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A Litany of Pharma Crimes – Part 1 – The Landscape


By Larry RomanoffMarch 10, 2022


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Note to readers: I originally wrote a brief version of this article, now expanded into a series of 14 or 15 parts which will now be published and collected into an e-book. It begins with an introduction to the world of Big Pharma, the owners, the problems, the death tolls, the crimes and the penalties. It then moves to a rather distressing discussion and exposé of the FDA and the WHO, the astonishing criminality of the blood collection system, and ends with targeted articles on several of the main Big Pharma criminal enterprises, including Pfizer, Sanofi, J&J, Merck, and GSK.


It may surprise you to learn that the world’s pharmaceutical industry has arguably the dirtiest underbelly of all economic sectors in the world today, so totally riddled with crime and corruption that it probably cannot be fixed. As one measure, in the past few decades Big Pharma has created a toll of deaths and injuries exceeding that of all the world’s arms manufacturers combined. Astonishing claims, but heavily documented and easily proven, as you will see. The pharma companies are only one part of what we might term an enormous international crime ring that includes UN agencies.


This news hasn’t reached wide public awareness because the world’s mainstream media are owned by very close friends of these drug lords and, while much of the information on the litany of crimes is not exactly heavily censored, the exposures are treated dispassionately and gently in the media as unrelated one-off events, instead of as parts of a pattern of astonishing psycho-pathology that has existed for decades. Worse, the heart-breaking litany of resulting human misery is almost completely suppressed and thus unknown.


The largest players in the pharmaceutical industry like Sanofi, Pfizer, and many of the remainder, are owned by Jews, one reason the legacy media ensure that the ultimate beneficial owner-criminals are almost never identified. Rothschild’s Sanofi (and all its brethren) are the largest vaccine manufacturers in the world. For COVID-19 vaccines, the Jerusalem Post boasted that a Greek Jew, Albert Bourla heads Pfizer, and Moderna’s medical chief, Dr. Tal Zaks, is an Israeli Jew. (1) The Sackler family who brought us Oxycontin and the opioid crisis, are Jews. Nestlé, who are heavily invested in related products like baby milk, are responsible for millions of infant deaths and one of the four most-boycotted firms in the world, (2) but public awareness is sorely lacking because it is a Jewish company heavily protected by the world’s legacy media. Monsanto is another.


Knowledge of Jewish control of the pharma sector is important for reasons that will eventually become clear, as our knowledge of Jewish control of the media enhances our understanding of the official narratives of major events like 9-11, Iran, Iraq and Libya, China, of COVID-19 and of Russia/Ukraine today.


All this information is easily available on the second or third tier of the internet, but too few people traverse these sites and their documented evidence is inevitably trashed as misinformation, conspiracy theories, or anti-Semitism.


One fatal misconception we tend to hold is that pharmaceutical companies are in the “healthcare” business or the “disease-prevention” business. They are not. They are in the money business. It may be a surprise to you that there is no money in curing a disease; the profits are in long-term maintenance.


Malaria is a disease that kills hundreds of thousands worldwide every year, yet a cure is available. There are two problems: one is that Malaria is a disease of poor countries who are of little or no concern to anyone; the second is that the cure is generic, cheap and unprofitable. Vaccines generally, and a great many other medications, are extremely profitable, obscenely so in many instances, with pharma companies focusing on revenue and profitability, not on saving lives.


It occurs only rarely that a genuine – and permanent – cure for a disease is actually discovered and put into effect, when an entire nation panics at the prospect of a deadly illness (polio, for e.g.) that a genuine cure will be found and distributed. These events are infrequent, and there is much accumulated evidence that pharma companies will abandon a search for a cure and focus instead on medications that will keep a disease at bay – medications requiring daily ingestion and thus producing much profit. (3)


It seems that a dangerous drug or lethal vaccine will be recalled only when lawsuits are filed by the victims; the US FDA, the CDC, and other national health agencies ignoring the trail of bodies and infirmities until then, heavily supported by dead silence from both the US government and the Western media. The history of recent decades is replete with such examples. And even after withdrawal, the pharma companies will often continue to market the same drugs, vaccines, and medical appliances in poorer countries, with the apparent full blessing of the FDA and CDC. It would seem that black lives (and yellow ones, too) don’t matter nearly as much as we are told. I have some examples of this for you, that are at once horrific, appalling, and truly shocking. The sociopathic travesties visited on both the Western world and the Third World by the pharma companies, the UN agencies, national healthcare organisations and Western governments, leave us reeling in disbelief.


One clear example is the polio vaccine that was contaminated with a carcinogenic simian virus where around 100 million Americans were infected. (4) (5) Of course, “fact-checking” websites like Snopes (6) found the claim false, “Much ado about nothing”. Similarly, Fact Check.org decided it was “highly unlikely” that anyone contracted cancers from the vaccines, (6a) in direct contradiction to the evidence. But it wasn’t false. According to PubMed, “The presence of SV40 in monkey cell cultures used in the preparation of the polio vaccine from 1955 through 1961 is well documented.” (7) (8) In fact, PubMed stated in one report, “Our analysis indicates increased rates of ependymomas (37%), osteogenic sarcomas (26%), other bone tumors (34%) and mesothelioma (90%) among those in the exposed as compared to the unexposed birth cohort.” (9) (10)


True to form, the Lancet politicised this and blamed it on the Russians, neglecting to mention that the vaccines were primarily created and distributed in – and by – the US. However, the Lancet was honest enough to note that the person at the NIH who revealed this looming tragedy “was muzzled and stripped of her vaccine regulatory duties and her laboratory” (11) – by the Americans who treasure whistle-blowers (in other countries). Lawsuits against Pfizer and others for this CDC-approved vaccine are still pending.


Something similar is true for polio. Few people are aware that most cases of polio today are the result of WHO polio vaccination campaigns (12) and not from any natural spread of the disease. The WHO’s cheap and easily-administered oral polio vaccines have proven responsible for the increasing recurrence of polio in many countries, most. polio cases caused by the WHO’s vaccination campaigns. An independent medical group tasked with monitoring these events, wrote that polio (because of the WHO practices) was “spreading uncontrolled in West Africa, bursting geographical boundaries and raising fundamental questions . . .” It further described the WHO’s attitude toward terminating this pandemic of vaccine-caused polio cases as “relaxed”. (See reference 12 above). I might have used a stronger term.


These pages will give you only a brief glimpse of the pharmaceutical landscape that exists today, one so rife with corruption of every kind and littered with a reckless disregard for human life and suffering that is almost impossible to believe at first reading. I will provide in these essays a short burst of examples, then a series of pharma company case studies which are especially criminal. One essay in this series on the WHO will leave you gasping, a description of how the WHO sterilized about 150 million women in undeveloped countries, without their knowledge or consent (with the active participation of Bill Gates and Rothschild’s Sanofi). Yet this deliberate tragedy is 100% true, and heavily documented. (13) And heavily censored by the media.


The circumstances outlined in these essays are true in every Western nation. It will shock you to realise that UN agencies like the WHO and UNICEF are active participants in these sociopathic enterprises, with governments and national healthcare authorities all circling the wagons for self-protection and leaving the publics to cope as best they can.


If the bad news leaks out, denial and censorship are the main tools, while muzzling, threats and retribution are the order of the day for whistle-blowers. In today’s climate we have the added advantage of de-platforming on Twitter and Facebook for “spreading misinformation”, and total censorship on Google who loses its memory whenever corporate and government crimes appear.


The Pharmaceutical Landscape


Large corporations have so much power over the US and other Western governments, to the degree that corporate crimes are now considered detached from, and contain no personal responsibility on the part of, their executives and management. In the pharmaceutical realm, even the companies themselves have become immune to an extent that beggars belief. As one example, the COVID-19 vaccine manufacturers supplied national governments on condition they carried no responsibility for resulting injuries and deaths, and in many cases demanded that poor countries sign over huge items of infrastructure as “collateral” in the event lawsuits would emerge.


The Bureau of Investigative Journalism confirmed that Pfizer demanded “countries put up sovereign assets such as embassy buildings and military bases, as a guarantee against the cost of any future legal cases.” (14) Even major government like the US and UK have given Pfizer full protection from legal action by the governments, regardless of the toxicity or lethality of its vaccines. (15)


In the many cases of even egregious crimes like those I will detail later, the companies paid fines but no executives were charged, in spite of the criminality and sometimes massive death tolls. One recent surprising departure is that the government of France has charged Rothschild’s Sanofi with manslaughter for marketing of a drug Sanofi knew to cause deaths and severe birth defects – about 30,000 of them, at last count. (16) (17) (18)


Medical crimes and legal claims had become so prevalent in America that the large pharma companies successfully lobbied the US government for immunity from prosecution for their crimes. To accommodate them, a few years ago the FDA instituted a new federal policy stating that FDA approval overrides most claims for damages against medical device makers and pharmaceutical manufacturers, giving them full protection from lawsuits. The large pharma companies successfully lobbied Congress to legislate that they are free from prosecution and any liability for flawed, debilitating or fatal medications and vaccines even if it is proven that the firms lied on their FDA applications and falsified all their test data. American consumers who experience serious health consequences from unsafe medications or faulty medical devices now have little recourse.


These pharma company owners – and they are people, not corporations – are hardened sociopaths who don’t cringe at high death tolls resulting from their insane pursuit of profits. It isn’t only a few faked test results or a failure to notify the FDA of a drug’s harmful side effects. The pharma industry has a 100-year history of committing almost every crime imaginable short of bank robbery and arson. On the medical side we have: faked and non-existent drug tests, falsified drug test results, falsified manufacturing records, adulteration of medications, non-disclosure of harmful and fatal side-effects, non-disclosure of failed drug tests, off-label marketing, bribery, false advertising, selling adulterated drugs and defective medical appliances, illegal medical experiments, fraudulent drug trials and so much more. We also have severely-contaminated and sometimes-lethal vaccines.


The above are industry-specific crimes related to the manufacture and sale of vaccines and medicines, but pharma companies are also multinational corporations and share a litany of crimes and illegal behavior with their brethren in all industries. A short list: Illegal political contributions and campaign financing, political bribery, price-fixing conspiracies, illegal market share allocations, conspiracy to eliminate competition, bid-rigging, defrauding national Medicare with false claims, environmental crimes, dumping of hazardous chemicals and waste, financial and securities crimes, insider stock trading, stock price manipulation, tax evasion, racketeering, obstruction of justice, witness tampering, destruction of legal records, destruction of evidence.


The Editor of the Urban Right Healthcare Weblog wrote that “The constant march of legal settlements by, jury verdicts against, and in some cases criminal convictions of or guilty pleas by, large health care corporations indicate how common misbehavior by such organizations has become. Since it is likely that much misbehavior does not lead to publicly announced legal actions, what is published can only provide a floor for an estimate of how common it is. The march … shows how sleazy and often corrupt health care has become, and how that sleaziness and corruption is prevalent not just among small players, but among the biggest and richest health care organizations, and their top leaders. One reason the situation continues to be so bad is that while the unethical behavior does sometimes result in pontificating by the civil authorities, and fines that may only be costs of doing business, it rarely leads to meaningful negative consequences for those who authorized, directed or implemented it.” And, because the controlling owners of these firms, the criminals ultimately responsible, are never identified.


In March of 2012, Kelly Kennedy wrote an article in USA Today that outlined the difficulties caused by weak regulation, revolving doors and heavy lobbying by the American pharmaceutical industry. It is well known that the largest US drug makers have paid many billions in fines during the past several years, but to no apparent avail in terms of eliminating, or even reducing, the systemic corruption that is so entrenched in the industry. Pfizer alone has paid billions in fines in the past few years and has been forced to sign three separate so-called ‘corporate integrity agreements’ meant to enforce the prevention of future fraud, but the company continued and in fact was initiating and perpetrating new additional frauds while negotiating financial settlements for prior frauds. You can’t be more arrogantly immune than that. Baxter, Merck, Johnson & Johnson, GSK, Abbott and Bristol-Meyers are the same, being repeat offenders without apparent concern.


Certainly, part of their boldness stems from the total immunity of the firms’ executives and officers to criminal charges, fines and prison sentences, which in turn stems from the enormous influence these firms have over members of Congress and other governments. As with most regulatory bodies in the US today, notably in the pharma, banking, defense, and securities industries, there exists a virtual revolving door between the industry being regulated and the regulator, in this case the FDA. A third side is that these firms control exclusive long-term patents on hundreds of medications that are vitally necessary to the US Health Service and the medical industry, where no suitable alternatives exist. I will deal with the details of these in subsequent articles.


The authorities and government investigators claim they have almost no tools left with which to perform their regulatory functions, the firms’ heavy lobbying of Congress having created an almost total immunity which results in only small punishments (to shareholders) for even the most egregious of crimes. The fines have proven useless in containing the criminal behavior, and the “corporate integrity” agreements are mostly just ignored.


“The US Health Department has reached the point where they want to ban these firms forever from the Medicare supply chain, meaning they would no longer be able to supply medications for government reimbursement, an act which would cost them half their market.” But the pharma companies have so much power they remain defiant even in the face of such threats, reminding the health authorities that their medications are vital to the nation and they therefore cannot be excluded. “The Justice Department is now escalating this conflict with threats to cancel the firms’ patents on these drugs, as a criminal punishment, and open the field to generic production to fill the nation’s needs.”

“In an attempt to create some order by closing the revolving door, Congress is considering a law prohibiting any individuals from ever working for the Federal government, if they have been involved with any pharma company that has committed fraud, but this effort is itself experiencing intensive lobbying by the firms and their powerful industry association.”

These pharma frauds have been escalating apparently without fear or limit, in spite of the billions paid in fines. One US Attorney General said the system needed 12 years to recover $2 billion in fines from big pharma, but a few years later recovered $3 billion in only 18 months.


In recent years, leading members of Big Pharma like Sanofi, GSK, Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson, AstraZeneca, Merck, Abbot, Schering-Plough, Novartis and Eli Lilly have paid about $80 billion in fines to settle charges of suppressing information on lethal side effects, falsifying test data, knowingly marketing toxic vaccines and lethal medications, falsified efficacy claims for new medications, inferior and contaminated manufacturing processes, misleading marketing, illegal off-label promotion, bribery and kickbacks, Medicare fraud, and other crimes. But even a brief examination of these firms’ total revenues and profits prove these apparently huge fines are merely insignificant marketing costs, and the criminal investigations merely an irritant. For example, GSK paid $3 billion in fines for criminal activity that produced about $30 billion in revenue. That’s nothing more than a 10% tax. If you’re a pharma company, serious crime is the best-paying job in America.

If Merck can make tens of billions in profit on Vioxx but pay only $4 billion in fines and penalties for the deaths it causes, that’s an easy decision in terms of profit maximisation.


Pharma executives appear to perform the same kind of cost-benefit analysis as do the American auto companies, that is to compare the profits from the sales of a drug to the potential cost of deaths and lawsuits from dangerous side effects of whose existence they are already fully aware, leading inevitably to morally bankrupt marketing decisions.


Almost every major drug maker has been accused in recent years of giving kickbacks to doctors or shortchanging federal programs. Prosecutors said that they had become so alarmed by the growing criminality in the industry that they had begun increasing fines into the billions of dollars and would more vigorously prosecute doctors as well.


But as an indication of the depth and extent of the corruption in the American pharma industry, Dr. Scott Gottlieb, a Jew and a former top FDA regulatory official who is now a consultant and lobbyist for pharma companies, said that government prosecutors were increasingly criminalising “what reasonable people might argue is [an] exchange of important clinical information between drug companies and doctors”.


Bribery, kickbacks, defrauding Medicare, false advertising, off-label sales, promotions of medication for illegal and unapproved uses are now transformed into “an exchange of important clinical information”. One authority stated, “The U.S. pharmaceutical industry, long one of the most profitable in the country, with profits last year of close to $50 billion, has engaged in an unprecedented amount of criminal activity in the past decade. Unfortunately, the ever-escalating fines are unlikely to stop drug companies from continuing to bribe doctors because they represent just a fraction of drug company profits and no one has gone to jail.”


In late 2011, a prominent editor of a medical journal wrote that medical institutions should firmly prohibit their faculty from doing research on drugs when they are receiving lucrative speaking and consulting payments from the drug industry. He said the only solution was to rid the industry of its plethora of unethical practices, that disclosure was not sufficient to curb bad, biased and financially-corrupted science. Investigative health journalist Alison Bass wrote of the multitude of so-called “drug studies” that are secretly financed by the manufacturers themselves, that are never properly peer-reviewed, and are normally done by researchers with deep financial ties to the manufacturers of those same medications. She wrote “it’s not enough to fine drug companies for deceptive and illegal marketing tactics. There has to be real reform in the medical research establishment. Until universities and doctors stop taking money that taints their scientific judgment and refrain from putting their names on papers they didn’t write, how can the American public trust any health professional when it comes to the safety and effectiveness of prescribed drugs?”


Her comments deserve wide support. Many so-called studies are written by employees of the pharma company or by someone paid a great deal of money by that firm. Invariably, they push the ‘new, improved’ and much more expensive medications that are almost never better than the lower-margin drugs they are meant to replace. And worse, many of the studies appear to be fraudulent, with the data most often manipulated and surprisingly often completely fabricated, and they almost never inform of the many and often serious or deadly side effects. The clinical studies seem to have become primarily fraudulent marketing tools, yet relied upon by physicians and the FDA.


The American practice of permitting these criminal organisations “to neither admit nor deny” the allegations and charges is itself a seriously corrupt practice that must cease. No company “agrees” to pay billions of dollars to satisfy criminal and civil charges if it’s not guilty, and this charade of pretense where firms are permitted to immediately afterward hold press conferences and publicly state they did no wrong but settled ‘to move forward’, must be stopped. Guilty is guilty, and in fact the process of “settlements” – which are agreements arrived at out of court – are also corrupt and should also be stopped. Except in unusual circumstances, there should be no out-of-court settlements, with most cases going to trial.


Bio-Weapons Cloud in the Silver Lining


There is something else you should know – the incestuous relationship between the big pharmaceutical companies and the US Department of Defense and the CIA, all cozy partners in biological weapons programs. This shouldn’t actually be a surprise; pharma companies spend their lives fabricating new chemicals and testing their effects on the human body. Since even the drugs and vaccines they put on the market are sometimes toxic and lethal, it’s natural that at least some of their discoveries will prove to be especially so, thus attracting the eager interest of the weapons people. The military are particularly interested in concoctions that will kill in large numbers while the CIA are more tuned to one-off assassinations, especially those that mimic natural heart attacks or strokes. Ask Mossad. Thus, it should not be a surprise that many compounds which today find their way into the American biological weapons inventory are termed “orphan pharmaceuticals”, which means drugs proven to have such extraordinarily toxic properties that they became much too valuable to discard.


In most of these cases, “plausible deniability” is an extravagant plus, a drug, a chemical – or a virus – that is easy to distribute but difficult to attribute to a foreign agent, one which could possibly have emerged by natural means, courtesy of Thomas Malthus. Some examples that come to mind would be SARS, MERS, EBOLA, AIDS, ZIKA, H1N1, Swine flu, and Mad Cow Disease. And COVID-19, if you’re the suspicious type.


It isn’t a stretch to know and accept that many pharma companies do precisely such research for the US military, looking not for chemicals that cure but for drugs, viruses and vaccines that kill, especially those that can debilitate or kill (or sterilise) in large numbers. Big Pharma has been involved in this morally-bankrupt adventure for almost 100 years, Pfizer and Merck having their beginnings in the world of bio-weapons. I will deal with these later.

Next: Part 2 – A Money Business




Mr. Romanoff’s writing has been translated into 32 languages and his articles posted on more than 150 foreign-language news and politics websites in more than 30 countries, as well as more than 100 English language platforms. Larry Romanoff is a retired management consultant and businessman. He has held senior executive positions in international consulting firms, and owned an international import-export business. He has been a visiting professor at Shanghai’s Fudan University, presenting case studies in international affairs to senior EMBA classes. Mr. Romanoff lives in Shanghai and is currently writing a series of ten books generally related to China and the West. He is one of the contributing authors to Cynthia McKinney’s new anthology ‘When China Sneezes’. (Chapt. 2 — Dealing with Demons).

His full archive can be seen at https://www.bluemoonofshanghai.com/  + https://www.moonofshanghai.com/  

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