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A Litany of Pharma Crimes

By Larry Romanoff, February 05, 2022




It may surprise you to learn that the pharmaceutical industry has the dirtiest underbelly of all recognised economic sectors in the world today, so totally riddled with crime and corruption that it probably cannot be fixed. As one measure, in the past few decades Big Pharma has created a toll of deaths and injuries exceeding that of all the world’s arms manufacturers combined. Astonishing claims, but heavily documented and easily proven. The reason you don’t know is that the world’s mainstream media are owned by very close friends of these drug lords and, while most of the information on the legacy of crimes and misery is not exactly heavily censored, the exposed crimes are treated in the media as unrelated one-off events instead of forming parts of a pattern of astonishing psycho-pathology that has existed for decades, while ensuring that the ultimate beneficial owner-criminals are almost never identified.

Even a company like Nestlé, who are not a drug company but who are heavily invested in related products like baby milk, are responsible for millions of infant deaths, (1) again heavily protected by the world’s legacy media. All of this information is easily available on the second or third tier of the internet, but too few people traverse these sites and their documentation is inevitably trashed as “misinformation” or “conspiracy theories”. Sadly, it is no such thing. Pharma companies repeatedly fail to warn doctors and patients about dangerous side-effects or long-term dangers of medications, and very often badly misrepresent the content and efficacy, to say nothing of the safety, of vaccines.

One fatal misconception we tend to hold is that pharmaceutical companies are in the “healthcare” business or the “disease-prevention” business. They are not. They are in the money business. It may be a surprise to you that there is no money in curing a disease; the profits are in long-term maintenance. It occurs only rarely that a genuine – and permanent – cure for a disease is actually discovered and put into effect.

Malaria is a disease that kills hundreds of thousands worldwide every year, yet a cure is available. There are two problems: one is that Malaria is a disease of poor countries who are of little or no concern to anyone; the second is that the cure is generic, cheap and unprofitable. Vaccines generally, and a great many other medications, are extremely profitable, obscenely so in many instances, and pharma companies responsible to their shareholders (and they are) focus on revenue and profitability, not on saving lives. It is only when an entire nation panics at the prospect of a deadly illness (polio, for e.g.) that a genuine cure will be found and distributed. As noted, these events are not frequent, and there is much accumulated evidence that pharma companies will abandon a search for a cure and focus instead on medications that will keep a disease at bay – medications requiring daily ingestion and thus producing much profit. (2)

Most often, alarmingly often in fact, a dangerous or lethal drug or vaccine will be recalled only when lawsuits are filed by the victims; the US FDA, the CDC, and other national health agencies ignoring the trail of bodies and infirmities until then. The history of recent decades is replete with such examples. And even after withdrawal, the pharma companies will continue to market the same drugs, vaccines, and medical appliances in poorer countries, with the apparent full blessing of the FDA and CDC. It would seem that black lives (and yellow ones, too) don’t matter nearly as much as we are told. I have some examples of this for you, that are at once horrific, appalling, and truly shocking. The sociopathic travesties visited on both the Western world and the Third World by the pharma companies, the UN agencies, national healthcare organisations and Western governments, leave us reeling in disbelief.

It is very important to understand that it isn’t only the pharma companies; the US FDA and CDC inevitably fail to warn the public until the lawsuits commence, heavily supported by both the US government and the Western media. One clear example is the polio vaccine that was contaminated with a carcinogenic simian virus where around 100 million Americans were infected. (3) (4) Of course, “fact-checking” websites like Snopes found the claim false, but it wasn’t false. According to Pubmed, “The presence of SV40 in monkey cell cultures used in the preparation of the polio vaccine from 1955 through 1961 is well documented.” True to form, the Lancet politicised this and blamed it on the Russians, neglecting to mention that the vaccines were primarily created and distributed in – and by – the US. However, the Lancet was honest enough to note that the person who discovered this looming tragedy “was muzzled and stripped of her vaccine regulatory duties and her laboratory” (5) – by the Americans who treasure whistle-blowers (in other countries). More than 25 studies confirming the correlation between the contaminated vaccines and cancer were refused for publication by the US NIH. Lawsuits against Pfizer and others for this CDC-approved vaccine are still pending.

Something similar is true for polio. Few people are aware that most cases of polio today are the result of WHO polio vaccination campaigns and not from any natural spread of the disease. The WHO uses oral polio vaccines because they are cheap and can be easily administered, but it is these same vaccines administered worldwide by the WHO that have proven responsible for the increasing recurrence of polio in many countries. (6) Many more polio cases today are caused by the WHO’s reckless vaccination campaigns than by other causes. An independent medical group tasked with monitoring these events, wrote that polio (because of the WHO practices) was “spreading uncontrolled in West Africa, bursting geographical boundaries and raising fundamental questions . . .” It further described the WHO’s attitude toward terminating this pandemic of vaccine-caused polio cases as “relaxed”. (See above reference). I might have used a stronger term.

Another Cloud in the Silver Lining

There is something else you should know – the incestuous relationship between the big pharmaceutical companies and the US Department of Defense and the CIA, all cozy partners in biological weapons programs. This shouldn’t actually be a surprise; pharma companies spend their lives fabricating new chemicals and testing their effects on the human body. Since even the drugs and vaccines they put on the market are often toxic and lethal, it’s natural that at least some of their Franken-drugs will prove to be especially so, thus attracting the eager interest of the weapons people. The military are particularly interested in concoctions that will kill in large numbers while the CIA are more tuned to one-off assassinations, especially those that mimic natural heart attacks or strokes. Ask Mossad. Thus, it should not be a surprise that many compounds which today find their way into the American biological weapons inventory are termed “orphan pharmaceuticals”, which means drugs proven to have such extraordinarily toxic properties that they became much too valuable to discard.

In most of these cases, “plausible deniability” is an extravagant plus, a drug, a chemical – or a virus – that is easy to distribute but difficult to attribute to a foreign agent, one which could possibly have emerged by natural means, courtesy of Thomas Malthus. Some examples that come to mind would be SARS, MERS, EBOLA, AIDS, ZIKA, H1N1, Swine flu, and Mad Cow Disease. And COVID-19, if you’re the suspicious type.

It isn’t a stretch to know and accept that many pharma companies do precisely such research for the US military, looking not only for drugs that cure but for drugs (or viruses and vaccines) that kill, especially those that can debilitate or kill in large numbers. Big Pharma has been involved in this morally-bankrupt adventure for almost 100 years, Pfizer and Merck having their beginnings in the world of bio-weapons. I will deal with these later.

The set of circumstances outlined here is true in every Western nation. Governments, national healthcare authorities and UN agencies like the WHO and UNICEF are active participants in this sociopathic enterprise, all circling the wagons for self-protection and leaving the publics to cope as best they can. If the bad news leaks out, denial and censorship are the main tools, while muzzling, threats and retribution are the order of the day for whistle-blowers. In today’s climate we have the added advantage of de-platforming on Twitter and Facebook for “spreading misinformation”, and total censorship on Google who loses its memory whenever corporate and government crimes appear.

These pages will give you only a brief glimpse of the pharmaceutical landscape that exists today, one so rife with corruption of every kind and littered with a reckless disregard for human life and suffering that is almost impossible to believe at first reading. I will provide in this section a short burst of examples, then a series of longer case studies which are especially serious. This latter will include Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson, Merck, GSK and Bayer.

A Brief Sampling


In 2003, AstraZeneca pleaded guilty to felony charges of health care fraud and was forced to pay $355 million to settle both criminal and civil liabilities for a nationwide illegal marketing scheme that included gross inflation of drug prices, bribery, kickbacks, fraudulent consulting fees and bribes to physicians. (7) Noteworthy that the government refused to file criminal charges against company executives because ”The investigation did not discover any evidence to implicate AstraZeneca’s upper levels of management”. What a surprise; the “corporate entity” committed serious felonies over a decade but no live persons were involved, and certainly not the management. In 2011 AstraZeneca agreed to pay $647 million to resolve most of the 28,000 lawsuits it faced for diabetes and other injuries caused by its antipsychotic drug Seroquel. (8)

In 2021, the European Union launched a new lawsuit against AstraZeneca that could lead to financial sanctions for the company, the second such suit in a year. (9) AstraZeneca has a long list of accusations, charges, and lawsuits about illegal marketing, product safety, anticompetitive behavior and tax avoidance, a typical criminal organisation. You can read all about it here: (10)

Abbott Laboratories

Abbott Laboratories paid $1.6 billion to settle charges for off-label marketing and false efficacy claims related to its epilepsy drug Depakote which caused, among other things, severe birth defects. (11) (12) The claims stated that Abbott not only heavily engaged in illegal off-label promotion, but targeted elderly patients and misled physicians about the risks it had clearly identified in its own clinical studies. True to form, the FDA did nothing for many years, until finally “a huge accumulation of evidence” forced the agency to place a warning on the drug, but it did so only after an independent study revealed that 20% of pregnant mothers experienced births with severe malformities including spina bifida and heart and brain defects. In total, Abbott has been charged with a wide array of crimes including fraudulent marketing, price-fixing, anti-competitive conduct, fraudulent claims, fraudulent pricing, and the marketing of toxic and lethal medications.

In addition to its fines and other penalties, Abbott was forced to cease the manufacture of more than 125 products and to remove them from the market. The company has faced lawsuits over its drug Tricor, FreeStyle diabetes products, and a massive class-action suit over its St. Jude defibrillators which featured rapidly-depleting batteries resulting in un-defibrillated hearts. In this latter case, the company waited almost five years before initiating a recall of the faulty devices. (13) A few years earlier, TAP Pharmaceuticals, a JV of Abbott, paid $875 million to settle essentially the same charges as AstraZeneca above, felony charges of bribery and illegal marketing.

Abbott’s cholesterol drug Trilipix received hearty FDA approval in spite of the proven fact from a large body of evidence that it was not only useless but failed to prevent and sometimes caused the heart attacks it was promoted to prevent. As usual, the FDA finally issued a belated warning that was unhelpful to the already-dead victims. Similarly, Abbott’s new “lifestyle drug” Androgel, marketed as a testosterone supplement with FDA approval for only this narrow use, was quickly engaged in a $100 million off-label campaign promoting the drug for conditions as vacuous as ‘fatigue’. Since the medication cost about $500 per month and produced enormous profits from sales exceeding $1 billion per year, the company was loathe to reveal the slate of potentially lethal side effects of which it had full knowledge. Abbott marketed Androgel to millions of men who didn’t need it and hid the risks of heart attack and stroke associated with the drug. (14)

Media reports claimed the drug had barely hit the market when physicians noted a direct link to heart attacks and strokes, and apparently this drug had a long history of linkage to cardiovascular problems. Interestingly, 14 separate and independent studies revealed substantial cardiac risk while another 13 studies conducted by pharma companies disclosed no risk at all. There appeared little question the pharma companies produced what were in fact criminally-misleading studies that deliberately omitted lethal dangers, resulting in large class-action lawsuits in many countries.

The media also reported another US Federal legal action against Abbott and its Israel-based partner Teva for illegally blocking consumer access to low-cost generic medications by filing “baseless patent infringement lawsuits against many competitors, solely to delay their entry to the market and to protect the massive profits”. As well, Teva apparently made an illegal agreement with Abbott to withhold its generic version from the market in return for permission to market another highly-profitable drug controlled by Abbott.  (15)

In another dispiriting case, in 2010 Abbott was forced to recall large volumes of Similac baby milk powder which contained beetles, beetle feces and various insect parts, leading to yet more consumer class action lawsuits. (16) (17) (18) The FDA, always there when you need them, took no action but surprisingly stated that “Abbott’s sanitation and quality control measures left much to be desired”.

One writer recorded the following. I am uncertain of the source:

“In all the recent history of American pharma companies we see the same unsavory behavior, if not outright criminal intent, in every major area of endeavor. In 2012 Abbott employees launched a class action suit against the company for refusing to pay overtime, the company having classified thousands of employees as exempt from compensation when the law apparently disagreed. A few years earlier, another major class action was filed against Abbott from its treatment of staff during a spin-off of its hospital products division, where staff who would have been entitled to earn substantial employee benefits through the spin-off and transfer were instead terminated and rehired primarily to escape this expense. And with many pharma companies, including Abbott again, there has been no shortage of class action civil suits by shareholders repeatedly claiming the firms violated securities laws to the disadvantage of shareholders.”

Hoffmann-La Roche

Hoffman La Roche has had to pay out nearly $2 billion in judgments and fines over the years, to say nothing of facing thousands of individual lawsuits and class-action cases. The company was fined $500 million for being the instrumental leader of “a worldwide conspiracy to raise and fix prices and allocate market shares for vitamins sold in the United States and internationally”, a conspiracy apparently lasting for about ten years. (19) And yet a headline in a dutiful corporate apologia in the New York Times said, “Roche Officers Say Scandal Is a Surprise”. Well, it’s a surprise to me this was a surprise to them, the entire corporate executive structure apparently blissfully unaware of their actions over ten years.

Roche has also had its share of FDA-approved toxic medications with side effects that typically included death. One of these was the not-so-wonderful and often useless drug Tamiflu, which was credited with a flock of deaths of children in Japan and which resulted in a warning by Japan’s Health Ministry to not administer this drug to those under 20 years of age. (20) Roche’s Prosicor was withdrawn from the market after about 150 deaths revealed a fatal incompatibility with other medications. In Japan again, Roche discovered its arthritis medicine Actemra had a habit of killing patients, and the company had to cancel trials for another arthritis drug that tended to produce serious infections, more than 1,000 of which were fatal. (21)

In 2014, the Guardian reported that Roche was excoriated by the UK government for charging over $140,000 for doses of a breast cancer drug that at best promised a few extra months of life to patients. The company’s response, issued by Roche’s general manager, the undoubtedly fine and caring physician Dr. Jayson Dallas, was that the UK’s health system and drug regulation were “broken”. Not incidentally, it was executives and lobbyists of Roche who were deeply involved in establishing the UK’s cancer drugs fund, primarily because Roche would be the biggest beneficiary of that fund. The company now complains that its inability to drain the entire fund is a prima facie sign of the system being “broken”.

In 2012, Roche was under criminal investigation by authorities in the UK, the US and Europe for its failure to disclose some 80,000 reports of side effects from its medicines, including more than 15,000 patient deaths, resulting in Chinese medical authorities immediately opening their own investigation. It was interesting to read the foolish dissembling Roche used in dismissing Chinese concerns:

“The company’s China executives denied that its drugs have serious side effects”, 80,000 adverse reactions and 15,000 deaths apparently not qualifying as “serious”. Roche’s China executives admitted the same drugs are sold in China, but are treating different conditions in a different market, which means the side effects may be different. So, if my headache painkiller kills you instead, the result may be different if you take the drug for a toothache. And, since different markets have different reactions, the drug may kill you in Tianjin but may cause only headaches in Xi’An. And, finally, “There is no rule in China on compensation paid by pharmaceutical firms to victims of drug side effects.” So, no worries anyway.

Sanofi, Sanofi-Pasteur, Sanofi-Aventis, Sanofi-Connaught Laboratories Canada

This Rothschild-owned hydra is the world’s largest vaccine manufacturer, among other things. Sanofi was recently in the news following a years-long investigation resulting in planned criminal charges for manslaughter due to their marketing of a drug named Depakine which was taken by pregnant mothers and apparently resulted in as many as 30,000 stillborn fetuses or infants with serious deformities. (22) (23) (24) Authorities charged the company with “aggravated deception” but, according to Reuters, is still prescribed in more than 100 countries, news apparently not travelling due to media sympathy.

A few years back, Sanofi-Aventis was forced to pay more than $180 million plus interest to resolve lawsuits related to illegal price-gouging, the US government apparently heavily overpaying for years for a cancer medication. (25)

Around the same time, Sanofi earned another lawsuit for a massive kickback and bribery scheme that funneled tens of millions of dollars as incentive to prescribe the company’s diabetes drugs. This resulted from a whistle-blower lawsuit claiming the company’s CEO “was involved in the aforesaid illegal and/or fraudulent activity” which went on “over the course of many years.” (26) The kickbacks may have involved more than “tens of millions” of dollars, since the lawsuit also claimed that “approximately $1 billion is missing” from Sanofi’s bank account. Employees also claimed to have been aware of “many instances” where Sanofi or its lawyers destroyed documents to prevent them from falling into the wrong hands. (27)

The Sanofi employee who brought this to light (the whistle-blower) was immediately fired for doing so. (28) Her statements were denounced by Sanofi as being “without merit”, and further were “false, scandalous and unsupported by any evidence.” The company claimed “Diane Ponte is a disgruntled … employee who is opportunistically attacking our company.” Shame on her.

In related news, this was the second massive bribery-kickback scheme at Sanofi, occurring only two years after the US Justice Department forced the company to pay more than $100 million for essentially the same crime. In more related news, Sanofi was heavily fined in yet another bribery scheme for a multiple-sclerosis drug that sold for more than $100,000 per patient per year. (29) And there was much more, including illegal interference in the marketing of generic medications. (30) In another case, Sanofi is in court for failure to warn that their drug Taxotere could cause permanent eye injuries, a fact well-known by the company but not disclosed. (31) In yet another case, a US judge said the company “engaged in deceptive practices” in failing to warn of severe known health risks in a blood thinner, levying a fine of about $835 million. (32) In yet another court case, Sanofi-Pasteur was forced to pay more than $60 million for illegal violation of pediatric vaccines. (33) In yet other cases, Sanofi was fined $109 million in the US and $40 million in Germany for paying bribes. (34) (35) The list is long.

After these settlements, Sanofi was forced to sign a “corporate integrity agreement” with the US government in which the company was required to abide by the laws and to report illegal activities by the company and its employees. I have no doubt Sanofi will adhere religiously to this agreement.


“Medtronic, which bills itself as an “immensely successful medical devices company”, has had a bit of a troubled history with those same ‘successful’ devices, and has been excoriated in professional journals for its “cozy relationship” with doctors, providing them with research payments and consulting fees to report on their research and on the company’s products.”

The company is famous for the gigantic fraud on its bone fusion product called Infuse Bone Graft where its clinical studies either ignored entirely or downplayed serious adverse complications from using the product in spinal fusion surgery. (36) In all, 15 surgeons published 13 clinical studies for Medtronic that praised the product while failing to report any adverse reactions, which occurred about 50 times more often than stated in the so-called “peer-reviewed” journals. The other thing they failed to mention was that Medtronic had paid each of them from $12 million to $16 million for each supposedly unbiased study, (37) but the corporate apologists claimed these payments would have had no effect on either the doctors’ scientific appraisal or on the content of their reports. Industry insiders have testified that these firms often corrupt their own experimental data, recording fabricated results to justify marketing a profitable but toxic, or even lethal, product.

Medtronic has also had consistent quality problems with its electronic pacemakers, related to batteries, circuitry wiring and more, with a history of past recalls and safety issues. In 2005, the company issued a recall for one series of defective pacemakers that had wiring problems causing the device (and hearts) to fail. (38) As well, Medtronic encountered serious difficulties with a defective defibrillator that could either impart excessive shocks or fail to work at all, with more than 100 deaths having been reportedly caused.

But then, in the middle of federal litigation, fate intervened when a US Federal judge ruled that Medtronic had no liability for its defective products because they had been approved by the FDA, and the company was therefore immune from prosecution. This is the same FDA who legislated that pharma companies are not liable for death or injury from defective medications – even if it is proven that they lied in their applications and fabricated all their test data. The judge in this case ruled that the only remedy for injured or deceased patients laid with the FDA – who is itself immune from prosecution. To further feather the corporate nest, the US GAO – the Government Accountability Office – ruled that the FDA was not in fact accountable for anything since it was “not capable” of ensuring the safety of medical devices and had no ability to conduct inspections in any case. So there we are. No liability anywhere.

Takeda Pharmaceuticals

In 2015, the Japanese pharma company Takeda was forced to pay about $2.5 billion to settle criminal and other claims that it failed to warn patients about a serious cancer risk associated with one of its diabetes drugs, from which apparently about 10,000 patients developed bladder cancer. Then Takeda was forced to pay another $6 billion for the same crime. (39) Both France and Germany had already determined the drug was associated with high cancer risk, and the US FDA had come to a similar conclusion. As usual, Takeda defended both its drug and its marketing by claiming “the benefits outweighed the risks”, failing to note that this particular medication was a cash cow for the company, generating sales of about $4 billion per year. Nevertheless, Takeda said it believed “the plaintiffs’ claims were without merit”, and the company refused to admit any liability for the fatal side effects, but said it said it agreed to the $2.5 billion settlement just to “reduce financial uncertainties” and permit it to focus its attention on developing new ‘life-saving’ medications. I think that for $2.5 billion, most companies could live happily with some uncertainty.

Maxim Healthcare

The Baltimore Sun reported that Maxim Healthcare, one of the largest providers of home healthcare services in the US, was forced to pay $150 million to settle civil and criminal charges for fraud in 43 states. (40) The company submitted more than $60 million in false claims, defrauded Medicare and insurance companies of millions of dollars by charging for work it never performed. Investigators said “Maxim repeatedly modified time sheets and documents to cover up the fraud, creating a culture in which submitting false claims became ‘common practice’.” In addition to the fines, Maxim also has been charged with criminal conspiracy to commit fraud, and this wasn’t the company’s first encounter with the law.

Pharma Company Fines and Penalties

Below is a brief listing, by no means complete or up to date, of some of the larger fines and penalties by some of the more prominent pharma companies. At the time of writing there were dozens of class-actions and countless tens of thousands of individual lawsuits pending resolution and which would easily involve some tens of billions of dollars in additional criminal fines, legislative and regulatory penalties, and civil judgments.

Johnson & Johnson

2010 – $80 million

2012 – 41.5 million

2013 – $2.3 billion

2021 – $26 billion (J&J + 3 distributors)


2004 – $430 million

2009 – $2.3 Billion

2012 – $825 million, $491 million, $257 million

2012 – $234 million, $164 million, $68 million

2012 – $60 million, $55 million, $43 million, $5 million

2014 – $273 million, $15 million, $13 million


2003 – $355 million

2003 – $875 million

2010 – $520 Million

2010 – $198 million (25,000 lawsuits)

2011 – $647 million

Hoffmann-La Roche

1999 – $500 million

Total – about $2 billion


2007 – $183 million

2012 – $109 million

2012 – $40 million

2018 – $61 million

2020 – $12 million

2021 – $834 million


2003 – $90 million

2010 – $750 million

2012 – $490 million

2012 – $3 billion


2005 – $4.5 billion

2008 – $650 million

2010 – $950 million

2012 – $650 Million

Abbott Laboratories

1999 – $100 million

2001 – $875 million (TAP Pharmaceutical)

2003 – $622 million

2005 – Abbott/Geneva – $18 million

2010 – Abbott/Braun – $421 million

2012 – $1.6 billion

Baxter Healthcare/Israel-based Teva

1994 – $4 billion (Baxter, Dow Corning, Bristol-Meyers)

1995 – $160 million, $3.3 billion (Caremark)

2004 – $3.3 million

2006 – $40 million

2008 – $500 million

2010 – $64 million, $165 million

2011 – $400,000, $625,000


2003 – $1.13 billion

2003 – $250 million

2004 – $66 million

2004 – $33 million

2006 – $55 million and $18 million

Bristol-Myers Squibb

1999 – $30 million

2003 – $670 million, $63 million

2004 – $150 million

2005 – $300 million

2006 – $185 million

2007 – $515 million

Eli Lilly

2010 – $1.4 billion

2012 – $29 million

2014 – $3 billion


2010 – $425 million


2002 – $500 million

2004 – $345 million

2006 – $435 million


2014 – $6 billion

2015 – $2.5 billion

Purdue Pharma               

2019 – $270 million


Mr. Romanoff’s writing has been translated into 32 languages and his articles posted on more than 150 foreign-language news and politics websites in more than 30 countries, as well as more than 100 English language platforms. Larry Romanoff is a retired management consultant and businessman. He has held senior executive positions in international consulting firms, and owned an international import-export business. He has been a visiting professor at Shanghai’s Fudan University, presenting case studies in international affairs to senior EMBA classes. Mr. Romanoff lives in Shanghai and is currently writing a series of ten books generally related to China and the West. He is one of the contributing authors to Cynthia McKinney’s new anthology ‘When China Sneezes’. (Chapt. 2 — Dealing with Demons).

His full archive can be seen at https://www.moonofshanghai.com/ and https://www.bluemoonofshanghai.com/

He can be contacted at: 2186604556@qq.com




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Sanofi Agrees to Pay $11.85 Million to Resolve Allegations That it Paid Kickbacks

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Sanofi-Aventis settles patent infringement lawsuits with Barr and Teva

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Sanofi Taxotere Eye Injury Lawsuits Sent to Louisiana Courtroom

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Bristol Myers Squibb, Sanofi to pay $834m in Plavix case

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Sanofi Settles Vaccine Antitrust Dispute

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Sanofi US Agrees to Pay $109 Million to Resolve False Claims Act Allegations of Free Product Kickbacks to Physicians

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Sanofi pays nearly $40 million upon conviction for paying bribes

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Medtronic Infuse Bone Graft Lawsuit

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Medtronic to Pay Over $9.2 Million To Settle Allegations of Improper Payments to South Dakota Neurosurgeon

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Medtronic Pacemaker Lawsuit

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Takeda, Lilly Ordered to Pay $9 Billion in Diabetes-Drug Case

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Maxim Healthcare Services Charged with Fraud

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