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Propaganda and the Media — Part 6

Censorship, or Burning the History Books

By Larry Romanoff for The Saker Blog, June 18, 2021


I have written elsewhere that probably 90%, or even 95%, of everything that you know, or think that you know, or that you believe to be true about history, is wrong. To state another way, if we were to take the history of the entire world for the past 500 years and condense it into a history book of 100 pages, a full 50 of those pages would be blank. That is the extent of the world’s history that has been excised with a vengeance by our International Cabal of Gangsters (ICG) who don’t want you to know. These omissions mostly involve horrendous crimes against humanity committed by Western Imperialists and the ICG. Of the remaining 50 pages, probably 45 are false in whole or in part, photoshopped, whitewashed, sanitised, and with many crucial and vital details omitted to confuse us and lead us in wrong directions and to wrong conclusions.

We normally tend to think of censorship in rather simple terms:

We are told China censors debate on ‘sensitive’ topics such as Tiananmen Square, or that discussion on ‘democracy’ is stifled and more or less prohibited in many countries. In the US, debates on the dangers of vaccinations, of the US being responsible for COVID-19, of the truths of Pearl Harbor, are heavily censored though we don’t tend to use this adjective, but proponents of these and other topics are ignored, derided and sometimes vilified. It is widely-known that Google heavily censors many topics and has ‘de-platformed’ many authors so that their writing will not appear on most searches. Facebook and Twitter now actively delete almost everything not in accordance with the official narrative on almost any topic.

Still, we tend to think of censorship in terms of topic and content rather than people, but when authors are shunned and condemned for their books, and publishers either forced out of business or delisted from Amazon and Indigo, that is a higher level of censorship. A few examples:

David meets Godzilla

Some years back, Marco Polo, a leading Japanese news magazine, published a story stating “There Were No Nazi Gas Chambers!” in World War II. (1) The magazine and the parent company were quickly and violently assaulted by the Israeli Embassy, the US Embassy, the Simon Wiesenthal Center, the Jewish Defense League, and a host of others. Almost immediately, the parent company announced that all unsold copies of that issue would be recalled and destroyed, that Marco Polo magazine would permanently cease publication, that its editor would be transferred and its staff dispersed. Further, the senior official at the parent company would resign, while others would take hefty salary cuts as personal penance. Additionally, officials, editors and staff of the parent company would attend a series of seminars conducted by the Wiesenthal Center to “atone and correct their misconceptions on Jewish history”. And that the company President would personally attend the Simon Wiesenthal Center in California to “donate” US$50,000 as a kind of fine for the criminal offense of challenging the Jews’ official holocaust narrative. That almost sounds like censorship. Or extortionate gangsterism. But you might care to ask yourself who has the power to do this, and what is its source?

James Bacque

James Bacque was a famous author in Canada, having published many novels and books, and many newspaper and magazine articles. I wrote earlier about Bacque’s books, “Other Losses” and “Crimes and Mercies” (2) which detailed the millions of Germans killed during the years after the war – in US concentration camps in Germany where they were starved to death – “Eisenhower’s Death Camps”. (3) (4) (5) (6) These books were translated into about 15 languages and very highly regarded in Europe, but the ICG didn’t want this dark secret to be made public. Bacque was vilified in the North American press, bitterly attacked in the media as a “false historian” whose research was “worse than useless”, his reputation badly damaged in Canada and the US.

 I had many conversations with James. He told me he could see that his mail was being opened, he knew his phone calls were intercepted or monitored. His once favorite book publishers no longer replied to his messages and favorite magazine and newspaper editors refused to accept his calls. His entire source of income evaporated almost overnight, he was harassed, his home broken into and searched, he was hounded nearly to bankruptcy and eventually moved to Europe because he was afraid of being imprisoned in Canada. That’s both censorship and gangsterism, and again ask yourself who has the power to do this, and what is its source? How do these people control Canada’s intelligence agencies?


Ernst Zundel

Ernst Zundel was a German who emigrated to Canada as a young man and became a successful writer and publisher. Some years ago, he published an innocent small booklet about the Second World War that asked whether 6 million Jews really did die in Germany. The offended Jews pushed the Canadian government to destroy the man; Canada’s compliant government repeatedly charged Zundel with crimes but the courts repeatedly found him innocent. They also tried him under hate crimes tribunals but again he was found innocent of any wrongdoing. So the Canadian government put him in prison for two years, in solitary confinement, claiming he was a “risk to national security” – an obscenely immoral action because there was no evidence of any kind against the man. (7) His only “crime” was to question the Jews’ assertion about their so-called “holocaust”, asking if it were really true that 6 million Jews died in Germany.


When Canada could no longer pretend Zundel was a threat to national security, the government deported him to Germany where it is a crime to question the Jews, and he was sentenced to five years in prison. The man hadn’t been to Germany for 40 years and had never committed any crime in Germany, but the Jews wanted him in prison so the Canadian government deported him and the German government complied. The man was bankrupted and his life totally ruined simply because he dared to speak out. Again both censorship and gangsterism, and again ask yourself who has this power over Canada’s courts and judiciary, over Germany’s courts and judiciary, and Canada’s intelligence agencies and Department of Foreign Affairs? What is the source of such power


Professor Tony Hall


This man was a popular professor at a Canadian University, (8) (9) (10) but he dared to speak out against the atrocities the Jews are committing in Palestine. The news media in Canada are all owned and controlled by Jews, as is true in all the West. Hall was bitterly attacked in their media, his reputation destroyed, and his university forced to fire him – illegally, since he was a full tenured professor. The man did not do anything wrong. He simply told the truth about Jewish atrocities. Someone hacked into Hall’s social media account and posted a message saying that all Jews must die. It was proven that Hall had no part in that posting, and that in fact the account of one of his friends had been hacked, with that secondary account used to post the message on Hall’s hacked account. That didn’t save him. The ICG wanted Hall gone, and he was gone. What threats were made against the University that compelled them to fire a tenured professor who was fully exonerated by the ‘evidence’ used to prosecute him? And by whom were those threats made?


Carroll Quigley


When Quigley published his book “Tragedy and Hope”, initial orders were good and the book promised a large readership and multiple printings, but the publisher informed Quigley that reprints were on hold since no further orders were forthcoming. This was important because the copyright remains with the publisher so long as a book is merely out of stock and awaiting reprinting, but reverts to the author if the book is out of print. As it happened, Quigley waited for years, eventually learning that libraries and other purchasers were informed the book was out of print. Facing stonewalling from the publisher, Quigley hired a lawyer who discovered the plates for the book had been destroyed 8 years earlier and he had been deceived all that time. We don’t need an imagination to know what happened. Quigley’s book contained information relating to the Satanist ICG that they didn’t want in the public realm, the publisher obviously being threatened to perform as required.


David Irving


David Irving is a famous historian, respected worldwide, with many great books published, but he also revealed dark truths about both the US and the Jews, and had his life similarly destroyed. They sued him and bankrupted him, causing him to lose his beautiful home in England, and to be deported in shame. Irving is no longer permitted to enter most Western countries. His life is finished, for the same reason as all the others – for daring to tell the truth of the crimes and atrocities of the US, the International Jews and the ICG.


In all Western countries, there are many such stories of people whose lives have been ruined or who have been killed, simply for exposing some dark truths about these people. Again, not only censorship, but gangsterism on a grand scale.


There are other serious matters: The truths of Jewish atrocities in Palestine are censored, meaning the mass media will not cover them and anyone else attempting to do so will be condemned and vilified as an anti-Semitic Nazi Jew-hater. In Germany, any research or writing on the atrocities committed against Germans during, between, and after both wars, is prohibited and is a criminal offense. Rather powerful censorship in this case. Further with Germany, being the Jewish colony that country is today, a recent announcement that any statements critical of Israel might in the future lead to loss of citizenship. (11) Today it’s about Israel; tomorrow it will be about even a small hint of ‘anti-Semitism’. If a deprivation of citizenship doesn’t constitute censorship, I can’t imagine what would. (12)


Canada heavily censors – and in fact Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has issued a gag order on – the fact of hundreds of victims who either suffered or died from the Jewish/American MK-ULTRA programs conducted in Canada, a censored topic if there ever was one. (13) (14) (15) Canada also heavily censors the facts of as many as sixty thousands of small bodies buried outside the walls of Catholic orphanages and Native Residential Schools. (16) (17) (18) (19)


Indeed, most Western nations have many such unpleasant historical events, almost all perpetrated by some branch of the ICG, on which even private discussion is essentially forbidden.


We also tend to think of censorship as applicable to only the current ‘Axis of Evil’ membership – which changes over time, giving us a blind and totally unjustified confidence in the chastity of our Western nations with our ‘freedom of speech’ and of the press, believing against voluminous evidence that ‘real censorship’ does not and could not exist in our democracies. However, it could, and it does, in far greater bulk than you would imagine even in your dreams. It is easy to demonstrate that vast amounts of news and information never reach Western populations. The events in Palestine are one clear example, and with good reason. Iraq and Libya today are covered with an impermeable news blanket that permits nothing to emerge from those countries – again with good reason.



Photographs and data of the enormous pollution of nearly the entire Pacific Ocean by the radiation from Japan’s Fukushima reactors are also covered by an impermeable news blanket in spite of considerable evidence of massive seafood deaths and radiation poisoning along the entire West Coast of North America. It is so bad that millions of fish in Canada’s salmon farms were discovered with huge cysts, multiple open sores and other serious problems, some of which they blame on bacterial infections but others with apparent common symptoms of radiation poisoning. (20) (21) (22) (23) (24) The position of Canada’s government is: “We examined this, and there’s nothing there. We won’t be performing further tests.” It isn’t that they don’t know, but that they don’t want you to know. But no need to worry. Snopes “fact-checked” this (25) and tells us, “A single salmon found in the Osoyoos Lake in British Columbia in 2015 had low but detectable levels of radiation.” Nothing more to see here.


They also don’t want you to know that the root cause of the astonishing amount of radioactivity released – far greater than what might emerge from a reactor meltdown – was that Japan had for decades been storing all its spent radioactive material under Fukushima for use by the US and NATO in what are euphemistically called “depleted uranium” munitions. It was contamination from this immense storage that blew out into the Pacific and that cannot now be contained.


And, as people in Iraq and Libya can testify, these radioactive elements are not quite so ‘depleted’ as advertised, Iraq alone having countless thousands of deformed births, many so horribly mis-shapen they were described by UN health officials as “unidentifiable lumps of flesh”. (26) (27) (28) This is one more news item that was viciously censored. Another was that an Iraqi hospital was cataloguing and recording all these horrid deformities, the US “censorship” response in this case being to launch a series of airstrikes in which they bombed the entire hospital to rubble, not only destroying the deformed infants and eliminating all the recorded evidence, but killing those who were cataloguing it. (29) (30) (31) You can understand why this was also censored.


The simple truth is that you, sitting on your democratic thrones, being massaged by all your freedoms and perfumed by all your human rights, have no way of knowing what you don’t know. And there is a great deal that you do not know.


Let’s Burn all the History Books


The censorship by our Satanist ICG is far more insidious than the above examples suggest, examples which, in spite of their alarming content, are merely the cleaning-up of details. The major tragedies perpetrated by these people are not the suppression of information or even the deletion of elements of history, but in their purest form involve the destruction of national cultures and of peoples. I will explain.


The Americans’ first major attempt at colonisation was with their invasion of the Philippines, after which they forced their language onto that nation and immediately followed with a carefully-chosen selection of false American history, literature and propaganda. They spent decades and countless millions of hours in determining the best way to propagandise an entire nation of people to forget their own past, venerate their present colonial status, and learn to worship the Americans. The Americans, led by the ICG, then destroyed and rewrote all Philippine domestic history books to erase from consciousness that nation’s heroes, traditions, culture, and hopes of freedom from American imperialism. They tried to colonise the souls of the Philippine people, and failed, leaving the country today with almost no culture or traditions, no domestic products (which are a crucial part of a nation’s culture), and having lost all sense of a civilisation. It is painful to read American commentary on the Philippines today, virtually classifying that nation as a failed state, identifying the lack of progress and apparent absence of social cohesion, and blaming the nation’s culture for these failings. (32)


The British and the Opium Jews did to the Chinese in Hong Kong precisely as the Americans did to the Philippines: they attempted to colonise the souls of the people, and failed. The major factor underlying many of Hong Kong’s problems and symptoms today, most especially the social and political elements, was this century-long program of cultural genocide that left in its wake a schizophrenic emotional angst, which the US government is today milking for everything it’s worth. (33)


The British ICG followed the American path, first forcing the change in national language, then doing their best to force the population of Hong Kong to forget their own past, venerate their colonial status, and learn to worship the British Empire. Few people, and no young people, in Hong Kong today have any knowledge of this part of their history because the British and the Opium Jews did what the Americans did – they burnt all the history books and re-wrote Hong Kong’s history in an attempt to erase their own sordid past from the consciousness of Hong Kong’s people. Almost nobody in Hong Kong today knows of its 150 years as the largest drug dealer in history, nor that most fortunes in Hong Kong emanate from opium – like the Kadoorie family’s beautiful Peninsula Hotel with its famous green Rolls-Royces.


It is heart-breaking to look at Hong Kong today, to see both the cause and effects, and the existentialist dread that infects that city, the uncertainty, anxiety and fear manifesting itself in American-incited and financed puerile political demonstrations, racism and even hatred of the Mainland Chinese – hatred of their own people, of themselves – the schizophrenic overflow from a century of mostly-failed psychic re-programming.


Even worse, the real tragedy is that the Americans and the Satanists have no culture. They attempted to forcibly replace a real cultural heritage of a real civilisation with a fictional utopian concoction that was entirely fake, superficial and hypocritical, with so-called ‘values’ that the Americans and ICG Satanists themselves totally ignore in practice.


The British (and again the Satanist Opium Jews – Rothschild, Sassoon, et al) did the same with India, which is why we have the schizophrenic mess in that country today, Indians not now knowing if they are West or East. Rothschild, with his British East India Company and his already enormous wealth, found India an immensely rich country and looted it to the bones. It is claimed that at one time the man had a standing army of nearly one million men, the world’s largest. Half of that force was to suppress with massive slaughters and starvation any Indians objecting to the looting of their nation, the death tolls by some estimates being well over 100 million. The other half was to force Indian farmers to forego food crops and grow opium poppies, a scheme he hatched with David Sassoon.


Sassoon had been the primary financial advisor and treasurer to the Pasha of Baghdad when an enormous fraud was uncovered and Sassoon lucky to escape with his life (and his looted billions). Jewish publications tell us Sassoon fled Baghdad due to “anti-Jewish sentiment”, not specifying that sentiment applied primarily to only one Jew. Sassoon fled to India to join Rothschild, where these two Satanists hatched the plan to grow opium and inflict it on China – which was also wealthy at the time. They were blessed by Royal contacts, with Queen Victoria – one of the most zealous (and talented) gangsters and murderous imperialists of all time – giving not only her consent to the opium and the use of the British military to enforce its distribution and use in China, but also sharing in the profits from both India and China. From this original intercourse with the Devil’s spawn, the wealth of the British Royal Family (“The Firm”) soared, and is today rather more than the published accounts suggest, by as much as two orders of magnitude.


Almost all of this history has been deleted from India, the British and the Satanist ICG rewriting India’s history books so Indians today believe the Jews and the British were there simply to teach them “English, good table manners and double-entry bookkeeping”. It is not a surprise that the Head Office of the former British East India company is sealed and locked on a quiet street with examination of records prohibited and with every effort made to eliminate its existence from public memory. One of the greatest contributions Wikileaks could make, would be to publish the entire contents of the internal records of that god-forsaken organisation.


Indonesia is almost a special case. First, an excerpt from Harold Pinter’s speech when he accepted his Nobel Prize for literature in 2005: “. . . the Phoenix Program was following prior CIA experience in the destruction of nations, and became a template the US would use in many other nations, post-Vietnam, in Nicaragua, Iraq, Libya, most of Central and South America, as well as Africa and Asia. This is what the Israelis do in Palestine against the Arabs, and was what the Americans did when they spawned the massive genocidal massacre in Indonesia.” Entire populations of towns and villages were herded to central locations and massacred. Under the guidance of the CIA, more than three million people were hacked to death with machetes, in the largest and most savage slaughter in modern political history.


In an earlier article I briefly discussed the enormous massacres committed by the ICG in Indonesia, stating that around 3 million were killed. One reader, John Chuckman, posted a comment on that article claiming I lessened the effects of my writing by greatly overstating facts, that the deaths were only 1 million. But here are the words of respected Indonesian historian Bonnie Triyana, who wrote, “Ours is an oblivious society. For nearly 50 years nobody has ever taught us what really happened in 1965. Almost nobody knows that there were millions killed”. The reason is that after taking control of Indonesia through Suharto, the Americans and their Satanist masters re-wrote the history books, almost deleting forever the memories of their tragic past as colonial victims.


This is how the story is spun in the West (and in Indonesia) today: According to the NYT, “U.S. Stood By as Indonesia Killed a Half-Million People, Papers Show”. (34) All in all, censorship at its finest, not only burning the books and rewriting history, but then blaming the victim – a specialty of our Satanist ICG.


As with the Philippines, this is the ultimate form of censorship – the actual erasing of a nation’s entire history to replace it with a Disney fairytale, all meant to bury for eternity the vast and intensely evil criminality of our Satanist ICG. (33)


Much of Latin America was similar. After the Europeans and Jewish slave-traders had exterminated the entire Maya, Inca and Aztec civilisations, they destroyed most of the historical books and relics and attempted to imprint their own versions of history on these nations. Another quote from Harold Pinter’s Nobel speech: “I refer to Indonesia, Greece, Uruguay, Brazil, Paraguay, Haiti, Turkey, the Philippines, Guatemala, El Salvador, and, of course, Chile. The horror the United States inflicted upon Chile in 1973 can never be purged and can never be forgiven.” True, but all these rotten eggs were hatched by the same members of the murderous ICG, the Americans being merely their stupid lieutenants.


Japan was the same. Few people are aware today, even in Japan, that the Americans fire-bombed Japanese cities incessantly after an offer to surrender and prior to dropping the atomic bombs. For an entire year, the Americans waged a fire-bombing campaign that eventually included nearly 100 Japanese cities, devastating Japan’s fragile wood-and-paper-constructed communities. This campaign killed exponentially more civilians than we are told about for Hiroshima and Nagasaki. (35) This is the same Curtis LeMay who would boast only a few years later that he had carpet-bombed and killed as much as 40% of the civilian population of North Korea – for no reason whatever.


In the most celebrated case, “Operation Meetinghouse”, US bombers conducted a night raid on Tokyo that destroyed 50 square Kms of the city. The downtown Tokyo suburb of Shitamachi had been targeted as the center of this raid because the area contained the highest civilian population density of any city in the world at the time, with some 750,000 people living in the easily-flammable wood-frame buildings in that district. Just after midnight, 334 massive B-29 Superfortress bombers flying at an altitude of only 150 meters, carried out an intense three-hour raid that dropped a half-million M-69 incendiary bombs. These incendiary devices, as with Dresden, created an immense firestorm fanned by winds of 50 Kms per hour that totally razed the Shitamachi district and spread flames throughout the remainder of the city, incinerating at least 750,000 people and quite possibly more than 1 million – regardless of what the NYT tells you.


The bombers carried incendiary explosives that included napalm infused with white phosphorus, perhaps the most vicious and immoral of all weapons ever used on civilian populations, this contribution to humanity having been created and developed by Harvard University. The incendiaries produced firestorms similar to those in Hamburg, Germany, two years prior, and in Dresden only a month earlier. Temperatures on the ground in Tokyo reached 1,800 degrees in some places. Survivors’ accounts tell of women running through the streets with burning babies strapped to their backs, of people leaping into swimming pools to try to escape the flames only to be boiled alive. In his book, “War Without Mercy”, John Dower wrote “Canals boiled, metal melted and buildings and human beings burst spontaneously into flames”. About 65% of Tokyo’s commercial area, and about 20% of its industry, was destroyed. Almost 300,000 buildings burned to the ground in Tokyo alone. This was the single deadliest air raid of the Second World War. Few escaped the inferno, and fewer today even know it happened. (36) (37)


There were widespread documented reports of such great blood-red mists and an overwhelming stench of burning human flesh rising into the air and filling the cockpits of the low-flying American bombers, that the crews were forced to don their oxygen masks to keep them from vomiting. Such was the human carnage. This was genocide by any measure, and yet the entire sordid mess has been excised from all US history books, and most Japanese know nothing of it.


Similarly, LeMay’s fire-bombing of other Japanese cities produced a population reduction of about 50%, reflecting at least 10 million civilian deaths – all women, children and the elderly because able-bodied men had already been conscripted into the war effort. The Americans were desperate to obliterate evidence of their crimes and, since they totally controlled the post-war media in Japan (as in Germany), they eliminated public access to information and as with Germany, the Philippines, Indonesia, and other nations, they destroyed and re-wrote the history books to make the public ignorance permanent.


There is another matter dealing with Japan, that of the selection of targets for the atomic bombs. The man making the choices was a Jew – Bernard Baruch, billed even by his own admission as perhaps “the most powerful man in America” at that time. Baruch’s first choice was Kyoto because that was, like Dresden for Germany, the cultural heart of Japan and its utter destruction by an atomic bomb would “open a wound that would never heal.” Kyoto was protected by Providence with a solid overcast that prevented the bombers from locating it with sufficient precision so they proceeded to their alternate of Hiroshima. If Baruch had the power to choose the first target, we can assume he was also in position to select the second target of Nagasaki.


I noted in an earlier article that Nagasaki had expelled all the Jews from that city prior to the second war, and that Japan expelled all Jews from the country a few years later. Being a Jew, Baruch would have been vividly aware of all this, and logic compels us to ask what part these expulsions played in Baruch’s decisions to target Japan and Nagasaki for the atomic bombs.


Naturally, this information has evaporated from the historical record, the world no longer aware that the US, their Satanist ICG masters and the International Jews are not only some of the world’s greatest censors, book-burners and historical revisionists of all time, but also some of the world’s greatest mass murderers. On this latter point, the Jewish columnist Sever Plocker wrote an article titled “Stalin’s Jews”, published in the Israeli Ynet News, in which he stated: “We must not forget that some of greatest [mass] murderers of modern times were Jewish.” (38) (39) He may be correct, but then this is what censorship is really about.



Mr. Romanoff’s writing has been translated into 32 languages and his articles posted on more than 150 foreign-language news and politics websites in more than 30 countries, as well as more than 100 English language platforms. Larry Romanoff is a retired management consultant and businessman. He has held senior executive positions in international consulting firms, and owned an international import-export business. He has been a visiting professor at Shanghai’s Fudan University, presenting case studies in international affairs to senior EMBA classes. Mr. Romanoff lives in Shanghai and is currently writing a series of ten books generally related to China and the West. He is one of the contributing authors to Cynthia McKinney’s new anthology ‘When China Sneezes’. (Chapt. 2 — Dealing with Demons).

His full archive can be seen at 


He can be contacted at: 2186604556@qq.com



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