EN — LARRY ROMANOFF: The World of Biological Warfare – Chapter 5 -The Secret US-Japan Partnership — Germans were Evil; Americans and Jews were Angels; the Japanese didn’t exist 

October 03, 2023


The World of Biological Warfare 

Chapter 1 – Introduction and Caution

Chapter 2 – Background

Chapter 3 – America’s Bio-Weapons Status

Chapter 4 – Genetically Modified Seeds (updated)

Chapter 5 -The Secret US-Japan Partnership

Chapter 6 – Israel and Bio-Weapons

Chapter 7 – US Bio-Weapons Institutions

Chapter 8 – The US Centers for Disease Control (CDC)

Chapter 9 – US Foreign Bio-Weapons Facilities

Chapter 10 – Pathogens Researched and Released

October 03, 2023



The World of

Biological Warfare

Chapter 5 – The Secret US-Japan Partnership

Germans were Evil; Americans and Jews were Angels; the Japanese didn’t exist  


Larry Romanoff


A 17-page copy of the confessions of a commander of the notorious Japanese germ warfare unit to U.S. investigators after World War II has been released in northeast China’s Heilongjiang Province on August 2021.Group photo of Unit 731. Source



5.1. Introduction


It needs to be pointedly noted that, during the trials of war criminals at Nuremburg, the Germans who had participated in various experiments repeatedly quoted the US as their source. For everything from the practice of eugenics to various human experiments, the Germans were simply copying what they had seen and learned in the US.  While this fact is not secret, an important detail always omitted from the historical record is that Traub received all his training at the Rockefeller medical institute in Princeton, New Jersey. Thus, the Germans rightfully asked why these same practices were praiseworthy in America but criminal in Germany. Yet the common narrative of American virtue and German evil has been so heavily propagandised to Americans and to the world that the people of most nations – including those of Germany itself – hold Nazi Germany as the poster boy of experimentation evil when history makes it abundantly clear the title belongs to the Americans and the Jews. Whether in the evils of human experimentation or the brutal extermination of millions in concentration camps, the Germans never did anything to the extent done by these other two.

Erich Traub.Source

International Jewry and the Jewish media, have done their best to ensure that much of the world is aware of the medical experiments – whether real or imagined – conducted by the Nazis. Germany has been excoriated in the Western (Jewish) media for 70 years for various kinds of human experimentation on everything from malaria to eugenics. The Jewish narrative is still directed to heaping abuse and guilt on sins committed two and three generations ago, Germans as a people still being regularly trashed as demons for these experiments. As we will see, the US and Western Allies, and the Khazar Jews, were far more guilty than the Germans, and further that a great many of the horror accusations leveled against Germany were simply outrageous fabricated propaganda stories without an ounce of truth to them. As an example, one Jewess, Stephanie Pappas, writing in Live Science, [1] told us, “One woman had her breasts tied off with string so SS doctors could see how long it took her baby to starve, “according to an oral history collected by the Holocaust Museum”. The mother eventually injected her child with a lethal dose of morphine to keep it from suffering longer.” What rubbish.


I will deal with this at length elsewhere, but I will say here there are so many ridiculously obscene stories fabricated by the Jews about German cruelties and abominations, stories that were the product of pathological and hateful imaginations, and that never had a shred of supporting evidence, everything from German soldiers crucifying Canadian soldiers on barn doors to skewering babies on bayonets like shish kababs. This propaganda program was pathologically repugnant then, and even more so today since the stories never end. And it appears the denigration of Germany and Germans will never cease. In 2016 we were suddenly treated to lurid stories of the ‘discovery’ that Hitler had only one testicle and a tiny, twisted mini-penis. Such pathetic, juvenile stupidity. In a later volume, I will provide many of examples of tales of German barbarity that were all proven to have been fabricated by the Jewish propaganda machine, with not a gram of truth in any of them.


We have been inundated for decades with sordid tales of German interrogation methods or treatment of POWs, most eventually proving to have been false propaganda. The infamous “Bryce Report” that purported to detail first-hand witnessing of thousands of atrocities committed by the Germans, mysteriously “lost” all its documentation when a formal examination was ordered, leaving nothing but empty accusations. I have noted elsewhere that the British, during the Boer War and other interventions in Africa, would tie a man by the ankles to the back of a Land Rover-type vehicle and drive around the countryside until the man’s body had disintegrated. Or, they would wrap a man tightly in barbed wire and kick him around the prison compound like a football until he eventually succumbed to the intense pain and the loss of blood. They were not “interrogating” anyone; they just did it for fun. Some Nazis may well have been callous in their actions, but for pure evil nobody can match the Americans, British, Japanese, or the Jews, yet we hear nothing about this. I am not attempting to excuse any German sins of the past, but to note that (1) there is no credible evidence to support most accusations against the Germans, and (2) there is an enormous trove of evidence that documents astonishing atrocities by the Americans, Japanese, and Jews, all of which has been very deeply buried and erased from the world’s consciousness. We have no lack of evidence that the US, the UK, Israel, Japan, and other Western nations, as well as many members of the Jewish diaspora, committed far greater sins than did Nazi Germany. In every case, the victors simply re-wrote the history books and took control of the microphone, leaving the German people badly deluded about their  role in a tragic and reprehensible history. Naturally, nearly the entire world shares that delusion, all based on who has control of the microphone.


In the treatise, “Medical aspects of Biological Warfare“, [2] published in 2007 by the Surgeon-General’s Department of the US military, the senior editor wrote the following:


“In contrast to Japanese efforts during World War II, German offensive biological weapons program never materialized. Studies of experimental infections using prisoners were done primarily to study pathogenesis and develop vaccines and sulfonamide antibiotics, rather than to develop biological weapons. Hitler reportedly issued orders prohibiting biological weapons development. With the support of high-ranking Nazi party officials, however, German scientists began biological weapons research, but their results lagged far behind those of other countries.”


One example was German experiments to discover methods of revitalising those who had recently died of exposure from immersion in freezing water, perhaps airmen who had been shot down over the North Atlantic. The Germans did in fact discover effective methods of this apparent reincarnation, methods which are today part of common medical practice. But nobody seems to want to tell us that, like the entire eugenics program, these were just more series of tests the Germans copied from the Jewish physicians who were doing similar but much worse experiments in the early 1940s at the University of Cincinnati Hospital and at Harvard. And no high-minded ambitions here; these frolics were for the stated purpose of studying “the effects of frigid temperatures on mental disorders”.

Dr. Wouter Basson, head of Project Coast. Source


And we have no shortage of documented evidence of biological and chemical warfare development and deployment by Israel, including attempts to develop race-based bio-weapons to use against the Arabs and, and the Jews’ deep involvement in Project Coast, designed to kill and sterilise Rhodesian blacks. We have MK-ULTRA, the Tuskegee and Guatemala syphilis travesties, the litany of Jewish human experimenters from Loretta Bender to Saul Krugman. We have massacres and slaughters from the Russian Revolution, massive “civilian pacifications” in  Indonesia, Vietnam, and Iraq. We have repeated famines and food embargoes that killed many tens of millions. We have phosphor bombs, DIME explosives, depleted uranium weapons, torture, and so much more. None of this is any better or morally superior to actions we attribute to Nazi Germany, and it is not difficult to document that the world’s human travesties owe far more to the Jews than to the Germans. So once again, let us stop pretending. I will provide much more detail later in this series of books.


The name “Fort Detrick” can be seen on the cover of a report about Unit 731’s anthrax test on live humans. /Xinhua. Source.

The cover of one of the three human experiment autopsy reports Sheldon Harris discovered at the US Army’s Dugway Proving Ground Library. They were provided to the Americans by Unit 731 scientists as a bargain for war crime immunity. “A” refers to anthrax. The report was originally kept at Fort Detrick, whose investigators conducted extensive investigations with Unit 731 scientists. [Photo provided to China Daily] Source

However, for our purposes here, the machinations with Japan after the Second World War are of immense importance, far more than anything involving Germany, and in fact , involving the Jews much more than the Germans.


5.2. Operation Paperclip – The Fourth Wave

Human Experimentation, Torture, Terrorism, and Biological Warfare




Much of the picture of the pursuit and development of this portion of inhumanity, involves Germans only incidentally, primarily because of Operation Paperclip. Briefly, the Americans, acting as the “Bankers Private Army” for International Jewry, fleeced Germany to the bones after WWII, confiscating literally everything that could be stolen in the fields of science, medicine, military, commerce, manufacturing, and much more. The Americans quickly learned they hadn’t the ability to understand German progress in so many areas. As one example, they confiscated around 100 samples of the German V-2 rockets, but couldn’t figure out how to assemble them, nor could they understand the principles on which the rockets worked. They attempted rounding up and incarcerating in concentration camps all Germans who appeared to have knowledge of these matters, but then discovered that simple “de-briefing” was unlikely to produce meaningful results. From this, the Americans forcibly transferred many thousands of Germans to the US, often on only a day’s notice, to have these scientists and others permanently available when needed. The alternative, if such were presented, was threats of execution for unspecified “war crimes”. The interest in the Germans was for their outstanding scientific and military knowledge, as well as their design and manufacturing skills. There was actually very little imported from Germany in terms of knowledge of what we might call “human experimentation”, even though this is the area that receives all the media attention. This is part of what some choose to call “the great scientific exodus” to America during and after World War II, but this exodus was not quite according to the myth created for the gullible American public.


After the war, the US government transplanted many thousands of Germans to the US, primarily for their industrial and scientific knowledge, Werner von Braun being one of the more famous for having nearly single-handedly creating the entire US space program. But buried in these post-war forced emigrations were about 10,000 Japanese doctors and scientists who were virtually all war criminals fleeing certain prosecution and very possibly death for their crimes. It was the Japanese, not the Germans, who excelled in obscene human experiments and biological warfare, and it was this that made the Japanese such treasured immigrants for the US military machine.


From Nazy General 

to CIA Spy

Reinhard Gehlen


I have dealt elsewhere with  Operation Paperclip that related to the theft of German corporations, property, assets, inventions, patents, and IP. [3] I will deal here with the remainder of these waves of immigration / forcible transfersfrom Germany and Japan to the US, which also fall under the Paperclip umbrella. These involved not secrets of military or commercial benefit but those related to politics, espionage and the dark side of terrorism, torture, and world domination. One portion involved the Americans’ determination to build a European espionage and black ops network to obtain political control of Western Europe. It included the recruitment of a vast espionage network, led by a man named Reinhard Gehlen, that included a substantial ‘black ops’ capacity with a specialty in attracting and training domestic terrorists. Operation Gladio, which produced decades of US-sponsored terrorism in Europe, was a direct result of this portion of Paperclip, and consisted in large part of Jews.


The other even more sinister and deadly category was the Americans’ pathological interest in interrogation and torture, in chemical and biological warfare, and in human experimentation, which led to the importation of thousands of individuals from Japan, specifically for the purpose of transferring to American minds the world’s collection of documented perversion in these areas. For many decades, these imported ‘experts’ served their American masters on secret projects at Fort Bragg, Fort Detrick, the CDC, and many American universities and hospitals. As one author noted, “The US military was not slow to apply much of this knowledge, using their newly-gained experience in biological weaponry against civilians in Greece, Korea and Viet Nam.” These programs never stopped. They briefly reared their heads in public during Korea and Vietnam, during the exposure of the US military’s so-called “University of the Americas”, and yet again during the Iraq war and in the torture prisons at Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo Bay. It is worth noting that much of this “research” occurred while George H. W. Bush was head of the CIA.  Another direct result of Paperclip was the CIA’s vast MK-Ultra program that included brainwashing, torture, with a terrible litany of human abuse that endures to this day.


Many historical commentaries tell us that some Nazi war criminals, such as the German physician Josef Mengele, escaped to South America after the war, but that was never true. Mengele and others in this category were imported to the US during Operation Paperclip to perform the same kind of medical research in America they had performed in Germany and Japan. In the case of Mengele, it was only due to the discovery and revelation of his real identity that he became a political liability to the US government who then transferred him to Brazil and financed him in several business endeavors. The story of Mengele (and others) escaping from Germany to South America is a total fiction that was fabricated by the Americans as a plausible cover story to hide their actions.


Operation Paperclip was as massive a logistical enterprise as that of any major war campaign, involving enormous pre-planning and coordination that included literally dozens of government agencies and departments, ancillary groups like the Library of Congress, hundreds of US corporations, and countless thousands of individuals. Today this operation is generally identified as a post-war immigration/transfer to the US of German scientists and technicians, primarily those with useful commercial and military knowledge and skills, but it began in a different place and expanded far beyond this limited historical version. As in virtually every other area, American history has been revised, rewritten, deleted, and sanitised to prevent the truth from escaping into the world at large.


As a result of Operation Paperclip, The US Army’s Chemical Corps at Edgewood Arsenal in Maryland and its Special Operations Division (SOD) at Fort Detrick were staffed with an abundance of highly qualified medical and scientific personnel, their so-called “Medical Research Laboratories” containing hundreds of foreign Ph.D.’s and MDs, but also including many more hundreds of scientific and professional personnel drawn from leading American universities like Harvard Medical College, the University of Pennsylvania, Johns Hopkins University, Princeton, Cambridge, Duke, Columbia, Cornell, and Stanford. As noted elsewhere, the CDC was also active in this area, having received many of the imported scientists from both Germany and Japan. The military not only seconded these people to its staff but employed thousands more who performed their research with military or CIA funding while remaining in the private sector at various universities, hospitals, and private research firms.


In many cases, the military had initiated secret contracts with mental institutions and psychiatric clinics to perform a wide variety of clandestine experiments on patients that involved drug testing as well as exposure to biological pathogens, all with the intent of devising weapons for the military that could be deployed on mass populations, and with more limited application for use by the CIA that could be targeted at individuals to cause disability or death. From this enormous catalogue of interests there arose a kind of formal relationship between the CIA, Edgewood, and Fort Detrick’s SOD that was originally given the name of Project MK/NAOMI, initially focused on the development and deployment of biological weapons but that saw some major portions spun off to focus on other specific interests – the main one being human programming and mind control.


President Truman signing the Atomic Energy Act in 1946. Meanwhile, 1,600 Nazi scientists were being recruited into the U.S. Source


US President Harry Truman agreed in late 1946 to authorise Operation Paperclip as “a program to bring selected German scientists to work on America’s behalf during the Cold War”, but he specified that the program exclude war criminals or those considered as security risks. The US military, the CIA, the Departments of State and Commerce, all simply ignored Truman’s instructions, if indeed his instructions were sincere and not merely intended as deception for the mass population. They deleted incriminating files, produced forged documents and references, and simply lied, to bring these individuals into the US. It was in fact a conspiracy by the US military and the Departments of State and Commerce to ignore Presidential directives and bypass multiple American laws to achieve objectives decided entirely by the puppet-masters of the deep state (the Khazar Jews), and without the knowledge of the nation’s elected government.


In a great many cases, these “imports” were effectively ‘hired into’ the US military and hidden on domestic military bases to avoid public scrutiny and government oversight. The Americans resurrected a long list of murderers, gangsters, war criminals as good Christian soldiers and famous Americans, but all this information has been deleted from the official narrative and no longer exists as part of the historical record. The stories still exist as what are essentially popular historical novels which fade from attention over time, with the knowledge being lost. In 1988, Christopher Simpson wrote a book titled, “Blowback, America’s recruitment of Nazis“, [4] in which he noted that:


“… the existence of U.S. operations employing ex-Nazis has remained a carefully kept secret in the West. There has been a certain convergence of powerful interests, rather than the great conspiracy that some critics have alleged, that has kept this story buried. The American government, for example, has not been inclined to publicize the men and women involved in sensitive “national security” missions. Many U.S. documents concerning these programs have been systematically purged from the files and destroyed, and the majority of the records that remain are still classified above “secret.” Most of the men who put together the U.S. program-including the CIA’s former chief of clandestine operations Frank Wisner and his boss, CIA Director Allen Dulles-are dead. Most of those who are still alive refuse to talk.”


Simpson also wrote of the most dangerous wave of German and other European immigrants, the large-scale programs that brought many thousands of individuals to the US as rewards for participating in US-sponsored ‘black ops’ in Europe and also to train others in these skills to be utilised against the USSR. Simpson noted that the CIA secretly financed many European Right-Wing Fascist organisations that were clearly extremist in ideology, and spent millions of dollars within the US in “advertising and staged media events”, presenting these people as simple European “refugees and freedom fighters” deserving American support. This was not a small program; there were tens of thousands of these individuals imported to the US, virtually all experienced right-wing political activists with serious criminal intent and, as Simpson noted, “blessed with the patronage of the CIA”. Unfortunately, Simpson and many others focused on immigrants from Germany rather than from Japan where the true story lay of biological warfare and human experimentation.


There exist several apparently unrelated items that are necessary parts of the US Biological Warfare puzzle, this being Operation Paperclip, the partnership with Japan, the creation of Fort Detrick as a bio-weapons and human experimentation center, and the creation of the CDC (US Centers for Disease Control). These events coincide perfectly in time with the US military’s explosive interest in human experimentation.


Readers may be aware of Shiro Ishii and his Unit 731 in Harbin, China, where his group performed the most hideous human experiments imaginable, including live vivisections. [5] Few seem to know that the reason there were no war crimes trials for the Japanese is that General Douglas MacArthur made a deal with Ishii that the Japanese would all be immune from war-crimes prosecution if (1) all documents and records on biological warfare and human experimentation were turned over to the US and (2) Ishii and his entire troop of thousands would be relocated to America. This is what transpired, with the Japanese given new identities and housed on US military bases, Ishii himself being a professor and a supervisor of biological research at the University of Maryland until his death decades later.


In the official Western narrative of human experimentation during World War II, the focus by the Western educational system, the Western media, Israel, and the Jewish lobbies, is entirely placed upon Germany, erasing from our history the much worse atrocities committed by Japan – and which knowledge was fully accessed and advantaged by the Americans. A detailed reference is in order to correct the historical focus. If nothing else, we need to expose the pathological interest the Americans had in human experimentation and biological warfare by the end of WWII.


When Japanese troops invaded North-East China (Manchuria) in 1932, Dr. Shiro Ishii, a prominent Japanese physician and army officer began his notorious biological warfare experimentation program in a sector near Harbin disguised as a water-purification unit, then known as Unit 731. He began with various poisonous gases including mustard gas, then used aircraft to distribute cotton and rice husks contaminated with the bubonic plague, in various parts of Central China. His unit captured Chinese who were  offering resistance to the Japanese occupation, using them for unlimited medical atrocities including live vivisection. [6][7]The New York Times reported one instance [8] of a Japanese physician describing his experience there:


“I cut him open from the chest to the stomach and he screamed terribly and his face was all twisted in agony. He made this unimaginable sound; he was screaming so horribly. But then finally he stopped. This was all in a day’s work for the surgeons, but it really left an impression on me because it was my first time.”


Ishii would first have his teams infect the victims with anthrax, cholera, typhoid, tetanus, dysentery, syphilis, the bubonic plague, and other pathogens, then dissect them while still alive to examine the results, followed by cremation of the evidence. The US military’s Surgeon-General’s Department estimated that 580,000 Chinese were killed in this manner, with atrocities committed by some of Japan’s most distinguished physicians.


In the treatise, “Medical aspects of Biological Warfare“, [9] published in 2007 by the Surgeon-General’s Department of the US military, one American military historian contributed the following:


Unit 731 Experiments on children.


Prisoners, including women and children, became the subjects of grisly experimentation, and were cremated in the camp incinerator usually late at night. Chemical warfare experiments were conducted in a gas chamber with an observation window. Unit 100 focused on developing biological weapons for sabotage operations. Although animals and crops were the focus of most of the research, numerous human studies were also conducted, similar to those conducted by Unit 731. Unit 1644 supported Unit 731’s research efforts with bacterial agent production and flea cultivation. Eleven Chinese cities were allegedly attacked during “field trials” using infectious agents. As a result of the Japanese biowarfare program, 580,000 people are estimated to have died in China.


Ishii was known to be very ruthless. He used to oversee dreaded experiments by himself. Some of his ruthless experiments included exposing victims to frostbite, leading to gangrene, followed by the amputation of limbs without anesthetic, until only the head and the torso of the victim remained. The remaining body, still alive, would be injected with bubonic plague, and dissected without any anesthetic, to observe how the disease spread across the body. The body was then left to rot outside the facility and then buried in mass graves.” [10]


The atrocities committed by Ishii and his staff are almost impossible to fathom. Here is a brief synopsis from one good source:


Funded by the Japanese government, Ishii had more than 150 buildings constructed across a huge compound covering over 2 square miles and able to house up to 400 victims. This prison camp was known as Unit 731. His victims included men, women, pregnant women, elderly, children, and even infants. Unit 731 had a freezer that could be set to 50°F below zero. Hands and arms were frozen to create frostbite; some frozen limbs were thawed to study the rotting of human flesh. Other victims were dehydrated to the point of death. Prisoners were shot in the stomach so that Japanese surgeons could practice removing bullets. Legs and arms were amputated without administering anesthesia. People were injected with seawater to determine if it could be used as a substitute for saline solution. Parts of livers were removed to determine how long one could live with only a partial organ. Some had their limbs amputated, with Japanese researchers reattaching the body parts in novel ways. For example, a stomach would be surgically removed, and then the esophagus would be attached directly to the intestines. Subjects were placed into centrifuges and spun to death; prisoners were torched with flame throwers or exposed to phosphorus or chloride gas. To test the effects of shrapnel, prisoners were chained to stakes in open fields and grenades were exploded at varying distances from the victims. [11]


Another item that very much interested the Americans was Ishii’s experience in biological and entomological (insect) warfare. Unit 731 developed dispersion techniques for germ warfare via bio-warfare weapons, which were operationally tested on civilians in Chinese cities. Bio-warfare weapons containing bubonic plague, cholera, anthrax, and other deadly diseases were dropped by low-flying airplanes on innocent residents of these cities. In addition, Unit 731 bred plague-infested fleas in their labs and devised “flea bombs” and other devices designed to spread germs and parasites, which were dropped on Chinese military personnel and civilians throughout World War II. The US was desperate not to have Ishii’s knowledge of biological weapons fall into the hands of Russia, including the results of his myriad medical experiments on humans. The US also wanted to supplement its own germ warfare program knowledge base with the results of the biological warfare experiments conducted at Unit 731, and thus made the offer and agreement with Ishii and the Japanese government. [12]


At the end of the war when it became clear Japan was losing and would have to evacuate China, Ishii ordered all the remaining Chinese in custody to be killed and their bodies burned, then destroyed with explosives the entire Unit 731 compound to hide all traces of his experiments. The Japanese also disposed of more than two million chemical and biological weapons by either burying them or dumping them into Chinese rivers. These weapons are still being uncovered in China today.


The destruction was no sooner accomplished than General Douglas MacArthur, who was then Commander of the Allied Powers in Japan, made a secret deal with Ishii and the entire staff of Unit 731 to transfer to the US military all records of the biowarfare and vivisections for US military study, in exchange for a complete cover-up of all evidence and testimony of the existence of these activities, and a promise of immunity from war-crimes prosecution. On 6 May 1947, MacArthur wrote to Washington that “additional data, possibly some statements from Ishii probably can be obtained by informing Japanese involved that information will be retained in intelligence channels and will not be employed as ‘War Crimes’ evidence.” Some Japanese were arrested by Soviet forces for their biological crimes against Russians, and tried at the Khabarovsk War Crime Trials in 1949 but, to cover their own tracks, the Americans dismissed all surviving victim testimony and Russia’s war-crimes trials of Japanese as “communist propaganda”. [13][14]


Ishii turned over to the US military on one occasion alone more than 10,000 pages of his “research findings”, after which the Americans re-wrote Japan’s history books, which is why neither the Japanese nor the world know of the massive atrocities committed in China, and which is where the American military gained much of its expertise and know-how in chemical and biological weapons and the methods of human experimentation it would later apply so freely in Korea and Vietnam and to American citizens.


Barracks at Fort Detrick


Not only did the US government and military provide Dr. Ishii and his staff total immunity from prosecution, they imported the entire group to the US, all secretly stationed on US military bases and at the CDC, all on the US Army payroll. In fact, Dr. Ishii was for years a frequent guest lecturer at the US military’s bio-warfare school at Fort Detrick, and given a lucrative post as full professor and supervisor of biological research at the University of Maryland until he died decades later. Oddly, the University appears to have no knowledge of this. Many of Ishii’s staff enjoyed lucrative careers in the US, including roles in the National Medical Association, National Institute for Health (NIH), the National Cancer Center, the CDC, and of course Fort Detrick. Others had high-level positions at American pharmaceutical companies.


There is one other matter to consider. Place yourself for a moment in the position of an investigator of war crimes, and you have discovered a group that has committed numerous atrocities. At what point in your investigation would you consider granting immunity to these criminals? Would you do that at the start of your investigation when you still had no full idea of the range of their crimes, or would you wait until you had made a complete discovery? Obviously, you would wait until the end, until you were reasonably certain you had uncovered everything. So, at what point would the US government and military decide to grant full immunity to Shiro Ishii and his group? Obviously again, only when they were reasonably certain they had discovered everything.


The reason this is important is that when the Americans made their decision to grant full immunity and immigration to the US, it was only after they had been made fully aware of the range and extent of inhuman atrocities those Japanese had committed. And that means the Americans were not at all disappointed with what they had found, but wanted those people in their employ and under their supervision so that they could learn more. Now, ask yourself why they would want to learn this knowledge if they were not intending to use it? What does that tell you about the Americans? What does that tell you about the University of Maryland that they would want these people on their teaching faculty? What does it tell you about the management of Fort Detrick, of the CDC, the NIH, and other American institutions and health organisations and universities, that they would also want these people on their staff? What does it tell you about the US government and military?


One of the surviving declassified documents which is now stored in the US National Archives in College Park, Maryland, was a report of Aug 1, 1947 prepared by J. B. Cresap, a US Navy intelligence officer, for circulation within the State, War, and Navy Departments. The report, titled “Interrogation of certain Japanese by Russian prosecutors”, contains appendices with full documentation of many Japanese war crimes. But it contains something even more startling: the unequivocal conclusion of the report, stating, “The value to the US of Japanese BW (biological warfare) data is of such importance to national security as to far outweigh the value accruing from ‘war crimes’ prosecution.” There is no way to misunderstand that statement. There is further documentation consisting of directives from Washington to MacArthur that declared “information obtained from Ishii and associates on BW will be retained in intelligence channels and will not be employed as ‘war crime’ evidence.” The situation cannot be made more clear.


The immunity deal granted to Dr. Ishii and his staff was kept secret for decades, but this could not have been accomplished without the active assistance and participation of the Jewish media who exercised an absolute censorship on the topic. Details began to leak in the late 1980s, and a documentary named “Japanese Devils[15] was published in 2001, which is when all parts of the world – including the Japanese themselves – learned about Unit 731 and what had occurred there.


It was only in 1995 that the US military finally admitted it had offered immunity, secret identities to disguise their origins and functions, and good jobs with high salaries, to these Japanese scientists and physicians in exchange for all their data on biological warfare research and human experimentation. These people were recruited not only by the military, but by the CDC, the US State Department, military intelligence, the CIA, and the US Department of Agriculture, all for work on “secret government projects”.


5.3. Ishii’s participation in Project SHAD and Project 112


Author Sheldon H. Harris researched the history of Japanese Biological warfare and the American cover-up extensively. Harris and other scholars found that U.S. intelligence authorities had seized the Japanese researchers’ archive after the technical information was provided by Japan. The information was transferred in an arrangement that exchanged keeping the information a secret and not pursuing war crimes charges. The arrangement with the United States concerning Japanese WMD research provided extensive Japanese technical information in exchange for not pursuing certain charges and also allowed Japan’s government to deny knowledge of the use of these weapons by Japan’s military in China during World War II. [16] German scientists in Europe also skipped war crimes charges and went to work as U.S. employed intelligence agents and technical experts in an arrangement known as Operation Paperclip. [17][17a]


The U.S. would not cooperate when the Soviet Union attempted to pursue war crimes charges against the Japanese. General Douglas MacArthur denied the U.S. Military had any captured records on Japan’s military biological program. “The U.S. denial was absolutely misleading but technically correct as the Japanese records on biological warfare were then in the custody of U.S intelligence agencies rather than in possession of the military”. A formerly top-secret report by the U.S. War Department at the close of World War II, clearly stipulates that the United States exchanged Japan’s military technical information on BW experimentation against humans, plants, and animals in exchange for war crimes immunity. The War department notes that, “The voluntary imparting of this BW information may serve as a forerunner for obtaining much additional information in other fields of research.” Armed with Nazi and Imperial Japanese biowarfare know-how, the United States government and its intelligence agencies began conducting widespread field testing of potential CBW capabilities on American cities, crops, and livestock. [18][19][20]


It is known that Japanese scientists were working at the direction of the Japan’s military and intelligence agencies on advanced research projects of the United States including America’s covert biomedical and biowarfare programs from the end of World War II through at least the 1960s. It is well-documented that Japanese scientists were involved in many of the sections of Project 112, and were present in many of the bio-warfare facilities. Here is one such report about the Rocky Mountain Arsenal [21]


“In addition to the results of human experimentation much valuable data is available from the Japanese experiments in animal and food crops. The voluntary imparting of this BV information may serve as a forerunner for obtaining much additional information in other fields of research. The desirability of avoiding war crimes involvement. Since it is believed that the USSR possesses only a small portion of this technical information, and since any “war crimes” trial would completely reveal much data to all nations, it is felt that such publicity must be avoided in interests of defense and security of the US. It is believed also that “war crimes” prosecution of Ishii and his associates would serve to stop the flow on much additional information of a technical and scientific nature.” [21a]


5.4. The Jewish Black Hand


There is something else here, of extreme importance, illustrated by a fax sent by Eli M. Rosenbaum, Director, Office of Special Investigations, US Department of Justice, to Rabbi Abraham Cooper, Associate Dean at the Simon Wiesenthal Center.[22] Both are Jews.


Rosenbaum of the OSI tells the Rabbi at the Simon Wiesenthal Center that “All Japanese military and civilian personnel who were involved in [these] Axis-sponsored acts … are ineligible to enter the United States.” Rosenbaum claims his Department has added “…tens of thousands of names to the interagency border control watchlist [which] is an outgrowth of this Office’s unprecedented investigative effort … In all, the names of more than 60,000 suspects have been added to the watchlist at OSI’s behest.” However, he then says, “Unfortunately, despite years of work by this Office, we have been able to identify fewer than a hundred suspected Japanese participants in World War II-era crimes against humanity (primarily individuals implicated in the “Unit 731” medical atrocities and in the so-called “Comfort Women” mass rapes).” Rosenbaum then goes on to state “There are two reasons for this unfortunate situation”, these being that the US military somehow forgot to microfilm or otherwise retain copies of the Japanese records which were in their possession, and that the Japanese government apparently “failed to grant meaningful access to OSI despite U.S. Government entreaties over the years.”


This is an explosive document, but we need to read between the lines a bit, and to connect a few dots, to make full sense of this. For those who have read my article on The Power Behind the Throne, it will be apparent that Jews were largely in control of the Department of Justice and certainly in full control of the OSI (the Department of Justice Office of Special Investigations), and that this was clearly an office established by the Jews to hunt down and persecute any and all Germans who had in the past exhibited any disaffection for the Jews. This office was not, as popularly-believed, established to find war criminals, but to persecute Germans, who were all classed as “Nazis”. This term has been given an abominable connotation, but being a member of the Nazi party was not different in nature than being a member of the Republican or Democratic parties in the US. Rosenbaum’s “60,000 suspects” were therefore entirely Germans who were “suspected” of having been “anti-Semitic” and who could now be pursued forever for this “sin” under the power of the US Department of Justice.


The Jews (and therefore the US Department of Justice) had no interest in pursuing or punishing the Japanese for their atrocities in China because the Jews had much less affection for the Chinese than they did for the Japanese. They simply didn’t care. Rosenbaum’s excuses for the lack of names of Japanese war criminals are obviously false. To claim that the US diligently produced more than 60,000 names of bad Germans (who in real life did very little that was bad), but somehow neglected to obtain the names of a great many Japanese (who in real life committed well-documented and astonishingly deranged atrocities), is a very stupid lie. Further, the US government was in 100% control of Japan after the surrender, and it is inconceivable that they would be unable to obtain these records from the Japanese if they wanted them, and “begging entreaties” would not have been necessary. But regardless of this, it is well-documented that Douglas MacArthur had all the names since he brokered the agreement with Ishii and the Japanese Government for immunity, and further that all these people were in fact transferred to the US as employees of the new US Military human experimentation departments.


We need to ask ourselves why the Jews would have been so deeply involved in the matter of war crimes. This was properly none of their business. It was the job of the victorious Allies to identify and pursue criminals and to prosecute war crimes. Why would Jews (although under the cover of the US Department of Justice) be leading the hunt? And why would the OSI be confiding all this confidential detail to a civilian Jew who had no sensible right to this information, being unrelated from every perspective? The Simon Wiesenthal Center is not in any sense a War Crimes Commission; it is the Jews’ “German-Prosecution Commission”. And that’s all it is. Rosenbaum’s claims were entirely fraudulent, but by writing the above letter, Rosenbaum is creating a paper trail to help the Jews cover their tracks. This fax is a kind of proof that permits the Jews (and the OSI) to say later, “We wanted to persecute all war criminals but the only names we could get were of Germans. We didn’t persecute Japanese war criminals because the Japanese government wouldn’t give us their names.” Clever.


We could also legitimately ask why the Jews didn’t obtain the Japanese information from the Russians who tried repeatedly to present their evidence to the Tribunals but were rejected. This was the reply in December of 1946: “We do not consider that the evidence now available is sufficient to justify an assurance that any of the accused can be associated with this activity by any of the criteria adopted by the Court with reference to atrocities and prisoners of war offenses.” [23] American prosecutors discussed the issue openly, and the topic was by no means a secret in Washington. It seems quite clear from the historical record that the Americans and the Jews mutually agreed to immunise the Japanese and prosecute (and persecute) only the Germans.


Jacob Schiff


There is more background to this than might first appear. During the era of World War II, we tend to associate Jews almost exclusively with Germany, mostly because we have been inundated by the Jewish media and publishing industries for 70 years about the Jews’ bad treatment at the hands of the Germans. But the Jews were heavily involved in Japan, perhaps even more so than in Germany, since at least the early 1900s. Remember that it was the Jew Jacob Schiff who engineered (and financed) Japan’s aggressive war against Russia in 1905, intended to weaken Russia for the planned Jewish Bolshevik Revolution. Recall too, that Nagasaki expelled all the Jews from the city in the 1930s and that the country of Japan expelled all the Jews immediately prior to World War II.


Bernard Baruch


It doesn’t seem to be widely known, but it was a Jew, Bernard Baruch (promoted as the most powerful man in the US) who was the controller of the entire US project to develop the atomic bomb (widely known at the time as “The Jewish Hell-Bomb”). It was Baruch who chose Oppenheimer to lead the project and who selected Leslie Groves to construct all the facilities, and it was Baruch who personally chose Japan and Nagasaki as the targets for the first atomic bombs. Even more, it was a civilian Jew, William Laurence, who rode on the Enola Gay and actually pushed the button to release the first atomic bomb in history, a bizarre position for a bizarre man. I know of no other example in recorded history where a civilian was permitted to participate in such a secret military mission, and certainly not given the authority to unleash this kind of devastation. The Jews had a very personal interest in the destruction of Japan, quite possibly as retaliation for their expulsion some years earlier.


William Laurence (left) and J. Robert Oppenheimer at the Trinity Site in September 1945. Source


I mention this because, from all the surrounding facts and circumstances, it appears a virtual certainty that the Jews were not only fully aware of Japan’s wartime travesties, but were also fully involved in the discussions and decisions to grant immunity to Ishii and his troops and in their agreed immigration to the US. This has tended to be the historical pattern for a long time. After each of the first two World Wars, most especially the Treaty of Versailles, where the terms of Germany’s surrenders were being discussed and decided, almost the entire membership was Jewish. Some observers described these situations as “a council of Jews”. It is therefore exceeding likely that the Jews were fully involved in every aspect of the surrender and subsequent occupation of Japan. It must have succeeded because today Japan is a Jewish/US colony with few domestic and fewer foreign policies of its own making.



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