CN– LARRY ROMANOF: 生物战的世界 — 第 8 章 – 美国疾病控制中心 (CDC)

OCTOBER 16, 2023



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第 8 章美国疾病控制中心(CDC)

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The World of
Biological Warfare



Chapter 8 – The
US Centers for Disease Control (CDC)

8 美国疾病控制中心 (CDC)


Larry Romanoff 


FILE: CDC headquarters in Atlanta. Source



The CDC is officially promoted as the primary American health control and monitoring establishment, and not a biological weapons manufacturer, but things are not always what they seem. In fact, the CDC is involved not only in pathogen manufacturing and distribution, but is an integral part of the US military establishment, and is engaged in more nefarious enterprises, events of criminal negligence, cover-ups, and more other nastiness than you might imagine. Accordingly, this establishment deserves its own Biological Warfare Chapter.



According to the June 28, 1996 issue of the CDC Weekly, the CDC was founded in Atlanta, Georgia, on July 1, 1946, by “a visionary public health leader who had high hopes”, and is today “synonymous around the world with public health”. It began with about 400 new employees on Peachtree Street in Atlanta, and “distinguished scientists soon filled CDC’s laboratories, [while] many states and foreign countries sent [staff] to Atlanta for “training”.



The CDC and War Criminals



The first thing we need to examine is the source of all those “distinguished scientists” who suddenly filled the CDC’s laboratories, since the creation of this institution coincided perfectly with the implementation of two things: the first was Operation Paperclip. You will recall that Operation Paperclip had several aspects, some of which involved the theft of commercially-valuable IP on a scale never before seen in history, virtually gutting post-war Germany of all its patents, copyrights and inventions. But the much more sinister and deadly category was the Americans’ pathological interest in torture, chemical and biological warfare, and human experimentation, which led to the importation of thousands of biological scientists primarily from Japan, although history has been revised to delete Japan and substitute Germany as the source of these deranged experts. In any case, these people were brought to the US specifically for the purpose of transferring to American minds the world’s collection of documented perversion in the areas of human experimentation and biological warfare.



For this operation, official sources state that the thousands of forcibly-imported Japanese and German biological scientists were dispersed throughout military and other installations in the US including Boston, New York, Fort Detrick in Maryland, Ohio, Texas, Alabama – and Georgia – the location of the newly-formed CDC. For many decades, these imported ‘experts’ served their American masters on secret projects at Fort Bragg and Fort Detrick – and at the CDC. It may be impossible today to obtain a list of all those distinguished scientists who initially populated the CDC’s labs in the 1940s and 1950s, since all of these individuals were given new names and fictitious identities while being absorbed into the military and civilian payrolls. In fact, there was almost nothing in Atlanta at the time the CDC was founded, and this new institution would have been their home.



As I noted elsewhere, another direct result of Operation Paperclip was the CIA’s vast MK-ULTRA program that included a terrible litany of human abuse that endures to this day, and in which I harbor strong suspicions of CDC involvement. By the 1980s, the CDC institutionalised what was considered to be a “critically important scientific activity”, namely “the collaboration of laboratorians and epidemiologists”, in other words, a joint effort towards the cause and distribution of disease in mass populations, i.e., bio-warfare. It was here that the CDC became fully integrated into the National Cancer Institute and Frederick Cancer Research Center at Fort Detrick, that is to say, a full partner in the US military’s bio-warfare programs.



The CDC was never intended as a civilian health agency as it is promoted to the public, but was founded as the successor to a World War II Defense Department program, and remains there to this day. Its activities are obscured by today’s official narrative that it is “the leading national public health institute of the United States, with its main goal to protect public health and safety through the control and prevention of disease.” However, the scope of the CDC’s mission quickly expanded beyond this original fairytale focus to include bio-warfare pathogen research, production, and marketing of deadly pathogens, an expansion that has never ceased.



The CDC is frequently engaged in telling some rather large lies to protect its military friends from public criticism when news of yet another  illegal biological “experiment” on American citizens is revealed. In one case, the CDC claims it investigated the US military poisoning the population and concluded that in 100 outbreaks of one particular dangerous bacterium, “none was caused by the [strain used by the military], and the vast outbreaks of illnesses by the same bacteria were simply unfortunate accidents caused by “opportunistic pathogens”. Such a big lie. There are many other examples. I have written elsewhere about the reprehensible nuclear tests conducted by the US military in the Marshall Islands, [1] and the CDC was apparently busy measuring the radiation inflicted on the residents. The story was classified top secret until the 1990s, and has remained largely unknown to the world because the people living on the Marshall Islands have no microphone. As a measure of lethality, the CDC reported that the Chernobyl reactor meltdown released 40 million curies of radiation, the largest US above-ground nuclear test in Nevada released 150 million, while one blast over the Marshall Islands (the largest one) released 6.3 billion curies – more than 30 times as much radiation as the others combined.



Why was the CDC, a civilian health organisation meant to protect Americans from influenza and KFC’s chemical chicken, so knowledgeable and so actively testing radiation releases in the US, Ukraine, the Marshall Islands, and more? Because the CDC is a military Department.



In “The Dark Side of America: Human Experimentation”, [2] I discussed Dr. Chester Southam who had been injecting and transplanting live cancer cells and cancerous material into hundreds of unsuspecting victims. The most serious part of Southam’s cancer and virus experiments directly involved the US military and the CIA, and it was for this reason that Nixon combined the National Cancer Institute and the Frederick Cancer Research Center at Fort Detrick, making them full partners in the US military’s bio-warfare programs. It was here that the CDC and Fort Detrick, now fully staffed with depraved scientists due to Operation Paperclip, institutionalised the “critically important scientific activity” of a joint effort towards the cause and distribution of viral immunosuppression in mass populations, i.e., bio-warfare.

 在《美国的黑暗面:人类实验》(The Dark Side of America:Human Experimentation)一书中,[2]我讨论了Chester Southam博士,他一直在向数百名毫无戒备的受害者注射和移植癌症活细胞和癌性物质。索瑟姆癌症和病毒实验中最严重的部分直接涉及美国军方和中央情报局,正是出于这个原因,尼克松将国家癌症研究所和位于德特里克堡的弗雷德里克·癌症研究中心合并在一起,使它们成为美国军方生物武器计划的正式合作伙伴。正是在这里,疾病预防控制中心和德特里克堡(Fort Detrick)——由于“回形针行动”(Operation Paperclip),现在这里已经完全被堕落的科学家所占据——将“至关重要的科学活动”制度化,即联合起来在大规模人群中开展病毒免疫抑制的研究和传播,即生物战。


Biological Warfare Pathogens – Manufacture and Marketing



Today, the CDC staff numbers more than 15,000, and the organisation also controls the CDC Foundation, a unit of questionable purpose registered as a non-profit firm that “operates independently“, and whose mission is to “support the CDC’s partnerships” with the private sector which includes both individuals and companies as well as Foundations like Rockefeller, Ford, and Gates. You can read whatever meaning you want into this description, but a major part of the “partnerships” is as a manufacturer and worldwide dealer in biological pathogens. Think of the CDC in this context.



A few years ago, a reporter published an article claiming the CDC was a major manufacturer, exporter, and dealer in biological pathogens, and not for peaceful purposes. The CDC of course hotly denied this, claiming the accusations were false news and a conspiracy theory. In response, the reporter published a photocopy of a bill of lading of one of the CDC’s shipments of pathogens; it read like a terrorist’s dream. With that proof, the CDC went silent and the matter has never appeared again in the media. The topic is now heavily censored and the Internet appears to have been thoroughly scrubbed of this evidence.



Here is one example of the CDC shipping pathogens to a biological warfare lab in Georgia. Note that the shipment is classified as “diplomatic”, i.e., as with documents being carried in a diplomatic pouch which are by international convention not subject to examination by the local government.



In May of 1994 the CDC admitted having sold and shipped biological warfare agents to Middle East governments that included anthrax, Botulinum toxin, West Nile virus, the Bubonic plague and Dengue fever virus. Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, in testifying to Congress, denied the shipments, saying, “I have never heard anything like what you’ve read, I have no knowledge of it whatsoever, and I doubt it.” But the information proved true. An article in USA Today said “Invoices included in the documents read like shopping lists for biological weapons programs.” And there were many customers for the CDC’s products for ‘protecting public health’. We can reasonably ask how the research, production and international sale of bio-warfare pathogens coincides with responsibility as “the leading national public health institute of the US”, with a main goal “to protect public health and safety”.



There were great fears a few years ago when American scientists recreated the so-called “Spanish flu” virus that killed around 50 million people in 1918. They spent nine years on this effort before succeeding, and now large quantities of this virus are stored in a high-security government laboratory in Atlanta, Georgia – the home of the CDC. [3]



Occasional Crimes Against Humanity



By the time of the Korean War in 1950, the CDC was well-enough established to create its Epidemic Intelligence Service (EIS), ostensibly as “an early-warning system against biologic warfare and man-made epidemics”, but surreptitiously most likely causing them. Dr. Alexander D. Langmuir was the CDC’s chief epidemiologist and directed this so-called “intelligence service” for 21 years. He spent his last years teaching epidemiology at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. [4] No information on the kind of knowledge Dr. Langmuir imparted to his students. According to the official story, “The threat of biological warfare loomed, and Dr. Langmuir, the most knowledgeable person in [the USA] about this arcane subject, saw an opportunity to train epidemiologists” in biological warfare, men and women who “quickly gained fame”, though not always for what you might expect. From the facts available, there would seem to be little question that the CDC was partnering with its depraved colleagues at Fort Detrick to produce the pathogens unleashed on Korea and China during the Korean war.



The CDC has also participated heavily in some of the most reprehensible crimes committed in recent years. You may be aware of the sterilization campaign where the WHO combined the female hormone hCG with a tetanus toxoid carrier and surreptitiously sterilised more than 150 million women in third-world countries. [5] It was Rothschild’s Sanofi-Connaught lab in Canada that produced the vaccines for the WHO, but it was the CDC that provided the female hormone sufficient for perhaps 750 million doses.

疾病预防控制中心也参与了近年来犯下的一些最应受谴责的罪行。你可能知道世界卫生组织将女性激素hCG与破伤风类毒素载体结合在一起的绝育运动,并在第三世界国家秘密绝育了1.5亿多名妇女。[5] 为世界卫生组织生产疫苗的是罗斯柴尔德位于加拿大的赛诺菲-康诺特实验室,但提供足够7.5亿剂的雌性激素的是美国疾病控制与预防中心。


If this comes as a surprise to you, it shouldn’t, since the CDC has been involved in a rather long list of criminal enterprises, both domestic and foreign. One of these was taking charge of the Tuskegee, Alabama Syphilis experiment for the last 15 years of its existence. You will recall that the US Public Health Service conducted a “study” using about 600 blacks who were infected with syphilis, and who received only observation and painful examinations and experiments, but no treatment. They were never informed they had syphilis, and local physicians were instructed to not treat any who might come to them. The study ran for 40 years, and ceased only because a whistleblower revealed the entire sordid mess to the media, and by that time almost all victims had died. I have covered this matter in detail in an essay titled, “The Dark Side of America: Human Experimentation”. [6]



The CDC website mentions the “study” but fails to inform that the CDC itself took over “one of the most infamous human experiments in US history“, and continued to watch all those men die even though penicillin was by that time widely available and was a known cure. There were also repeated reports that the CDC actively sought support from local medical institutions and physicians to ensure the 600 victims would receive no medical treatment anywhere. The records state that CDC staff gave these men what they (the CDC) termed “double talk” to deflect them from receiving treatment, since they (the CDC) meant to observe the progression of the disease until death.



The CDC not only lies about its participation in this tragic and inhuman affair, but it trivialises the matter. The New York Times ran an article on this topic on July 16, 1972, quoting a Dr. J. D. Millar who was CDC chief of this study at the time, who admitted the study was “a serious moral problem”, given that treatment was available and all those deaths needless, but who then claimed “The study began when attitudes were much different on treatment and experimentation.” That is a despicable lie; no one in those days would have condoned such a travesty. There was no one in the 1930s, 1940s, or 1950s, who didn’t know such things were abominable or who would not have been horrified to learn of them. This is a standard excuse used by (primarily Jewish, as was the entire Tuskegee syphilis “study”) experimenters today to justify their reprehensible human travesties: “ethical standards were different, then”. We can reasonably ask why this same excuse wasn’t granted to the Germans at the Nuremburg trials, who were tried and executed for doing less.

疾病预防控制中心不仅谎报参与了这一悲剧和不人道的事件,而且轻视了这件事。1972716日,《纽约时报》发表了一篇关于这个话题的文章,引用了当时疾病预防控制中心负责这项研究的J. D. Millar博士的话,他承认这项研究是一个严重的道德问题,因为治疗是可行的,所有这些死亡都是不必要的,但他随后声这项研究开始时,人们对治疗和实验的态度截然不同这是一个卑鄙的谎言;在那些日子里,没有人会宽恕这样的悲剧。在2030年代、40年代或50年代,没有人不知道这些事情是可恶的,也没有人不会在得知这些事情后感到震惊。这是今天(主要是犹太人,就像整个塔斯基吉梅毒研究实验者为他们的应受谴责的人类悲剧辩护的标准借口:时的道德标准不同。我们可以合理地问,为什么纽伦堡审判中的德国人没有得到同样的借口,他们因为做得更少而被审判和处决。


The CDC boasts of having played a key role in “one of the greatest triumphs of public health: the eradication of smallpox”, though it fails to mention its cooperation with the WHO in vaccination programs that had an unfortunate tendency to eradicate one disease while dispersing others, a program which the WHO appropriately called an “eradication escalation technique” that was used elsewhere “with such success”.


The CDC also exhibited its vaccination partnership with the WHO in other situations, one of which was the 1976 joint effort to vaccinate all of America against a massively-hyped killer swine flu epidemic that never occurred and where the contaminated CDC vaccine killed far more people than did the flu: [7][8][9][10] The vaccine clinics began reporting unexplained deaths due to heart attacks, apparently from the vaccines. It was the CDC that created the “refined vaccination techniques” so eagerly adopted by the WHO as a method of pathogen distribution.



The CDC has conducted many other reckless and even criminal experiments, all evidence deleted from the historical narrative to present yet another lily-white Disney picture of America. Dr. Alan Cantwell wrote that “in 1989 to 1991, Kaiser Permanente of Southern California and the CDC jointly conducted a measles vaccine experiment. Without proper parental disclosure, the Yugoslavian-made “high-titre” Edmonston-Zagreb measles vaccine was tested on 1,500 poor, black and Latino, inner-city children in Los Angeles. Highly recommended by the WHO, the high-potency experimental vaccine was previously injected into infants in Mexico, Haiti, and Africa, but was discontinued in those countries because the children were dying in large numbers.” [11][12][13]

疾病预防控制中心还进行了许多其他鲁莽甚至犯罪的实验,所有证据都从历史叙事中删除,以呈现另一幅洁白的迪斯尼美国图景。博士Alan Cantwell写道:“1989年至1991年,南加州凯撒永久医院和美国疾病控制与预防中心联合进行了一项麻疹疫苗实验“埃德蒙斯顿-扎格雷布麻疹疫苗在洛杉矶1500名贫困、黑人和拉丁裔的市中心儿童身上进行了测试。世界卫生组织强烈建议,这种高效力实验性疫苗此前曾注射给墨西哥、海地和非洲的婴儿,但由于这些国家的儿童大量死亡,该疫苗已停止使用。”[11][12][13]


The vaccine had never been licensed for use in the US, and the CDC later admitted the parents were never informed their children were being injected with an experimental vaccine that was potentially fatal. The CDC and FDA still refuse to release the raw data on these experiments.



The dangerous fundamentals of this atrocity were kept secret until the Los Angeles Times disclosed the experiment, then the CDC and Kaiser Permanente panicked and were forced in a rush to apologise to parents. David Satcher, head of the CDC, said “It was clearly a mistake that should be prevented from happening again.” Satcher also claimed that the experiment did not place children at risk: “No child suffered health problems as a result of receiving this vaccine.” That claim is very possibly untrue because it is a fact that the Los Angeles study was terminated because similar experiments in Africa and Haiti linked this vaccine to a greatly-increased death rate, especially in baby girls. However, The CDC has refused to release the data on this experiment to document their claim.  Satcher further dissembled in another interview, stating “A mistake was made. It shocked me.” It wasn’t clear why a man would be “shocked” to learn of a decision he made. And Barbara Reynolds, a CDC spokesperson,  said “Our doctors just didn’t think of it as being ‘experimental”.



CDC  admitted secretly shipping biological warfare agents to India and funding research



From one report: “India has asked the American CDC to stop funding virus research studies in the country. The CDC was caught funding Karnataka’s Manipal Center for Virus Research (MCVR) for secretly carrying out research on the lethal Nipah virus – a pathogen considered a potential bioweapon. The CDC has a checkered history in India. The Indian defense establishment believes that the CDC was involved in the plague outbreak in the western Indian city of Surat in 1994, which they consider to be a case of bioterrorism. A $3.6 million donation from the CDC to Indian research agencies has been put on hold, and the CDC has been placed on a watchlist for its involvement in funding virus research in India without the government’s knowledge or approval.” [13a]

一份报告称:“印度已要求美国疾病预防控制中心停止资助该国的病毒研究。疾病预防控制中心被发现资助卡纳塔克邦的马尼帕尔病毒研究中心(MCVR),以秘密开展关于致命尼帕病毒的研究,这是一种被认为具有潜在生物武器的病原体。疾病预防控制中心在印度有着曲折的历史。印度国防机构认为疾病预防控制中心参与了1994年印度西部城市苏拉特的瘟疫爆发,他们认为这是一个生物恐怖主义案件。疾病预防控制中心向印度研究机构捐赠的360万美元捐款已被搁置,疾病预防控制中心因在政府不知情或未经批准的情况下参与资助印度的病毒研究而被列入观察名单。” [13a]


It is infuriating that so many (probably most) tests of experimental drugs and vaccines today are performed (very often on infants) in developing countries that haven’t the scientific knowledge to evaluate these trials, and who unfortunately have too much faith in the White man’s medicine. In this case, extensive trials were conducted on infants four to nine months old, in developing countries that included Guinea-Bissau, Senegal, Haiti, Gambia, Togo, and the Philippines. In all cases, the trials were suspended because of high infant death rates. The reason, of course, for the foreign experimental trials is the lack of financial responsibility compared to performing these in the US or any developed country. Today, pharmaceutical companies out-source to poor countries nearly all their experimental drug and vaccine trials – always with the full vocal support of the WHO, the CDC, the media, and very often with bullying by the US State Department. And when drug and vaccine tests are conducted in the US, it is always with the poor, black and Latino communities, who are uneducated, have no resources and who are seemingly always uninformed and least able to defend themselves or demand compensation.



Some years ago, the CDC approved for widespread use a polio vaccine that was contaminated with the simian virus SV40, a known cancer-causing agent, and more than 100 million Americans were infected. After repeated public attacks, the CDC finally admitted this tragic error. [14][15][16] But no matter: Snopes “fact-checked” this claim and found it false, so no worries after all. [17] However, (and with due apologies to Snopes), PubMed, many other authorities, and the CDC itself, admitted they were negligent. [18][19][20][21] As a matter of interest, lawsuits against Pfizer and others for this CDC-approved vaccine are still pending.



On this, and on many similar matters, it is worth noting the pathetic and often dangerous misinformation provided by Wikipedia. [22] In this case, Wiki begins by attempting to share the blame, claiming the infection “occurred in the United States and other countries” – which of course it did not. It was only the US CDC vaccine that was contaminated. Then Wiki tells us that the virus might cause cancer “although this is considered very unlikely”, and further that “there have been no known human cases”. Another two big lies in succession. And then of course we cannot leave without blaming Russia and China, Wiki telling us further that it has been “suggested” that “vaccines used in [Russia and Eastern Europe], China, Japan, and Africa, could have been contaminated – with absolutely no evidence presented. In my view, Wikipedia is second only to the New York Times in its ability to lie on almost any matter of consequence.



I have also read persistent reports, though I have not seen firm documentation evidencing these, of the CDC abruptly refusing Congressional requests for research data involving many other vaccines either created or promoted by the CDC that were rumored to be either seriously contaminated, that on occasion contained additions or contaminants that would qualify as abortifacients, or that perhaps were a cause of autism. In any case, it appears the CDC is not accountable to Congress for its activities, in some cases on the basis of “national security”, in keeping with its position as part of the US Defense Department



Negligent Recklessness



In addition to all this, the CDC seems to be nearly as bad as Fort Detrick in its sloppiness in handling pathogens, but even better than Fort Detrick in covering them up. USA Today published an article titled CDC keeps secret its mishaps with deadly germs[23] and went on to list multiple instances of negligence accompanied by silence. The article stated, “The CDC has faced congressional hearings and secret government sanctions over its sloppy lab safety practices. Moreover, it is keeping secret large swaths of information about dozens of recent incidents involving some of the world’s most dangerous bacteria and viruses. Several reports involve failures of safety equipment. In one, a scientist wearing full-body spacesuit-like gear to protect against lethal, often untreatable viruses like Ebola, had their purified air hose suddenly disconnect — “again” — in one the world’s most advanced biosafety level 4 labs.”



The CDC has had to close two of its labs and was forced to halt some biological shipments in the wake of several recent incidents in which highly pathogenic microbes were mishandled by federal laboratories.[24] The cases include an accidental shipment of live anthrax; the discovery of forgotten, live smallpox samples; and a newly-revealed incident in which a dangerous influenza strain was accidentally shipped from CDC to another lab. The cases involving CDC mistakes reveal “totally unacceptable behavior”, said CDC chief Thomas Frieden at a press conference at CDC headquarters in Atlanta. He announced several actions that CDC is taking to step up safety and security, including a moratorium on shipping highly risky pathogens.** “I’m disappointed by what happened and frankly I’m angry about it,” he added.

在最近几起事件中,联邦实验室对高致病性微生物处理不当,疾病预防控制中心不得不关闭两个实验室,并被迫停止一些生物运输。[24] 这些案件包括意外运输活炭疽;发现被遗忘的活天花样本;以及新发现的事件,其中一种危险的流感病毒株被意外地从疾病预防控制中心运送到另一个实验室。疾病预防控制中心负责人托马斯·弗里登在疾病预防控制中心亚特兰大总部举行的新闻发布会上表示,涉及疾病预防控制中心错误的案件揭示了“完全不可接受的行为”。他宣布疾病预防控制中心正在采取几项措施来加强安全保障,包括暂停运输高风险的病原体。他补充说:“我对发生的事情感到失望,坦率地说,我很生气。”


**Why would the CDC issue a moratorium on shipping dangerous pathogens if, as they claim, they never have done any such thing?



In 2014, the CDC contaminated a harmless form of avian flu with a lethal strain, and sent it to a laboratory at the US Department of Agriculture, who noticed that all their chickens suddenly died. A CDC spokesman said they “may never know” how such a thing could occur because they don’t maintain records, and even when the dangerous incident was revealed, the CDC failed to report it. CDC Director Dr. Thomas Frieden has called it “the most distressing” in a series of safety breaches at the agency because of the public risk posed by the virus. [25]This breach was accidentally disclosed because it formed part of an internal investigation into the agency’s mishandling of live anthrax, potentially exposing dozens of its own lab workers to the pathogen, and only heaven knows who else.



USA Today continued: “After taking nearly two years to release laboratory incident reports requested by USA TODAY under the Freedom of Information Act, the CDC blacked out many details including the types of viruses and bacteria involved in the mishaps and often the entire descriptions of what happened. In several cases, clues about the seriousness of incidents are revealed because CDC staff failed to consistently black out the same words repeated throughout a string of emails. The CDC would not answer USA TODAY’s questions about specific incidents, which occurred at the agency’s laboratory facilities in Atlanta and Fort Collins, Colo., during 2013 through early 2015.” The article is worth your close attention. The CDC completely withheld 36 pages of lab incident records. In several other reports, the CDC redacted every word about what happened, in particular blacking out every word in a lab accident report from December 2013 that apparently involved a dangerous [virus] strain.”



USA Today provides us with an example of a typical day at the CDC:



A CDC microbiologist wearing a full-body positive-pressure suit undergoes a decontamination shower before exiting a biosafety level 4 lab at the CDC in Atlanta. The process involved a four-minute chemical shower followed by a three-minute rinse with water. Four scientists stepped into their lab’s decontamination chamber where a shower of chemicals was supposed to kill anything on them and make it safe for them to exit into an adjacent changing room. But the shower wouldn’t start, and warning lights appeared as a cascading series of safety systems began to fail inside one of the world’s most advanced biosafety level 4 labs. The gasket seal around the exit door to the changing room deflated to the point that the scientists could see light coming in. And as they held that door shut and started an emergency chemical deluge, things got even worse. The shower’s door back into the infectious disease lab “forcefully” burst open [repeatedly]and they couldn’t even hold it shut. Meanwhile, air pressure alarms were blinking and monitors displayed the lab as “red”. [26]

在亚特兰大疾病预防控制中心 (CDC) 的一个生物安全级别为 4 的实验室里,一名穿着全身正压服的 CDC 微生物学家在离开实验室前,进行了消毒淋浴。该过程包括四分钟的化学淋浴,然后用水冲洗三分钟。四名科学家走进他们的实验室的消毒室,在那里,化学物质淋浴会杀死他们身上的任何东西,使他们能够安全地进入相邻的更衣室。但是淋浴不会开始,当世界上最先进的生物安全级别为 4 的实验室之一内部的一系列安全系统开始失效时,警告灯亮起。更衣室出口门周围的垫片密封已膨胀到科学家可以看到光线进入的程度。当他们关上门并开始紧急化学喷淋时,情况变得更糟。回到传染病实验室的淋浴门“强行”爆开 [反复],他们甚至无法将其关闭。与此同时,气压报警器闪烁,显示器显示实验室为“红色”。 [26]


“The CDC has faced two congressional hearings since a series of high-profile lab incidents in 2014 with anthrax, Ebola and a deadly strain of avian flu, and mounting concerns in Congress about whether a lack of transparency keeps serious lab safety problems hidden from the public. Despite the dramatic series of equipment failures in the CDC biosafety level 4 (BSL-4) lab incident, the released records include emails showing the agency sought to avoid reporting to federal lab regulators.” “The incident summary reads like a screenplay for a disaster movie,” said Richard Ebright, a Rutgers University biosafety expert who reviewed the report at USA TODAY’s request and called it a major incident.



CDC officials say there was never any risk posed by the lab’s equipment failures. Steve Monroe, the head of the CDC lab safety office, said, “Yes, there was some malfunction, but there was a clearly established protocol for how to deal with the malfunction and that was quickly and rapidly executed.” Uh huh.






In all the confusion during the COVID pandemic, the mass media failed to notice that the US CDC led the world competition for defective medical products. As of the middle of February, 2020, AFP was reporting that even small countries like South Korea had performed hundreds of thousands of tests while the US was below about 8,000, the reason being that all the tests produced by the CDC and American companies were flawed and useless. [27][28][29] The kits would produce opposite results on the same patient at the same time, or clearly miss serious infections while declaring infections in clean patients. The CDC eventually had to instruct all hospitals and clinics to discard the tests as unusable. [30]

在新冠肺炎疫情的混乱中大众媒体没有注意到美国疾病预防控制中心CDC领导了世界上有缺陷的医疗产品竞争。截至20202月中旬法新社报道称即使像韩国这样的小国也进行了数十万次检测而美国则不到8000原因是疾病预防控制中心和美国公司生产的所有检测试剂盒都有缺陷且无用。[1] [2] [3]试剂盒会在同一时间对同一病人产生相反的结果,或者在宣布清洁病人感染的同时明显漏掉严重感染。疾病预防控制中心最终不得不指示所有医院和诊所将检测试剂盒作为不可用试剂丢弃。[4]


After a second try, the US media were reporting the CDC was still unable to produce usable tests, this time because the test kits themselves were contaminated with the coronavirus for which they were to be testing. This was attributed to “a glaring scientific breakdown” at the CDC’s central lab. [31][32] To make matters worse, the CDC shipped those faulty tests not only across the country but sold them to 34 countries around the world, and no evidence emerged anywhere to suggest the CDC informed those other nations of the uselessness of their tests. To my knowledge, the UK was the only nation to discover this – at their own expense. To say that the exported CDC tests were unusable would be quite an understatement. President John Magufuli of Tanzania complained that various fruits, a goat and a quail tested positive for coronavirus using the American tests. [33]

第二次尝试后,美国媒体报道称,疾病预防控制中心仍无法生产出可用的检测试剂盒,这次是因为检测试剂盒本身被他们要检测的冠状病毒污染了。这归因于疾病预防控制中心中央实验室的“明显科学故障”。[31][32] 更糟糕的是,疾病预防控制中心不仅将那些有缺陷的检测试剂盒运往全国各地,还将其出售给世界各地的34个国家,而且没有任何证据表明疾病预防控制中心通知了其他国家他们的检测试剂盒无效。据我所知,英国是唯一一个自费发现这一点的国家。说出口的疾病预防控制中心检测试剂盒不可用是相当保守的说法。坦桑尼亚总统约翰·马古富利抱怨说,使用美国检测试剂盒对各种水果、一只山羊和一只鹌鹑进行了冠状病毒检测,结果呈阳性。[33]


It was so bad that CDC faced calls to completely restructure after the COVID failure’s “confusing” (and useless)guidance.  The media published repeated articles on the CDC’s virtual total failure in all areas. The New York Times led the list with “Can the CDC be fixed?”. [34] NBC: “How the CDC’s communication failures during Covid tarnished the agency.” [35] ArsTechnica: “CDC to restructure after COVID failure, “confusing and overwhelming” guidance” [36] Bloomberg: “Data Failures Keep the CDC From Seeing the Whole Picture on Covid” [37] ABC News: “CDC director acknowledges mistakes to staff in internal message” [38] ABC video: CDC director acknowledges ‘botched’ pandemic response [39]Forbes: “CDC And COVID-19: Scandal And Incompetence”[40]



With reference to the COVID-19 vaccines being promoted by Pfizer and others, I have received communication from medical scientists in several European countries claiming the vaccinations may indeed be intended primarily for sterilisation, perhaps not meant for Western nations, but for all the others. I won’t address the issue here of the COVID vaccines, nor the CDC relationships with the vaccine manufacturers; we will save that for another time.



At the risk of appearing mean-spirited, it should be recognised that the CDC is almost entirely a Jewish organisation. Here is some evidence from an earlier article titled “The Power Behind the Throne” [41] that extensively documents Khazar Jewish control over many segments of the US government, including the State Department, Defense, and Health. I wrote then that the CDC and the entire COVID fiasco were controlled by Jews. “Also, the major pharmaceutical companies are all Jewish, and certainly the makers of the COVID vaccines. A Rothschild owns the huge conglomerate Sanofi, the world’s largest vaccine manufacturer, and both Pfizer and Moderna are Jewish companies. As well, the largest apparent shareholders of Pfizer, Moderna and Gilead stock are Blackrock, Blackstone, and Vanguard, themselves Jewish companies.



Here is a partial listing. I mention this because so many of the corrupt institutions in the US, and virtually all the human experimentation and other human travesties such as the CIA’s horrific MK-ULTRA program, were also almost entirely Jewish. This is an inconvenient truth that needs much wider appreciation than exists at present.



Thomas R. Frieden – Director CDC

托马斯·R·弗里登 (Thomas R. Frieden) – 疾病预防控制中心主任

Sherrie Berger– CDC Chief of Staff

Sherrie Berger,美国疾病控制与预防中心办公室主任

David A. Kessler – Co-chair COVID-19 Advisory Board

David A.Kessler–Co-chair新冠肺炎咨询委员会

Rachel Levine – HHS Asst. Secretary

蕾切尔·莱文(Rachel Levine)——美国卫生与公众服务部助理部长

Nancy Messonnier – Leader COVID-19 Response

Nancy Messonnier–新冠肺炎应对领导

Anne Schuchat – Principal Deputy Director CDC

安妮·舒查特(Anne Schuchat)——美国疾病控制与预防中心首席副主任

Rochelle Walensky– CDC Director

罗谢尔·瓦伦斯基(Rochelle Walensky)——美国疾病控制与预防中心主任

Jeffrey Zients – CDC Czar, COVID-19 Response Coordinator

Jeffrey Zients–CDC沙皇,新冠肺炎应对协调员

Albert Bourla– Pfizer CEO


Michael Dolsten – Pfizer Chief Scientist

Michael Dolsten,辉瑞首席科学家

Tal Zaks – Moderna Chief Scientist and Medical Officer

Tal Zaks——Moderna首席科学家兼医务官


And More Corruption



Image Via Elijah Nouvelage / Stringer / Getty Images. Source

图片来源:Elijah Nouvelage/Stringer/Getty Images。来源


Lest you think I am alone in my disaffection for the US CDC, here is a sampling of others who share my sentiments. I have not examined all their claims, but these people cannot all be dismissed as conspiracy theorists. To begin, here is an article by Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, with the headline: “Covid Crimes Exposed: the FDA, NIH, CDC, WHO Are Criminal Organizations That Must be Indicted, Tried, and Executed for Massive Crimes Against Humanity“. [42] And here is another by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., telling us flatly that “The CDC Is A [Criminal] Vaccine Company“. [43] Here are some others, in no particular order:

如果你认为我一个人对美国疾病控制与预防中心感到失望,这里是其他分享我感受的人的样本。我没有审查他们的所有主张,但这些人不能被称为阴谋论者。首先,这里是保罗·克雷格·罗伯茨博士的一篇文章,标题是:“新冠犯罪暴露:FDA、NIH、CDC,谁是必须因大规模危害人类罪而被起诉、审判和处决的犯罪组织”。[42]小罗伯特·F·肯尼迪(Robert F.Kennedy,Jr.)在这里直截了当地告诉我们,“CDC是一家[犯罪]疫苗公司”。[43]以下是其他一些,无特别顺序:


James Grundvig: Report to reveal the CDC as a criminal and deceptive cartel. In 2016, James Grundvig published his book “Master Manipulator: The Explosive True Story of Fraud, Embezzlement and Government Betrayal at the CDC.” Grundvig’s warnings in the book have come to fruition five years after it was published. The astonishing TRUE story of a CDC criminal conspiracy and the international fugitive from justice who faked vaccine research. If you don’t know the story of Poul Thorsen, CDC vaccine researcher, fraudster, con artist and international fugitive from justice, you don’t know the real story about the CDC at all. [44] And another similar: [45]

詹姆斯·格伦德维格:揭露CDC是一个犯罪和欺骗卡特尔的报告。2016年,詹姆斯·格伦德维格(James Grundvig)出版了他的书《操纵大师:CDC欺诈、伏击和政府背叛的爆炸性真实故事》。CDC犯罪阴谋和伪造疫苗研究的国际逃犯的惊人真实故事。如果你不知道波尔·索森(Poul Thorsen)的故事,CDC疫苗研究员、骗子、骗子艺术家和国际逃犯,你根本不知道CDC的真实故事。[44]和另一个类似的:[45]


“The CDC is a criminal organization, non-state, non-uniformed enemy belligerents, and have been for over 40 years.”[46]The CDC has been operating as a criminal agency inside the United States for a very long time.” [47]The CDC Is a Criminal Organization. The CDC predicted up to 90,000 swine flu deaths in the U.S., with 2 million getting infected; the WHO was warning that 7+ million people could and might die; and the final tally was 12,000 deaths in the U.S. (rounded up), and 500 in the UK after UK propagandists predicted 65,000 deaths. And add to that the fact that the numbers reported in the U.S. were not verified scientifically — the CDC just made up numbers.” [48]



The CDC: A Truly Corrupt and Dangerous Organization. Over the years, the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) has repeatedly deceived and lied to the public, yet they continue to state that their mission is to protect America from health, safety and security threats, both foreign and in the U.S. Carrying on with the theme of vaccinations being given to pregnant women, in 2012, Eileen Danneman from the National Coalition of Organized Women (NCOW) accused the CDC of “willful misconduct,” stating that she believed the CDC was responsible for causing the deaths of thousands of unborn babies. [49]The Criminal Death Center (CDC) unleashes hell upon children.” [50]

疾病预防控制中心:一个真正腐败和危险的组织。多年来,疾病预防控制中心(疾病控制和预防中心)一再欺骗和欺骗公众,但他们继续声称他们的使命是保护美国免受健康、安全和保障威胁,包括国外和美国。继续以孕妇接种疫苗为主题,2012年,全国有组织妇女联盟(NCOW)的艾琳·丹尼曼(Eileen Danneman)指责疾病预防控制中心故意不当行,称她认为疾病预防控制中心应对数千名未出生婴儿的死亡负责。[49] “刑事死亡中心(CDC对儿童施以地狱。[50]


CDC Crimes And Collusion With Big Pharma. The article makes a case for moving past investigating the criminal enterprise masquerading as a public health agency and calls for a dismantling by Congress, especially since it has been allowed to use U.S. taxpayer money to purchase and enrich itself and its leadership with over 4000 vaccine patents.” [51]The CDC is an all-powerful government agency with military powers and a PRIVATELY FUNDED network”. [52]Tony Fauci and the Swine Flu hoax; betrayal of trust. Dr. Anthony Fauci once shilled for the fast-tracked H1N1 influenza (‘swine flu’) vaccine on YouTube, reassuring viewers in 2009 that serious adverse events were ‘very, very, very rare.’ Shortly thereafter, the vaccine went on to wreak havoc in multiple countries, increasing miscarriage risks in pregnant women in the U.S., provoking a spike in adolescent narcolepsy in Scandinavia and causing febrile convulsions in one in every 110 vaccinated children in Australia—prompting the latter to suspend its influenza vaccination program in under-fives.” [53]

疾病预防控制中心与大型制药公司的犯罪和勾结。这篇文章主张放弃对伪装成公共卫生机构的犯罪企业的调查并呼吁国会解散该机构别是因为该机构被允许使用美国纳税人的钱购买疫苗并利用4000项疫苗专利充实自己及其领导层。” [51] “疾病预防控制中心是一个拥有军事权力和私人资助网络的全能政府机构[52] “托尼·福奇和猪流感骗局;背叛信任。安东尼·福奇博士曾在YouTube为快速追踪的H1N1流感(猪流感)疫苗做广告,在2009年向观众保证严重不良事件非常、非常、非常罕。此后不久,该疫苗在多个国家造成严重破坏,增加了美国孕妇流产的风险,引发了斯堪的纳维亚青少年嗜睡症的激增,并导致澳大利亚每110名接种疫苗的儿童中就有一人出现热性惊厥,促使后者暂停了五岁以下儿童的流感疫苗接种计划。[53]


CDC Foreign Biological Warfare Activities




The Pentagon has planned to turn Georgia into its largest overseas, combining its military resources with the resources of the US CDC in Georgia. “Furthermore, the number of US projects and grants have increased as well as the number of US scientists deployed to the Lugar Center. The Pentagon-funded facility is planned to temporarily accommodate 16 CDC specialists from Atlanta, for whom Georgia will build a separate BSL-2 laboratory, administrative building and a campus near the Lugar Center. In addition, Georgia will become a regional CDC hub for Eastern Europe and Central Asia. The CDC currently has many staff members working at the Lugar Center in Georgia, and have requested additional space.” [54]The CDC is also active in Korea and other countries, for the same purpose.

五角大楼计划将格鲁吉亚变成其最大的海外基地,将其军事资源与美国疾病预防控制中心在格鲁吉亚的资源相结合。此外,美国项目和赠款的数量以及部署到卢格中心的美国科学家的数量也有所增加。五角大楼资助的设施计划暂时容纳来自亚特兰大的16名疾病预防控制中心专家,格鲁吉亚将为他们建造一个单独的BSL-2实验室、行政大楼和卢格中心附近的校园。此外,格鲁吉亚将成为东欧和中亚的疾病预防控制中心枢纽。疾病预防控制中心目前有许多工作人员在格鲁吉亚卢格中心工作,并要求增加空间。” [54]疾病预防控制中心也在韩国和其他国家积极开展活动,目的相同。


Gilead, the US-based pharmaceutical firm, was conducting an experimental Hepatitis C elimination project in cooperation with the US CDC at the Lugar Center in Georgia. According to Arms Watch and leaked documents from Georgia’s Ministry of Health, at least 249 patients enrolled in this project have died. [55][56]The Pentagon apparently has plans to turn Georgia into its largest overseas military biological warfare facility outside the US, combining its military resources with the resources of the US Centers for Disease Control (CDC). In addition, Georgia will become a regional CDC hub for Eastern Europe and Central Asia for the US CDC. [57] From the leaked documents, US military scientists have been deployed to Georgia for research on bioterrorism agents at the Lugar Center, [which] have the potential to be aerosolized and used as bioweapons.



NAMRU-3 Holds Change of Command. Source



Since 1942, NAMRU-3 was operated on the outskirts of Cairo in Egypt. Then suddenly the US Navy packed up their entire biological weapons lad and move it to their Sigonella compound in Italy. The main center of the NAMRU installations is Medical Research Center in Silver Spring, Maryland, with the other NAMRUs being its operational centers. All NAMRU activities report to the US CDC, and are operated in a hub-and-spoke basis with, for example, the new NAMRU in Sicily having jurisdiction over those in Egypt, Ghana, and Djibouti. Other major centers are located in Singapore and Peru.



To make matters worse, the US CDC is developing a “strategic infrastructure” to “keep the US safe from intentional and naturally occurring public health threats”. This might not be bad, but the CDC is developing this infrastructure in cooperation with the FBI, the Association of Public Health Laboratories, and the Laboratory Response Network, also obviously in cooperation with branches of the US military. [58]The FBI is America’s political police; what are they doing in a project with the CDC and biological weapons installations?


7 out of 12 Lugar Center employees involved in the bat research project were former bioweapon scientists who had previously worked on the development of biological weapons in the past. Source



In 2012 the US CDC collected and sampled 236 bats for research in Georgia in cooperation with the Lugar Center. The project was funded by the US DoD Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA). Part of the samples were shipped to CDC (Atlanta), for screening for multiple pathogens, another part was stored at the Lugar Center for further studies. In 2014 the US Center for Disease Control (CDC) launched a second project “Emerging zoonotic pathogens in Georgian bats” along with Georgian scientists at the Lugar Center. The project was funded by the International Science and Technology Center (ISTC). This is the organisation that funded the bat project in Georgia in 2014, was established in 1992 as a non-proliferation international program, providing former biological and chemical weapons scientists with new opportunities for sustainable, peaceful employment. Seven of the Georgian scientists involved in the ISTC bat research project in Georgia turn out to be former bioweapon scientists who had previously worked on the development of bioweapons, according to the ISTC project documents.




Mr. Romanoff’s writing has been translated into 32 languages and his articles posted on more than 150 foreign-language news and politics websites in more than 30 countries, as well as more than 100 English language platforms. Larry Romanoff is a retired management consultant and businessman. He has held senior executive positions in international consulting firms, and owned an international import-export business. He has been a visiting professor at Shanghai’s Fudan University, presenting case studies in international affairs to senior EMBA classes. Mr. Romanoff lives in Shanghai and is currently writing a series of ten books generally related to China and the West. He is one of the contributing authors to Cynthia McKinney’s new anthology ‘When China Sneezes’. (Chapt. 2 — Dealing with Demons).


His full archive can be seen at

他的全部档案可以在 +

He can be contacted at:





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[45] The astonishing TRUE story of a CDC criminal conspiracy and the international fugitive from justice who faked vaccine research

[45]CDC 犯罪阴谋和国际逃犯伪造疫苗研究的惊人真实故事

[46] The CDC is a criminal organization, non-state, non-uniformed enemy belligerents, and have been for over 40 years


[47] The CDC has been operating as a criminal agency inside the United States for a very long time.


[48] The CDC Is a Criminal Organization


[49] The CDC: A Truly Corrupt and Dangerous Organization

[49] 疾病预防控制中心:一个真正腐败和危险的组织

[50] The Criminal Death Center (CDC) unleashes hell upon children

[50] 刑事死亡中心 (CDC) 释放地狱般的折磨

[51] CDC Crimes And Collusion With Big Pharma


[52] The CDC is an all-powerful government agency with military powers and a PRIVATELY FUNDED network


[53] Tony Fauci and the Swine Flu hoax; betrayal of trust

[53] 托尼·福奇和猪流感骗局;背叛信任

[54] New data leak from the Pentagon biolaboratory in Georgia

[54] 鲁吉亚五角大楼生物实验室新数据泄露

[55] Gilead has paid $178 million to doctors to promote drugs despite patient deaths

[55] 尽管有患者死亡,吉利德公司仍向医生支付了1.78亿美元用于推广药物

[56] Georgia cover-up of deaths in $3.3 billion pharmaceutical project: documents

[56] 佐治亚州掩盖了价值 33 亿美元的制药项目中的死亡事件:文件

[57] New data leak from the Pentagon biolaboratory in Georgia


[58] Enhancing Laboratory Response Network Capacity in South Korea

[58] 韩国实验室应急网络能力


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