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October 31, 2023


False Flags and Conspiracy Theories



False Flags and Conspiracy Theories

Chapter 1 – False Flags

By Larry Romanoff



False Flags and Conspiracy Theories E-BOOK


A false flag event is a staged event that we commit, but that is cleverly arranged in such a way as to deflect the blame onto a political enemy, often used as a pretext to start a foreign war or to launch draconian domestic laws in the name of national security. Occasionally, as in the deployment of a biological pathogen, the event is hopefully designed to appear as a natural occurrence. These are excellent from the viewpoint of the perpetrators, since the victims have no way to know if an attack actually occurred, much less who was responsible. The US has performed many of these in China and Korea, [1] and in Central and South America. [2] There are as well many individual deaths, from sudden “heart attacks”, apparent motor vehicle accidents, or the classic “suicide” of a potential whistle-blower. In each case, the relevant officials (and the supporting media) attribute these to “natural causes” or perhaps bad luck. Think of Steve Kangas, Gary Webb, Philip Marshall, Pat Tillman, Karen Silkwood, Bruce Ivins. [3]


In another category, we have frequent occasions where the Jewish US State Department [4] is seeking to influence a presidential election in a disfavored country, where we see huge street protests against the “fraudulent election of an incumbent hated leader” and where, with luck, domestic TV reporters film the “spontaneous protestors” gathering at the local US Embassy at the end of the day to collect their pay.


In 2005, then-president George W. Bush views a Torah with Rabbi Zvi Teitelbaum, left, and Shelton Zuckerman at the Sixth & I Historic Synagogue in Northwest Washington. (ANDREW COUNCILL/AFP/Getty Images) Source


The Western Jewish-owned media are masters at creating false-flag events, usually by faking or mis-appropriating photos and videos, and using them to support stories that either never occurred or where the actual events bore little or no resemblance to the published propaganda. One such was a false story of Russians protesting in the streets against the impending Presidential election, but no such protests occurred; the photos used, and which were immediately recognised by many, had been copied and pasted from 1991, when Russians took to the streets to complain about the dissolution of the USSR. Another Jewish media network fabricated the same story but had no video so they used footage of Greek citizens rioting against IMF-imposed austerity in Greece, leaving many to wonder why Russians in Moscow would write their protest signs in Greek. On this same topic, when you watch news videos on street protests in foreign countries, have you ever wondered why all the protest signs are in English, why people in Iraq, Libya, Greece, Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, and so many more nations would make English signs to express their displeasure instead of protesting in their own language? The reason is that those protests were staged by the Jewish US State Department with hired “dissidents” performing for a Disney made-for-US-TV news bulletin. [5]


Sometimes the soldiers were allowed to escape, and sometimes they were brutally killed by the protesters. Numerous protesters were armed with Molotov cocktails and even guns. Source


One of the most successful false-flag events of all time, certainly the most successful in terms of a propaganda victory, were the famous events of 1989 in Tiananmen Square – the tragic event that never happened. [6] The Americans had hijacked the student movement of the day and were hoping to create a “Color Revolution” in China. When the attempt failed, the worldwide power of the Jewish media was harnessed to publish an entirely false story supported by photos of mayhem from a totally-unrelated event, and promote this to the world as a student massacre. As stated, no such event ever occurred, and video has always been available – but forcefully suppressed – of the peaceful clearing of the Square. This propaganda victory was so successful the Jewish media have celebrated it as an anniversary event every year for more than 30 years. A 100% false-flag event.


Interview with Julia Lovell, author of “The Opium War” at Crowne Plaza Hotel, Causeway Bay. 22JUL11 (Photo by Warton Li/South China Morning Post via Getty Images) Source


In similar fashion, the Jewish control of both the media and book publishing industries has given them the power to rewrite history, writing themselves and their multiple crimes out of the historical record and attributing the blame to either natural events or the victims – and usually managing to present themselves as the victims instead – a kind of “double false-flag” operation, and generally quite successful. One obvious example is China’s 100 years of opium tragedy that the world’s public have been taught to attribute to the “British”, when it was 100% a Jewish occupation led by Rothschild and Sassoon. Another 100% false-flag operation, and quite successful. And in fact, the Jews are often very dirty about their role in historical events. In the case of China, a Jewish author named Julia Lovell, wrote about the history of opium in China, not once mentioning any Jews, but in fact blamed it all on the Chinese and termed it “a tragic-comedy”. A false-flag operation where you enslave a nation to an addictive drug, slaughter around 100 million people, then term it a kind of “comedy”, and excuse yourself while you pass the entire blame to the victim.


In a related category, the world’s publics have been taught to feel sympathy for the Jews for having been repeatedly expelled from almost every nation for the past 1,000 years – ostensibly due to “anti-Semitism”. But again, due to their power over the media and book publishing, few are aware that the Jews were expelled because of their crimes – usury, slave-trading, tax farming, attempted destruction of Christianity, and much else. Anti-Semitism played little to no part in any of these expulsions.



We have yet another category of false-flag events occurring when the Jews use their control over the media to present entirely false versions of important historical events where the Jews have committed vast crimes but succeed in deflecting the blame to others or to the victims themselves. The Russian Revolution was one such, but in fact all the Jews were behind all the European revolutions, emerging from the same source – the Khazar Jews seeking to find a way to avoid their repeated expulsions from all European nations. [7] Even more, the entire creation of “democracy” – the multi-party electoral system that Westerners today hold so dear – was concocted by the Jews specifically as a way to take control of governments from behind the scenes and thus remove the power to expel them. [8]



In more related news, we have the tales of the various “pogroms” against the Jews in various countries, again ostensibly due to rampant “anti-Semitism”. These are also almost entirely “false-flag” events. As an example, during the Russian Revolution the Jewish Bolsheviks slaughtered a full 30% of the entire population of Russia, including the wealthy, the intelligentsia, and the clergy. It was entirely Jews who operated the Gulags, who were responsible for creating the “homolodor” in Ukraine that starved 8 million to death. It was Jews who murdered the entire Russian Royal Family and confiscated all their wealth. And when their revolution failed, they looted the entire nation on their way out. Given all this, it is hardly a surprise that Russians would want to hunt down and persecute or kill any Jews remaining in the country. But, with their control of the media and book publishing, the Jews have managed to turn upside-down the historical record, write themselves out of the picture, and paint themselves as the “victims”. You could scarcely find a more successful false-flag operation than this.


Kenyan Doctors Find Anti-Fertility Agent In UN Tetanus Vaccine. Source


Another category occurs when various corporations, Pharma companies, NGOs or UN Agencies commit crimes under pretenses of doing good. As one notable example, the WHO surreptitiously sterilized about 150 million women in Third-World countries with an “anti-fertility” vaccine produced by the Jewish pharma company Sanofi, owned by Rothschild, under the guise of providing tetanus vaccinations. An abominable crime against humanity, but deeply buried under a false UN flag. [9] I will deal with this one later in this series of essays.


Yet another kind of false-flag emerges when, for example, the US bombed Serbia to poverty and utterly destroyed Yugoslavia, then attributed the military action to NATO forces. All of these, and more, qualify as false-flag events where we commit a crime or weave a false story against another person or nation, then create a plausible deflection of the blame to another source.


The Yom Kippur War, on 1973: A major but controlled war was, for Kissinger, the practical way to make everybody in the region dependent on the US. Source


The US and Israel appear to be the masters in these deadly games of deception and war, both nations having committed them on many occasions. It often happens that the story from these events is not entirely believable, partly because the perpetrators are not always as clever as they imagine themselves to be, and partly because random events sometimes intervene in ways we cannot anticipate. Frequently, the perpetrators are initially successful but the truth is revealed later, either accidentally discovered or deliberately leaked.

Japanese experts inspect the scene of the ‘railway sabotage’ on South Manchurian Railway, leading to the Mukden Incident and the japanese occupation of Manchuria. Source


The pattern of “terrorist” events in recent history is similar to the template developed and employed by the CIA for its European Operation Gladio which we have already examined elsewhere. [10] These civil terrorism operations avoid attacking military or industrial targets, and generally avoid government installations as well. As one participant in that formerly-secret program stated: “You had to attack civilians, people, women, children, innocent people, unknown people far removed from any political game. The reason was quite simple. They were supposed to force these people, the public, to turn to the state to ask for greater security.” Why would they do such a thing? For the same reason they have always done this: fear makes a population malleable, turning to the state for protection. It produces Right-Wing governments amenable to war, permits the withdrawal of civil rights and liberties, and prepares the way for our Fascist-state world government to come. These false flag operations where innocent people are often murdered will invariably supply the pretext for either an unjustified military invasion of another country or the imposition of greater restrictions on domestic residential populations. In either case, the unwitting public believe they are defending their country. But often, the stories concocted to deceive the public are often too full of inconsistencies for all but the most gullible to accept, leaving the intended audience with a strong conviction of a conspiracy behind the event in question. And these leads us to what we fondly call “conspiracy theories”. There are many.


Operation Northwoods was a top-secret plan developed by the DoD and the Joint Chiefs of Staff in 1962.  Source


In Operation Northwoods, [11] the CIA recommended sending a planeload of American college students off-course over Cuba, shooting down the plane, then blaming the Cubans and using that as an excuse to invade. In the same document, the CIA recommended setting off explosions at Florida shopping malls, killing unknown numbers of innocent people, and blaming these actions on Cuban terrorists, again providing an apparent excuse to invade. The CIA also had a plan ready to go, that came within a hair of being approved, to shoot down one of NASA’s space launches, destroying the rocket and sacrificing the US astronauts, with data already prepared to blame Cuba for “electronic interference” and justify a Cuban invasion. Those same NASA astronauts have reportedly been driven to tears in discussing the revelation of this plan during public speeches, but the media have never acknowledged this.


Israel and False Flags


In his new book, British-Israeli historian Avi Shlaim includes research on a number of bombings in Baghdad which prompted a mass exodus of Jews from Iraq between 1950 and 1951, most of whom, like his family, ended up in Israel. Source


Israel has been engaged in false-flag events for many decades, never hesitating to sacrifice lives for political gain. We had the Baghdad bombings as early as 1950 and 1951, [12] where Jews in Iraq had bombed various Jewish civilian targets, killing other Jews. Credit for the attacks was blamed on Iraqi Arabs and Christians, producing multiple claims of widespread “anti-Semitism”, apparently in an attempt to make Iraqi Jews feel unsafe and therefore more likely to emigrate to Israel, a very important part of the Zionist agenda at the time. Naturally, an internal Israeli (Mossad) investigation found no proof of Israel’s involvement, even though Mossad had been implicated by admission in other similar adventures. Of course, even today, Jewish sources like Wikipedia tell us, “There is a controversy around the true identity and objective of the culprits behind the bombings, and the issue remains unresolved.” However, there was no doubt in Iraq about the identity of these terrorists, since they were caught at the time, with some sentenced to death and others to life imprisonment.


The Lavon Affair: Of the 14 operatives, only the commander, Avri Elad, was able to escape. Yosef Carmon and Max Bineth, a Mossad agent in Egypt on a different mission, committed suicide in prison. Marcelle Ninio, the only woman among the combatants of Unit 131, tried to commit suicide several times but failed. She was sentenced to 15 years in prison. Moshe Marzuk and Shmuel Ezer were sentenced to death and hanged. The remainder were sentenced to life in prison. Source


A few years later, in 1954, there was the Lavon Affair, [13] [14] which was another failed Jewish Israeli covert operation conducted in Egypt where a group of Jews were recruited by Israeli military intelligence to plant bombs in foreign-owned civilian targets like American schools and British cinemas and libraries. The attacks on these civilian targets were intended to terrorise the population with a climate of violence and political instability for the purpose of forcing the British military to remain in control of Egypt’s Suez Canal. The terrorist attacks were blamed on various Muslims or communists, but the Jewish perpetrators were caught and sentenced to death. For more than 50 years, the Israeli government denied involvement in the affair, but then in 2005 the Jewish terrorists who perpetrated that violence were officially honored by being awarded “certificates of appreciation” by Israel’s President.


  • Under no circumstances must we touch land belonging to fellahs or worked by them. Only if a fellah leaves his place of settlement, should we offer to buy his land, at an appropriate price.
    • Written statement (1920), as quoted in Teveth, Shabtai (1985), Ben-Gurion and the Palestinian Arabs: From Peace to War, Oxford University Press. Source


There was yet another similar instance where Israel sent in Mossad agents to plant bombs in various places in Cairo, Egypt, and to leave evidence that would incriminate other groups and justify military retaliation. Unfortunately, one of the bombs exploded prematurely, resulting in the Jewish agents being apprehended, confessing to their crime and implicating their comrades.


Unless we show the Arabs that there is a high price to pay for murdering Jews, we won’t survive. Source


There have been many of these cases where Israel has used its Mossad spy agency or military intelligence to commit terrorist acts against Jews in other countries, killing more than a few of their own countrymen, often for the purpose of encouraging emigration to Israel. It appears to be an astonishing truth that the international Khazar Jews controlling events from The City of London, seem to exhibit little to no concern for what they term “the lesser Jews” – who are quite expendable for instances of political gain. It was David Ben-Gurion, the first Prime Minister of Israel, who said if he could save all of Germany’s Jews by moving them to London, or only half by moving them to Israel, he would choose the latter without hesitation. [15] He would have sacrificed the lives of three million Jews – 20% of that nation’s world population, for the political advantage of settling some in Israel – a nation that didn’t exist, and that wasn’t his to settle in any case.


When perpetrated by Jews, each such act is initially blamed on Muslims or Christians and used as evidence of rampant anti-Semitism, thereby justifying a continuation of public perception of the Jews as victims. To my mind, the Charlie Hebdo terrorist event in Paris [16] in 2015 had all the hallmarks – and the fingerprints – of yet another Mossad operation. In this case, a Jewish magazine office was attacked and the staff killed, ostensibly for publishing anti-Muslim content, and a Jewish grocery store inexplicably attacked as well. The attack was attributed to disaffected Muslims living in Paris but it was clear from the beginning that this had been a professional operation conducted by very highly-trained military personnel using the latest in high-tech weaponry. As with most such events, there were a great many holes and inconsistencies in the story, and considerable evidence of a cover-up which is always indicative of state involvement in such affairs. It seemed almost comical when, within days, the Jews managed to assemble virtually all Western leaders in a group photo, demonstrating their solidarity with the Jews who were apparently victims once again. And Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu immediately presented himself in Paris, strongly encouraging French Jews to emigrate to Israel – where they would be “safe”.


The UK Guardian was especially sympathetic, with an article headlined, “From Auschwitz to Charlie Hebdo: the perils of being Jewish in France”. [17] Not everyone agreed. Twenty-six “leading public intellectuals – including former high-level government officials, professors, and journalists” all concurred this was just one more Jewish (or French-Jewish) false-flag attack. [18]


World leaders assemble to show solidarity with the Jews – who are victims. Britannica photo. Source.


Similar incidents have repeatedly occurred in various European centers over the decades, serving to not only encourage emigration to Israel but to wave the “anti-Semitic” flag yet again and justify additional legislation to increasingly protect both the Jews from criticism and their fabricated historical mythology from public revelation.


In another case in London in 1984, Libya was blamed for the shooting of a policewoman, but there were immediately many problems with this version of events, and even the BBC produced a documentary linking the killing to the CIA and Mossad.


There was another much more successful false-flag event in the 1990s that led to US President Ronald Reagan mounting a massive bombing campaign against Libya. The facts leading to that aerial assault have never received attention in the West, American readers having been fed a fabricated version of history that was in the interest of the US and Israel to promote. Briefly, Libya was accused of bombing a bar in Germany and killing a US serviceman, the reward for which was Reagan’s violent bombing assault. Khaddafi claimed innocence in that regard, and later facts proved him to have been telling the truth, since there was never any evidence connecting Libya to that bombing. In fact, when the accused were finally brought to trial in 1997, there was nothing to link them to Libya but there was substantial evidence pointing in other directions, it appearing that Libya had been set up by Israel’s Mossad. At that time, Israel had been feeding grievances against Libya for some years, and wanted to launch its own air assault but concluded Libya was too far away and too well-defended to be worth the risk. That set the stage for a false flag operation that proved to be eminently successful.


The West Berlin disco was destroyed by the bomb attack. Source


Some Jews from Israel went to Libya with false passports under the pretense of being carpet merchants, and apparently rented quarters near Khaddafi’s Palace. More importantly, the quarters were in direct line from the palace to the Mediterranean where US ships were constantly offshore, intercepting Libyan communications. The Jews had brought with them some directional radio transmission equipment, and took advantage of their position to transmit intermittent false information about a Libyan intention to effect some kind of terrorist act against the Americans, to plant a bomb somewhere. Details were cleverly fed to the Americans by means of these broadcasts, and over a period of time the details of this plan were leaked and the location was inferred to be Germany. Mossad then sent a couple of Jewish agents to a German bar and detonated a bomb that succeeded in killing one US serviceman. Of course, the blame was immediately laid on Khaddafi and Israel’s plan succeeded with Reagan bombing the hell out of Libya. The destruction was substantial, with much of it intended to kill Khaddafi if possible. Most of the sites targeted in the bombing were not military but civilian, including Khaddafi’s home and offices. He survived, but one of his children didn’t.


Lockerbie bomber Abdelbaset Ali Mohmet al-Megrahi at a hospital in Tripoli, September 9, 2009. (Mahmud Turkia/AFP). Source


A short time later, a US Pan American flight was destroyed by a bomb over Lockerbie, Scotland, with Libya again receiving the blame, but once again there was never any proof that Libya was involved in that tragedy, and all signs led to another Mossad false-flag operation. [19] We don’t need to dwell on details of this event here, since the many details can be easily checked online. Two Libyans were arrested and charged with the crime. One was released for lack of evidence; the other was convicted. The prosecution obtained a witness who testified that the “guilty” Libyan was seen by several people on a particular day buying clothing in a shop in Malta, the identical clothing that was used to wrap the bomb that destroyed the Pan Am flight. But then the accused Libyan provided positive proof that he had been in Europe, far from Malta, on the days in question, and it was revealed that the US Government had paid the witness $2 million for his testimony. The presiding judge acknowledged that these facts “presented a serious problem” for the prosecution, but he nevertheless found the Libyan guilty. Even members of Parliament accused the government of a cover-up to protect some highly-placed individuals, and even the Times of Israel agreed the evidence against the convicted man was “virtually of no value”. [20] But not to lose the main point which is that someone engineered the killing of more than 259 people on an aircraft, solely to score some political points.


There was another substantial event in June of 1967 where Israeli Jewish pilots and torpedo boats attacked an American intelligence-gathering ship, the USS Liberty, [21] off the coast of Egypt. Israel was at that time in a war with the Arabs and decided to attack and sink the American vessel with the blame to be naturally focused on the Arab nations. The truth is known only because they failed. Israeli aircraft strafed the ship with thousands of rounds of ammunition as well as burying it napalm, and an Israeli torpedo boat fired six torpedoes at the vessel. As luck would have it, five missed, but the one that did hit the target left a hole about 13 meters in diameter, the attack resulting in many deaths and injuries. The apparent intent was to sink an unarmed vessel and place the blame on Egypt, a plan that would have succeeded but for the ship’s refusal to sink and the fact that there were survivors to tell the story. The Jews later claimed a case of mistaken identity, that they didn’t realise the vessel was American, but tape recordings and survivor testimony revealed those claims to be untrue.


A supporter dons a USS Liberty memorial shirt as surviving crew members place roses on the ship’s memorial at Arlington National Cemetery, Section 34 on June 8, 2022. (Military.com photo by Drew F. Lawrence). Source


Israel’s attack on the USS Liberty was a typical false-flag event, a valiant attempt to sink a friendly vessel, killing and injuring hundreds of US sailors, then blame the event on Egypt, an attack that failed only because the Israeli Air Force and Navy were unable to sink the ship and thus left survivors to tell the tale. These people have always been willing to sacrifice innocent civilian lives for the sake of political gain.


A Moment for Pause


Let’s back up a step and consider again these ‘false flag‘ operations that have been engineered by the US (and other nations), of which there is a long list and where the official government narrative makes no sense and in many cases has proven later to have consisted entirely of lies. I listed some of these here, but there have been more, including the vast crimes against humanity in nations like Malaysia, Vietnam, Iraq and Libya, where all of the official story was proven to have been false. I will deal with many others in this series of essays. In every case, the American public and to some extent the world public as well have been unable to assimilate the actual facts and inconsistencies and conclude that their government has engaged in a massive crime covered up with enormous lies. As Hitler said when discussing the lies being told about Germany, even when the true facts are clearly presented to us, we still refuse to believe and we think there must be some other explanation.


The real truth of these events would be easily believable but for one thing – our sincere conviction that our leaders, while they are almost certainly corrupt, dishonest and self-serving, are not evil. We are convinced that most others, like ourselves, are basically “good”, and that nobody except the most depraved and ruthless dictator would deliberately extinguish innocent lives for the sake of achieving a political advantage. We simply cannot bring ourselves to accept that our Western “democratic” leaders, our police, military and espionage agencies would conspire in such a horrific way, killing dozens, thousands, or even millions of innocent civilians for the sake of achieving political (or financial) control. This is where we go wrong, and why the US, the Jews, and others have succeeded so regularly in these crimes. Our sincere conviction is not only misguided but deluded. Yes, our leaders would willingly sacrifice innocent lives for a political objective. They do it all the time, trusting in our delusion of their morality and in our reluctance to disbelieve ‘the big lie‘, to protect them and to keep us ignorant. The evidence of this is everywhere. We need only look.


Illustration: painting by the Chicago firm of Kurz & Allison showing the destruction of the U.S. battleship Maine in Havana Harbor, Cuba, with inserts of location of the “Maine-Havana Habor,” recovering the dead bodies, and head-and-shoulders portraits of Admiral Sicard and Captain Sigsbee. Credit: U.S. Library of Congress, Prints and Photographs Division. Source


It now appears definitive the US military deliberately killed several hundred of its own sailors when it blew up the USS Maine [22] in Havana harbor, to provide the excuse to begin the Spanish-American war. At the time, the Cubans were accused of sinking the ship with a mine, but it was discovered much later the explosion had occurred inside the vessel and blown the hull outward. The US military then tried to attribute that to a coal dust explosion, but investigation disclosed there was no coal storage in that part of the ship, and coal dust hasn’t the explosive power to blow out the armored hull of a warship.


An illustration of  the sinking of the Lusitania by a German U-boat,
Picture attributed: File:Bundesarchiv DVM 10 Bild-23-61-17, Untergang der “Lusitania”.jpg. Source


US President Woodrow Wilson repeatedly sent the liner Lusitania, [23] loaded with illegal munitions and well over 1,000 passengers, into the direct path of German U-boats while withdrawing the Lusitania’s military escort, deliberately sacrificing the ship and the lives for the political objective of entering the First World War.





US President Roosevelt engineered the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, [24] then kept secret the knowledge of the date and time of attack, in a clear plan now beyond dispute to sacrifice the sailors in exchange for an excuse to enter the war in the Pacific – and also in Europe. The US and its CIA sponsored Operation Gladio in Europe, financing dozens of cells of radicals and terrorists, supplying them with arms, explosives and ideology, and setting them free to terrorise and kill European civilians for decades, all for the presumed gain by the Political Right Wing.


Operation Crossroads – Bikini Atoll, 1946. Source


The US government sacrificed thousands of its own citizens during the many decades of its human rights atrocities at home. We can recall the above-ground and atmospheric nuclear test explosions [25] that released massive amounts of radiation onto an unsuspecting American public, with full knowledge of the misery and death that would follow from the millions of cancer cases, and with the government notifying Kodak of the tests to protect Kodak’s film but deliberately not notifying the intended human guinea pigs of these decades-long ‘laboratory experiments’. It was similar with the decades long and unconscionably horrific Project MK-ULTRA, [26] [27] where the CIA sacrifices at least hundreds of thousands of individuals to unimaginable suffering and death.


It is now accepted as proven that the US military faked the Gulf of Tonkin incident to justify its desired invasion of Vietnam, and I believe it is also accepted as proven that the events of 9-11 were a false flag meant to justify the planned hijacking of Iraq and its oil.


Once again, our sincere conviction that our Western leaders would not deliberately sacrifice their own people for a political objective, is not only misguided but deluded. Yes, our leaders would do that, and have done it many times. If we can bring ourselves to accept this one truth, evidence of which is not difficult to find, a great many world events suddenly make complete sense to us. But so often when new information crosses our path but doesn’t fit our worldview, we either ridicule it or distort it to fit our ideological picture of the way we prefer to see our world. We want to tell ourselves that neither the US nor our own governments would never do such terrible things. But of course they would. They’ve done it dozens of times already, against their own people and against many other nations. Why would any of these be any different? The German philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer wrote, “All truth goes through three stages. First it is ridiculed. Then it is violently opposed. Finally, it is accepted as self-evident.” These words apply perfectly to our so-called “false flags” and “conspiracies”.



Mr. Romanoff’s writing has been translated into 32 languages and his articles posted on more than 150 foreign-language news and politics websites in more than 30 countries, as well as more than 100 English language platforms. Larry Romanoff is a retired management consultant and businessman. He has held senior executive positions in international consulting firms, and owned an international import-export business. He has been a visiting professor at Shanghai’s Fudan University, presenting case studies in international affairs to senior EMBA classes. Mr. Romanoff lives in Shanghai and is currently writing a series of ten books generally related to China and the West. He is one of the contributing authors to Cynthia McKinney’s new anthology ‘When China Sneezes’. (Chap. 2 — Dealing with Demons).

His full archive can be seen at

https://www.bluemoonofshanghai.com/ + https://www.moonofshanghai.com/

He can be contacted at: 2186604556@qq.com



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