CN — LARRY ROMANOFF: 生物战的世界 — 第2章-背景

August 22, 202



第 1 章 – 导言和注意事项

第 2 章 – 背景

第 3 章 – 美国的生物武器地位

第 4 章–转基因种子(更新)




第 8 章–美国疾病控制中心(CDC)


The World of Biological Warfare


Chapter 2 – Background



作者:Larry Romanoff


Japanese Kwantung Army who worked inside Unit 731 . Source 







The Clandestine Nature of Bio-Weapons  生物武器的秘密本质

Bio-Warfare Mythology                          生物战神话

The Myth of Terrorist Bio-Weapons         恐怖生物武器的神话

Ethnic Gene-Specific Bio-Weapons          民族基因特异性生物武器

China-Targeted Bio-Weapons                 瞄准中国的生物武器

Personal Bio-Weapons                           个人生物武器


The Clandestine Nature of Bio-Weapons




Dr. Leonard Horowitz, the famed pharma industry whistleblower, quoted one expert as saying he would plan a bio-attack “with subtle finesse, to make it look like a natural outbreak. That would delay the response and lock up the decision-making process. Even if you suspect biological terrorism, it’s hard to prove. It’s equally hard to disprove. Population reduction in the Third World and untraceable ethnic cleansing. You can trace an arms shipment, but it’s almost impossible to trace the origins of a virus that comes from a bug.” I would suggest noting his emphasis on ‘population reduction in the Third World’. The next item was a statement by someone clearly with experience who suggested the choice method of eliminating targeted populations would employ combinations of biological and chemical agents (i.e., the mycoplasma that caused the Gulf War Syndrome), which would “make diagnosis and treatment of these multiple simultaneous infections difficult, if not impossible”, adding that this kind of biochemical warfare cannot be traced to its source and might be considered an “act of God”.



It isn’t as if this clever knowledge is a secret, and in fact it hasn’t been a secret for a very long time. In a classified 1948 report by the Pentagon’s Committee on Biological Warfare,[1] the main selling point was that “A gun or a bomb leaves no doubt that a deliberate attack has occurred. But if … an epidemic slashes across a crowded city, there is no way of knowing whether anyone attacked, much less who”, adding hopefully that “A significant portion of the human population within selected target areas may be killed or incapacitated” with only very small amounts of a pathogen.



In a thesis on Biological Weapons by Leonard Horowitz and Zygmunt Dembek, they stated that clear signs of a genetically-engineered bio-warfare agent were (1) a disease caused by an uncommon (unusual, rare, or unique) agent; (2) an outbreak with a lack of an epidemiological explanation, i.e. no clear idea of source; (3) An “unusual manifestation”, such as race-specificity; (4) an “unusual geographic distribution” and (5) “multiple sources” of infection. The cases we will study in this series of articles, clearly display all five signs.

 在莱昂纳多·霍洛维茨和齐格蒙特·丹贝克的一篇关于生物武器的论文中,他们指出,基因工程生物战剂的明显迹象是:(1)由不常见(不寻常、罕见或独特)的战剂引起的疾病;(2) 缺乏流行病学解释的疫情,即没有明确的来源;(3) 一种“不寻常的表现”,如种族特异性;(4) “不寻常的地理分布”和(5)感染的“多种来源”。我们将在本系列文章中研究的案例,清楚地显示了所有五个迹象。


When we have an outbreak of an unusual pathogen with no proof of source, with an unusual presentation or manifestation, with an unusual geographic or seasonal distribution, and with multiple simultaneous epidemics occurring at different locations with the same organism, it is highly suspect and, in the absence of powerful evidence to the contrary, almost certainly indicate man-made pathogens deliberately released. Repeated “waves” of the same or a similar pathogen entering a population would also indicate a man-made origin and distribution. Does this description remind you of anything in our recent past?



Diseases typically occur first among a susceptible animal population, then spread to humans. If these two are simultaneous or if the human disease precedes animal infections, we can be suspicious. According to the brief description above, many recent disease outbreaks would seem to properly qualify as potential bio-warfare agents: COVID-19, AIDS, SARS, MERS, Bird Flu, Swine Flu, Hantavirus, Lyme Disease, West Nile Virus, Ebola, Polio (Syria), Foot and Mouth Disease, the Gulf War Syndrome and ZIKA.



Bio-Warfare Mythology




Before proceeding too far into an exposition of American (and other) bio-chemical warfare, let’s rid ourselves of some of the foolish nonsense surrounding this topic, specifically the tales of American innocence and moral superiority. The always-compliant US media have for decades inundated us with what we call “the big lie”, of the black-is-white, we-do-not-torture kind. We have had far too much sanctimonious posturing when the truths are evident for all to see and where there is overwhelming evidence that the entire official narrative is mostly one big lie.



While the American narrative of human rights sanctity still plays well in the media, it has never existed in reality and does not exist today. As we will see, there is no shortage of evidence the US military has engaged in the use of biological and chemical terrorism for at least 100 years, both against other nations and against its own citizens and military personnel. It really is time to stop pretending innocence. Following the spate of revelations about torture during the 1970s and 1980s, the US military simply outsourced its torture facilities to other countries, but nothing else changed. The same facts are true about the US military’s vast bio-chemical warfare program which is indisputably both virulently offensive in nature and by far the largest in the world’s history – by orders of magnitude, and which has in no small part been outsourced to other nations, out of sight and mind.

 尽管美国关于人权神圣不可侵犯的叙述在媒体上仍然很受欢迎,但它在现实中从未存在过,今天也不存在。正如我们将看到的那样,我们将看到,有大量证据表明,至少 100 年来,美国军方一直在使用生物和化学恐怖主义手段,既针对其他国家,也针对本国公民和军事人员。在20世纪70年代和80年代关于酷刑的大量披露之后,美国军方只是将其酷刑设施外包给了其他国家,但其他方面都没有改变。同样的事实也适用于美国军方庞大的生化战计划,毫无疑问,该计划具有恶毒的攻击性,也是迄今为止世界历史上规模最大的项目——数量级,而且在很大程度上被外包给了其他国家,无论是在视觉上还是在思想上。


For the past two decades or more we had been (and still are) inundated with Western media articles about the stockpiles of chemical or biological weapons in Iraq, Libya and Syria – much of which proved to be rubbish – but never a word about the US stockpile which was thousands of times greater in both volume and lethality. Various “axis of evil” nations were accused of having deployed some of that arsenal in regional wars, but the Western media steadfastly ignored the enormous use of chemical, biological, and radioactive weapons used in Afghanistan, the Gulf and Iraq – and by Israel against an innocent Palestinian population. We are repeatedly informed in frightening tones about the possibility of North Korea developing bio-weapons, but the US government still lies about its own devastation of that same country with a wide range of biological pathogens. Iran is regularly accused of possessing such capability, but never a mention of the American arsenal and its hundreds of worldwide research and production sites. It’s time to stop pretending.



It is probably true that most, if not almost all, of what the US military learned about chemical and bio-warfare and human experimentation, came from the Japanese and not the Germans. And it was very likely the discovery of the enormous ‘treasure trove’ of Japanese data from Ishii’s Unit 731 in Harbin, China, that provided the US military with the impetus to embark in earnest on its own bio-warfare programs and secret testing of biological agents on the American population. It was also the reason that in 1947 then-President Truman withdrew from the US Senate the proposals for adhering to the Geneva Protocols. The Americans were not about to discard this great treasure after having only just discovered it.



The Myth of Terrorist Bio-Weapons




One truly annoying feature of the Western flood of articles on this topic is the constant, unintelligent, and misleading warnings of “the attractiveness of biological weapons to terrorists”. I suppose any weapon might be attractive to a genuine terrorist, but this claim is so far removed from the real world that its proponents should themselves be institutionalised. The reason of course, is that no ragtag collection of anybody from anywhere would ever have access to such weaponry, much less know how to deal with it. Terrorists are seldom renowned Ph.Ds. with high-level security clearances and access to the top-secret and impossibly-secured facilities that contain these pathogens. And even if they did obtain access, the chances of any of them knowing what to search for, what to take, and what to do with it, are approximately zero. We had the same issue with the sudden release of deadly foot and mouth disease in the UK, where it was proven the pathogen originated in a UK government lab and was then widely dispersed throughout the nation, resulting in the forced eradication of millions of animals. When proof of origin became public, the official narrative was that some “anarchists” had infiltrated the military-secured lab facilities at Porton Down and made off with the pathogens.[2] What nonsense. I will cover this in detail in a later Chapter.

 西方关于这一主题的大量文章中,一个真正令人讨厌的特点是不断、不明智和误导性地警告“生物武器对恐怖分子的吸引力”。我想任何武器都可能对真正的恐怖分子有吸引力,但这种说法与现实世界相去甚远,其支持者自己也应该被制度化。当然,原因是,任何地方的乌合之众都无法获得此类武器,更不用说知道如何应对了。恐怖分子很少是知名的博士,他们拥有高级别的安全许可,可以进入包含这些病原体的绝密和不可能安全的设施。即使他们确实获得了访问权限,他们中的任何人知道该搜索什么、该拿什么以及该怎么办的几率也几乎为零。我们在英国突然爆发致命的口蹄疫时也遇到了同样的问题,在英国,病原体被证明起源于英国政府的一个实验室,然后被广泛传播到全国各地,导致数百万动物被迫被根除。当原产地证明公开后,官方的说法是,一些“无政府主义者”潜入了位于伯顿当的军方安全实验室设施,并携带病原体潜逃。[2] 真是胡说八道。我将在下一章详细介绍这一点。


Biological weapons have nothing whatever to do with terrorism, but everything to do with belligerent militaries, leading which cadre we have the US, Israel and the UK. It is Mossad and the CIA we need to worry about, rather than some disaffected Uzbek with an AK-47 and big ambitions.



We hear the same warnings about miniature nuclear devices, as if they were available at the neighborhood 7-11. In fact, there are very few people even in the US military who would have unrestricted access to such devices, and even they would be under guard with warnings to “look, but don’t touch”. To suggest that terrorists are a concern with high-tech weapons of any kind is simply fascist fear-mongering to distract public attention from the real terrorists who are the frighteningly belligerent nations like the US and Israel. In March of 2015 the NYT’s Editorial Board published an article titled ‘Keeping Nuclear Weapons From Terrorists’,[3] which was mostly a foolish scare tactic claiming with no evidence whatever that “terrorist groups are seeking nuclear technology”, and without remembering to mention that the only so-called terrorist groups existing today are those like Al-Qaeda and ISIS that were created by the US in the first place. Even more to the point, those nations possessing nuclear technology required decades to finally produce effective weapons from that technology, and countries looking for such defensive protection today are also requiring decades of development work. But according to the NYT, terrorist groups will be able to latch onto this technology and produce nuclear bombs within months. Note that the article was credited to the NYTs “Editorial Board”, meaning no one wanted to put their name to such a fatuous piece of journalism. It would be better for everyone if the New York Times stopped lying.



Yet in a treatise published in 2007 by the Office of The Surgeon General Department of the US military,[4] the senior editor wrote: “[Terrorist] Attacks with [biological] agents have usually been unsuccessful. Even the technically advanced program of the Aum Shinrikyo [Tokyo subway sarin attack in 1995] was a failure, most likely because of technical challenges posed by constructing an effective aerosol generator or other delivery devices. The likelihood of amateurs using homemade equipment to successfully launch a biological weapon of mass destruction is remote. Terrorists still rely on simple yet effective explosives as their weapon of choice.” The likelihood of success with nuclear material is even more remote, and the Surgeon-General was correct in stating there are simpler and more effective ways to terrify people. Only a few nations in the world have managed to manipulate nuclear technology to actually make nuclear weapons, and that with unlimited state financing, but we are supposed to believe a relative handful of uneducated and unskilled who can’t even manage the technology of a rudimentary guided missile or unguided grenade launcher are capable of designing, constructing and delivering a miniaturised nuclear weapon.

 然而,在美国军方外科医生办公室2007年发表的一篇论文中,[4] 这位资深编辑写道:“使用[生物]制剂的[恐怖]袭击通常是不成功的。即使是奥姆真理教[1995年东京地铁沙林袭击]的技术先进项目是一次失败,很可能是因为建造有效的气溶胶发生器或其他输送设备带来的技术挑战。业余爱好者使用自制设备成功发射大规模杀伤性生物武器的可能性很小。恐怖分子仍然依赖简单而有效的爆炸物作为他们选择的武器。”核材料成功的可能性更为渺茫,外科医生正确地指出,有更简单、更有效的方法来恐吓人们。世界上只有少数几个国家能够利用核技术真正制造核武器,而且有无限的国家资助,但我们应该相信,相对少数没有受过教育、不熟练的人,他们甚至无法管理基本的制导导弹或非制导榴弹发射器的技术,建造和交付小型核武器。


As to the threat of bio-terrorism, which some columnists and media persist in promulgating, one such person wrote, “Bio-terrorism is not an unfounded threat. Several anthrax attacks were reported in the United States in 2001. Letters laced with infectious anthrax were deliberately sent to media offices and US Congress and caused the deaths of five people.” True, but the highly-weaponised anthrax in those letters was proven to have originated at the US military’s bio-weapons labs at Fort Detrick which, to my best knowledge, is not staffed with Afghan terrorists.

 关于一些专栏作家和媒体坚持宣扬的生物恐怖主义的威胁,一位这样的人写道:“生物恐怖主义不是毫无根据的威胁。2001年,美国发生了几起炭疽袭击事件。带有传染性炭疽的信件被故意发送给媒体办公室和美国国会,导致5人死亡。” 没错,但这些信件中高度武器化的炭疽病被证明起源于美国军方位于德特里克堡的生物武器实验室,据我所知,那里没有阿富汗恐怖分子。


Let’s examine the “terrorist” argument in one other direction. The public narrative provided by the US military and the White House is that the vast and increasing collections of blood serum (to obtain markers) and DNA, is solely to combat terrorism, in fact mostly to locate and kill supposed terrorists. It would be reasonable to ask how many real terrorists have been identified and dispatched by these methods. The quick answer is “none”. To my best knowledge, there is no record of even one single terrorist ever being identified or apprehended in this way. But how can that be? We have the US military spending literally billions of dollars each year in the collection and maintenance of by far the largest such program of DNA and blood serum accumulation in the world – done solely for the identification and apprehension of terrorists – and yet not even one successful event has emerged. When Obama sent his drones to kill families in Pakistan and Afghanistan, this killing was done indiscriminately. There were no DNA tests being done in which a “terrorist” was thereby first identified, a target painted on his forehead, then a drone sent out to find him. When the CIA continue their program of kidnapping individuals then exporting them to a military base to be tortured, nobody is first performing a DNA test to determine who should next be kidnapped. In fact, DNA plays no part in any of these actions, and is unrelated to terrorism in any sense. Just as with the NSA’s determination to illegally record the content of every communication by every person on earth, “terrorism” in any form is irrelevant to this ambition.



There were great fears a few years ago when American scientists recreated the Spanish flu virus that killed around 50 million people in 1918. They spent nine years on this effort before succeeding, and now large quantities of this virus are stored in a high-security government laboratory in Atlanta, Georgia. More recently, scientists have created a mutated super-strain of the deadly H5N1 bird flu virus that spawned fears in 2005 of a global pandemic that might kill hundreds of millions. In their words, they have produced what is “probably one of the most dangerous viruses you can make”, that is directly transmissible among humans and would have at least a 50% kill rate. Scientists have for many years recommended a mandatory risk assessment system for what is called ‘dual-use’ research that could be potentially dangerous, but the US government consistently and desperately attacks any suggestion at such measures and refuses to cooperate with other nations in monitoring this research. In late 2013, more than 50 of the world’s most eminent scientists severely criticised the arguments used by the European Society of Virology, Professor Giorgio Palu, to explain and justify research being carried out by Ron Fouchier and colleagues at the Erasmus Medical Centre in Rotterdam,[5] [6] who have been developing mutant varieties of the H5N1 bird-flu virus that are far more dangerous to humans. The scientists wrote that the claims made by Palu and the researchers are untrue, are full of “misstatements”, and are designed to make the virus fully transmissible between humans, and clearly had a dual civil-military function that could be misused. They stated, “The sole purpose of the experiments in question was to generate H5N1 viruses that could be transmitted between mammals as readily as seasonable flu via respiratory droplets i.e., coughing and sneezing.” We are in a situation where the probabilities of a global spread … could be catastrophic.” This engineered flu could kill half the world’s population, and not by accident. It isn’t terrorists who should concern us, but the psychopathic powers behind the US and NATO and the gangsters in The City of London.

 几年前,当美国科学家重现1918年导致约5000万人死亡的西班牙流感病毒时,人们非常担心。他们在这项工作上花了九年时间才取得成功,现在大量这种病毒被储存在佐治亚州亚特兰大的一个高度安全的政府实验室中。最近,科学家们创造了一种致命的H5N1禽流感病毒的变异超级毒株,该毒株在2005年引发了人们对可能导致数亿人死亡的全球大流行的担忧。用他们的话说,他们产生了“可能是你能制造的最危险的病毒之一”,这种病毒在人类中直接传播,死亡率至少为50%。多年来,科学家们一直建议为可能具有潜在危险的所谓“军民两用”研究建立一个强制性风险评估系统,但美国政府一贯坚决反对任何有关此类措施的建议,并拒绝与其他国家合作监测这项研究。2013年末,世界上50多位最著名的科学家严厉批评了欧洲病毒学学会乔治·巴鲁教授用来解释和证明罗恩·福彻及其同事在鹿特丹伊拉斯谟医学中心进行的研究的论点,[5] [6] 他们一直在开发对人类更危险的H5N1禽流感病毒变异变种。科学家们写道,巴鲁和研究人员的说法是不真实的,充满了“错误陈述”,旨在使病毒在人与人之间完全传播,而且显然具有可能被滥用的军民双重功能。他们表示,“这些实验的唯一目的是产生H5N1病毒,这种病毒可以像季节性流感一样通过呼吸道飞沫(即咳嗽和打喷嚏)在哺乳动物之间传播。”“我们所处的情况是,全球传播的可能性……可能是灾难性的。”这种人工制造的流感可能导致世界上一半的人口死亡,这并非偶然。我们应该关心的不是恐怖分子,而是美国和北约背后的精神变态势力以及伦敦金融城的黑帮。


Ethnic Gene-Specific Bio-Weapons




Many bioweapons programs seem almost bizarre in their theory and intent, with the research in many cases strongly focused on race-specific pathogens. In the year 2000, an influential group of neocon Americans conceived a new organisation named “Project for the New American Century”, and produced a report titled, “Rebuilding America’s Defenses”, [7] which contained a radical and belligerent Right-Wing policy ambition for America. Their report calls itself a “blueprint for maintaining global US preeminence … and shaping the international security order in line with American principles and interests.” If you want something to frighten you, the genocidal mentality of these Americans should do it: Their ‘blueprint’ states in part that: “advanced forms of biological warfare that can ‘target’ specific genotypes may transform biological warfare … to a politically useful tool.”



Note the words: biological pathogens capable of targeting specific races of people as “a politically-useful tool”. There is no way to misunderstand the intent. The morally-deformed authors of this report included Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Paul Wolfowitz, Jeb Bush and Scooter Libby. America’s biological warfare experiments were conducted at Camp Detrick, which was the primary facility for such weapons, and also at Porton Down in the UK, where Britain had recruited bioweapons experts from around the world. A major portion of these programs was to develop genetically-altered diseases that would affect only groups with similar DNA characteristics, e.g., blacks or Chinese, and they apparently succeeded in developing an anti-black biological pathogen. These were intended as de-population tools, military weapons meant to be used on the world’s surplus poor.

 请注意:能够针对特定种族的生物病原体是“一种政治有用的工具”。没有办法误解意图。这份报告的道德畸形的作者包括迪克·切尼、唐纳德·拉姆斯菲尔德、保罗·沃尔福威茨、杰布·布什和Scooter Libby。美国的生物战实验是在德特里克营进行的,德特里克营地是此类武器的主要设施,也在英国的Porton Down进行,英国在那里招募了来自世界各地的生物武器专家。这些项目的主要部分是开发只影响具有相似DNA特征的群体的基因改变疾病,例如黑人或中国人,他们显然成功地开发出了一种抗黑人的生物病原体。这些武器是用来减少人口的工具,是用来对付世界上剩余的穷人的军事武器。


As early as 1935, the US began a massive biological warfare program at Fort Detrick, Maryland, and in 1951 the US Army contaminated its Norfolk Naval Supply Center in Virginia with several types of infectious bacteria chosen because blacks were thought to be more susceptible than whites. They were. In 1952 the military conducted a similar experiment at Washington DC’s National Airport, with a pathogen that was proven some years later to have caused widespread blood poisoning and respiratory problems, primarily among blacks. Some time later, the military conducted yet another test of race-specific pathogens, this time of a fungal variety that exposed American blacks to a potentially fatal biological stimulant. And in the Military Review of November, 1970, [8] [9] it was stated that the US military was “intensifying its development of ethnic weapons” designed to “selectively target and eliminate specific ethnic groups who are susceptible due to genetic differences and variations in DNA”.

 早在1935年,美国就在马里兰州的德特里克堡开始了一项大规模的生物战计划。1951年,美国陆军在弗吉尼亚州的诺福克海军补给中心使用了几种类型的传染性细菌,因为人们认为黑人比白人更易感染。确实如此。1952年,军方在华盛顿特区国家机场进行了一项类似的实验,几年后,一种病原体被证明导致了广泛的血液中毒和呼吸系统问题,主要发生在黑人中。一段时间后,军方对种族特异性病原体进行了另一次测试,这一次是对一种真菌变种的测试,这种真菌使美国黑人暴露在一种可能致命的生物兴奋剂中。1970年11[8] [9][10]月的《军事评论》[指出,美国军方正在“加紧开发民族武器”,旨在“选择性地针对和消灭因基因差异和DNA变异而易感的特定民族”。


In 1980 the US sent a ship from Florida to Cuba on a mission to “carry some germs to Cuba to be used against the Soviets”,[10] and this was by no means the first time the US had engaged in delusions of such racist weaponry. There was also the intensely-secret (but later discovered and widely-publicised) Project Coast in South Africa, [11] [12] [13] engineered jointly by the Americans, British and Khazar Jews from The City of London, greatly assisted by Jewish Israeli biotechnicians, tasked with creating a genetically-engineered weapon to attack only the country’s black population and to develop a vaccine to block human fertility in blacks. The media coverage uniformly blames this on the “South African Apartheid Regime”, but these claims are false. It was almost certainly the Khazar Jews, working through their captive “Apartheid Regime” in South Africa who were responsible for this travesty.

 1980年,美国从佛罗里达州向古巴派遣了一艘船,执行“将一些细菌带到古巴用来对付苏联”的任务,[10]这绝不是美国第一次对这种种族主义武器抱有幻想。还有一个非常秘密(但后来被发现并广泛宣传)[11] [12] [13]的南非海岸项目,[由来自伦敦市的美国人、英国人和哈扎尔犹太人联合设计,得到了犹太-以色列生物技术学家的大力协助,其任务是制造一种基因工程武器,只攻击该国的黑人人口,并开发一种阻止黑人生育的疫苗。媒体报道一致将此归咎于“南非种族隔离制度”,但这些说法是错误的。几乎可以肯定的是,通过他们在南非被俘虏的“种族隔离政权”工作的哈扎尔犹太人应对这场闹剧负责。


It was this revelation that led to the strange death of British micro-biologist, Dr. David Kelly [14] [15] [16] which, although claimed to be a suicide, left many observers convinced that the British Parliament’s Commission set up to investigate his death was in fact a desperate cover-up of facts that would have implicated high-ranking British and American officials.

 正是这一发现导致了英国微生物学家David Kelly[14] [15] [16][博士的离奇死亡,尽管他声称这是自杀,但许多观察家相信,英国议会为调查他的死亡而设立的委员会实际上是对事实的绝望掩盖,这可能会牵连到英国和美国的高级官员。


In 2004, The UK Guardian reported that the British Medical Association believed bioweapons designed to target certain ethnic groups were a possibility, and stating that treatments for specific diseases could also be used for military purposes. At about the same time, the International Red Cross stated in a paper that “The potential to target a particular ethnic group with a biological agent is probably not far off”, and said this was “not the product of the ICRC’s imagination” but the view of “countless independent and governmental experts”. In 2012, the Atlantic magazine published an article titled “Hacking the President’s DNA”, echoing these expert opinions, [17]  stating that “a specific virus that targets individuals with a specific DNA sequence is within possibility in the near future”, and perhaps able to target a single individual (such as a political leader) within a population. Their statements were true, but far behind the times, since active research in this area had been producing at least limited results since the 1940s or 1950s.




In 2006, the British Medical Association warned the world that the construction of genetic weapons was “now approaching reality”, and that it would very soon be possible to construct “genetic bombs” containing anthrax or the plague that would activate “only when genes indicated the infected person was from a particular group”. In its report titled Biotechnology, Weapons and Humanity II[18] it stated that “Genome data in public databases revealed that hundreds, possibly thousands, of target sequences for ethnic specific weapons do exist. It appears that ethnic specific biological weapons may indeed become possible in the near future.” A few years earlier, this same medical group dismissed the idea, but now claims that so much more knowledge has been accumulated that the possibilities are now imminent. It stated too that one race-specific technique could be to use RNA interference to shut down vital genes in the target population, which could “wreak havoc” in a society.



Many writers and scientists have pointed out that the US military’s interest in race-specific bio-weapons is not some idle “conspiracy theory” but is a purpose detailed in the military’s own public documents. And in fact, a report in Jane’s Military magazine in June of 1997 quoted US Defense Secretary William Cohen stating that the creation was near of “certain types of pathogens that would be ethnic-specific so that they could eliminate certain ethnic groups. The scientific community is very close to being able to manufacture” such weapons.[19]  A London Sunday Times report stated that “A senior western intelligence source confirmed that Israel is one of the countries Cohen had in mind”.[20] [21] [22] “Given all of the bio-warfare genetic research and testing that has leaked into the media in recent years, and assuming that by far the larger portion has not been leaked, there is considerable reason for suspicion, distrust, and fear about the future course of all this work.”

 许多作家和科学家指出,美国军方对特定种族的生物武器的兴趣不是一些无聊的“阴谋论”,而是军方自己的公开文件中详细说明的目的。事实上,《简氏军事》杂志1997年6月的一篇报道援引美国国防部长威廉·科恩的话说,这种武器的制造接近于“特定种族的某些类型的病原体,这样它们就可以消灭某些种族群体。科学界非常接近于能够制造”这种武器。[19] 伦敦星期日泰晤士报》的一篇报道称,“一位西方高级情报来源证实,以色列是科恩心目中的国家之一”。[20][21] [22] “考虑到近年来泄露给媒体的所有生物战基因研究和测试,并假设到目前为止大部分还没有泄露,人们有相当大的理由对所有这些工作的未来进程产生怀疑、不信任和恐惧。”


Certainly, more viruses, and more deadly viruses are created in labs each year, many if not most with the encouragement and funding from the US Defense Department. Some of these, given an effective delivery system, could easily exterminate 50% of a nation’s population within months or even less.



The UK Guardian published a report in June of 2008 [23] stating that in Britain alone more than 250,000 scientists were working with dangerous pathogens, that at least ten laboratories were equipped to deal with the most dangerous and lethal of these, and that another 600 were working with a secondary level of lethality. It worried openly about accidents involving the release of these pathogens into the public, but accidents are not by any means the major concern. The US is much worse than the UK in this regard, especially with the military being so actively searching for biological pathogens with mass destruction capability and having virtually unlimited funding.



And in 2012 we had the revelation that Japanese Professor Yoshihiro Kawaoka at the University of Wisconsin in Madison, USA had created a variety of the H5N1 bird flu that could transfer effortlessly among the human population, creating almost a perfect, and perfectly deadly, biological weapon. [24] [25] This lab-created variety could almost instantly trigger a national or world-wide pandemic that would be especially lethal since about 50% of those contracting the virus die within days. Apparently, Kawaoka created a hybrid flu strain by merging H5N1 bird flu with the swine flu virus that caused a pandemic in 2009, isolating mutations that permitted the virus to spread easily between humans. He defended his work by foolishly claiming it was “important for pandemic preparedness”, but creating a deadly synthetic disease is hardly necessary to help defend us against naturally-occurring and far less lethal viruses.



Several years ago, researchers created an extremely lethal hybrid virus that combined the human and monkey HIV which contained all the human interleukin genes that naturally suppress all human immune responses against viruses. Researchers in Australia created a GM food-based mouse virus that killed 100% of its victims simply by inserting an interleukin gene that suppressed all immune responses to the virus.[26] To carry the lethality further, they inserted into the GM seed other proteins that worked to kill more than half of the mice that had been vaccinated against this particular virus. And that means scientists today can not only create a virus that will exterminate an entire population but can splice into that virus additional matter that will even defeat prior vaccinations. This process is entirely military: in any attack on an enemy, the first military objective is what we call “defense suppression”. In other words, we first destroy an enemy’s ability to defend himself; then, we attack when he is helpless. And that is precisely the philosophy contained in these new lab viruses. They are not being created for civilian research; their function is entirely military, or at least directed to the population-control dreams of people like the WHO, the Rockefeller Foundation, and of course our Khazar Jewish banker friends in The City of London.



The researchers themselves admit their creations are potentially deadly to humanity, but the main reason I’m dwelling on this topic is the connection of this pathogen research with genetically-modified (GM) seeds and plants.[27] The US government and military, Big Pharma, the US media and other apologists have been praising the potential of GM plants to ‘manufacture’ natural or synthetic medicines. For example, GM seeds could potentially contain the building blocks for acetylsalicylic acid, with Aspirin then inexpensively and conveniently extracted from the plants. That may well happen, but that’s only the good news. The bad news is that anything can be spliced into GM seed, which is why it was the US Defense Department that financed its research and creation. In this context, the interleukins mentioned above are already being produced in GM plants, with actual field trials having been conducted in the US.



The dangers of course are obvious. Almost any pathogen, like HIV, H5N1, and a host of others, can be spliced into many kinds of GM seeds with the potential to exterminate an enemy’s population without having to start a shooting war. And one of these new creations is the insertion of interleukins into GM seed, which would be precisely the “defense suppression” I mentioned above – eliminating an enemy’s ability to counter a pandemic even if the nation had an effective vaccine against the disease. But even before that occurs, GM field crops have a nasty habit of contributing their DNA through the actions of insects and birds as well as natural combinations arising from simultaneous plant exposures. It is especially frightening that this research, the field trials, and the results, by the GM companies like Monsanto are performed entirely in secret and no information is ever released to the public. There is much reason to fear that GM crops are producing not only pharmaceuticals but virulent pathogens with a military and political purpose.



It seems that the US had engaged the enthusiastic cooperation of the British in these efforts, the CIA for decades having worked closely with the medical psychopaths at the UK’s Frankenstein Institution, otherwise known as Porton Down. And the Brits, just like the Americans, would often arrange the ‘accidental’ demise of any staff member developing a conscience or threatening to talk to the media. According to media accounts, Porton Down was the source of a top-secret project created and conducted primarily by Jews for South Africa’s apartheid regime, code-named Project Coast, that was tasked with creating a genetically-engineered weapon to eradicate as much of the country’s black population as possible, and further to develop a vaccine to block fertility in blacks, so the survivors would become sterile and black South Africa would become white. One prominent scientist active in this project was the British micro-biologist, Dr. David Kelly who experienced an exceedingly strange death that was claimed – as almost all of these are – as a suicide. However, the circumstances left many observers convinced that Kelly was killed in a desperate move to prevent an immense scandal that would have implicated both British and American high-ranking officials in a savage and racial plan of eliminating unwanted humans.

 美国似乎在这些努力中得到了英国人的热情合作,几十年来,中央情报局一直与英国弗兰肯斯坦研究所(也称为Porton Down)的医学精神病患者密切合作。英国人和美国人一样,经常会安排任何有良知或威胁要与媒体对话的工作人员“意外”死亡。据媒体报道,波顿唐是一个绝密项目的来源,该项目主要由犹太人为南非种族隔离政权创建和实施,代号为海岸项目,该项目的任务是创造一种基因工程武器,以根除该国尽可能多的黑人人口,并进一步开发一种阻止黑人生育的疫苗,因此,幸存者将变得不育,南非黑人将变成白人。活跃在这个项目中的一位著名科学家是英国微生物学家大卫·凯利博士,他经历了一次极其奇怪的死亡,几乎所有这些都被称为自杀。然而,这种情况让许多观察家相信,凯利是在一次绝望的行动中被杀的,目的是防止一场巨大的丑闻,这场丑闻将使英国和美国高级官员都卷入一场野蛮的种族计划,以消灭不想要的人。


James Corbett wrote the following in a paper on The Corbett Report on May 1, 2009:[28]



“Although the full extent of American bioweapons research remains classified, it is public knowledge that the American military was already experimenting with race-specific bioweapons at least since 1970, a technology that the Apartheid South African government was known to possess and which Israel was developing last decade. It does not take much imagination to envision why those two governments would have been interested in the technology, but it may be surprising to learn that the American government has not only been developing race-specific bioweapons, but that key government officials have advocated their use as a way of furthering American foreign policy.”



I would remind you here of the words of our dynamic-and-depraved-duo, the Batman and Robin of genetic bio-weapons, namely Rumsfeld and Cheney, in their PNAC dissertation that “Advanced forms of biological warfare that can ‘target’ specific genotypes may transform biological warfare … to a politically useful tool.” What more proof do you need?



China-Targeted Bio-Weapons




It is worrying that there have been persistent claims arising from scientific sources in many countries that the US has been collecting Chinese genes for incorporation into a gene-specific bio-weapon. As we will see, there is much justification for suspicion on this matter, including strong evidence that various recent diseases appearing in China appeared almost certainly to have had a laboratory origin, with one Chinese Air Force official flatly stating that several diseases, including the H7N9 Flu outbreak, were engineered by the US as a gene-specific bio-weapon. Given the strong evidence, it is difficult to dismiss these claims out of hand, and there certainly is no shortage of evidence of large-scale American efforts to collect Chinese DNA. I would refer you to the well-documented Tufts and Harvard University “studies” that were illegally executed in China.[29] [30]

 令人担忧的是,许多国家的科学来源一直声称,美国一直在收集中国基因,将其纳入基因特异性生物武器中。正如我们将看到的,对这件事的怀疑有很多理由,包括强有力的证据表明,最近在中国出现的各种疾病似乎几乎肯定是实验室起源的,一名中国空军官员直截了当地表示,包括H7N9流感爆发在内的几种疾病是美国作为基因特异性生物武器设计的。鉴于强有力的证据,很难立即驳回这些说法,当然也不乏美国大规模收集中国DNA的证据。我想请你参考塔夫茨大学和哈佛大学在中国非法执行的“研究”。[29] [30]

The British Medical Association article referred to above, revealed that FBI crime labs in the US, while doing routine work, “have stumbled across genetic markers specific to blacks, whites, Hispanics and native Americans; [and that] the same markers have been discovered in Palestinians, setting them apart from Israelis. And in an article on the bird flu virus in August of 2013, Susanne Posel [31] wrote that British and Chinese researchers discovered a genetic variant common to the Chinese that make them more susceptible to swine flu, apparently some 25% of Chinese having this gene variant which is also common to Japanese and Koreans.[32] [33]

 上面提到的英国医学协会的文章透露,美国联邦调查局的犯罪实验室在做日常工作时,“偶然发现了黑人、白人、西班牙裔和美洲原住民特有的基因标记;在巴勒斯坦人身上发现了相同的标记,使他们与以色列人不同。在2013年8月的一篇关于禽流感病毒的文章中,Susanne Posel[31]英国和中国的研究人员发现了一种中国人常见的基因变体,使他们更容易感染猪流感,显然大约25%的中国人有这种基因变体,这种变体在日本人和韩国人中也很常见。[32] [33]


In 2012, The PLA Daily, China National Defense, published an article revealing a strong suspicion that American universities and scientific researchers were collecting the genes of ethnic Chinese for the purpose of developing ethnic-specific bio-weapons, discussing some evidence of a Top-Secret military project involving the participation of large numbers of American non-military NGOs and other American organisations in China, largely on the pretense of “assisting” in medical research or helping to control AIDS. The fear of course is that the US military, which has never hidden its desire for such weapons, hopes to develop pathogens and GM seeds that will mutate the genetic structure of certain racial groups – of which the Chinese is definitely one. The report stated evidence that the US had already developed some genetic weapons directed to African and Middle Eastern races, which used viruses implanted in winemaking yeast that would infect specific populations.



And of course, the Jewish neo-cons at the New York Times managed to turn this 180 degrees and spin a story about how China was collecting DNA “by both legal and illegal means” to make biological weapons.[34] [35] Not only that, but China has done “testing” on its own military, not only for biological weapons but to create “biologically enhanced super soldiers”.[36] The editors and columnists at the really need to stop lying.



Personal Bio-Weapons




Personal bio-weapons have definitely been in the wishes and hopes of the US State Department and military for quite some time, but it seems all the human genome work and DNA collecting may one day pay off. In November of 2012, the Atlantic ran an article titled “Hacking the President’s DNA”[37] which began with this: “The U.S. government is surreptitiously collecting the DNA of world leaders, and … these genetic blueprints could provide compromising information. In the not-too-distant future, they may provide something more as well – the basis for the creation of personalized bioweapons that could take down a president and leave no trace.” The article noted that personalised gene therapies are becoming available which “target cells that differ in only one – rare – genetic variation relative to surrounding cells or individuals, the obvious conclusion being that personalised bio-weapons could target the same kinds of cells.



There were media reports in the early and middle 1990s, as I recall, about officials from the US Air Force’s Wright Research Laboratory, which has a research budget in the billions of dollars, and was referencing things like “human systems integration”. The term could probably mean whatever you wanted it to mean, but these people were seriously discussing what I believe they called “chemical-based pheromone bombs”, which would contain chemicals that could decisively affect an individual’s behavior, triggering severe alarm, paranoia, aggression or overt sexual behavior, and thus placing a particular individual effectively within the control, at least temporarily, of a puppet-master.



Lest you be tempted to tell yourself this is yet another foolish conspiracy theory, let’s not too quickly forget Hillary Clinton’s contribution to precisely such an effort. The world media had a brief flurry of excitement in 2009 when Wikipedia leaked a 29-page US State Department document by Hillary Clinton, titled “National Human Intelligence Collection Directive” that was sent to US embassies and consulates around the world, to American staff at the UN, as well as to the NSA’s team of agents disguised as diplomats who are stationed permanently at the UN. All persons notified were instructed to collect a long list of information on all foreign leaders and diplomatic staff from almost every country, the list including DNA samples.[38] [39]

 为了避免你想告诉自己这又是一个愚蠢的阴谋论,我们不要太快忘记希拉里·克林顿对这一努力的贡献。2009年,维基百科泄露了希拉里·克林顿(Hillary Clinton)撰写的一份29页的美国国务院文件,题为《国家人类情报收集指令》(National Human Intelligence Collection Directive),该文件被发送给了美国驻世界各地的使领馆、美国驻联合国工作人员以及伪装成常驻联合国外交官的美国国家安全局特工团队,这让世界媒体一度兴奋不已。所有被通知的人都被指示收集一长串几乎每个国家的所有外国领导人和外交人员的信息,其中包括DNA样本。[38] [39]


In the flurry of public outrage, the US government responded with astonishing lies of the “black is white” kind. White House press secretary Robert Gibbs glibly (and so stupidly) proclaimed to the world that “US diplomats do not engage in spying”, after the world had just read 29 pages of instructions from the US State Department to all US diplomats to engage in spying. President Obama was no better, proclaiming the insultingly stupid lie that neither he nor the NSA nor the Defense Department had “an interest in doing anything other than making sure that we can prevent a terrorist attack”. It wasn’t immediately clear, and Obama refused to address the issue, of how collecting Vladimir Putin’s DNA or Angela Merkel’s fingerprints, or indeed DNA from every world leader and diplomat, would prevent terrorism.

 在一片公愤中,美国政府以“黑即白”的惊人谎言作为回应。白宫新闻秘书罗伯特·吉布斯(Robert Gibbs)油嘴滑舌地(如此愚蠢地)向全世界宣布,“美国外交官不从事间谍活动”,此前全世界刚刚阅读了美国国务院29页的指示,要求所有美国外交官从事间谍活动。奥巴马总统也好不到哪里去,他宣称了一个侮辱性的愚蠢谎言,即他、美国国家安全局和国防部都“除了确保我们能够防止恐怖袭击之外,没有兴趣做任何事情”。目前尚不清楚,奥巴马也拒绝解决这个问题,即收集弗拉基米尔·普京的DNA或安格拉·默克尔的指纹,或者从每一位世界领导人和外交官那里收集DNA,将如何防止恐怖主义。


This DNA collection program was focused on almost every part of the world, with a disturbing particular focus on Palestine, demanding the DNA of all Palestinian authority personnel in Gaza, the West Bank and everywhere else, information that would be of interest and use only to Israel. The State Department refused to respond to questions about the purpose and potential uses of this information, and the UK Guardian noted that it was difficult to see “how diplomats could justify obtaining DNA samples”.



Mr. Romanoff’s writing has been translated into 32 languages and his articles posted on more than 150 foreign-language news and politics websites in more than 30 countries, as well as more than 100 English language platforms. Larry Romanoff is a retired management consultant and businessman. He has held senior executive positions in international consulting firms, and owned an international import-export business. He has been a visiting professor at Shanghai’s Fudan University, presenting case studies in international affairs to senior EMBA classes. Mr. Romanoff lives in Shanghai and is currently writing a series of ten books generally related to China and the West. He is one of the contributing authors to Cynthia McKinney’s new anthology ‘When China Sneezes’. (Chapt. 2 — Dealing with Demons).


His full archive can be seen at

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