies . . .” Hasbara efforts are far wider and their goals much more ambitious than any similar activities ever undertaken by any government anywhere. “Hasbara targets political elites, opinion makers and the public simultaneously; it includes traditional advocacy efforts as well as more general appeals made through mass media, and it is carried out by government agencies, NGOs, lobbying groups, private citizens, students, journalists and bloggers.”


“These organizations produce resources – booklets, slideshows, flyers, maps, polls and more – and spin news events in ways which are favorable to the Israeli government [and to the Jews generally]. A lot of thought is put into influencing opinion-makers: journalists and bloggers are flown on a regular basis to tours in Israel, accompanied by government officials, while Israeli representatives – former diplomats, journalists, soldiers and officers – are brought to give lectures at campuses, think-tanks, conferences and other public events around the world.”


Until a few years ago, the main government agency carrying out Hasbara work was the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs, through its Media and Hasbara department. However, there is now an official Hasbara Ministry, i.e., an international Jewish propaganda ministry, which includes a ‘situation room that operates in five languages’. Sheizaf claims this Hasbara Ministry has a new-media team that can reach, according to the office’s web page, 100,000 Jewish volunteers on social media networks, as well as many Jewish bloggers.


One author, a Spaniard, wrote that “Hasbara employs the usual techniques of all propaganda efforts: half-truths, decontextualized quotes, false claims made in the cynical hope that the readers won’t bother to check them out, invalid analogies, and so on and so forth. One of its procedures is to tell a lie enough times that people will begin to believe it’s true.”  Another wrote that he was angered by Hasbara’s “default method of Hasbara calling all critics of Israel antisemites”. (16) Either that, or a “self-hating Jew”. And this does indeed appear to be the subtext of all of it.


In an article in the Nation (17), Max Blumenthal wrote that the Hasbara Ministry contains both a paid media team and a volunteer force of “thousands of bloggers, tweeters and Facebook commenters who are fed the latest talking points and then flood social media with Hasbara in five languages. The exploits of the propaganda soldiers conscripted into Israel’s online army have helped give rise to the phenomenon of the “hasbara troll”, an often faceless, shrill and relentless nuisance deployed on Twitter and Facebook to harass public figures who express skepticism about official Israeli policy or sympathy for the Palestinians.” I strongly recommend you read Blumenthal’s article. It will open your eyes to more than Hasbara.


So determined is the propaganda machine that Israel recently passed a law that explicitly punishes speech considered harmful to the Jewish state, allowing any Israeli to sue the perpetrator in civil court for damages – no evidence required. I mention this because all Western countries will soon have a similar law, if not worse. Jews in Germany recently proposed a law that any criticism of Israel (read: any expression of so-called “anti-Semitism”) will result in loss of German citizenship, another prospect soon to appear in all Western countries. This won’t happen in five years, and perhaps not in twenty, but it will happen because the flag has already been raised. This won’t matter to you, but your children and grand-children will live in a very different world if you don’t act now.


This offensive is much more extensive and determined than most might imagine. In 2010, a cable was sent from Israel’s Foreign Affairs Ministry to Jewish embassies in 10 European countries with instructions from Avigdor Lieberman, Israel’s extreme right-wing Foreign Minister, ordering each embassy to identify 1,000 people to act as advocates for Israel and Jewish matters generally. They would be expected to “receive messages” from the Israeli government and from various Jewish agencies, and to “actively promote” these ‘messages’. (18)


These “friends of Israel” were to be drawn from both Jewish and Christian activists, academics, journalists and students, would be briefed regularly by Israeli officials, then encouraged to speak up for Israel at public meetings or write letters or articles for the press. Considerable funding was added to hire professional PR firms and lobbyists to assist with two things: (a) the “overall brand” of Israel and (b) addressing international issues which the Jews want to use to draw away unfavorable attention from Israel and Jewish control of the West, issues such as the dangers of Iran or China’s supposed ‘human rights’ matters.


As a relevant aside, Alan Dershowitz gave a speech to AIPAC a few years ago in which he urged all Jews to maintain a strong public focus on imaginary travesties in Tibet – specifically to draw the world’s attention away from the travesties committed by the Jews in Palestine. It was this call that Harrison Ford (a Jew) answered when he made his presentation to the US Congress pushing for Tibet’s independence. (19) (20) It was a family affair; the video was written by Ford’s wife.


Much of this is truly insidious and over the top. Two or three years ago, one of the most influential Jewish lobby groups in the US, disappeared. The Israel Project, known as TIP (21), created specifically for covert activities to influence US politics and media on behalf of Israel, was exposed by an undercover Al Jazeera documentary titled “The Lobby – USA“. The exposé was sufficiently damning that TIP immediately fired all its staff and closed down its several offices. (22) The evidence was gathered by an al Jazeera staff member who worked with TIP for about 6 months as an intern, and who apparently did so well they offered him a permanent position.


I don’t want to overload you with information but, before presenting you with details and more examples, please briefly scan the following 2 pages of a printed Jewish document from 1962. It will give you a grasp of the ambitious reach of this program of ‘total sanitised information control’ which was already strongly in existence more than 60 years ago and which amplifies the above-quoted Protocol 12 from 1905. Note the reference to ‘speakers’; it will resurface later.



All of this is in addition to, and well beyond, what is generally known as “The Jewish Lobby”, for which you can read a brief refresher here. (23)




This is a massive global influence campaign launched in 2017 and funded by the Israeli government that has 73 offices in seven countries and an online army of more than 15,000 who make posts in 17 languages. Act.IL says its goal is to “influence foreign publics” and battle BDS (the boycott, divestment and sanction movement) – with constant massive troll missions. (24) Act.IL claims to be a “grassroots student initiative”, but has been described by one expert as “advanced digital political astroturfing” – in other words, a fake grassroots campaign. They produce much of what they call “white label” propaganda – unbranded material to launder through other groups: “We produce content that they then publish with their own name on it.”


The group operates under a “no logo” strategy; in other words, anonymity. Employees and volunteers are told not to disclose their links to the organisation while disseminating Jewish disinformation. The ministry’s director general has made it clear that their work “stays under the radar“, and has attempted to change Israeli law to render it classified in the same way as Israeli intelligence agencies. Yet it openly boasts of “manipulating international public opinion towards the state of Israel via social media platforms.”


This one is more sinister and insidious than many other Jewish propaganda efforts. The program known as Act.IL uses a specially-designed artificial intelligence software application that can not only monitor online content displeasing to the Jews, but is sufficiently intelligent that it creates offensive “missions” resulting from its online discoveries. The software was a joint venture between Israel’s IDC University, the Israeli American Council, which works to “organize and activate” the half million Israeli-Americans who live in the U.S.; and another American group called the Maccabee Task Force, created to combat “anti-Semitic movements”. Maccabee says it is “laser-focused on one core mission – to ensure that those who seek to delegitimise Israel and demonize the Jewish people are confronted, combatted and defeated.” (25) The software was designed by, and is heavily supported by, Israeli army intelligence, and its CEO is a Mossad veteran. It is funded in the US primarily by Sheldon Adelson and the Paul R. Singer Foundation.


Israel’s Jerusalem Post boasts that the Act.IL app “creates a virtual situation room of pro-Israel experts” (26). But Act.IL is more than just an app. It is a “mission campaign” that taps into the collective knowledge of IDC students who together speak 35 languages, come from 86 countries and have connections to the pro-Israel community all over the world. “When you work together, with the same goals and values, you can be incredibly powerful in the social media landscape.” When students detect instances where Israel “is being assailed online”, they program the app to find “missions” that can be carried out with a push of a button.


In terms of missions, here is one example: some Jews in Australia took exception to a particular business (a restaurant, I believe). As retaliation, the Act.IL app created a “mission” that instructed users to attack and criticize the firm in Facebook. They did so, and reduced the firm’s public rating from a 4.6 out of 5 to 1.4, effectively ruining the business. “We can send a clear, direct message this way. Blatant anti-Israel sentiment is not acceptable.” A Jewish report leaked by al Jazeera claims Act.IL’s app completes 1,580 similar “missions” every week. The Jewish publication Forward calls Act.IL a new entry into the “online propaganda war” that “has thousands of mostly U.S.-based volunteers who can be directed from Israel into a social media swarm.” According to the Forward, “Its work so far offers a startling glimpse of how it could shape the online conversations about Israel without ever showing its hand.” (27) No kidding.


In another case, the app produced a “mission” to deal with a Boston church that was screening a documentary critical of Israel. The app instructed the students to compare the film to “white supremacist riots” while depicting the narrator as “a well-known anti-Semite”, and to bombard all parties with these and other accusations – all done anonymously of course by “interested community citizens”, none of whom are identified as Jews.


One mission tactic is a well-documented online propaganda strategy called “flooding.” According to David Pozen, a Jewish professor at Columbia University’s law school, flooding constitutes blasting a large amount of content into a particular web space. “You just distract attention away from messages that you don’t want to get focused on, and take advantage of the scarcity of listener attention to dilute the force of messages”, Pozen said.


If it isn’t clear, this endeavor is not limited to merely making online posts favorable to Israel or the Jews, nor to removing unwanted content. It operates in a sense in the physical world by literally attacking those persons or institutions who are seen as troublesome to the Jewish narrative, and done in a way to harm businesses and reputations, cause loss of employment and more. And all done secretly so the victims will never be aware of the true causes of their misfortune. There are more such programs, as we will see.


For this project, given the assistance of the app to define “missions” complete with execution instructions, the Jews have recruited thousands of Jewish high-school students who are the leading edge of this new propaganda campaign. These students, with their Israeli intelligence mentors, learn how to complete social media “missions” which are in fact assigned to them from the headquarters of Act.IL in Herzliya, Israel. They hold regular Act.il advocacy-training sessions all over the US – in Boston, NYC, Princeton, NJ, Charlottetown, Virginia, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, and other cities, often using Jewish schools and Community Centers as the training sites. Israeli military intelligence is now widely operating in many countries where it is “actively scouring Jewish communities abroad for young computer prodigies” to recruit for Act.IL “missions”. According to an Israeli official: “Our first order of business is to search Jewish communities abroad for teens who could qualify. Our representatives will then travel to the communities and begin the screening process there.”


Israel’s Ynet news (28) reports that the Ministry’s director “sees it as a war for all intents and purposes. The de-legitimisation against the State of Israel can be curbed and contained”, but “In order to win, however, we must use tricks and craftiness“. The director, General Sima Vaknin-Gil, told a forum of Israeli tech developers at a forum: “I want to create a community of fighters.” The objective is to “curb the activities of anti-Israel activists,” and “flood the Internet with pro-Israel content“. Another part of this program involves a $10 million program to similarly influence (through “missions”) labor unions and professional associations abroad to root out BDS and ‘anti-Semitism’.


The Forward reports: “Act.il says that its app has 12,000 sign-ups so far, and 6,000 regular users. The users are located all over the world, though the majority of them appear to be in the United States. Users get ‘points’ for completed missions; top-ranked users complete five or six missions a day. Top users win prizes: a congratulatory letter from a government minister, or a doll of David Ben-Gurion, Israel’s founding prime minister.” (29)


Israel’s UNIT 8200


Even more concerning is yet another Jewish entity that plays a role in covert Internet activity, is the Israeli military’s legendary high-tech spy branch, Unit 8200. (30) The Jewish Press tells us this unit is composed of thousands of “cyber warriors” primarily 18 to 21 years of age, and reports that Unit 8200 “has developed a great reputation for effectiveness in intelligence gathering, including operating a massive global spy network”. If that isn’t clear, Israeli military intelligence has now created a “massive global spy network” consisting primarily of Jewish teen-agers.


In terms of Internet content control, the same publication informs us of meetings between Unit 8200 members and Internet firms like Google, YouTube, Facebook and others, “to increase their cooperation with the Foreign Ministry in fighting incitement”. “At the end of the meeting,” Israeli media reported, “it was agreed that Google would strengthen bilateral relations with the Foreign Ministry and build a collaborative work apparatus.” Another Israeli news report about the meeting states: “… it was agreed that the companies would strengthen ties with the Foreign Ministry and build a regular mechanism of control to prevent the distribution of those incendiary materials on the network.(31) Of course, Google quickly denied the Foreign Ministry’s report, but then Fortune magazine ran an article titled “Why Facebook and Google Are Complying With Israel to Delete Certain Content”, claiming that the US social media comply with 95% of all Jewish requests to remove content. (32)


Canary – The Blacklist in the Coal Mine


An extraordinarily dirty Jewish enterprise is an intensely covert conspiracy known as Canary, named for the ‘Canary in the Coal Mine’ legend, but in this case applied to ‘early warnings of anti-Semitism’. This one is also conducted primarily by students under the tutorship of the Israeli military and various Jewish advocacy groups.


Their strategy involves an apparently widespread campaign by Jewish university students in the US (and quite possibly other countries) to identify all students and faculty who fail to profess love for Israel and the Jews generally, and to post publicly their photos, names, and personal information on the Canary website, identifying them as degenerate anti-Semites. The stated purpose is “to ensure that none of these people obtain employment after graduation“. It is also to ensure that professors lose their tenure and employment, that websites and individuals are de-platformed, that authors lose their audience and that books are never published. The Canary Project has created an atmosphere of incitement and intimidation, so much so that the FBI is apparently investigating violent threats made against BDS activists. These “students” are truly Gangsters-in-Training. (33) (34) (35) (36) Max Blumenthal and Julia Carmel wrote an excellent article on Canary. (37) I urge you to read it.


The Canary Mission features profiles of dozens of activists, students, college professors and journalists which the site’s authors accuse of anti-Semitism and even having ties to terrorism. Despite calling for more transparency from the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement, Canary Mission refuses to identify its sponsors or organizers.


My understanding is that these people send emails to local area companies, with the photos and names. This is essentially saying to an HR manager, “The people whose photos and descriptions attached here are anti-Semitic, holocaust-denying Nazi Jew-haters who support terrorism. Do you really want them in your company?”


It is especially insidious because no defense is possible. If a graduating job applicant is accused of murder, an HR manager might say to one of these unfortunates, “We suspect that you killed this particular person on or about this date.” Now, we have something real to discuss, and which can be proven or disproven. But if confronted with an accusation that “We understand you have had negative thoughts and feelings about Jews and that you may have expressed those thoughts”, how do you respond? You cannot prove you didn’t think or feel or say a particular thing, and a simple denial will be ignored. You are dead in the water. Even worse, by the incendiary nature of the accusations, it is unlikely that victims will be presented with the charge and given an opportunity to defend themselves. Thus, they will never know why they remain unemployed.


And how can such an enterprise be defeated? Most often, exposing deceitful and unprincipled activity to the light is sufficient to remove its power, but this one may be different. To contact area employers with information that a group of Jews is conducting a reprehensible anti-employment campaign against innocent people, may result only in further charges of anti-Semitism and even lawsuits. I see no way to defend against this because the current climate is that Jews are permitted to attack and destroy anyone’s reputation solely on the basis of real or fabricated charges of anti-Semitism, details and context unnecessary, but for Gentiles to criticise Jews publicly for any cause, especially something so unclean and unethical as this, may involve enormous personal risks.


The Jewish publication Forward approves whole-heartedly of this reprehensible project, (38) stating, “Shadowy Blacklist Of Student Activists Wins Endorsement Of Mainstream Pro-Israel Group; For more than two years, a shadowy website called Canary Mission has posted political dossiers on students active in pro-Palestinian groups, saying it hopes to keep them from finding work after college. The Israel on Campus Coalition cited Canary Mission as an effective model for deterring support for the BDS movement, hailing the website for causing students to drop their support for pro-Palestinian groups out of fear of “repercussions”. “Through online platforms such as Canary Mission, a database devoted to exposing hatred of Jews and Israel, the pro-Israel community has established a strong deterrent against anti-Semitism and BDS activism.”


Except that it isn’t hatred of anything that is being exposed, but the names of those unwilling to become obsequious Jewish sycophants.


The purpose behind the massive slanderous database is clear. The introductory video on the Canary Mission website concludes by filling the screen in capital letters: ENSURE THAT TODAY’S RADICALS ARE NOT TOMORROW’S EMPLOYEES. Thus, any student unwilling to fall to his knees before the Jews, is now promoted as a “radical who supports terrorism”.


The Canary website states, “Canary Mission documents people and groups that promote hatred of the USA, Israel and Jews. We investigate hatred across the North American political spectrum, including the far-right, far-left and anti-Israel activists. Every individual and organization has been carefully researched and sourced. You can help expose hatred by alerting us to anti-Semitic activity on your college campus and beyond.” The Canary website has separate categories for professors, students, professionals, organisations, and medical personnel. (39)


“The canary in the coal mine has long been a metaphor for the persecution of a minority that subsequently spreads to the general populace. Today college campuses are filled with anti-Semitic and anti-American radicals waving Palestinian flags and placards and screaming “Apartheid” and “Murderer”. A few years later these individuals are applying for jobs within your company. There’s no record of their membership of radical organizations. No one remembers their yelling profanities on campus or attending Jew-hating conferences and anti-American rallies. All evidence has been eradicated, and soon they will be part of your team. We are Canary Mission, an organization dedicated to documenting these acts of hate, exposing them, and holding these individuals accountable.”


Rebecca Pierce is one student of many who have been bombarded with abuse since appearing on Canary Mission’s website. Pierce was featured as Canary Mission’s “Radical of the Day”, and immediately began receiving racist attacks and threats of rape and personal violence, equating her to a Nazi concentration camp guard. When Pierce protested her inclusion on the Canary Mission blacklist, complaining of racist abuse and violent threats, Canary Mission replied: “[W]e got your request to be off the CM list. If you’re able to demonstrate good behavior for a few years it will be considered.”


Who the hell do these people think they are, to assume the right to destroy the careers of young people who refuse to cringe and serve the Jews? This is vicious criminal gangsterism that needs to be exposed, and it is the individual Jews behind it who need to be named and “held accountable”.


Campus Watch


A Jew named Daniel Pipes is the founder of a similar online venture called Campus Watch, which is comprised of dossiers on professors he considers “anti-Israel” – another blacklist with a strong resemblance to Canary Mission that targeted some of the same individuals, and which also encouraged pro-Israel students to surveil their professors. (40) Many of those who appear on Pipes’ Campus Watch blacklist report being bombarded with violent threats and hostile email campaigns from mostly unnamed sources. Unlike Campus Watch, which Pipes freely acknowledges as his own, Canary Mission’s administrators have gone to extreme lengths to keep the site’s funders and orchestrators a top secret. And it appears to be with good reason: “Not only does Canary Mission seek to deny future employment opportunities to students who participate in Palestine solidarity activities, it also seems intent on cultivating an atmosphere of intimidation in which activists, academics and journalists are fair game for threats that include rape and violence and vicious racist insults.”


CAMERA – Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America


The website contains hundreds of articles bitching about what appear to be trivial issues which are not firmly positive about the Jews. They even have a committee to force firms like Getty Images, AP and AFP to amend captions on their photos, if these are unpleasant to Israel or the Jews. They launch huge protest campaigns if the Palestinians or any opposing group use a UN or other logo “to give a false veneer of credibility to apologists for terrorism and Holocaust denial”. As an indication of the intensity of their paranoia for control of trivial information and media coverage, one of their articles was headlined, “MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell errs twice in one sentence on Israel”. Many examples of Reuters or AFP revising news headlines after Jewish pressure. (41)


They must have thousands of people focusing on the tiniest things, and even the smallest criticism is equated to “unethical journalism”. If you look through the CAMERA website, these people are pathological. And – worthy of thought – compare all the negative articles about Jews and Israel you have seen in the past 5 decades with the hateful articles written by these same Jews about China in only the past year or two. The tiniest criticism of Jews is an act of war, but Jews are free to slander China and the Chinese and cause enormous hatred resulting in physical assaults increasing by 500 or 600%. But bringing this to the attention of the public constitutes “anti-Semitism”.


During the past few years, the Jews have maintained an intense and vile campaign of hatred against China, to the extent that physical attacks on Chinese (NOT “Asians”, as the media claim) have risen alarmingly, and public perception of China in the West has plummeted. That is not an accident; it was the plan, and the reason polls are taken and published is to measure the success of these hate campaigns and to boast about them. This isn’t the first time; the Khazar Jews, led by Rothschild and his Tavistock Institute, made their first attempts in England (against Germany) prior to World War One, with the stated cause of “instilling personal hatred against the German people and Germany”, and boasted that the original 6% of the British population that ‘hated Germany’ increased to over 50% by the end of the campaign. (42) That means they have more than 100 years of practice.



Hasbara on Campus


It is generally known that all of the world’s “color revolutions” in recent history were begun by promoting unrest on university campuses, taking a kind of obscene advantage of the idealism so common in young students who have little factual knowledge of world affairs and whose opinions and emotional makeup are yet largely unformed. Thus, within the Hasbara framework, campuses in North America (and in the West generally) are seen as major Jewish “battlegrounds” while campuses in Israel form a major part of this military ‘supply chain’.


Hasbara Fellowships


Tyler Levitan, a Jew who was part of the Hasbara supply chain wrote an excellent article published on Mondoweiss (43) that describes the mentality and approach of the Jews in their attempts to control virtually all thought and expression relating to Jews and Israel, on university campuses around the world. I urge you to read this article.


“Hasbara Fellowships was started in 2001 by the right-wing Zionist organization Aish HaTorah and the Israeli Foreign Ministry. Its declared goal is to train students outside of Israel how to promote the Israeli state’s image on their respective campuses. Their raison d’être was made evident from the start: to block honest discussion of Israel’s human rights violations on North American campuses. The goal was never to discuss or debate the issue, but rather to obfuscate, and deliberately prevent our fellow students from engaging in critical thought with respect to Israel and its actions. I have come to realize that Hasbara Fellowships is simply the tip of the iceberg of a global propaganda effort aimed at silencing criticism of Israel’s criminal behavior.”




Natan Sharansky, an Israeli politician, said “Hasbara Fellowships provides the knowledge, the training and most importantly, the motivation to student leaders to defend Israel where she most needs it: on the campuses. (44) They are an integral part of the framework for success in creating a positive campus environment regarding Israel.” Stephen Kuperberg is the Executive Director of the Israel on Campus Coalition, an organization dedicated to “weaving and catalysing the campus Israel network”. Want to find out more? Contact Daniel Koren, Canadian Director, at dkoren@hasbarafellowships.org.





Hasbara Trolls


According to Jewish officials, Israel is hiring university students to post pro-Israel messages on social media networks – but without identifying themselves as government trolls. (45) (46) The government is offering Israeli students full or partial scholarships to combat “online anti-Semitism and calls to boycott Israel”.


One project was initiated by the 300,000-strong National Union of Israeli Students, where Israeli students are paid $2,000 to work five hours per week to “lead the battle against hostile websites while working from the comfort of their own homes”. (47) Here is the original document in Hebrew, (48) and here is a translation. (49) They primarily monitor websites to post positive (even if false) messages and to remove “anti-Semitic” content from social networks, or at least to attack this content, often in groups. This major project is responsible for all internet content and all social media channels including Facebook and Twitter in many languages, as well as YouTube and others. The entire program, as with all of Hasbara, conflates any criticism of Israel or the Jews with anti-Semitism or Jew-hatred, labels used much too frequently as an extortionist measure to intimidate through fear of the consequences of such labeling. The Jerusalem Post has run many articles on the Israeli government’s plans to use students around the world in efforts “to defend itself in social media”. (50)


They also have a specific Wikipedia team “responsible for writing new entries and translating them into all languages where Wikipedia operates, updating information while tracking and “preventing bias”.” More on Wikipedia below.


It is important to note that these “Internet warfare squads” are meant to operate surreptitiously, with students advised and cautioned about being identifiable as Jews or of being in the pay of the government. Instead, according to Haaretz, the plan is to make the program appear to be based on the activity of politically-neutral students. (51) (52) The Israeli government is apparently spending countless millions on these various student projects, from Hasbara Fellowships to paid scholarships to the $2,000 per year stipends and including the Jewish 50-cent Army. They also specifically hire graduates with military experience gained from stints with the Jewish intelligence services.


Hasbara Handbook: Promoting Israel on Campus


“This publication is sponsored by the Education Department of the Jewish Agency for Israel, and by the Joint Distribution Committee.” (53) Peleg Reshef, WUJS Chairperson

This is a document of 131 pages designed as an operating manual for Jewish university students in the US to “take control of the narrative” on campuses on anything relating to Israel or the Jews generally. Versions are no doubt available in other languages for Jewish students in all Western countries. The entire Hasbara university document instructs Jewish students to manipulate, distort, and lie. It is all about hiding Israel’s crimes through dishonesty and, when begun while still in elementary school (as it does), will produce an entire generation of Jewish extremists and young Jewish Mafia gangsters.


Its overall aim is to influence public opinion, in this case primarily among students, faculty and administration. The handbook is entirely a political treatise that presents a realistic microcosm of the functioning of Jewish lobby groups everywhere. It is based on several cardinal principles, among them setting the agenda and taking control of the narrative to control not only the topic but the content and direction of any discussion or debate related to the Jews or their main areas of interest like abortion, transvestite homosexuality, pornography, gambling, wars, etc. The primary pre-emptive strike is to take the initiative and set the agenda to determine what the Goyim are permitted to talk about and discuss. Much of it is about determining the centers of political power and influence on a campus, and joining those centers so as to control the agenda and manipulate these power centers and exploit them to Jewish ends. A constant thread is to seek out all the campus power sources, ally with them, and set an agenda for them that promotes Jewish interests. Hasbara students are taught from the first day that “The person who sets the agenda will usually win.”


We can expect such a document to be biased and one-sided, but this one is over the top. The entire manual is effectively teaching Jewish students how to lie and manipulate Goyim opinion. You wouldn’t think such a thing could exist, but it really does. It contains a section of 10 or 12 pages on specific Propaganda Tactics (how to lie) for which I will provide some detail.


The focus is on students, on influencing campus leaders because “campuses are the breeding ground of the next generation of politicians and opinion formers. Because people form their political ideas at university, it is important to influence leaders to be favorable toward Israel and the Jews.” But the handbook also covers in some detail how to deal with the media, with editors, with politicians and others. It teaches students how to form propaganda campaigns, clever ways to arrange and conduct protests, how to write letters and give speeches. And in all of this, there is a wink and a nod to almost every level of dishonesty or at least insincerity, with an overall attitude that lying, manipulation, and exploitation are normal human activities. The pattern is essentially the same as with all Jewish lobbying everywhere.


University students are encouraged to join every possible group that is involved in campus politics, so as to influence every event and election to create policies favorable to Jews. “Jewish students should attempt to fill all top positions on campus. Demonstrate Jewish involvement and power on campus by making your presence visible in ways other students “can understand”. Make a target list of all campus leaders and key students that might be necessary as allies and build personal relationships with them. Keep records of all your conversations with them – and about them.” Spread your net wide. Join any clubs or societies that appear powerful, and try to form alliances with them to set the stage for their later exploitation for Jewish aims. The more powerful a group is on campus, the more useful they are. Once an alliance is formed, begin to exploit the relationship.


There is also a theme permeating the document that any negative thought, word or feeling toward the Jews constitutes ideological “anti-Semitism”. The handbook tells us that people conflate ‘Israel’ and ‘Jews’ as a means of expressing their ‘Antisemitism’. “Anti-Jewish sentiment must be exposed and vigorously defended against. ‘Legitimate criticism’ of Israel or the Jews is … motivated by anti-Semitism, people who dislike Jews.” Interesting, but expected, is that “a lack of support for Holocaust Memorials is strong (but subtle) evidence of ‘Antisemitism’.”


They have cleverly altered the spelling of anti-Semitism to “Antisemitism”, where they now promote “anti-Semitism” as outmoded because “Jew Hatred” is not based on the fact that Jews are Semitic but simply are Jews – which stems from a tacit admission that most Jews are European Khazars and NOT Semitic people. And now “Antisemitism” is equated to “Jew Hatred”. This is not nothing; this is a pre-emptive strike against the revelation that most (so-called) Jews are not Semitic but are actually European Khazars, and they are trying to reframe the debate to escape the obvious conclusions. Jew Hatred is now a Goyim ideology like ‘Socialism’, but more harmful to Jews.


These students are not limited to manipulating other students; they are being trained already for higher goals: to influence politicians, public leaders and other officials. The manual encourages serious political activism and tells students, “If politicians detect public support for Israel, they will be likely to support Israel themselves. Politicians consider each letter they receive to be representative of 100s of voters. If they receive dozens of letters . . .” The advice is clear: gather as many Jewish students as possible, create as many email addresses as reasonable, and carpet-bomb the politicians with the Jewish agenda, but never identify yourself as a member of any (Jewish) organisation. Students receive similar training in Letters to the Editor. The handbook contains pages of instructions on how to run information campaigns with the public, with elected officials and more; how to engage school children, how to organise a boycott (which are always good except when against Israel).


Chapter 7 – Seven Basic Propaganda Devices


“Propaganda is used by those who want to communicate in ways that engage the emotions and downplay rationality, in an attempt to promote a certain message. To effectively present Israel to the public, and to counter anti-Israel messages, it is necessary to understand propaganda devices.”


These first 7 points, and the others that follow, are actual templates that Jews have developed to assist in their efforts to control public opinion and to “pull the wires that control the public mind“, as Edward Bernays was so fond of saying. (54) We see these used extensively in the mass media, in articles written by Jewish Hasbara enthusiasts, and very often in the comment threads on online articles. If you know what to look for, and you are paying attention, these are easily identifiable.

Name Calling

“Through the careful choice of words, the name calling technique links a person or an idea to a negative symbol. Creating negative connotations by name calling is done to try and get the audience to reject a person or idea on the basis of negative associations, without allowing a real examination of that person or idea. Name calling is hard to counter. Call demonstrations “riots”. Call a political organisation a “terrorist organisation”, and so on.” Just use any dirty names you can imagine to degrade an opponent’s position. Neo-Nazi, anti-Semite. “Those opposed to Israel (or the Jews) use name-calling all the time.” Of course, Jews and the Jewish media never do this.

Glittering Generality

This is name calling in reverse. Use positive phrases in order to lend a positive image to things. Freedom, liberty, science, democracy, freedom fighter.


“Transfer involves taking some of the prestige and authority of one concept and applying it to another.” Stand beside a UN flag. With China, pretend you live in Beijing, or attended Tsinghua or Fudan University. Mention famous names, even if irrelevant.


“Means enlisting the support of somebody admired or famous to endorse an ideal or campaign. Testimonial … can be manipulated, such as when a footballer is used to support a political campaign they have only a limited understanding of. Testimonial can lend weight to an argument that it doesn’t deserve. Quotes can work as testimonial, even when … out of context.” Use quotations, internet links, anything out of context or not, even if false, to support your position and destroy the opponent’s position.

Also, make use of celebrities. [Celebrities] can be “easily manipulated because they care more about their public image than about the Middle East, and threats of tainting their image (with charges of anti-Semitism) will usually persuade them to (either cooperate or) back off.”

Plain Folks

Convince the listener that the speaker is a ‘regular guy’. (No dog in the fight, no axe to grind.)


“Listeners have deep-seated fears of violence and disorder … Fear is easily manipulated. Listeners are too preoccupied by threats to think critically about a speaker’s message. Fear can be successfully utilised by pointing out the consequences … physical risk or financial ruin.” You don’t want to be tarnished as “anti-Semitic” or a “holocaust denier”. You could lose your job and your reputation. Your children could be forced to change schools.


“People are happy to be part of the crowd … Give the impression that “Israel is the team to support, that this is the way the wind is blowing.” Try to leave the impression that ‘almost everyone’ thinks as you say. Exaggerate the volume of support for your position.

Set the Agenda

Hasbara students are taught from the first day that “The person who sets the agenda will usually win.”

Frame the Debate

Jewish mentors teach students to always attempt to reframe debates to focus only on issues that fit the Jewish agenda. Framing is one of the more insidious tools of propaganda – instructing us ‘how to think’ about a particular event. The invasion and destruction of Iraq were termed by the US military and the Jewish media as “Operation Iraqi Freedom”. People who are genuinely concerned about contamination and dangerous side-effects of vaccines are termed “Vaccination terrorists”. Hong Kong’s terrorists are defined in the Jewish media as “democracy protestors” – who, in one university lab alone, had created more than 10,000 petrol bombs which were used on government buildings and police stations (and on the police themselves). These ‘democracy protestors’ also poured gasoline on a man who disagreed with them, and set him on fire. You can see the video here: (55) In all these cases, the first step is to provide a useful propaganda definition which, if adopted by the public, eliminates independent thought in one swoop.


Two major approaches: Point scoring and genuine debate.


“Point scoring involves attacking opponents by undermining their positions, (literally “scoring points”). It ought to give the appearance of rational debate, whilst avoiding any genuine discussion. This works because most people fail to analyse what they hear. It is the correct method when the audience is only partially engaged, like on the Internet. It is necessary to disguise this by giving the impression of honest debate. “That’s an interesting point but it’s not really the right question . . .” This appears to address what was said, but actually ignores it and proceeds to reframe the discussion by setting a new agenda. “Always try to avoid debate by turning criticism of Israel or the Jews into an attack on the opposition, narrowed to a person if possible, and suggest that person is anti-Semitic or supports terrorism or cannot be trusted.”


When not to Engage

One main theme that permeates the Hasbara mentality is: “Don’t fight if you can’t win.” We see this very frequently in online comment threads where an obvious Hasbara troll will make false claims about some historical topic, generally meant to absolve Jews from their crimes, or to blame the victim. If those claims are countered by another reader who clearly knows the facts and likely has a superior understanding, the Jewish commenter will almost always simply disappear. “Walk away when you encounter anyone more experienced or well-versed.” And never engage if you can’t control the terms and agenda of the debate because this means the debate is “set up badly” and you cannot win.


When you engage on a topic, you give it a sense of legitimacy, so never engage on a topic you don’t want considered ‘legitimate’. Examples would be the fact that the Russian Bolsheviks were almost entirely Jews who were responsible for the gulags and tens of millions of deaths. Or the fact that opium in China was entirely a Jewish business. Or that the centuries of slave-trading were similar. In other words, don’t engage on the topic of Jewish crimes because your participation helps to make that topic ‘legitimate’.


Pre-emptive Actions are Always Preferable

From the Handbook: “People believe the first thing they hear about an issue, and filter subsequent information based on that belief. Once they believe something, it is hard to convince them that they were wrong in the first place.”


We see evidence of this everywhere. This is the reason the mass media fed us the full-blown story of 9-11 the next morning, consisting mostly of facts no one could possibly have known at that stage. It was the same with ZIKA, COVID, and so many other events. The purpose is to have the public mind accept the desired narrative, and this means feeding it to the public prior to any real facts becoming known. When the truth begins to escape later, doubts will emerge but it will be difficult for most people to change their minds, having already accepted the first story as true.


We see this when portions of buried history begin to come to light, usually involving serious Jewish crimes. When Jews are afraid that the unpleasant truths of their history might become public knowledge, when the details suddenly are discovered and begin escaping confinement, multiple Jewish authors are ready to leap into the breach.



When the truth began to emerge that the radical depopulation of Easter Island was due to Jewish slave traders hunting workers for their guano mines in Peru, Jared Diamond, a Jewish professor at UC, was there to tell us in a new book that the Easter Islanders had little civil wars and unfortunately killed off (and then ate) each other. (56) When news began to emerge that Ireland’s depopulation of about 80% was also due to Jewish slave traders, the Jewish Southern Poverty Law Center found an Irish flake and “independent scholar” named Liam Hogan to write an article claiming Ireland had never been depopulated and ‘Irish slaves’ was just a ‘meme’ promulgated by ‘racists’. (57)


I could probably catalogue more than 100 of these preventive cover-ups of Jewish crimes, many of the utmost gravity and grimness, some involving deaths in the tens and hundreds of millions, and all profiting from human misery. I have provided a few more examples at the end of this essay. In all such cases, the intent of the false and fabricated history is to put these thoughts into the public mind first, so that they will be less likely to believe the truth when it finally emerges in full form. This is common with Jewish authors Shakony, Perlmann, Shapiro, Dikotter, Brizay, Lovell, and many more, at least one to fit every occasion where a desperate re-writing of history becomes urgently necessary.



We see this very often on websites where reader comments are permitted on articles. If an author is considered unsympathetic to Jews or to Israel, very often the Hasbara Trolls will be there to post the first one or first few comments, denigrating the author. The intent is that new readers perhaps unfamiliar with the writer, and seeing these comments first, may revise their opinion of the article and the author. Such comments buried in the middle of several hundred have little or no impact, but can have an effect at the beginning.


Confuse and Baffle


When a topic unfavorable to Jews (usually involving serious crimes and millions of deaths) is exposed to unavoidable discussion, the standard Hasbara tactic is to flood the conversation and overload it with irrelevancies, to fill the room with so much smoke that no one can see anything. The flood of irrelevant content serves to confuse readers and make them lose sight of the core issue. The tactic resembles the well-documented online propaganda strategy called “flooding”, discussed below. (58)




These floods of unwelcome information are used to direct public thought in wrong directions to prevent readers from focusing on the core of the issue. COVID-19 is one such example, with Jewish columnists proving that lockdowns are either useful or a crime against humanity, that masks will either prevent infection or starve you of oxygen and leave your children brain-dead. Or that the virus originated in either bats or pangolins or bananas, or frozen salmon, or Fort Detrick or the Wuhan university, or caves in Sichuan, and that it was unleashed either deliberately, or by accident, or by lab Ph.D.’s selling the diseased animals on the street for coffee money. (59) Most sane people will throw up their hands and quit, convinced they will never know the truth, and that’s the plan.


We see this today when the topic of Jewish ethnicity arises, betraying the fact that most Jews today are not Semitic people but are descendants of the European Khazars – who have neither connection with, nor right to, any part of the Holy Land. (60) (61) (62) This truth is of course troublesome, so we have a virtual battalion of Jews flooding the ethnic universe with questionable genetic studies, historical fabrications and no end of misinformation, sufficient to make all but the most determined reader throw up his hands and quit. And of course, that’s the plan.


The most notable book on this subject of the Khazars is Arthur Koestler’s Thirteenth Tribe. The New York Times Book Review called The Thirteenth Tribe excellent, writing “Mr. Koestler’s book is as readable as it is thought-provoking. Nothing could be more stimulating than the skill, elegance and erudition with which he marshals his facts and develops his theories.” [(63) Maclean, Fitzroy. “Shalom Yisrah”, The New York Times Book Review, 29 August 1976, p. 219] Reviewing the work in the Washington Report on Middle East Affairs in 1991, journalist and author Grace Halsell described it as a “carefully researched book” that “refutes the idea of a Jewish ‘race’.” Keep these comments in mind. You will need them later.


This is also behind the recent thesis that being a Jew is just the religion, unrelated to ethnicity. There is no other way for Jews to deal with the fact that 95% of all Jews today are Europeans, their adoption of Judaism being irrelevant. For this, we need only think: If being a Jew refers merely to adherence to a particular religion, like Moonies or Satanists, why is it that I – and hundreds of millions of others – can look at a face and tell you instantly that person is a Jew? It would be a mighty powerful religion if it can alter the facial features of its adherents.


There is another kind of flooding, this one utilising anti-Semitism. Sometimes the Hasbara trolls will hit a website or an article with hateful anti-Jewish comments, telling us Jews are the scum of the universe, blah, blah, blah. They do this for two reasons. They start small, and use this tactic as a kind of barometer or weather-vane to determine the extent of antipathy toward Jews. If many readers signal agreement, or if many render objections to the nasty comments, that provides some useful information. On the other hand, Jews will sometimes literally carpet-bomb the comment thread for an article, or a website, then use that to denigrate the site or the author as anti-Semitic or worse, to discourage others from visiting or reading and to push for de-platforming. We see these attempts occasionally on unz.com.


One live example from the website Common Dreams, who lost most of their funding from this tactic: (64) “We’ve had hundreds of donors say similar things. People are right to be offended by the anti-Semitism, and it has a serious impact on our reputation and our fundraising. When Common Dreams examined hundreds of posts in this ugly charade, the aim appeared clear-cut: to cast a deep shadow on, and drive support from, one of the largest and oldest progressive-news websites.”


Group Attacks


These can be especially evident in comment threads on online articles, where a group of Hasbara terrorists will join forces to denigrate an author or trash an inconvenient truth. Often, if we check, we discover that many of the user names in these attacks were newly-created for just this purpose, with no prior comment history. Sometimes, one Hasbara member will register numerous user names and post under each of them for a single purpose. This used to be very commonly done on The Economist website, where well-known Jewish commenters would create a kind of ‘swarm attack’ on another commenter. It became so bad that many abandoned The Economist altogether. Just as bad money drives out the good, mouthy and provocative commenters will eventually drive away all the good readers.


Avoid Focus on Facts


In many situations and on many topics, the facts do not support the Jewish position or their desired narrative. Thus, when attacking these topics, Hasbara members are strictly cautioned against debating the facts presented by an author and instead encouraged to engage in ad hominem attacks, shifting the agenda from the core issue to the character or reputation of the author, thus permitting no examination of the writer’s position. Attack the author without addressing the author’s claims, and try to persuade others to do the same. “Hit pieces” are very much a part of this.


Fake Philosophies


One obvious such is the narrative created by the Jews about anti-Semites questioning Israel’s “Right to Exist”. But this is rubbish, and these statements should be exposed and condemned at every appearance. Almost everyone would agree that every nation of people should have their own homeland. This is not the issue. The issue is whether you have a “right” to build your homeland in my back yard, i.e., not the fact of a homeland but of its location. We can happily agree that Jews should have their own land, but the fact is that Jews are illegally occupying by military force the homeland of another people and are, by a slow process of extermination, eliminating all Palestinian Arabs from their own land. It is this that needs to be faced. The question is not whether Israel has a right to exist, but where Israel has a right to exist. The Jews do not have that right in Palestine, and they have never had. Even 2,000 years ago, Israel was by no means exclusively a Jewish nation and Jews were in the minority even then. An absence of 2,000 years invalidates any such claim, and in fact the Jews looked worldwide for a new location for a homeland and had actually settled on Uganda at one point – until the European Khazars “got religion” and created Zionism.


Censoring the Internet


Alison Weir wrote an excellent article (65) on how Israel and the Jews work to control information on the Internet, and specifically to remove any “anti-Semitic” content – which is generally defined as anything the Jews don’t want to hear – or don’t want you to hear. They have created numerous well-funded and well-organized projects intended to flood websites and social media with pro-Israel propaganda, while blocking facts they dislike. These projects primarily use Jewish university and even high-school students, with duties ranging from infiltrating Wikipedia to influencing YouTube. They even use Israeli soldiers who are paid extra money to “Tweet, Share, Like and more.”  Here is a video: (66)




I have written elsewhere, and many observers have noted, that Wikipedia is so heavily biased in so many areas that it has become almost useless as an information source. If you want to know the number of protons in a Cesium atom, Wiki will give you the correct answer, but on almost anything related to the Jews, to Israel, to almost any part of history, to politics, economics, important current events, and many other related subjects, Wikipedia is a source only of misinformation. This is so true that for many items you can obtain a good approximation of the truth by reading the Wiki article and simply assuming that the opposite is true. Wikipedia is now so heavily monitored by Jewish Hasbara members and Zionists generally, that many editors claim their edits on above topics were deleted almost immediately and the original text re-inserted, claiming that a second attempt will find the page locked. Wikipedia disclaims any participation in, or approval of, these tactics, but the claims are hollow. Wikipedia is 100% a Jewish enterprise. These edits of Wikipedia by Jews are not different from Jews burning books with whose content they disagree.



In 2010 two Israeli groups began offering a course in “Zionist editing” of Wikipedia entries. The aim was “to make sure that information in the online encyclopedia reflects the worldview of Zionist groups.” Israel’s Haaretz newspaper reported: “The organizers’ aim was twofold: to affect Israeli public opinion by having people who share their ideological viewpoint take part in writing and editing for the Hebrew version, and to write in English so Israel’s image can be bolstered abroad.” There was even a prize for the “Best Zionist Editor” – the person who over the next four years incorporated the most “Zionist” changes in Wikipedia would receive a trip in a hot-air balloon over Israel. (67)


One commenter on the NYT Lede article above wrote, “The most controversial topics are: ANYTHING that has ANYTHING to do with Israel, Zionism, Jews, anti-Semitism, etc. That is definitely number one. There are major arguments over every word in an article, the sentence order, etc. The problem is that there are many articles with which certain people are so invested that they are constantly “monitoring” them for any changes of which they disapprove . . . I call them Wiki-Policemen.”


Another wrote, “As a Jew, I can testify that our chief cultural qualities are determination, creativity, and, lately and among a minority of us, an unshakable faith in our right to act immorally out of thinly disguised self-interest. (Reader alert: Remember, when you hear the phrase “self-hating Jew”, you’re hearing a meme invented to elide the difficulty of convincing readers that certain people openly critical of Israeli government policy can be both Jewish and anti-Semitic.)”


Another commenter wrote, “All Wikipedia entries on this subject (Jews) should carry a note saying, “following a seminar held in Israel, specially trained Zionists will be rewriting this text“.”


The Jewish CAMERA group referred to above began what was termed “a war on Wikipedia”. (68) CAMERA called for volunteers to secretly work on editing Wikipedia entries, emphasising the importance of keeping the project secret, with volunteers schooled in ways to elude detection. They were told to “avoid, for obvious reasons, picking a username that marks you as pro-Israel (or as a Jew), or that lets people know your real name.” CAMERA also warned them: “Don’t forget to always log in. If you make changes while not logged in, Wikipedia will record your computer’s IP address.” “There is a war going on and unfortunately the way to fight it has to be underground.” Apparently the ‘underground’ part includes keeping your location and identity a secret from even Wikipedia.


Moreover, to help maintain the clandestine and covert nature of their purpose, volunteers were told to “avoid editing Israel-related articles for a short period of time”. They were to begin editing articles on general topics to disguise their main interests. They were told to “edit articles at random”, with the importance of secrecy emphasised: “You don’t want to be perceived as a ‘CAMERA defender’ (or a Jew) on Wikipedia that is for sure.”


One Jewish commenter produced a list of the top 100 user names of Wikipedia editors, saying “How many of them are Jewish? It appears that about 5% of the list have Jewish names, which is about the same as the Jewish population of America. They don’t seem to have universal control, as they are not over-represented among Wikipedia editors.” This generated an immediate response from another commenter who wrote, “You’re incredibly naive if you believe that the top editors on Wikipedia represent singular individuals. Most, if not all, of the top 100 are just aliases used by a small number of US/UK/Israeli state agencies and private PR companies. Given that Wikipedia is the single most valuable tool for shaping people’s viewpoints, the US government would take control of it by force if it didn’t already have it.” As expected, the first commenter disappeared when confronted with a knowledgeable person. “Don’t fight if you can’t win”, and never engage if you can’t control the terms and agenda of the debate.


Another commenter wrote, “Agreed Wikipedia is tightly controlled. That’s its value. When you want to know the exact bullshit narrative the deep state is pushing, Wikipedia is your friend.” It isn’t difficult to document the fact that Israel is paying Jews to severely manipulate online content, primarily on Wikipedia but also including other sites. (69) (70) Israel’s government even gives classes on how to edit Wikipedia to make it “more Zionist in nature”. (71) (72)


Another wrote: “All that evidence of their destruction and slaughter of men, women and children should be archived in secure multiple servers in various countries in order to preserve them for history and crimes against humanity. If [Jews] can edit Wikipedia erasing facts, censor across all social media platforms, ban, shame and loss of livelihood in their corporate Technopoly paradise, does anyone believe they will allow evidence of their crimes to exist?”


The World’s “50-cent Armies”


 All of you must know of this, a story fabricated by David Bandurski, another Jew, this one at Hong Kong University’s “China Media Project” financed by George Soros. The tale weaved by Bandurski was that the Chinese government had 288,000 people engaged full-time looking for opportunities to make posts anywhere on the internet favorable to China, with a reward of .50 RMB for each and every such post. And some esteemed group of scholars estimated that “the Chinese government fabricates 488 million social media posts per year written by fake social media accounts.” Almost as many as the Jews. This was ostensibly done “to manipulate public opinion and disseminate disinformation to the benefit of the governing Chinese Communist Party”. “… the goal of this massive secretive operation was to distract the public and change the subject.” (73) To your knowledge, does any other group fit this description?


These claims were seen by the hundreds all over the internet, on any platform permitting comments, with any comment favorable to China accused of being part of China’s 50-cent army. But then suddenly – on one day – this died, because on that day someone posted on Facebook a screenshot of a long-existing program where the government of Israel had been (and still was) offering to all Jewish university students in America, a payment of US$0.50 for every post favorable to Israel or the Jews. Bandurski went silent and we can hope he remains in that condition. There never actually was a Chinese 50-cent army but there was indeed a Jewish 50-cent army, which still exists today and which we can see on unz.com and many other places.


The Jewish 50-cent Army


“Generally, volunteers for the paid programs will register with the Israeli government according to the languages in which they are fluent, then passed on to the Foreign Ministry’s media department, whose personnel will direct the volunteers to Web sites deemed “problematic”. (74) Their contact email is media@moia.gov.il. It is not easy to differentiate between the paid Hasbara trolls and the Jewish 50-cent Army members, and these may often be the same people. Nevertheless, as one observer wrote, “There’s a few ways of spotting the paid comment makers. One is they generally go for ad hominem attacks. This one is an antisemite, that one is an enemy of Israel, this one is not qualified to speak. Also, they also never respond to educated responses because they have no response and possibly they are instructed not to respond so as not to help promote educated thought on the topic.” (75)


The Times of Israel ran a story titled “Government to play behind-the-scenes role in spreading pro-Israel information on social media via universities”. (76) “The whole idea of the system is based on student actions. The project requires the state’s role to be under the radar, making it appear as if the students are working independently. In each university there will be a three-tier hierarchy led by a senior coordinator, who will receive a full scholarship paid for by the government to oversee three other coordinators. The second-tier coordinators will each be responsible for one of three specific areas of operation in language, graphics and research. The coordinators will also receive scholarships, albeit smaller ones than the senior coordinator, and will be in charge of the mass of students recruited into the program, each of who will also receive a “minimum stipend.” These are the Jewish 50-cent Army members.


Many of these Hasbara Trolls and 50-cent army people have software like topsy.com that scours the internet looking for references to Jews or to Israel, and to provide alerts on the appearance of certain keywords like Israel, Jew, Jewish, lesbian.


They will often appear in numbers “to make contradictory posts in attempts to deflect criticisms or simply confuse the situation” so understanding of the core issues becomes difficult. Typically, their comments include personal attacks and almost inevitably include outrageous assertions which are almost always without documentation, fabricated claims with no support, weaving any kind of story which will absolve the Jews from their crimes. If they do provide source material, it is almost never original, but just “second hand re-cobbled quotes” from other Jewish sources which themselves have no documentation.


In articles and online comments by so many Jews, there are either no references or only those of the latter category above. By far the great majority of it can be dismissed as rubbish. And of course, this is what we are fighting. This disease has so infected government, the media, and the internet, that we are living in a world of lies. The Jewish 50-cent army is a significant part of this, infecting all social media and internet platforms. (77) (78) (79) (80)


Speakers’ Bureaus


The topic of speakers was listed in the two printed pages displayed above. This is a widespread Hasbara propaganda tactic that seems to operate completely under the radar, unsuspected by almost everyone. We know that a speaker’s bureau typically has contracts with many prominent speakers, and access to a great many more and, for a fee, will arrange a speaker and all the details for almost any occasion. So far, so good.


But not all these bureaus are created equal; some are entirely political in nature and subversive in intent, being more propaganda machines than businesses. One such interesting one is the Premier Speakers Bureau operated by Duane Ward from Franklin, TN. Ward has created a niche of sorts, by dealing in third and fourth-tier speakers, wannabees with little to no experience and few credentials. His company will assist by choosing a few appropriate topics for them, writing the outline for speeches and perhaps even the speeches themselves. He can thus flood the low-end market with much choice at acceptable quality.


But Ward has some curious political shading in his background that may not withstand scrutiny since he was frantically reluctant to have this emerge in discussion. I do not have copies of the outlines that Ward provides for his speakers, and thus I can only speculate but, if he is in thrall to the prevailing establishment as I suspect, his set-up would be perfect for the following (or similar): White people are bad. You will have nothing, and you will be happy. Abortion is not only a right; It is a law of nature and of the universe that females of all species instinctively kill their unborn young. Bestiality, incest, and homosexual necrophilia are not perversions but simply “sexual preferences” freed from outmoded ideas of morality. The tiniest hint of “anti-Semitism”, real or imagined, is the greatest abomination.


Even more curious (and closely related) are the China Speakers Group and the Sage Worldwide Speakers Group created by a Jewish blonde named Elizabeth Haenle. (81) (82) She was formerly the Social Secretary for US Vice-President Dick Cheney, one of the more pustulant stars in the Zionist galaxy. Her husband occupied a fine job in the US Embassy in Beijing. Haenle’s story is that she and her husband, at more or less the peak of their careers, decided one day to just quit their jobs – for no apparent reason and with no plans for the future, then suddenly thought it might be fun to live in Beijing as ordinary citizens. And, needing something to occupy her time, decided to begin a speaker’s bureau in China, a field in which she admittedly knew nothing. But then her past covert association with Duane Ward surfaced and she thought to emulate his approach. As it was described to me, Haenle wanted to recruit a thousand or more middle-level executives and other ‘influencers’ to form the stock assets of her new bureau. I note that her firm is now registered in Singapore, which would suggest the Chinese authorities were wide awake on this one and refused permission for her to register in China.


Again, I can only speculate but, putting together the apparent pieces, Haenle, if successful, could have all these unwitting little yellow messengers traveling China to spread a few messages from the prepared outlines of their speeches. I’m guessing these messages might well include: One-party government is a crime against humanity. A government-controlled central bank (i.e., not Jewish-owned) is a criminal travesty against the people and the economy. Hindering George Soros and Goldman Sachs from destroying China’s financial economy is the greatest sin against capitalism. The Jews (especially Rothschild & Sassoon) have always loved the Chinese and the Chinese people have always loved Jews (especially Rothschild & Sassoon). The tiniest hint of “anti-Semitism”, real or imagined, is the greatest abomination.


When trusting organisations are looking for a speaker, it might never occur to them that the speakers have been conditioned to deliver more than a treatise on a simple selected topic, but might in fact be front-line messengers, perhaps almost all unwittingly, for a much more sinister propaganda enterprise.


They Lie Like They Breathe


Just as Gypsies seem to exist primarily to beg and steal, there is another ethnic group that sometimes seems to exist primarily to lie.


The Big Lie


“But it remained for the Jews, with their unqualified capacity for falsehood, and their fighting comrades, the Marxists, to impute responsibility for the downfall [of Germany in WWI] precisely to the man who alone had shown a superhuman will and energy in his effort to prevent the catastrophe which he had foreseen and to save the nation from that hour of complete overthrow and shame. By placing responsibility for the loss of the world war on the shoulders of Ludendorff they took away the weapon of moral right from the only adversary dangerous enough to be likely to succeed in bringing the betrayers of the Fatherland to Justice. All this was inspired by the principle — which is quite true in itself — that in the big lie there is always a certain force of credibility; because the broad masses of a nation are always more easily corrupted in the deeper strata of their emotional nature than consciously or voluntarily, and thus in the primitive simplicity of their minds they more readily fall victims to the big lie than the small lie, since they themselves often tell small lies in little matters but would be ashamed to resort to large-scale falsehoods. It would never come into their heads to fabricate colossal untruths, and they would not believe that others could have the impudence to distort the truth so infamously. Even though the facts which prove this to be so may be brought clearly to their minds, they will still doubt and waver and will continue to think that there may be some other explanation. For the grossly impudent lie always leaves traces behind it, even after it has been nailed down, a fact which is known to all expert liars in this world and to all who conspire together in the art of lying. These people know only too well how to use falsehood for the basest purposes.

From time immemorial, however, the Jews have known better than any others how falsehood and calumny can be exploited. Is not their very existence founded on one great lie, namely, that they are a religious community, whereas in reality they are a race? And what a race! One of the greatest thinkers that mankind has produced has branded the Jews for all time with a statement which is profoundly and exactly true. He (Schopenhauer) called the Jew “The Great Master of Lies”. Those who do not realize the truth of that statement, or do not wish to believe it, will never be able to lend a hand in helping Truth to prevail.”


The above was faithfully reproduced by a commenter 121. AbrahamSteinblattbaumstein, on an article by Ron Unz titled “American Pravda: Vaxxing, Anthony Fauci, and AIDS“. (83) Jews very often quote selected portions of Hitler’s comments, out of their actual context, as “proof” that he believed in lying to the people. But in fact, in this passage, Hitler was complaining about the lies the Jews were telling about Germany at the time, though we would never know that without reading the entire passage.


All of this stems from Rothschild and the Khazar Jews in the City of London who made good use of Edward Bernays and Walter Lippman, as well as their control of much of the media even 100 or more years ago, to “pull the wires that control the public mind.” There is much vital background to this. I wrote a series of articles on Bernays and Propaganda that I believe contains knowledge essential to the understanding of Jewish propaganda generally and to appreciate the forces behind current events. It has been published as an eBook in .pdf format, and I would urge you to read at least Chapters one and two. (84)


Some Jewish Lies


Organised International Jewry attacks and blames all Germans for Germany’s past actions, even for Hitler’s actions (real or imagined). This is so true that Jews state that each and every German must be held guilty for eternity – and feel guilt for eternity while paying billions in reparations for eternity – for the actions of a few Germans or a past German government or military, actions in which they had no part and very likely occurred well before they were even born. On the other hand, no Jew can be considered guilty of any action by other Jews or by the Jewish state. “After all, Jews in the Diaspora aren’t responsible for Israeli government policy, and punishing them for the actions of a country that (a) they aren’t a citizen of (b) they might not support (c) are ethnically-mixed, is “deeply problematic”. Jews then criticise everyone else for holding “double standards”.


Hitler’s Twisted Little Micro-Penis


To perpetuate their “victory” over Germany, and to perpetuate also their determination that all Germans will forever suffer national guilt and that Germany will remain the Jewish colony it is today, the Jews persist in demonising Hitler, repeating old myths and creating new ones even after 75 years. One example, a juicy piece of history apparently “only recently discovered”:

“Adolf Hitler had a micro-penis, slept with his niece and liked to be kicked during sex.” (85) At least according to Jane Lavender, an Associate Editor at the UK Mirror. No information about who was kicking him. Lavender is a Jew, her evidence non-existent.


In a similar vein, Jewish authors still tell us today that at the 1936 Olympics when Jesse Owens won his first race, Hitler “stormed out of the stadium in a fit of rage” that a black man beat a German, and that Hitler “snubbed” Owens by refusing to even recognise his presence at the medal ceremonies. But that was never true. Owens himself confirmed at the time that Hitler took the initiative to wave to Owens and celebrated his victory. Owens wrote, “When I passed the Chancellor, he arose, waved his hand at me, and I waved back. Years later, in his autobiography, Owens again clarified: “Hitler didn’t snub me – it was FDR who snubbed me. The president didn’t even send me a telegram.”


The True Origin of COVID-19



Steven Mosher wrote in the New York Post that China’s coronavirus epidemic was likely unleashed by researchers who sold laboratory animals on the streets of Wuhan for extra cash. “Instead of properly disposing of infected animals by cremation, as the law requires, they sell them on the side to make a lot of extra cash. One Beijing researcher, now in jail, made a million dollars selling his monkeys and rats on the live animal market.” (86) I was disappointed Mosher didn’t care to reveal the street market value of rats carrying the Bubonic plague and monkeys infected with Hepatitis-A. Mosher’s evidence is non-existent.


Many Lies From One Source


An online Jewish commenter: “Wikipedia is accurate for 99% of the subjects. There is no particular such thing as “Jews”. On the subject of Palestine, Wikipedia is pretty dry and factual, I’m not sure what parts you think are missing. The Arab World brought their destruction on themselves, like all nations do. It’s very weird to describe attacks by the Iraqi military on that hospital in Fallujah as “US strikes”.”


The World Almanac


One of the inconvenient historical records confusing the details of the Jewish “holocaust” is that the World Almanac shows an increase in World Jewish population, and also in the Jewish population in Europe during the years of WWII. Jewish 50-cent army posters have repeatedly stated that the Almanac 10 years later “apologised for the error” and re-stated the figures, but I contacted them and they deny ever having done such a thing. It is worth noting that the Almanac claims it obtained its figures almost exclusively from Jewish sources.


In a related event on a comment thread on The Economist, one Jewish 50-cent Army member made a post stating that the Main Library at the University of Alberta in Edmonton, Canada, had a copy of the World Almanac from 1946 and on Page 129 (or thereabouts; I can’t recall precisely) it stated figures for the world Jewish population that were about 6 million lower than in 1939. I was intrigued because I lived there at the time and was quite familiar with that library. I visited the librarian and had her check: the library had no such book in their stacks, and had never had. Further, the 1946 copy of the Almanac stated figures very different from those quoted by the Jewish 50-cent Army poster.


China’s Famine


The truth is now finally emerging that China’s Great Famine in 1959 was caused by the Khazar Jews initiating a worldwide food embargo on China, where no nation would donate food, or would sell food to China at any price, enforced by US military threats. The Jewish 50-cent army wants to help forestall the blowback, with posts like this: “When Mao took over, he insisted that it was everyone’s patriotic duty to have six kids each as early as possible. It was the massive population explosion, created by Mao, that caused the famine.”


Historical Pre-emptive Lies

If You Can’t Deny it, Then Spin it


We’re told by Jews that Archduke Ferdinand’s assassination produced no response among Austrians at all – a non-event that was ignored. Not only that, the killing of the Archduke and his wife were entirely unrelated to the war which followed, that in fact Austria had for some time wanted to attack Serbia and this just seemed like a good time. The assassin was Gavrilo Princip, a 19-year-old Bosnian Serb student who had been radicalised and primed for the act which was the detonator for the start of WWI. Princip may (or may not) have been Jewish, but it was widely stated that he became a part of a world-wide plot by the Jewish Freemasons. The primary reason for the war was the Jews’ years-long hate campaign against Germany. (87) The purpose of the revisionism is to forestall all of the truths becoming widespread public knowledge and laying the blame for World War One with the Jews – which is where it belongs.




This one is cute. Most people have a vague knowledge of Holland’s “Tulip Bubble”, where the prices of single flowers exceeded that of the cost of a fancy home, and where countless thousands were caught off-guard when the bubble burst, with much of the population experiencing staggering losses. Everyone was into tulips, much as the 1920s stock bubble in the US had shoe-shine boys borrowing money to speculate on stocks. Both became a true public speculative frenzy prior to the spectacular collapse.


According to one report, “A golden bait hung temptingly out before the people, and one after the other, they rushed to the tulip-marts, like flies around a honey-pot. Nobles, citizens, farmers, mechanics, sea-men, footmen, maid-servants, even chimney-sweeps and old clothes-women, dabbled in tulips.” When the tulip bubble suddenly burst in 1637, it wreaked havoc on the Dutch economy. “Many who, for a brief season, had emerged from the humbler walks of life, were cast back into their original obscurity. Substantial merchants were reduced almost to beggary, and many a representative of a noble line saw the fortunes of his house ruined beyond redemption.”


It wasn’t only the actual flower prices, but the instigators of the bubble had created a full-fledged futures market in tulips to complement the operating ‘tulip exchanges’, and they were even packaging “junk bonds” and what we might call derivatives, to inflame the market even further. I haven’t a documented list of the names of those responsible, but indications are that only the Jewish proto-bankers (who already owned the Dutch Central Bank and controlled the supply of money and credit) would have been sufficiently knowledgeable and with the wealth to have created and operated this monster.


With a renewed interest in these bubbles, and the true details beginning to emerge, pre-emptive propaganda becomes necessary to reach the public mind first with an acceptable narrative. Thus, according to Jewish historian Anne Goldgar, tales of huge fortunes lost and distraught people drowning themselves in canals are just fiction. “The idea that tulip mania caused a big depression is completely untrue. As far as I can see, it caused no real effect on the economy whatsoever.” The most expensive tulip receipts that Goldgar found were for 5,000 guilders, the going rate for a nice house in 1637. But Goldgar, in spite of her amazingly thorough research, could find “only 37 people who paid more than 300 guilders for a tulip bulb”, and she wasn’t able to find a single case of an individual who went bankrupt after the tulip market crashed. According to her, “Even the Dutch painter Jan van Goyen, who lost everything in the tulip crash, was actually done in by “land speculation”.” (88)


Peter Garber, a Jewish economist at Brown University, is promoted as the modern Tulipmania expert. In Garber’s view, Tulipmania was not a mania at all, but can be explained by normal supply and demand. He also postulates the intriguing theory that Tulipmania (if not explainable by supply and demand) was alternatively caused by the Bubonic Plague: “a gambling binge (in tulips) tied to a drinking game and general carousing may have materialized as a response to the death threat [from the plague].” [(89) Garber (1990b, p. 16)]. Sounds reasonable.


There were many other similar bubbles, all executed by the same people, and all following the same pattern. Tulipmania (1634-1638), the South Seas Bubble (1711-1720), the Mississippi Bubble (1720), the Railways Bubble (1840), the US stock market bubble ending in 1929. There were many more European asset bubbles during the 1700s, all following the same pattern. We could add the dotcom bubble and the US housing bubble of 2008. It is almost certain the source and origination of all these are the same.


The “Beautiful Khazars” and Other Fairy-Tales


As many already know, the lost kingdom of Khazaria in South-Eastern Europe was exterminated by the Russians and Genghis Khan, with good reason. The Khazars were reputed to be “the most feared and hated” of all peoples in the world, a group of war-mongering phallic-worshippers who adopted the Jewish religion (or at least the more explicit sexual parts of the Babylonian Talmud which is still the bible of Judaism). Among the more charming traits of these nomadic warriors was a tendency to kill anyone who appeared “intelligent”, at least more so than them. The Khazars were rapacious murderers who engaged in regular blood sacrifices, and were reviled everywhere as the world’s white slave traders, especially hated for kidnapping and selling white women to the Middle Eastern harems and castrating the men for sale as eunuchs.


The dispersal of the Khazar survivors coincides precisely with the appearance of “the Jews” throughout Europe, and also with the onset of repeated expulsions of Jews from all nations. This was covered extensively by Koestler’s book referred to above, and powerfully supported by Benjamin Freedman, another Jew who was an advisor to 5 US Presidents. (90) (91) (92) This relatively recent discovery is already exhibiting a potential for enormous repercussions on the entire Jewish historical narrative as well as on Zionism itself.


But then a Jewish Canadian dilettante by the name of Matthew Ehret didn’t much like this version of history and so produced his own, beginning with:


“All existent evidence points to the fact that it was the very opposite to a hotbed for “evil Ashkenazi Jewry” as so many lazy researchers have claimed. Instead, this . . . forgotten kingdom was not only a beautiful phenomenon uniting all three major Abrahamic faiths under one ecumenical alliance of cooperation for well over a century, but also served as a keystone to the newly reborn Silk Road trade routes uniting Asia with Europe.”

Moreover, we learn that our nomadic bandits suddenly had “. . . established a highly developed centralized government in Khazaria whose economy would be based primarily upon fisheries and agriculture.” Not only that, but “Khazaria had become renowned for its tolerance and openness . . .”, and not only had “close ties to China” but were actually the people primarily responsible for China’s ancient Silk Road.


He continues with, “Physical evidence of the Khazar Kingdom were nearly all destroyed or suppressed leaving very little empirical evidence to work with for modern scholars (and leaving much room for speculative gossip led by such British Imperial assets like Arthur Koestler.” “Whatever happened to cause the weakening and ultimate collapse of Khazaria under Kiev Rus invasions in 969 is not clear. What is clear is that anti-Jewish laws were imposed at unprecedented rates . . .” The above statements are true, but note that Koestler is reduced from the NYT’s assessment of an excellent historian to “a speculative gossiper”.


Ehret produced a video in which he is interviewed by two salivating and fawning disciple-zealots, Vincent Boccarossa and Brandi Barnes. I watched it. It is a two-hour adventure in Disneyland.


In it, Ehret tells us the Khazars “had a central Confucian ethic built into [their] population, and that “many people speak very well of the Khazars”. He notes solemnly that all the bad things we know of the Jews of Venice were actually due to the Vatican and Christianity. He admits the financial powers in Venice were “a parasitical hive” with “Satanic bloodlines”, but that these were all Christians. Further, the Christians couldn’t employ usury so they forced the innocent and helpless Jews into “doing the economic dirty work but doing it for the Christians”. And this “money culture” was thus “insinuated into the Jewish behavior, and ruined the good parts [of the Jews’ character], so the Jews started getting a bad rap.” People hated the Jews because they were doing bad things but people forget there was a “higher function” of Christians who were actually in control. I have to say this was all news to me.


Most people are vaguely aware of the status of the Rothschilds in the Jewish hierarchy, many Jews recognising one of the Rothschilds as “The King of the Jews”, with the Rothschilds and the Montefioris and Sebag-Montefioris as being at the highest level of royalty and nobility – higher than the remaining European vestiges including that of England. Ehret knows better. He tells us the Montefioris are at a higher level than Rothschild, but that both these families are actually lower-class Jews, so much so that “they are not permitted to marry into the higher bloodlines”, and further that “this is provable.” This was news to me, too.


Then something about how the Jews moved from Venice to Amsterdam and England (all under the control of the Holy Roman Emperor), and then Venice was destroyed because the Pope pulled out of some alliance or other, and that was too bad because all the Jews wanted to do by taking over the central banks and control of money and credit was to “rid the world of corruption“. Sadly, they seem to have failed.


Ehret knows so many interesting things. Most people know by now that Christopher Columbus was a Jewish slave trader and that one of his first acts on landing in the New World was to kidnap young native girls for his brothels. It is also common knowledge that Columbus and his ilk set in motion the greatest multiple mass genocide in the history of the world, totally exterminating the entire Maya, Inca and Aztec civilisations along with the Carib Indians and 90% of the North American aboriginals. But Ehret tells us that “Columbus is given a bad rap”, that he was never “an evil exploiter of the natives”, but instead “was for sponsoring uplifting processes” (no idea what these might have been), that he “represented something very positive”, primarily “respect for all human beings”. Another surprise for me.


Ehret also discovered that it was really King George I who “empowered the South Sea Bubble”, and something about how the Jews just “wanted to create a city on a hill in honor of God, in America”. And he tells us that Rothschild’s National Bank of 1812 that nearly bankrupted the US was actually President Hamilton’s bank, apparently owned by the US government, but that he “allowed investors to buy into it, so it was a quasi-private bank”. Not only that, but “the population of the US quadrupled under this bank”. Wow. 


Ehret does admit that when Andrew Jackson refused to renew Rothschild’s private bank, that was the first and only time that the US government became debt-free. But then he dismisses this with a claim that Jackson’s elimination of the Jewish-owned central bank “just created a panic” and the US economy collapsed, or thereabouts. Further, that the debts owed to the Rothschild bank were “funding the country” rather than funding Rothschild, and that “All the good projects seized up because of that“. He says suddenly the US was “broken up” because of no Jewish-owned central bank, and “all the states are going their own way”. “So now no harmony in the nation, no ability to get anything done, and everything just dissolves.” Another big surprise.


He does mention that “Satanic powers” did take control of the US, but these were Christians and Jesuits, not Jews, thankfully. Also thankfully, Ehret tells us “There is NO evidence the war of 1812 was because the Rothschilds wanted a second national bank”. Here, I must disagree because there is actually much evidence the Rothschilds pushed the US into the war of 1812, and other wars, to accomplish their ends. I have written on this, and you may care to read the article. It’s brief and interesting. (93) And lastly he mentions the “British” families who made their wealth selling opium. It seems to have escaped Ehret’s attention that these were actually Jews with British passports.


Like his writing, Matthew Ehret’s entire video is 2 hours of rambling, irrelevant bullshit, presented entirely without documentation or supporting evidence of any kind. I can honestly say that never in my life have I seen so much complete, utter bullshit and so many fantastic, outrageous lies, concentrated in one place. Ehret seems to me nothing more than an exceptionally clever con artist. This isn’t merely ignorance of history or coloring by ideology; we are dealing with psycho-pathology here.


The Jews in China


I have briefly referred to some of this above and in other articles, but briefly, the history of the Jews in China is one of the most sordid century-long episodes of criminality, looting, slaughters, and psycho-pathology in history, especially when combined with the simultaneous activities of Rothschild’s British East India Company.


We have opium. We have the so-called “Taiping Rebellion”, organised by Rothschild and Sassoon where they gathered an army that slaughtered between 70 million and 90 million Chinese to protect their drug profits – the bloodiest war in the history of the world. We have the kidnapping of millions of Chinese as slaves shipped all over the world, including for the construction of the Canadian and American railroads and exploitation of the gold mines as well as for the construction of the Panama Canal (which is why we have Chinese all over the world and why the population of Panama even today is more than 10% Chinese).


And with the truths of all this finally escaping China and filtering into the Western world, we have a literal flood of Jewish propaganda of the worst sort, working hard to pre-emptively convince the West that the Jews have always been China’s friends, that Jews and Chinese have been loving “partners in suffering and oppression” (the Chinese at the hands of the Japanese, but not the Jews). The Chinese media don’t carry much on the affairs of the Jews, but the Shanghai Daily has been infiltrated by Jews; I did a search on their website that produced 1,909 results for articles on the Jews in Shanghai, all attempting to prevent or forestall what will eventually be a tsunami of historical invective against the appallingly evil activities of these Khazar Jews.


You know what it means to be “Shanghaied”. When the truth began to re-emerge about Jewish slave-traders ‘Shanghaing’ locals as ship’s crews and slaves, some Jewish writers in California produced a delightful article informing us that some old underground prisons discovered, were holding pens for conscripts to be Shanghaied, but that the term meant being shipped unwillingly TO Shanghai, instead of the reverse. No explanation as to why anyone would kidnap Americans and send them to Shanghai. One-way trip?


In the same vein, and for the same purpose, we are now constantly warned of the Dangers of China’s “victim mentality”. The Chinese are told by so many Jewish authors and columnists to “just grow up” and “stop whining” about their past. The Chinese aren’t the only people who have suffered, and their suffering was much less than that of many others. It is time to stop “living in the past” to stop “feeling sorry for themselves”, to stop “carrying a grudge” and begin living in the present. “It’s over. It’s time to move on.”


The Jews, however, are fully justified in remembering and promulgating every slight, real or imagined, that occurred during at least the past 25,000 years, and fabricating new ones almost every day, it seems.


The Yongle Dadian


Perhaps the greatest crime of cultural genocide ever perpetrated in history was done by the Jews in China – the destruction of the library and the Yongle Dadian at the Hanlin Academy. (94) That encyclopedia of 22,000 volumes written by more than 2,000 scholars over many years, contained much of the total of 5,000 years of Chinese knowledge, invention and thought. British soldiers, on the orders of Rothschild and Sassoon, carried all those books outdoors, poured fuel on them, and burnt the entire collection to ashes. Only God knows what was lost in this tragic destruction, ordered by the Jewish drug dealers as punishment for refusing opium, meant to break China’s will by striking at the very heart of the nation’s culture in the wanton destruction of something of such inestimable value as to leave an open wound that would never heal.


Whenever this subject arises, the Jewish response is invariably a savage mockery. One Jewish poster’s response to this was to write, “So what? Probably 95% of the people in China at the time were illiterate, so there was no one to read the books anyway.” Another wrote, “The destruction of the library at Alexandria was much worse.” Actually, the library at Alexandria contained largely copies of books and scrolls that could have been replaced. The Chinese encyclopedia was one of a kind, and could never be recreated.


The Destruction of China’s Summer Palace (Yuanmingyuan)


Another massive act of cultural genocide perpetrated by the Jews was the looting and burning of China’s Summer Palace, the Yuanmingyuan, which contained more than ten million of the finest and most valuable historical treasures and scholarly works collected from 5,000 years of Chinese history. What could not be looted was destroyed, and the entire massive palace burned to the ground. The Summer Palace and its contents were so vast that it required 7,500 soldiers more than three weeks to loot and destroy it. This wanton theft and utter destruction of one of the world’s greatest collections of historical knowledge was engineered by the Rothschilds and Sassoons in retaliation for Chinese resistance to their opium. (95) (96) (97)


When the truth began to leak out that it was the Opium Jews Rothschild and Sassoon who organised the destruction and looting of the Summer Palace, the Jewish author Bernard Brizay was there with a new book to inform us that it was the Chinese themselves who looted the artifacts and were selling them on the streets of Beijing. In real life, a great many of the most valuable pieces have been identified today in the possession of wealthy Jews.


On a similar note, it isn’t widely known but Baghdad as a cradle of the ancient civilisations had museums filled with priceless artifacts and scrolls going back thousands of years. After the destruction of Iraq, news reports claimed that every museum in Iraq was “totally empty” those same reports claiming that many of the artifacts have found new homes in Israel and in Jewish homes in Europe.


When the truth began escaping confinement that Jews were 100% responsible for China’s opium century, Julia Lovell was there with a reprehensively-false book that characterised the entire affair as a “tragic-comedy”, and one that failed to even mention the Jews. One can speculate about the response of worldwide Jewry if we were to refer to their “holocaust” as a tragic-comedy. With the truth now leaking about the Jews being expelled from China after WWII, we have a flood of Jews convincing us that Jews were Mao’s best friends, formed much of his government, and were responsible for the creation of the new China. When the truths began to leak out about Shanghai not really saving 40,000 Jews from Hitler, Jews have been flooding the Shanghai Daily non-stop with false stories, hoping to convince the Shanghainese of a totally new history fabricated just for this occasion.


Jewish Cemeteries in Shanghai


There is one portion of the Jewish propaganda in China that I honestly find particularly abominable. The issue is that some Jews died while in Shanghai during the Jews’ 100-year occupation, and that the Jewish cemeteries and gravestones are now not always in the best condition. In spite of all their atrocities in China for so many decades, the Jews have the effrontery to demand that China tend to these graves. Avrum Ehrlich, an adjunct professor at the Center for Judaic and Inter Religious Studies at China’s Shandong University, said the plight of the Jewish [graveyard] monuments reveals a profound shortcoming of the Communist Party’s Machiavellian political strategy. “How the Chinese deal with these gravestones is a litmus test of their humanity,” said Ehrlich, the author of “Jews and Judaism in Modern China.” “That the government lets them lie in the cold shows a pettiness when it comes to matters of the soul and spirit.”


No Dogs or Jews Allowed


And, if the Jews don’t have real offenses to rail against, they can always invent them:


My favorite is the “No Dogs or Jews Allowed” meme that suddenly seems to be gaining traction. The story is that throughout Canada and the US, Jewish immigrants were seeing these signs everywhere – and I mean everywhere, forcing them to hide their Jewish roots so as to survive such horrible anti-Semitism. In one report by Alison Pick: “It is, for example, what my father’s family did in the years after the Holocaust. His parents arrived in Canada from Czechoslovakia in 1941. They saw a sign on a club that read “no dogs or Jews allowed”, and decided to hide their Judaism to protect their children (a decision I wrestle with in my new memoir).” (98)


However, there is a small problem in that no evidence has ever surfaced to prove that any such signs existed anywhere, and even Jewish historians admit this is merely an urban legend. “Several years ago, the late Stephen Speisman, the foremost historian of Jewish Toronto, wrote an irate letter to the Toronto Star complaining of an earlier writer’s charge that the “No dogs or Jews” signs were myths. Speisman replied: “Although I am not aware of any photograph depicting such signs, there are enough long-time Toronto residents who claim to have seen them to suggest they may have existed“. But so many “long-term” Toronto and other residents have been so publicly adamant that these “memories” are fabricated that the Canadian Jewish News published an article titled, “‘No Dogs, No Jews’ – No Evidence“. (99) (100)


However, we DO have photos and corroborated testimony of signs in Shanghai that read “No dogs or Chinese allowed”, and these were erected by the Jews who controlled the social life of Shanghai at the time. Therefore, necessity demands that the Jews deny, mock, and ridicule this evidence, claiming doctored photos, outright lies and, of course, slanderous anti-Semitism.


On one of my earlier articles, a reader with the user name of Mark Green made the following comments: (101)


The Chinese apparently know a lot about the Jews as well as their unique role in the West. It’s likely that the awareness of Jewish influence by cosmopolitan Chinese far exceeds that of the average American since virtually all Americans are prohibited from discussing (or even acknowledging) this taboo fact. The Chinese do not worship the Holocaust nor do they fret over ‘anti-Semitism’. Many years ago, a book was published in Japan that also examined (and revealed) the largely undisclosed power of Organized Jewry in America but protests by the ADL et al (in concert with political pressures from Washington) allegedly forced that particular Japanese publisher to pull the book. To this day, the Chinese and Japanese alike both study the Jews, though it is done quietly.


This is probably a good place to note that the Jews have repeatedly attempted, including one very recent attempt, to gain traction in China for their “holocaust” and general victimisation by the world. They created countless accounts on Weibo and WeChat with many sob stories, looking for sympathy from the Chinese. The efforts failed miserably and all the accounts were deleted. As one Chinese friend said, “We don’t give a shit about any Jewish holocaust. Why should we?”


The Jewish Revolution in Russia, aka “The Russian Revolution”


Probably almost everyone is aware that the Russian Revolution was initiated in the US, with hundreds of people trained for years, financed by Jacob Schiff, then sent to Russia to create the revolution. It is likely also common knowledge that virtually all the Bolsheviks were Jews, and that they exterminated at least one-third of the entire Russian population of the time. Yet, in his book The War of the World, so-called historian Niall Ferguson wrote that “no revolution in the history of mankind devoured its children with the same unrestrained appetite as did the Soviet revolution”. And Tel Aviv University’s Dr. Igal Halfin wrote that “Stalinist violence was unique in that it was directed internally”. But actually, it wasn’t Russia devouring its own children but the Jews devouring Russia, and the violence was not in any sense directed “internally”.


The Ukrainian Homolodor, i.e., “Holocaust”


You may be interested to know that the Ukrainian Homolodor, the great famine, with at least 8 million reported deaths by starvation deliberately planned and executed by the Jewish Bolsheviks, “never actually occurred”, according to Jewish authors and historians. Thus, it is now reduced to just another “anti-Semitic propaganda scheme”. The real issue of course, is that the Jews, in only that one place and one time, exterminated many more innocent people in the Ukraine than did Hitler everywhere by the worst measures and, since this effectively destroys the Jews’ claims of victimisation, the truth cannot be permitted to stand. And this was by no means the only famine the Jews have engineered over the years. Rothschild and his clan provably killed around 100 million Indians by the same method, and there was the Great Chinese Famine and many others.


Only the Jews Have Suffered


Another area of Hasbara’s responsibility is to ensure the entire world is aware that “Only the Jews have suffered”. The word “holocaust” is registered, patented, copyrighted and reserved for use only by the Jews, and for only one purpose even for them. The word connotes only one kind of suffering experienced by only one people. Any competition to this is, by definition, anti-Semitic.


It appears far too frequently, in far too many places, that the suffering of any peoples other than the Jews is trivialised, dismissed, denigrated and even mocked. It would seem that no one is permitted to compete with the Jews. Victimisation is for them alone. However, the Jews not only trivialise every other human tragedy but simultaneously sanitise their own involvement in many of these same tragedies.


One author wrote, “Jews endlessly bitch about how the world didn’t care when Nazis were killing members of the Tribe, but most Jews around the world were utterly indifferent to millions of Slavs being killed by Stalin and the Jews. And the sheer lack of reflection and remorse shown by the Jewish Community suggests a deep animus, arrogance, and contempt for Slavs. (Jews insist all Germans til the end of time must share in the Shoah Guilt, but they treat the Jewish Slavocaust as a tissue to blow their noses with and toss away.) (102)


I am sorry to write this, but his statements match precisely my own personal experience and the results of all my research. Jews as a class exhibit no sympathy or remorse for any suffering by anyone other than Jews, even when caused by Jews.


Glittering Generalities and Glowing Obituaries


Madeleine Albright, a sociopathic Jewess, holds the Guinness World Record as the most prolific baby-killer in history, being personally responsible for the deaths of at least 500,000 Iraqi infants, a fact documented by the UN who omitted tallying further deaths among the ill and infirm. Albright targeted Iraq’s drinking water purification systems, using the US military to destroy them all, then inflicted “sanctions” to prevent Iraq from obtaining repairs or replacements. And, in an honest display of her Satanic sociopathology, in an interview on 60 minutes with Leslie Stahl, Albright famously declared that “Yes, it was worth it“. Albright was also responsible for the 78 days of bombing of Serbia, the longest non-stop bombing campaign in the history of the world. This is the woman who said, “If we have to use force, it is because we are America. We are the indispensable nation. We stand tall. We see further into the future.” Albright is also noted for teaming up with George Soros after the bombing and partition of Serbia to take over the entire communications infrastructure of Kosovo, apparently worth around $800 million, the news of which was frantically censored when it leaked, but everyone knows there must be at least some rewards for the victors.


However, closely obeying instructions from his Jewish handlers, US President Biden recently eulogised Albright as a woman who “turned the tide of history” with her “goodness and grace, her humanity and her intellect”. “Her name is still synonymous with America as a force for good in the world.” (103) The NYT did something similar, boasting about how “She rose to power and fame as a brilliant analyst of world affairs”, with not a mention of her Satanic character. (104) This is a good place to note that the NYT unfailingly has written a glowing obituary on every evil Jew who has ever lived. Sidney Gottlieb of MK-ULTRA infamy, and too many others to list here.


Don’t Piss Off Issur Danielovitch (aka Kirk Douglas)


Neil Sandberg, former head of the western region for the American Jewish Committee, said that an article claiming Jews controlled Hollywood was “over the top, even in terms of anti-Semitism”. (105) “It’s a classic portrayal of Jews that goes back to an embellished image of Shylock.” He said Hollywood studios were owned mostly by “Japanese and Australian corporations” and some banks. No Jewish ownership here, and besides, “Jews function … not as an ethnic or cultural group, but as individuals answerable to banks and foreign and corporate sponsorship.” He neglected to mention that those banks and foreign corporations are also owned by Jews.


These statements were prompted by an article some time ago in the London Spectator, written by William Cash on the domination of Hollywood by a “Jewish cabal”. (106) (107) Immediately, fifteen leading Hollywood personalities, including Kirk Douglas, Barbra Streisand, and Kevin Costner signed a letter to the Spectator accusing Cash of “anti-Semitism” and “racism”. Leon Wieseltier, literary editor of the New Republic, wrote to the Spectator’s editor hinting at retribution and said: “You run a filthy magazine.” Neville Nagler, CEO of The Deputies of British Jews, took exceptional offense at the article and the magazine suddenly lost much valuable advertising.


“The assertion that Jews “control” Hollywood, the media, banking and finance, among other things, is an anti-Semitic canard which dates back more than 70 years to an anti-Jewish campaign waged in the 1920s by the Dearborn Independent, a long-defunct publication backed by the late industrialist Henry Ford Sr. The Dearborn Independent had mounted a seven-year anti-Semitic campaign based on the notorious and fraudulent book, The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion.” (108) The ADL contributed further by telling us, “Of the 100 most powerful people in the industry according to a recent survey by Premiere, most, including the top 12, are Jewish, but though individual Jews control Hollywood, Jewishness does not.” (109)


The UK Independent told us, “Movie executives here who have seen the article in The Spectator are outraged”. They have called the article “Disgusting, despicable, bigoted and odious”. (110) Wow. And the NYT told us, “A Stereotype of Jews in Hollywood Is Revived.” (111)


Protect the FED’s Private Owners at All Costs


One of Hasbara’s duties, in cooperation with all the Jewish Godzillas like AIPAC and the ADL, is to ensure that any mention of the Jews having control of any economic sector or industry or almost anything else, is so violently opposed that perpetrators will shrink in horror and that the entire world will get the message. This tactic absolutely exists in spades when the topic is the US FED, revealing that it is owned by Rothschild and a few other Jewish families and is bleeding the US economy dry, is against the US constitution, and should have a stake driven through its heart with all executives and officers sharing that experience. In fact, it is often stated in private that the major function today of the ADL is to ensure that these above details of the FED never escape confinement and that violators are severely punished – if not killed.


We Will Crush You


The reference of course is to repercussions from Jewish revenge taken on those who say things Jews don’t want to hear, usually true things. This contrasts with Louis Marshall’s claim above that the Jews have spent 2,000 years forgiving everyone for their slights.


One writer said, “Joe Sobran expressed this with his usual hyperbole”: “You must only ever write of us as a passive, powerless, historically oppressed minority, struggling to maintain our ancient identity in a world where all the odds are against us, poor helpless us, poor persecuted and beleaguered us! Otherwise we will smash you to pieces.”


And then the spin: “So this mythic Jewish goliath that’s awoken by even the faintest stirrings of dissent against the cult of Jewish victimhood, and which promptly “smashes you to bits” … well, it’s a fantasy, so far as I can tell. And if it’s true that one young British journalist (William Cash) had his career destroyed because he noticed there were lots of Jews in Hollywood, that’s a shame, and terribly unjust. But it’s an anomaly.”


But it’s not an anomaly. There is no shortage of reported stories of even very senior people losing their jobs immediately upon making public comments critical of the Jews or of Israel – regardless of the truth of those comments. As a British journalist in the US put it, “As to my professed fear of ticking off Jews being some kind of affectation or pose, I can only assure you that this is not so. Almost the first thing you hear from old hands when you go into opinion journalism in the U.S. is – to put it in the precise form I first heard it – “Don’t f*ck with the Jews.”


Helen Thomas


One of the most famous journalists in the US was Hearst’s Helen Thomas, the thorn in the side of 12 consecutive US Presidents, Vice-Presidents, Secretaries of State and, most especially, White House Press Secretaries. Thomas served for 57 years as the White House reporter. Then one day in 2010, Helen Thomas was forced to resign and disappear into ignominy and anonymity. Her crime? In a private conversation with a rabbi at the White House, Thomas told the man that the Jews Should “Get the Hell Out of Palestine”. Rabbi David Nessenoff, who happened to be nearby and listening, recorded her comments on video and posted it on the Internet. (112) (113) (114)


Retribution and damnation were not slow in arriving, since “Vengeance is mine”, Shylock said. The Jewish Godzillas went ballistic, and Helen Thomas was suddenly only a faded gray memory, her remarks (in a private conversation) widely condemned (by Jews) as “offensive and reprehensible”, though celebrated by many others who unfortunately didn’t have access to the microphone. Her public speeches were all suddenly cancelled, including graduation addresses at various academies and universities. Helen Thomas was not only a gray memory; she was a radioactive gray memory. (115) She died in 2013, and we should all pray she was spared the inevitable “Abraham reception” when she arrived at the Pearly Gates.


Don’t Steam the Freaks


In an ominously similar instance, a French government diplomat lost his job for – again in a private conversation – calling Israel “a shitty little country”. The French Ambassador Daniel Bernard, was having a private conversation with the Jewish wannabe Lord-of-something-or-other Conrad Black. In that conversation Bernard lamented the prospect that the world should be led into World War Three “because of that shitty little country, Israel”. (116) (117) Black repeated the comment to his “preternaturally-sexy” Jewish wife Barbara Amiel, one who can seemingly find anti-Semitism in the air she breathes, and who posted part of the comment and circumstance on the Internet, outing the Ambassador.


That proved to be “particularly explosive”, with not a few Jews being “incandescent”, and one stating the remark was “so contemptible it did not deserve a response”. The Ambassador said he was “outraged that a private discussion found its way into the media, but has made clear he does not intend to apologise”. No matter. Shylock got his pound of flesh almost instantly; the French government was forced by Jewish pressure to fire him. But as Deborah Orr wrote in the UK Independent, “Why? Israel IS a shitty little country.” (118)


David meets Godzilla


Some years back, Marco Polo, a leading Japanese news magazine, published a story stating “There Were No Nazi Gas Chambers!” in World War II. (119) (120) The magazine and the parent company were quickly and violently assaulted by the Israeli Embassy, the US Embassy, the Simon Wiesenthal Center, the Jewish Defense League, and a host of others. Almost immediately, the parent company announced that all unsold copies of that issue would be recalled and destroyed, that Marco Polo magazine would permanently cease publication, that its editor would be transferred and its staff dispersed. Further, the senior official at the parent company would resign, while others would take hefty salary cuts as personal penance. Additionally, officials, editors and staff of the parent company would attend a series of seminars conducted by the Wiesenthal Center to “atone and correct their misconceptions on Jewish history”. And that the company President would personally attend the Simon Wiesenthal Center in California to “donate” US$50,000 as a kind of fine for the criminal offense of challenging the official holocaust narrative. That almost sounds like censorship. Or extortionate gangsterism.


Professor Tony Hall


This man was a popular professor at a Canadian University, (121) (122) (123) but he dared to speak out against the atrocities being committing by the Jews in Palestine. Hall was bitterly attacked in the media, his reputation destroyed, and his university forced to fire him – illegally, since he was a full tenured professor. The man did not do anything wrong. He simply told the truth about the atrocities. Someone hacked into Hall’s social media account and posted a message saying that all Jews must die. It was proven that Hall had no part in that posting, and that in fact the account of one of his friends had been hacked, with that secondary account used to post the message on Hall’s hacked account. That didn’t save him. The university had to re-hire him, but the Jews wanted Hall gone, and he was forced to resign.


You can read more examples here: (124) David Irving, Ernst Zundel, James Bacque, Carroll Quigley.


Dilyana Gaytandzhieva


I was so sorry to learn of this event today. Many people know the name of Dilyana Gaytandzhieva, an extraordinarily brave young woman who has made a name for herself as a true investigative reporter. Dilyana is a Bulgarian journalist and Middle East correspondent who has published many articles that have revealed the sources and paths of weapons supplies to terrorists around the world. Her most recent activities concerned the US biological weapons labs in the Ukraine, and Dilyana was responsible for breaking the story open in some ways since she obtained and revealed names, places, and documents that proved the accusations by Russia.


But today, May 15, 2022, this appeared on her Facebook page: (125)


I am saddened to announce that I am selling my media site https://armswatch.com which I created as a war correspondent 4 years ago. I am changing my career and will focus on my new media project in my country Bulgaria. If you are interested in buying armswatch.com please send me DM here or at info@armswatch.com. Thank you for your support over these years!


For Dilyana to abruptly ‘change her career’ and divest herself of her treasured Armswatch website, this would almost certainly have to involve death threats. I can think of nothing else that would bring about this result. More gangsterism. All part of the same group and process.


Many Jews do not Lie


Sever Plocker wrote an honest article published in Israel’s Ynet News, titled “Stalin’s Jews”, (126) his leading statement: “We mustn’t forget that some of greatest [mass] murderers of modern times were Jewish.”


“And us, the Jews? An Israeli student finishes high school without ever hearing the name “Genrikh Yagoda,” the greatest Jewish murderer of the 20th Century, the GPU’s deputy commander and the founder and commander of the NKVD. Yagoda diligently implemented Stalin’s collectivization orders and is responsible for the deaths of at least 10 million people. His Jewish deputies established and managed the Gulag system. After Stalin no longer viewed him favorably, Yagoda was demoted and executed, and was replaced as chief hangman in 1936 by Yezhov, the “bloodthirsty dwarf.

“Stalin’s close associates and loyalists included member of the Central Committee and Politburo Lazar Kaganovich. Montefiore characterizes him as the “first Stalinist” and adds that those starving to death in Ukraine, an unparalleled tragedy in the history of human kind aside from the Nazi horrors and Mao’s terror in China, did not move Kaganovich.”


Plocker ends by writing, “Many Jews sold their soul to the devil of the Communist revolution and have blood on their hands for eternity. We’ll mention just one more: Leonid Reichman, head of the NKVD’s special department and the organization’s chief interrogator, who was a particularly cruel sadist.” It’s a pity the NYT and WSJ didn’t pick up on this story.




We are thus left with a conundrum. There are in fact many Jews who are not contaminated by the Zionist mentality and who do not lie, at least no more than you or I. But more than this, there are many Jews like Sever Plocker above, who write articles, give speeches, author books, that tell the honest truth about the Jews and their crimes, who do not see “anti-Semitism” on the leaves of every tree, and who are not part of the vicious gangster cabal that wants to dominate the world. These people deserve our admiration, respect, and support.


When you are part of a small tribe that has a far-reaching agenda and powerful resources, speaking against that group and its leaders can quickly lead to ostracism, a label of being a “self-hating Jew”, an emotionally-difficult separation and some emptiness. Few of us might have the courage of these people and their willingness to sacrifice for the sake of the truth.


Everything you have read in this essay is true. There is some part of organised International Jewry that comprise in every sense a community of vicious gangsters for whom the lives of Gentiles mean nothing and who will remorselessly kill by the millions and foment yet another World War when it suits their agenda. These are the people who control the leaders of most of our governments, and they are abetted by the owners of all the media who are their close friends and are reading from the same script. And all of them lie like they breathe, so you can see the mess we are in.


There is no easy way for us to identify and separate the good Jews from the bad Jews but we must try because we cannot paint all Jews the same color. It is a suitable beginning if we can identify those who are clearly evil, and do our best to expose them. Most of these are Khazars, still as evil and as bloodthirsty as their ancestors 1,000 years ago. And still phallic-worshippers. I follow Benjamin Freedman’s policy of referring to these people as “so-called Jews”, since that is what they are, and it is my personal opinion that they give real Jews a bad name. I think we need to create two classes of Jews in our minds, to separate these firmly and to befriend one while exposing and condemning the other. It is less easy to denounce me as anti-Semitic when I am hugging one Jew while punching another.



Mr. Romanoff’s writing has been translated into 32 languages and his articles posted on more than 150 foreign-language news and politics websites in more than 30 countries, as well as more than 100 English language platforms. Larry Romanoff is a retired management consultant and businessman. He has held senior executive positions in international consulting firms, and owned an international import-export business. He has been a visiting professor at Shanghai’s Fudan University, presenting case studies in international affairs to senior EMBA classes. Mr. Romanoff lives in Shanghai and is currently writing a series of ten books generally related to China and the West. He is one of the contributing authors to Cynthia McKinney’s new anthology ‘When China Sneezes’. (Chapt. 2 — Dealing with Demons).

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    1. mark green says:

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Journalist Helen Thomas, who said Jews ‘should get the hell out of Palestine,’ dies at 92

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Sever Plocker: Stalin’s Jews. We mustn’t forget that some of greatest murderers of modern times were Jewish


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