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Calling all Cosmologists

By Larry Romanoff, May 08, 2022




The photo is of today’s desktop on my computer. (It changes every day).


The picture is of part of The Milky Way, our home. But the startling thing is that (with a few exceptions) each of those little dots of light is not a star, but another galaxy. To see this through a large telescope and realise the vastness of the universe, is an awe-inspiring experience to say the least.


Astronomers, physicists and cosmologists today are busy producing theories about the origin of the universe, worrying themselves about the Big Bang and the subsequent creation of the elements. But there are two items they fail to address, that seem to me the most important of all:


      1. The universe is supposed to be the sum total of all existence, everything that is. By definition, there is nothing beyond it. But we are told this universe is expanding more or less uniformly in all directions, apparently at the speed of light or thereabouts. Assuming this is true, I want to know INTO WHAT is the universe expanding?
      1. Physicists are reaching decreasingly farther back into time, into “the origin of everything” in a manner of speaking, now apparently determining precisely what happened in the first second after the Big Bang. But I don’t much care what happened in the first second after the Big Bang. I want to know what happened in the LAST SECOND BEFORE the Big Bang.





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