LARRY ROMANOFF — It’s Time to Trash Democracy — Part 1 – The Origin – May 09, 2021




It’s Time to Trash Democracy

 Part 1 – The Origin

By Larry Romanoff , May 09, 2021



We are going to begin this discussion in a very strange place.


Most everyone knows that the Jews have for centuries been expelled repeatedly from nation after nation, the most recent series for the duration of the past 700 or 800 years, with the expulsions often occurring every 50 years or so. This much is well-documented, but it is interesting that no one seems to have paid attention to precisely when these expulsions ceased or, more importantly, why they ceased.


We need to retrace some history from Eastern Europe.


“About the time when Charlemagne was crowned Emperor of the West, the Eastern confines of Europe between the Caucasus and the Volga were ruled by a Jewish state, known as the Khazar Empire.” (1) The peak of its power was from the seventh to the tenth centuries, AD. The Khazars were a people of Turkish stock who, for reasons that may become apparent later, chose to adopt Judaism as their religion in about 750 AD, but of critical importance is that they were not Jews, not in any sense of the meaning of that word. They were entirely Turkik and Eastern European, “not from Canaan but from the Caucasus and . . . genetically they are more closely related to the Hun, Uigur and Magyar tribes than to the seed of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.” (1 , p. 17)


They were nomadic warriors, “their complexions are white . . . and their natures cold. Their general aspect is wild.” (2, p. 19) “A Georgian chronicle, echoing an ancient tradition, identifies them with the hosts of Gog and Magog – ‘wild men with hideous faces and the manners of wild beasts, eaters of blood’. An Armenian writer refers to . . . ‘the horrible multitude of Khazars with insolent broad, lashless faces and long falling hair like women’.” (3, p. 20)) They were without doubt one of the most violent and cruel of the animal species that have ever inhabited the earth, with no use for life other than their own. The Khazars were so violent, brutal, and savage a people that they are described to be “feared and abhorred above all peoples in that region of the world”. Little is known of their origin because historians, for reasons that may again become apparent later, have written them out of our history.


I won’t dwell on this further, but to make the point that these Eastern European Khazars were without question the most hated and feared peoples of all Europe at the time, perhaps in all of history. Their blood-thirstiness and cruelty were legendary, to say nothing of their greed. (4) It will be of significance later that prior to the time they adopted Judaism, the Khazar religion was one of phallic worship.


The Khazar Empire came to an end when the peoples of Europe, unable to tolerate the savage brutality of these people, bound together, exterminated the Empire and scattered the surviving Khazars to the four winds. They were defeated primarily by the Russians in about 965 AD but persisted to some significant degree, suffering various additional exterminations until the late 1300s when Genghis Khan cleaned them out and occupied almost all their prior territory. The survivors were dispelled from their native habitat and became nomads, people of no nation and no place – and of no loyalty to any people, nation, or place. It will become clear why the Khazars simply ‘disappeared’ from history, to be replaced by Jews who suddenly appeared everywhere – at least in Eastern European nations like Poland, Hungary and Bulgaria.  And, as Koestler points out (page 159 (4)), this is “the cradle of the numerically strongest and culturally dominant part of modern Jewry”. And indeed, I have read Jewish publications which state flatly that (to paraphrase, but accurately) “one might as well say there are no more ‘real Jews’ left in the world, that at least 95% of all Jews are European Khazars”.


Of this bit of history, the primary significance to us in our understanding of ‘democracy’ is that these Khazars were (and still are) Europeans and not Jews. I will follow the example of Benjamin Freedman (4) in referring to them hereafter as “so-called Jews”.


We can now leave this bit of well-buried history (ignoring for the moment WHY it has been so well-buried) and proceed to the lives of this Khazarian diaspora. Greed drove them to banking, money, jewels, and especially tax-farming, while their native brutality lent itself well to white slave-trading, all occupations they have pursued ever since. Their natural homelessness and fundamental dissimilarity with other human tribes were perhaps responsible for their lack of loyalty to any nation or peoples, and their apparently innate cruel brutality, along with their apparently also innate sexual perversions, accounted for their drift to occupations like slave-trading and the creation of a system that produced potentially millions of concubines and eunuchs for the Arab countries. The latter also accounted for their sudden shift to Judaism, the Babylonian Talmud resonating well with their proclivities, a kind of ‘kindred spirit’ to which they were quite disposed and receptive. Their violent and independent nature also manifested in a powerful unwillingness to accept subjection or subordination to ruling power, and most definitely rejected assimilation.


Their problems were many. These Khazars (now our “so-called” Jews) were bitterly hated for their slave-trading, kidnapping countless young women for sale in harems around the world and for kidnapping and castrating young men to serve as eunuchs in these same harems. Another problem was their tax-farming. The process was simple. They would approach a monarch with a proposition to pay the entire tax revenue of his kingdom annually in advance, in a lump sum, in return for which they would have the right to levy and collect taxes from the citizenry during the ensuing year, to recover their ‘investment’ and make a profit. The theory was sound; the practice brutal. These so-called Jews would create, levy and collect taxes in kind and volume that would stagger the imagination and eventually bankrupt the entire nation.


A monarch would repeatedly discover that the tax collections would progress without end until the entire nation was on the verge of a revolution, at which point a decision was made to expel these so-called Jews from the country, en masse, sometimes permitting them to take their booty with them, sometimes confiscating it on exit. It was similar with the slave-trading and with other matters; eventually this diaspora pushed matters so far that a mass expulsion was considered the only salvation of a country. There were other reasons too. Queen Isabella of Spain expelled all the so-called Jews for their persistent determination to destroy Christianity in Spain. Other nations abhorred the repeated and well-documented reports of blood sacrifices committed with kidnapped infants.


We have been for generations exposed to tales of ‘the Jews’ being expelled from various nations for reasons of anti-Semitism; not so. First, and again, they were not “Jews” but merely so-called Jews, and they were expelled for their crimes and their greed, unrelated to their (false) ethnic origin.


This is partly an aside, but an important one: We have been treated by Hollywood (owned and controlled by the same so-called Jews) to heart-breaking stories of the pogroms against Jews in Russia and other Eastern European nations, but consider some buried facts. The Russian Revolution was not Russian in any sense; it was instead 100% a Jewish revolution meant for the total destruction of Russia – quite possibly in retribution. It was financed by so-called Jews – Jacob Schiff in the US – with several hundred men trained for years in the US and sent through Canada to Russia to foment the revolution. They succeeded. Among their accomplishments were the execution of the Romanovs, the entire Russian Royal Family, the extermination of virtually the entire middle class along with most of the clergy, the creation of the (so-called) Jewish Bolshevik Cheka – the dreaded secret police, and the Gulags of Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn fame. History tells us they exterminated at least 60 million people (perhaps 1/3 of the population), though so-called Jewish historians will dispute this figure. When they left, they took the time to loot the entire nation of most of its art treasures, the priceless possessions of Russia’s Royal Family, and the entire contents of Russia’s central bank that included billions in gold. Typical Khazar behavior. As to the pogroms: I am of Russian extraction. If you and your people come to my country, kill my king and his family, exterminate the entire middle class and bankrupt the nation, leaving only death, misery and poverty, I might be tempted to hunt you down and kill you too, your ethnic origin unrelated to my decision.


Returning to our European Khazars, our so-called Jews, we can imagine that these repeated expulsions from dozens of countries perhaps every 50 years or so, and continuing for hundreds of years without end, would become inconvenient and tiresome. To say nothing of being expensive.


The primary issue was that these so-called Jews were subject to the whim of a monarch – of one man – who had the power and the might to expel them and confiscate their assets at his pleasure. There had to be a better way. Our so-called Jews first attempted spawning popular revolutions when they sensed the expulsion winds blowing. They succeeded, but the benefits proved marginal; one unfriendly monarch quickly being replaced by another of similar sentiment and with similar concerns for his own longevity.


Few people seem aware that European countries had two waves of revolutions about 100 years apart, the first set producing results as above, with no lasting benefit to our Khazars. This is how Napoleon obtained power. A group of these so-called Jewish bankers bought up and put into storage the entire grain crop of France, and refused to let it onto the market at any price. The people literally had no bread to eat. Hence, our revolution. But Napoleon began having thoughts that France’s central bank – established by our so-called Jews as a way to loot the nation in perpetuity, actually belonged to him. The man was lucky to escape with his life. Others were not so fortunate, including Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy.


Still, there had to be a better way, and our so-called Jews not only found it but have promulgated it ceaselessly as a religion so holy that even to examine or question will now constitute blasphemy of the highest order. The conception was brilliant, the process tedious and detail-ridden but simplicity itself. If you are an intelligent reader, you should be seeing the seeds of ‘democracy’ here.


Westerners seem to hold a fondness for monarchies; pleasant remembrances of times past, the pleasures of the “court”, colloquial recollections of quaint beheadings and the capriciousness of rulings, and envious mention of the ‘King’s prerogative’ on a wedding night. Altogether a generally uncritical recollection. But monarchies were not always thus. As one example, a Transylvanian prince, intent on teaching the citizenry a lesson they would remember, had his soldiers round up 20,000 peasants and chop one arm and one leg off each one. It wasn’t so difficult to convince uneducated but sentient populations to revolt against the frequent wars, the unpredictable brutality of the rulers, their callous and cynical lack of concern for the populace, and their general bad management.


Our so-called Jews said to the people, “We don’t need a king. A country is easy to manage. We can form a government from the people. We can rule ourselves. No more useless wars, no more punishing taxes, no monarch living in luxury while we starve. We can do this ourselves, and be free.”


But the people said, “We don’t know anything about government. How can we do this?” And the so-called Jews said, “Don’t worry. We know all about governments. We have lived in many countries. We can tell you everything you need to know. We can help you find the people among your population who can manage the country. Trust us. We are your friends.”


But the people said, “What if this government is bad? We will be no better off than before.” And the so-called Jews said, “Don’t worry. We have thought of that. We will create two “parties”, and you can choose which one you want. If one group doesn’t do well, you can throw them out and insert the second party. This will keep them honest, and you – the people – will have the freedom to choose your own government. Trust us. We are your friends.”


But the people said, “A country needs money to function. We know nothing about that.” And the so-called Jews said, “Don’t worry. We know everything about money. We will create the money and a Central Bank (through which we can loot your nation in perpetuity), and it will function much better than what you have now. Trust us. We are your friends.”


But the people said, “We don’t know how to organise the selection of men to run our country. We don’t know how to choose, and this enterprise would be complicated and expensive.” And the so-called Jews said, “Don’t worry. We know how to select good men (who are sexual perverts on whom we have lots of video) who will be capable to govern (according to our dictates), and we will freely give the money necessary for them to campaign and for you to hold an election. Trust us. We are your friends.”


The peasants were ecstatic with visions of sugar plums dancing in their heads, while the elites were even more ecstatic because they realised from the outset that government leaders could come only from their group. These so-called Jews were offering the elites total control of their entire country, and were willing to finance the transition. How could you refuse an offer like this?


To put this into perspective, the entire story unfolded over 200 or more years, involved thousands of Khazars, sometimes acting independently but often in concert, and with mistakes, lapses and learning before the final product was firmly established. So in this sense, it is a bit simplistic to simply say “The Jews created democracy”. Nevertheless, this is how it happened, and this is why it happened.


I would add a final note on the recurrent expulsions of the (so-called) Jews: They have never really ceased. In Japan, the city of Nagasaki expelled all the Jews prior to World War II, and a few years later Japan expelled all Jews from the country. They were shipped to Shanghai, where the opium so-called Jews of Rothschild, Sassoon, Kadoorie et al owned and were largely in control of the city.


Few people are aware that it was the so-called Jews who selected the targets for America’s atomic bombs, Bernard Baruch (“the most powerful man in America”) in particular had the final say. His first target was to be Kyoto because it was the cultural heart of Japan and its utter destruction by an atomic explosion would create “a wound that would never heal”. Kyoto was protected by Providence with a solid overcast that prevented the bombers from locating their target with sufficient accuracy so they proceeded to the secondary city of Hiroshima. It is almost a certainty that Nagasaki was selected by Baruch as the second target in retribution for the expulsion of the Jews some years earlier.


It isn’t well-known but after Mao’s victory over Chiang Kai-Shek’s Nationalists (who were supported by the so-called Jews and the Americans), his first act was to expel all the so-called Jews from China and expropriate all their opium-financed properties that included virtually all of Shanghai and the Mainland branches of the HSBC. History written by the so-called Jews simply states that the Jews “left quickly after the war”, without specifying exactly why they left. China knows, but the Western world doesn’t.


Germany attempted the same thing, and for more or less the same reasons, Hitler’s ‘final solution’ being to send all the so-called Jews to Madagascar. We all know how badly he failed, and Germany today is a cowed nation, totally controlled by these same people, and still being punished mercilessly after 80 years.


It was somewhere during this process that these Khazars became Zionists and instituted their violent search for a homeland – Zion. They looked in South America, Africa, and finally settled on Uganda as their homeland. But by then they had obtained sufficient political control of England and the US, and Palestine became their focus.


 It is a little-known fact of history that a small group of wealthy, clever, and ambitious Eastern Europeans hijacked the Jewish religion and turned it to their own nefarious ends. These people give “real Jews” a bad name. Anti-Semitism is almost a fallacy of definition; it is not anti-Jewism but anti-Khazarism and, once again, the Khazars are not ‘Jews’ and are not Semitic peoples.


In the next article in this series I will outline the clever flaws that have been built into the Western democratic system which enable these so-called Jews to take full control of Western governments from behind the scenes, and loot the economies mercilessly, while preventing any legitimate socialist or people-oriented government from ever emerging. We will later explore the massive contribution to this effort by the Western media, film and publishing industries which are almost in entirety owned and/or controlled by these same so-called Jews. One obvious result is preventing Western publics from ever obtaining this information.



Mr. Romanoff’s writing has been translated into 30 languages and his articles posted on more than 150 foreign-language news and politics websites in more than 30 countries, as well as more than 100 English language platforms. Larry Romanoff is a retired management consultant and businessman. He has held senior executive positions in international consulting firms, and owned an international import-export business. He has been a visiting professor at Shanghai’s Fudan University, presenting case studies in international affairs to senior EMBA classes. Mr. Romanoff lives in Shanghai and is currently writing a series of ten books generally related to China and the West. He is one of the contributing authors to Cynthia McKinney’s new anthology ‘When China Sneezes’.

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