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November 24, 2023



False Flags and Conspiracy Theories




False Flags and Conspiracy Theories

Chapter 10 – The 1918 Rockefeller-US Army “Spanish Flu”

By Larry Romanoff


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This one qualifies as a genuine false-flag operation even though it began life more innocently. Normally, a false-flag operation begins with a conspiracy to commit a felony of one sort or another, with an integral part of the plan being to attribute the blame to someone else. This one didn’t begin that way, but it certainly ended that way.


One new historical development that has been evolving over a few years and now brought into focus because of COVID-19, is the so-called “Spanish Flu” of 1918. Recurring reports and documentation are now emerging to tell us that this ‘Greatest Pandemic in History’ was (1) not “Spanish”, (2) not “the flu” and, (3) not a natural occurrence but the result of human tinkering with vaccines. There surely is much more to emerge, but the accumulating evidence to date is too compelling to dismiss.


In simple terms, the emerging evidence supports postulations that the 1918 pandemic was caused by a misguided – and very experimental – Rockefeller Institute meningitis vaccination program which was initiated at Fort Riley by the US military, and spread to the world from there. This essay will attempt to briefly document the evidence that is available so far. There will of course be many objections to the content of this essay, not only from the ideologues and trolls, but from those in high places with vital body organs requiring protection.


First, there was never any justification for associating the 1918 pandemic with Spain. The pathogen did not originate in Spain, nor was Spain the hardest hit. The most commonly-accepted “official story” as related by our media is that all countries but Spain had initiated severe censorship (due to the war) and thus public awareness and the facts of the pandemic freely circulated only in the Spanish media, and so it was “natural” to refer to this as the Spanish Flu. In any case, the documented evidence is increasingly voluminous – and increasingly solid – that this outbreak originated at Fort Riley, Kansas, in the US. Conspiracy theorists and historical revisionists cannot change this now.


Serbian soldiers are treated for influenza on February 5, 1919, in Rotterdam, Netherlands, at the auxiliary hospital for Serbians and Portuguese. The auxiliary hospital was located in Schoonderloostraat, the building of the Society of St. Aloysius. In the center is Captain Dragoljub N. Đurković with a member of the medical staff. Source


The 1918 pandemic was quite possibly the worst the world had seen, certainly for centuries. It infected about 500 million people and killed at least 50 million worldwide. The current “official narrative” is that it was caused by “an H1N1 virus that originated in birds” (which is not a ‘flu’ in any case), and these claims appear to be false. This “influenza” was “first identified in the US in military personnel” in the spring of 1918 but, in a 2008 report, the US NIH admitted that most of the deaths were not from ‘the flu’ nor from any bird virus but from a bacterial pneumonia. [1] The NCBI concurred. [2] The details of the studies corroborate this extensively, in which even Dr. Anthony Fauci says, “We agree completely that bacterial pneumonia played a major role in the mortality of the 1918 pandemic.” [3] In fact, it is now stated that the reason modern medical technology was never able to identify the “killer influenza strain” from this pandemic was because influenza was not the killer. It might be obvious to us today because we know that influenza attacks the young, old and immuno compromised, while the “Spanish Flu” almost exclusively attacked healthy people in their prime – which is what a bacterial pneumonia does. [4] [5].


Again, the official narrative tells us that, due to troop movements because of the war, the pathogen was spread worldwide. But the current emerging thesis is that troop movements might have been irrelevant because Rockefeller, in their combined haste and hubris, “sent their experimental anti-meningococcal serum to England, France, Belgium, Italy and many other countries, helping spread the epidemic worldwide.” It certainly appears to be the prime suspect, and we can understand the reluctance of today’s WHO and CDC to reveal this to the popular press. As Dr. Kevin Barry wrote:


“It would be much more difficult to maintain the marketing mantra of “vaccines save lives” if a vaccine experiment originating in the United States . . . caused the deaths of 50-100 million people”, [and] “The American Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research and its experimental bacterial meningococcal vaccine may have killed 50-100 million people in 1918-19” is a far less effective sales slogan. [6]


The Smoking Gun



How America Struggled to Bury the Dead During the 1918 Flu Pandemic. Undertakers, gravediggers and casket makers couldn’t keep up with history’s deadliest pandemic. Source


According to the 2008 National Institute of Health paper, bacterial pneumonia was the killer in a minimum of 92.7% of the 1918-19 autopsies reviewed. It is likely higher than 92.7%. The researchers looked at more than 9000 autopsies, and “there were no negative (bacterial) lung culture results.” “… In the 68 higher-quality autopsy series, in which the possibility of unreported negative cultures could be excluded, 92.7% of autopsy lung cultures were positive for ≥1 bacterium. … in one study of approximately 9000 subjects who were followed from clinical presentation with influenza to resolution or autopsy, researchers obtained, with sterile technique, cultures of either pneumococci or streptococci from 164 of 167 lung tissue samples.”


Further, “There were 89 pure cultures of pneumococci; 19 cultures from which only streptococci were recovered; 34 that yielded mixtures of pneumococci and/or streptococci; 22 that yielded a mixture of pneumococci, streptococci, and other organisms (prominently pneumococci and non-hemolytic streptococci); and 3 that yielded non-hemolytic streptococci alone. There were no negative lung culture results.” (See reference 2) “Pneumococci or streptococci were found in “164 of 167 lung tissue samples” autopsied.”  That is 98.2%. Bacteria was the killer. [6]


Boys wear bags of camphor around the time of 1918-19 Spanish flu – an “old-wives’ method of flue prevention,” according to a December 1946 issue of Life magazine. Source


“The 1918 and 1919 volumes of the Journal of the American Medicine Association include many articles on the cause, prevention, and treatment of influenza. Again and again, investigators wonder at the spotty presence of B. influenzae in the ill, note its presence in healthy individuals, and observe it in other infections such as measles, scarlet fever, diphtheria, and varicella (chickenpox).” In one article, the authors write, “There seems to be no justification for the belief that the epidemic was due to the influenza bacillus, which is probably a secondary invader and bears about the same relation to the influenza cases as to respiratory infections of a different sort” (Lord 1919). [7]


This appears to be where the story begins:


Following an outbreak of epidemic meningitis at Camp Funston, Kansas, in October and November, 1917, a series of anti-meningitis vaccinations was undertaken on  subjects from the camp. [8] At that time, vaccinations (and perhaps much of medical science generally) were in their infancy, with very much unknown. In particular, Dr. Gates himself (see Note 8) notes that prior to this time, “meningococcus vaccines have not been extensively employed for prophylactic immunization, and only a few references are to be found in the literature that relate vaccination experiences.” He further relates that the few referenced cases experienced “very severe” reactions to the vaccines – which were entirely experimental.


The US Army ballooned from little more than 250,000 to 6,000,000 men. Source


In this case, the Rockefeller Institute, which seems to be where the experiments in opening this special compartment of Pandora’s Box originated, contrived an experimental vaccine and were understandably anxious to “see what happens”. It was apparently a rather crude anti-bacterial vaccine that was made in horses. I haven’t the medical competence to comment on the equine portion but others more knowledgeable have suggested this might not have been the best method. One enormous advantage of the war to Rockefeller was that the US Army ballooned from little more than 250,000 to 6,000,000 men, with the “Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research” now having an enormous pool of human guinea pigs to conduct vaccine experiments.


In a 26-page paper published in July of 1918 by Dr. Fredrick L. Gates, M. D., First Lieutenant, Medical Corps, U. S. Army, writing from the Base Hospital, Fort Riley, Kansas, and The Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research, New York, Dr. Gates outlines the procedure. [8]


“For the determination of dosage and the study of reactions and antibody formation six groups of about 50 men each were chosen from the various companies in the regiment. Successive groups received increasing doses of vaccine in a series of three injections at 4 to 10-day intervals. The determination of the dosage of vaccine for subsequent groups followed from the reports of the reactions produced by the given doses. It was considered important to increase the doses gradually in order to locate closely the zone of mild reactions and to avoid unexpectedly severe results.”


“The occurrence of an occasional reaction of greater severity even with the smaller doses, and increasing local tenderness after the injection of the larger doses of vaccine led to the choice of relatively lower doses for the general series throughout the camp rather than the attempt to push the dosage up to the limit of endurance. Later experience fully justified this decision. The preliminary series of vaccinations, therefore, served to establish the method of injection, the proper dosage for extended vaccination, the reactions which might be expected to follow the chosen doses, and the production of immune bodies in the serum of vaccinated men. On the basis of these findings the vaccine was offered to the camp at large.”


“Heretofore meningococcus vaccines have not been extensively employed for prophylactic immunization, and only a few references are to be found in the literature that relate vaccination experiences.” Those few references listed apparently experienced severe reactions, all of which indicates this was truly an experiment intruding on ground not before traveled.


Patients at U. S. Army Hospital No. 30 at a movie wear masks because of an influenza epidemic. Source


The results were not long in coming. “… Fourteen of the largest training camps had reported “influenza outbreaks” in March, April, or May, and some of the infected troops carried the virus with them aboard ships to France … As soldiers in the trenches became sick, the military evacuated them from the front lines and replaced them with healthy men. This process continuously brought the virus into contact with new hosts – young, healthy soldiers in which it could adapt, reproduce, and become extremely virulent without danger of burning out.”


Patients in Naval Training Station, San Francisco. National Health #NH 41871. Source


“… Before any travel ban could be imposed, a contingent of replacement troops departed Camp Devens (outside of Boston) for Camp Upton, Long Island, the Army’s debarkation point for France, and took influenza with them. Medical officers at Upton said it arrived “abruptly” on September 13, 1918, with 38 hospital admissions, followed by 86 the next day, and 193 the next. Hospital admissions peaked on October 4 with 483, and within 40 days, Camp Upton sent 6,131 men to the hospital for influenza. Some developed pneumonia so quickly that physicians diagnosed it simply by observing the patient rather than listening to the lungs…” [9]


I would say here that all indications are that this event was accidental. There may well have been hubris and ‘god-like’ imaginings at the Rockefeller Institute, but I am not in a position to make such accusations. From everything I have seen in researching this subject and, while I cannot speak for Rockefeller, the US military appears to have approached this with sincerity, good intentions, and high hopes of staving off meningitis infections in their troops. I have referenced above the paper by Dr. Gates that was written in 1918, and have studied it repeatedly. From those readings, I recognise no hint of deception or cover-up, no recklessness, no disdain for the lives of the soldiers, and no attempt (as we see with vaccines today) to minimise or discard the dangers of adverse reactions. The entire tone of his paper is one of an intelligent and educated medical officer sincerely documenting the situation of a dangerous pathogen and his efforts to eliminate it. He is careful in his statements; he documents the care in administering minor and increasing doses of the vaccine and monitoring their effects at every stage. From everything I have learned, I could find no fault with the US military in this ‘experiment’, except perhaps the fact that it was an experiment. The faults, disdain, cover-ups and deception came later.

Professor Bordier of France’s University of Lyon apparently claimed that this machine could cure colds in minutes. This photo circa 1928 shows him demonstrating his own machine. Source


My reading of the aftermath is that both the Rockefeller Institute and the US military (after conducting their thousands of autopsies) fully realised what had happened and, in humanly-understandable terms in the face of the calamity they had inadvertently unleashed, decided the most prudent course was to bury the truth rather than face the recriminations of an already war-weary world. Let’s not forget this pandemic killed more people than did the war itself, by a very large margin. In that situation, what would you do? Can you see the headlines in the NYT and London Times, reading “Whoops!”. I believe that this pandemic became the ‘flu’ and ‘Spanish’ because it disguised both the origin and the pathogen itself, steering the world’s public in wrong directions and blaming everything on nature. But perhaps after more than 100 years it is time for the US to show a bit of courage and integrity and tell the truth. There is after all a first time for everything.


The Inevitable “Chinese Coolies”


‘A’ Company, 1st Battalion, Chinese Labour Corps (catalogue reference: FO 371/2905/396). Source


There is one other aspect to this that requires mention: the attempt by some individuals to lay the blame for this event on China. The accusation itself is too foolish to warrant refuting, but I will briefly deal with it because it is one element of a large category of history that demands public revelation – that of Jewish slave trading in China which ended only because of WWI. The connection with this topic to the 1918 pandemic is that the mobilization of 96,000 Chinese laborers to work behind the British and French lines on World War I’s Western Front – may have been the source of the pandemic.  The International Opium Jews had infiltrated themselves so thoroughly into China that they controlled Chiang Kai-Shek and prevailed upon him to provide yet more Chinese as slave labor and cannon fodder for their war in Europe.  Chiang obliged, and the Chinese citizens were forcibly conscripted as always.




Table 2: Distribution of Labour Companies by Employments and Formations (catalogue reference: WO 107/37). Source


They were sent first to Canada, transported across the country to the Atlantic, then shipped to Europe where nearly all of them died. The new and insidious interpretation is that the Chinese came not only with their luggage but with the “Spanish flu”, ready to infect the world. One Jewish historian tells us that at the time China was suffering from something that “must have been” the Spanish flu, and thus carried it from the Great Wall to Europe.  No indication of how it migrated to Fort Riley.  And of course,  the reason the Spanish flu didn’t affect China was because all Chinese had already been infected and were immune.  I was always a fan of Science Fiction, but it occurs to me that Medical Fiction may be even more exciting.


Branches and Services. Labour Commandant (catalogue reference: WO 95/83/2). Source


There is much effort today by Jewish historians to attribute the so-called “Spanish flu” to the Chinese, as there also is to attribute Europe’s Bubonic Plague to Chinese – by the same Jewish historians. Perhaps the time has finally arrived for the world to know the truth of a great many things.


The “Fact-Checkers”



One of the more interesting aspects of this topic was that, immediately upon this information coming to light and attracting enormous attention in the alternate media, it seemed that almost every part of “the establishment” had panicked and were tripping over themselves to “fact-check” this and proclaim it false. Reuters (who are even less trustworthy than the New York Times, if that’s possible) managed to publish a non-stop flurry of “fact-check” articles denouncing this theory, insisting the 1918 pandemic “was not caused” by a vaccine. [10] [11]  Reuters were so concerned they even fact-checked and pronounced false, things that no one said, including a statement by Fauci that masks caused the pandemic. [12]. To further remove the conspiracy theorists, Reuters also solemnly proclaimed that the Spanish Flu was “not caused by electricity”, either. [13] USA Today insisted that “Genetic evidence shows flu virus caused 1918 pandemic, not vaccines”. [14]. Many others did the same.


My observation on this is that you don’t attract this much flak unless you are directly over the target.



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