American Corporate and Institutional Executives are Criminally Insane — February 04, 2021


American Corporate and Institutional Executives are Criminally Insane

By Larry Romanoff for PRAVDA, February 04, 2021

American Corporate and Institutional Executives are Criminally Insane


In a previous essay I documented the criminal insanity of much of the American government and military. We now turn to US institutions and corporations, a primary source of the psychopaths necessary to populate the White House and Congress, the Departments of State, Defense and Commerce. From the time of Rothschild’s British East India Corporation, the executives of multinationals have had more blood on their hands than most Major-Generals.


It will be shocking to many readers to realise the sociopathic malignancy that permeates, and is shared by, the American government corridors of power and those of multinational corporations. In the corporate (and often the institutional) world, malignant tendencies increase in direct relationship to rank and responsibility, with anti-social, psychopathic and sociopathic characteristics increasingly pronounced at the higher levels, promotion
becoming increasingly impossible without these tendencies. While there are exceptions, senior executives of large corporations are fundamentally pathological criminals, arrogant sociopaths driven by greed.


In 2014, GM experienced massive lawsuits related to faulty ignition switches that would turn off the car’s engine on their own accord while also disabling the air bags, brakes and steering, often while traveling at high speed and often killing the occupants. GM was aware of this defect but sat on the information for almost 15 years to avoid an expensive recall of millions of cars. This is hardly unusual; US auto manufacturers have for decades buried quality defects, resulting in billions in customer repair costs and countless tens of thousands of deaths and injuries. Some years earlier, GM marketed a car called the Corvair with rear suspension flaws that would cause the rear wheels to tuck under in a turn, causing the car to roll over and generally killing its occupants, but GM stubbornly refused to modify the defects. It was similar with a Ford auto named the Pinto, whose gas tank would rupture and burst into flames, often incinerating the occupants but, as with GM, a “cost-benefit analysis” determined that lawsuits by deceased customers would be cheaper than a recall. (1) (2)


USAID, created to “advance the political and economic interests of the United States”, was converted into a massive genocide machine with virtually unlimited funding, its immediate goal to maintain American supremacy by sterilising at least 25% of the females in undeveloped countries. Backed by the US State Department and military, USAID engaged in widespread coercion and extortion to achieve their aims. As one example, the US refused all food aid to India during a famine unless the government agreed to a nationwide program of forcible sterilisations, USAID organising some 50,000 sterilisation camps, where authorities would round up local women and forcibly bring them to the camps for sterilisation. (3) (4) (5) In several nations, tens of millions of women were forced to undergo abortions rather than sterilisation, but were then also rendered sterile. In Thailand, pregnant women were forced to receive tetanus vaccinations in order to obtain ID cards for their children, the vaccinations most often resulting in miscarriages, which means they were WHO abortifacient vaccines. Deaths and permanent injuries were certainly in the millions and possibly tens of millions, but no records were kept. Reimert Ravenholt of USAID was a monster, a truly psychopathic genocidal maniac who, with the full power of the US State Department, assumed the task of aborting all the fetuses of the world’s non-white women and sterilising as many of them as possible. Ravenholt was not only responsible for well over 100 million coerced abortions, at least that number of forced sterilisations, but for at least millions of deaths, but nobody bothered to count.


  • The Dalkon Shield


The A.H. Robins Company developed an IUD that proved to be not only dangerous but fatal, causing countless miscarriages, hysterectomies and deaths. It was quickly withdrawn from the US, but with the eager cooperation of USAID and Planned Parenthood, Robins continued to dump millions of these fatal contraceptive devices into more than 40 developing countries (6). “Ravenholt also had no compunction about buying up huge quantities of unproven, unapproved, defective, or banned contraceptive drugs and intrauterine devices (IUDs) and distributing them for use by his population control movement subcontractors on millions of unsuspecting Third World women, many of whom suffered or died in consequence.” (7) (8)


  • Merck and Vioxx


In 2004, Merck recalled Vioxx, its anti-pain medication which often caused fatal heart attacks and strokes. It was proven that Merck had strong evidence of the fatal side-effects of this medication, but ignored them because the drug was so profitable. It was then revealed that the US had experienced an immediate increase in the death rate of about 50,000 persons the year Vioxx came onto the market, especially in the over-65 age group to which Vioxx was marketed, and a similar 50,000 person drop in the death rate the year Vioxx was taken off the market, resulting in massive class-action lawsuits. The circumstantial evidence suggests Merck knowingly put onto the market a drug that provoked heart attacks instead of preventing them, and was responsible for the premature deaths of about 500,000 people in the US, plus those in other nations where Vioxx was marketed. (9)


  • The WHO Sterilisation Program


Given that the WHO is largely controlled by US and its Deep State interests and that Bill Gates is the largest contributor to the WHO, we can consider this organisation as a US affiliate. Few in the West are aware that the WHO fraudulently sterilised about 150 million women in undeveloped countries, without their knowledge or consent. The WHO concocted a vaccine containing hCg, the female hormone necessary for implanting an embryo into the uterus wall, combined this with tetanus toxoid as the carrier, and vaccinated all females of child-bearing age, rendering them permanently sterile. (10)


  • Pfizer’s Perfectly-Timed Epidemic


Many new drugs are accompanied by serious side-effects, with trials risky and almost impossible to conduct in the West, so pharma companies take their trials to poor countries where the laws are unprepared and people don’t understand the risks. At precisely the moment Pfizer was ready to commence trials of a new meningitis drug, Nigeria was suddenly and inexplicably hit with one of the worst meningitis epidemics in history. But a controversy erupted about the relationship between Pfizer’s need for test trials and the meningitis outbreak, because the WHO had been in Nigeria immediately prior with one of its vaccination programs, the timing and locations of the meningitis outbreak apparently matching perfectly the WHO’s vaccinations, and meeting Pfizer’s need for large numbers of test subjects. Moreover, Pfizer’s authorisation from the government for its clinical trial had been forged after the fact on the letterhead of a non-existent department, and backdated prior to the study. (11) (12)


  • Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research


There is now evidence that the 1918 “Spanish flu epidemic” that killed more than 50 million people was not a natural outbreak, but was caused by an experimental Rockefeller Institute meningitis vaccination program which was initiated at Fort Riley by the US military, and spread to the world from there. It seems the truth has been buried for more than 100 years. (13)


  • Tainted Blood


In the early 1980s, thousands of Canadians were infected with HIV and tens of thousands with hepatitis C, from tainted blood products distributed by Canada’s Connaught laboratories and the Canadian Red Cross who crossed the line into criminal negligence and insanity. Millions of units of contaminated blood were knowingly sold all over the world, but the profits were enormous, IVIG worth by weight far more than gold. Participants in this atrocity included US pharma companies and blood brokers, Bill Clinton, and the Canadian government. (14) (15) (16)


It is legend that Coca-Cola bottlers regularly arranged the killing of labor leaders in South and Central America to prevent the formation of unions. Coca-Cola executives denied responsibility in all cases, claiming the bottlers were independent agents. In Mexico, the media reported that all Coca-Cola employees were forced to resign, some at gunpoint, after the certification of a union. (17) (18)


Nestlé is one of the four most-boycotted firms in the world. One estimate is that more than 50 million infants have died since World War II from drinking artificial baby milk in undeveloped countries where bottles and water cannot be easily sterilised. Nestlé is not the only guilty party but controls perhaps half the market. (19)


American universities are equally as culpable as their government and corporations in committing inhuman atrocities. Here are references to two articles that detail the outrageously illegal theft of Chinese DNA by Harvard University and an atrocious human experiment performed on Chinese children by Tufts University. Both were criminal, bordering on insanity, and both encased in a fog of illegality, cover-ups, lies, illnesses and deaths. (20) (21)


There exists a litany of reprehensible human experimentation in the US, usually performed by a respected American institution for the US military. Typically, the US government and American universities and hospitals accessed children in orphanages, mental institutions, foster homes and hospitals, as free experimental subjects. Many prominent American universities and hospitals have carefully excised all traces of human experiments from their histories, including MIT, Harvard, University of Rochester, New York University, University of Washington, University of Chicago, Vanderbilt University, University of Cincinnati, Columbia University, and more.


At Harvard and the University of Cincinnati, doctors tortured and killed numerous helpless people in pretending to study “the effect of frigid temperature on mental disorders”.  They stripped naked mentally-retarded patients and placed them between layers of a rubberised blanket through which a refrigerated fluid was circulated, bringing the body temperature to well below freezing. These helpless individuals could do no more than lie there for days, cold, hungry, covered with urine and feces, while slowly watching themselves freeze to death. (22) (23)


To assist the US military in incinerating ‘rebels’ in Vietnam, Harvard University recommended infusing the napalm with white phosphorus, which cannot be extinguished once lit, and will burn a man to death right through his bones, even under water. Harvard and the University of Chicago injected thousands of pregnant women with diethylstilbestrol, almost universally resulting in miscarriages and stillborn births, the mothers never learning why they lost their babies. In an experiment for the US Navy, Harvard biochemist Edward Cohn injected prisoners with cow blood, with results described as “catastrophic”. Professor Richard Strong of Harvard intentionally infected Filipinos with cholera and the plague, the subjects of course all dying.


It was Harvard professors who claimed that individuals engaging in civil disobedience possessed defective brain cells, receiving funding for almost 600 “research projects” involving frontal lobotomies. The victims were arrested by the FBI on trumped-up charges, then lobotomised. Of course, the process turned the victims into vegetables, and thus became a favorite FBI conditioning treatment for political dissidents.


Dr. John C. Cutler was one of a very large number of inhuman monsters who conducted some of the most appallingly deceitful and contemptible human experiments, in one case infecting thousands of Guatemalans with syphilis in a US military experiment. Most died.


Dr. Lauretta Bender, the “Child Psychiatrist from Hell” was a neuropsychiatrist at Bellevue, where she “pioneered” the inhuman use of excessive and violent electroshock therapy on thousands of children, also injecting them with LSD and Metrazol. Few survived.


Dr. Albert M. Kligman of the University of Pennsylvania conducted experiments for the US Military, Monsanto, and Dow Chemical, to determine the effects of dioxins on humans. Few survived, and all records of the prisoners’ identities were destroyed. The US military and CIA paid Kligman $400,000 to test new drugs on prison inmates. The University of Pennsylvania provided the scientists, the prison provided the victims and the CIA provided the money.


For almost 20 years, Dr. Saul Krugman of New York University conducted large-scale studies at The Willowbrook State School for retarded children, funded by the US Military, where he infected all the children with hepatitis, usually by obtaining feces from hepatitis patients, mixing the feces into milkshakes, and feeding them to the children.


Dr. Eugene Saenger was a radiologist at the University of Cincinnati contracted by the US military to collect information on the effects on humans of exposure to nuclear radiation. He forged consent forms and exposed patients to the equivalent of about 20,000 chest x-rays in the space of one hour. After the vomiting, bleeding, and convulsions, all the patients died. Many were small children. The Radiological Society of North America gave Saenger a gold medal for his “career achievements” in helping to reduce the nation’s surplus poor.


Authoritative sources document that during a period of perhaps 20 years, more than 4,000 similar radiation experiments were conducted on many tens of thousands of Americans by physicians funded by the US military. The record is so fragmented and the practice so widespread, documents so often destroyed and follow-ups so seldom performed that there is no way to know the toll of disabilities, ruined lives and families, and of deaths.


Dr. Chester Southam was an immunologist at the Sloan-Kettering Hospital who organised a research project at the Jewish Chronic Disease Hospital in New York to evaluate human immune responses to cancers. His method was to inject and transplant live cancer cells into thousands of unsuspecting victims for more than a decade, in research financed by the National Institute of Health and the US military.


Mr. Romanoff’s writing has been translated into 30 languages and his articles posted on more than 150 foreign-language news and politics websites in more than 30 countries, as well as more than 100 English-language platforms. Larry Romanoff is a retired management consultant and businessman. He has held senior executive positions in international consulting firms, and owned an international import-export business. He has been a visiting professor at Shanghai’s Fudan University, presenting case studies in international affairs to senior EMBA classes. Mr. Romanoff lives in Shanghai and is currently writing a series of ten books generally related to China and the West. He is one of the contributing authors to Cynthia McKinney’s new anthology ‘When China Sneezes‘. His full archive can be seen at and 

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