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December 21, 2022


Democracy, The Most Dangerous Religion

14. Part 14- The Non-Imperial Empire

By Larry Romanoff


14.1. Introduction

14.2. Hurtling Into Darkness


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14.1. Introduction


The powerful surreptitious development of fascism in the US as described earlier is only one link in a long chain, the end purpose which is to first remove all power from the people and then remove most of the power from domestic governments and other governing bodies. We have already seen that most of this has already been accomplished in America, but it has also been accomplished to almost the same degree in Europe. Few are aware that the European Union has been vehemently disparaged as not only un-democratic but as fundamentally anti-democratic, in other words, tending to the same authoritarian fascism as is the US.


One sign is its lack of transparency. Few are aware that in the past 20 years the EU has not managed to pass a single audit, and is so opaque, so controlled by a few individuals two levels removed from European national governments that no elected body has any access to information. The EU Commission’s Chief Accountant, Marta Andreasen, refused to sign off on the accounts, claiming the entire EU accounting system was open to fraud. She was suspended and later fired, and the EU’s accounts were never approved. The EU institutions have virtually waged a class war on not only its members but on their economies and populations, an economic war designed from the start to weaken the nation-states to a point of total dependence on Brussels, entrenching neo-liberalism in the hands of a non-elected elite who now hold all the power and who report to no one. The entire sovereignty of the individual European nations has been supplanted by a cabal of Zionist Jews operating from the City of London.


Privatisation of state assets has played a central role in this process, with all states being slowly forced to dispossess themselves of their entire national infrastructure, including gas utilities, transport and postal services, electricity generation, motorways, airports, regional ports and even water supplies. The nations are being hollowed-out in preparation for their surrender of sovereignty. The signs are clear, and they are everywhere. The budgets of member states are increasingly subject to the scrutinisation and approval of this same cabal, with new legislation and policies that increasingly transfer more authority away from the nation-states to the non-elected and unaccountable central administration. Decisions that now vitally affect every European citizen are taken by anonymous bureaucrats who have no stake in their nations.


None of this was an accident. The Imperial ambitions of this secret Eurocratic elite were hiding in plain sight for many years. In fact, one smug senior EU official, Manuel Durão Barroso, arrogantly boasted that this was the formation of the first ever “non-imperial empire“. In his words, 27 nations decided to work together to “pool their sovereignty“, the problem being, of course that they didn’t do it by choice, and in fact many flatly rejected that suggestion, but their nations have been pushed to this state nevertheless. One of the signs of the arrogance and control of this Jewish cabal is that in 2011 it simply replaced the elected governments of Greece and Italy with technocrats reporting to their central secret government – the same one that controls the US. One British Member of Parliament stated at the time that the people and their governments were cut out altogether, and that “the lamps are going out all over Europe”. And he was correct.


If we think back to the Article on Bernays and War Marketing, to the intense and relentless program of propaganda and disinformation, this thread of fascism was precisely the strategy these men created and followed to eliminate resistance to US entry to the First World War, and in fact to convert resistance to eagerness. Further, if we scour the Jewish-owned Western media today, we find constant attacks on socialism but not a word on fascism. More than this, we find severe personal attacks on anyone who dares introduce the topic of fascism in an American or even a European context, and nowhere can we find discussions of fascism in the Western media. As you will see later, the world is slowly proceeding toward fulfilment of a grand plan of what many have termed an endgame of ‘global tyranny’, essentially a worldwide fascist dictatorship. You have read of the group of Jewish bankers who attempted to overthrow the US government and install a fascist dictatorship, using General Smedley Butler as a front man. That plan has only been delayed, not forgotten, and the signs today are more than obvious in both the US and the European Union. The entire subject of fascism has been locked away in a closet, totally removed from the publication list, so as not to create premature alarm among the intelligent population.


One author wrote that none of this would have been possible if not for the abject failure of modern democracy, and that although the political parties still remain, they are no longer capable of sustaining any kind of democracy. He noted too that these European Jewish bankers and Zionists and their elite lieutenants “masterfully exploited this crisis of democracy and the resultant voter dissatisfaction and apathy to enshrine a new system of rule by bureaucrats, bankers, technocrats and lobbyists”. And if you recall, this is precisely what Lippman and Bernays were preaching 100 years ago.


This is also the main thrust of the so-called “Trans-Pacific Partnership” that the US and its handlers were attempting to bully the Pacific nations into accepting. The TPP was not about either partnership or trade, but about the surrender of national sovereignty on an astonishingly wide scale, the authority to be held and exercised by the same secret government that now controls the US and Western Europe. NATO is a fundamental link in this chain as well. It is already a supra-national military that reports ultimately to the Jewish bankers in the City of London, and is controlled by the same group of European elites, the same secret government we have come to know in every Western country. Nations wanting membership in the EU must first join NATO and agree to subordinate their national military to NATO’s command. There is much more here, and none of it is comforting. The only possible way to derail this huge plan is by a widespread public revolt throughout Europe and North America. Europe may still have this ability, but the US, with its 800 internment camps and DHS with its now massive military power and its three billion bullets, is probably beyond salvation. It is of course of the utmost importance that Asia not be trapped in this net.


14.2. Hurtling Into Darkness


In early 2014, John Chuckman wrote an exceptionally clear-minded article titled ‘Hurtling Into Darkness: America’s Great Leap Towards Global Tyranny’, in which he presented a beautifully-written summary of the points I’ve tried to state in these pages. In it, he detailed the trapping of the American educated middle class, those I’ve referred to as Compradors, who are the facilitators and lieutenants of the neo-con Jews controlling the US government. He noted that “They are indispensable to the establishment’s success, and they are accordingly rewarded in ways which bind their interests …,” and that “This marriage of interests between elites and the talented middle class effectively removes many of the best educated and most skilled people from being political opponents or becoming critics of the establishments for which they work.”


He noted the increasingly quantitative and qualitative differences in the secrecy and the lies now told to the people, stating so perfectly that there is now “only one lens in America’s journalistic kit, that filters everything through corporate American views, with an automatic and invariable bias … absolutely without exception, their close support for every dirty war and intervention, as you will find their close support for the brutal, criminal behaviors of favored American satrapies like Israel.” He stated that “No one is genuinely responsible for anything in an open and direct fashion, secrecy is as much the norm in America as it is in any authoritarian government.” He noted that “technology is genuinely revolutionizing the nature of war, putting immense new power into the hands of elites – power which, unlike the hydrogen bomb, can actually be used readily, America being able to kill, highly accurately, on a large scale without using thermo-nuclear weapons and almost without using armies.”


He went on to state that in “less than twenty years, the United States will operate under a military system not unlike the automated, radar-operated machine-gun towers Israel uses to pen in the people of Gaza, only it will do so on a planetary scale. Such immense power in the hands of a relatively few people anywhere and always would be a threat, but in the hands of America’s corporate-military-intelligence elites, people who already are not held accountable for what they do and feel virtually no need to explain, it is a looming threat to the peace, decency, and political integrity of the entire world.” He ended with these two paragraphs that should give all of us a powerful urge to consider our stance:


“I have no idea how the relentless march towards this brave new world can be stopped. Indeed, I am almost sure that it cannot. Americans in general no longer have anything which could be termed control over the acts of their government, and their role in elections is nothing more than a formal choice between two establishment-loyal candidates heading two parties that differ on virtually no vital matter. George Bush’s time in office proved something profound generally not recognized in the press: America does not now need a president beyond the Constitutional formalities of signing documents and making speeches. Bush was an utterly incompetent fool, but America’s national government never skipped a beat during his eight years in matters important to the establishment, concern for the welfare of the American people having long ago faded away.


I do not believe the citizens of the United States any longer possess the capacity to avoid these dark prospects. They are being swept along by forces they mostly do not understand, and most are unwilling to give up on the comfortable almost-religious myths of enforceable Constitutional rights and a benevolent national government. The world’s hope of avoiding global tyranny now lies in the rapid advance of nations such as China, Russia, India, and Brazil to counterbalance America. Europe, an obvious possible candidate to oppose America’s more dangerous and obtuse efforts, appears in recent decades to have fallen completely under America’s direction in so many areas where it once showed independence, an increasing number having been bribed or seduced or threatened to join NATO and unwilling to use the limited international agencies we have, such as the United Nations, to oppose America’s disturbing tendencies.”



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