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The US Government Declares War on America

Part 3 – The US Declares War on its own Military

By Larry Romanoff, March 11, 2023


(Left) A portrait of Louis Bessho from 1969. (Right) Military orders from April 1944 for Japanese-American soldiers, including Bessho, who were part of the military’s mustard gas testing at Edgewood Arsenal in Maryland.

Left: Courtesy of David Bessho / Right: Army Service Forces, Headquarters Camp Wolters Texas, Courtesy of Marc Bessho. Source





Covert experiments by the US government on its own military personnel are not new. For at least the past 70 years, the US military has used its servicemen as laboratory animals in conducting illegal and inhumane experiments.[1] From at least the 1940s until today, ex-military patients in US Veterans Administration hospitals were used as test subjects under many circumstances, without their knowledge or consent. Millions of US servicemen have been deliberately exposed to biological pathogens, nuclear radiation of various forms, medical substances and other procedures, all without their knowledge or consent. The admission of these appears only after many decades of secrecy and some are still denied. With the extensive destruction of records, much of the truth will never be known. Among the experiments conducted are the withholding of necessary treatment to see what happens. In order to disguise what is being done to these American veterans, authorities were ordered to substitute the words “investigation” or “observation” for “experiment” when reporting the results.


In the 1940s, about 60,000 military personnel were used as human subjects in chemical tests of mustard gas and blister gas.[2][3][4] These subjects were not informed of the nature of the experiments and never received medical treatment. For fear of publicity and a public outcry, these victims were threatened with imprisonment if they discussed the experiments with anyone, including their wives, parents, and especially forbidding mention to family doctors. For decades, the Pentagon denied that the research had taken place, resulting in decades of suffering for many veterans who subsequently developed long-term illnesses. In the 1950s, the US Military conducted chemical warfare experiments on more than 7,000 soldiers at its Edgewood Arsenal in Maryland. [5][6][7][8][9]


For 20 years or more, the US military ordered about 250,000 servicemen into very near ground zero to observe nuclear explosions, in addition to another 200,000 who were part of the US occupation force in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. [10][11][12] In all cases, men were ordered into the area almost immediately after the blast, the men receiving assurance the radiation was not harmful. In some tests, the soldiers were exposed in small bunkers only one mile from the actual blast, some observers reporting the odor of burning flesh, and certainly some died. These tests were much more powerful than those at Hiroshima, and even at several Kms from the target everyone would receive third-degree burns and there would be almost no survivors, yet US military reports claimed “the observers suffered no adverse effects”, while refusing to release any documentation on the tests. There was no scientific, or even military, justification for the forced exposure of these men, especially in such large numbers. The Defense Department was simply sacrificing soldiers in dozens of attempts to learn the incidence of illness or death from exposure to nuclear explosions.


The US military did the same repeatedly with flight crews and aircraft, ordering the men to fly through the mushroom clouds within minutes after an explosion. [13][14][15] By the time the full mushroom cloud was formed after a blast, the aircraft were already in position to penetrate it, and were flown through both the ‘heads’ of the mushroom cloud and the ‘stems’, simply in attempts to determine the amounts of radiation exposure and the effects. As a measure of the danger, the maximum annual dose of radiation was considered to be about the equivalent of 250 chest x-rays, but the men flying through the mushroom clouds received more than three times this amount in the space of a few minutes. Moreover, this recorded radiation level was the maximum the mens’ radiation badges could register; the actual radiation in the blast clouds was measured at levels 50 times higher than that recorded on the badges, yet the military reported no medical follow-up on the exposed aircrews. We can assume they didn’t want to know. In some cases, the total radiation levels in the clouds were reported to have been 800 times greater than that recorded on the badges.


By late 2013, crew members from the aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan were suffering serious radiation-related illnesses after conducting operations off the coast of Japan in 2011. The crew members were apparently drinking and bathing in heavily radioactive desalinated water with no warning and no protection. Former Navy Quartermaster Maurice Enis said it was after more than a month of radiation exposure that the ship was scrubbed down and sailors offered radiation protection, but that the officers had received protective iodine much earlier. In an interview with the Huffington Post he also claimed “They had us sign off that we were medically fine, had no sickness, and that we couldn’t sue the US government”, even though many displayed alarming signs of radiation poisoning. The attorney representing these men says more than 75 sailors have testicular and thyroid cancers, leukemias, rectal and gynecological bleeding, brain tumors, and some who had perfect eyesight are now going blind. Some crew members have already died, and females have given birth to infants with multiple genetic defects. The article claimed both the US and Japanese governments are in a major conspiracy to conceal the true facts.


From the 1960s onward, as part of Project Shipboard Hazard and Defense (SHAD), the US Military sprayed naval vessels with various biological and chemical warfare agents, while thousands of US military personnel were aboard the ships. [16][17] The personnel were not notified of the tests, and were not given any protective clothing. Chemicals tested on them included the nerve gases VX and Sarin, toxic chemicals such as zinc cadmium sulfide and sulfur dioxide, and a variety of biological agents. In 1950, the CIA initiated Project Bluebird, later renamed Project Artichoke, whose stated purpose was to develop “the means to control individuals through special interrogation techniques”. Project Bluebird researchers in Maryland fed doses of LSD to more than 7,000 US military personnel without their knowledge, with more than 1,000 of these developing various psychiatric illnesses and epilepsy as a result, and many committing suicide.


In Vietnam, the US military, in full possession of documented evidence of the toxic nature of the chemical, exposed hundreds of thousands of its own soldiers to the lethal dioxins of Agent Orange, persuading them it was harmless to humans. [18][19][20][21] Being a liquid, soldiers would spray each other with it to cool off on hot days. Countless thousands of American soldiers returned from Vietnam suffering horribly from the effects, with so many wives experiencing miscarriages and children born with birth defects. True to form, the US government denied everything for two decades and, when proof was irrefutable, offered these crippled and deformed survivors $100 per month for ten years – or until they died. Widows would receive a maximum of $3,700. Monsanto spokesman Jill Montgomery, a lovely and sincere lady to be sure, claimed Monsanto carried no liability for these casualties, saying “We are sympathetic with people who believe they have been injured and understand their concern to find the cause, but reliable scientific evidence indicates that Agent Orange is not the cause of serious long-term health effects.” And US judge Jack B. Weinstein dismissed a class-action lawsuit on the multiple grounds that there was no basis for any claims and that the US government had “sovereign immunity” in any case. To add insult to injury, the same court ruled that the Chemical companies, primarily Monsanto and DuPont, were contractors of the US government and therefore shared their immunity.


The US military also subjected many war veterans to undergo forced lobotomies in experimental attempts to control what is today considered the psychological trauma of war, many of these victims being very young men who were having trouble dealing with the horrors they experienced. [22][23][24][25][26] In each case, the US government assured the families these men would be returned to ‘normal’ behavior but who instead became vegetables, leading to generations of recriminations and regrets. Lawsuits are still pending in many of these cases. For the record, this wasn’t the first or last time the US government attempted this procedure. As we will see later, lobotomies were a favorite method use by the FBI for neutralising political dissidents in America in the 1970s and 1980s.


The US government has for many decades used the “state secrets” excuse to cover itself from liability for its mistakes. In one famous case in 1953, some widows whose husbands had died in a military aircraft crash sued the government for negligence, but met a stone wall when the government refused to release the accident report on the grounds that it would disclose vital information about secret military equipment. When the report was declassified 50 years later, it contained no mention of any military equipment, secret or otherwise. There are many hundreds of these cases spanning 80 years or more, each involving a cover-up of, occasionally, error, but most often to hide negligence or criminality. There were also major issues when both military parents had died, leaving orphaned children, who, to the US military, were now “free” test subjects and who were often used in cruel medical experiments. Most of these small, helpless, and already badly traumtised children were callously employed as laboratory material by people completely devoid of a sense of either ethics or humanity. Many of these children died, or committed suicide later in life.


Declaring War on the Gulf Warriors


Since the first Gulf War in Kuwait, hundreds of thousands of US troops have suffered from exposure to various nuclear waste that was used against Iraq, resulting in widespread cancers and leukemia, badly-deformed childbirths and a variety of other illnesses resulting from the American use of biological and chemical weapons. At a cancer center in Houston, Texas, a Dr. Garth Nicholson discovered that many of these returning soldiers were infected with a genetically-altered strain of Mycoplasma that was clearly man-made and commonly used in the production of biological weapons. In spite of this, and other overwhelming evidence, the US government denied the use of any of these war materials, and refused either medical treatment or compensation to its soldiers. There appears to be little question that the severely debilitating illnesses and cancers these men experienced, were a direct result of this exposure, but the US military denied not only responsibility but the existence of the diseases themselves. The Internet has been totally scrubbed on information on this issue. According to Google, Bing, and other search engines, this never existed.


US soldiers during the Gulf Wars were forced under federal law to take experimental vaccines, the law stipulating that soldiers cannot refuse participation in the military’s medical experiments. Jessica Horjus, a member of the US Air Force, refused to take an anthrax vaccine before being sent to Kuwait, because the vaccine had accumulated thousands of reports of adverse reactions ranging from headaches and vomiting to severe autoimmune and neurological problems. [27][28][29] Despite this and despite four years’ service and commendations and Good Conduct Medals, her commander demoted her and cut her pay in half. When she refused additional orders to take the vaccine, she was dishonorably discharged from the US military. Others who have refused the vaccinations have been imprisoned, and many threatened with up to 10 years in prison. Soldiers, citizen groups and members of Congress have demanded that Defense Department officials cease the vaccinations, but to no avail. The US military is determined to accumulate statistical and biological experience with its weaponised anthrax, and requires test subjects, both for the disease and for various treatments or immunisations.


The US is infinitely the worst country at using its own population, and especially its military personnel for lethal experiments on humans, and has exhibited little hesitation in “out-sourcing” these experiments to other nations. In early 2014 the US (Jewish-owned) media totally suppressed reports of the end of a long battle in which Jewish soldiers in Israel finally won compensation from the courts for having been deliberately exposed to anthrax in military tests. [30]  Between 1999-2005, the Israeli Defense Ministry and the chemical and biological weapons institute at Nes Ziona collaborated with their American counterparts who apparently were unwilling to do live tests but found their Israeli colleagues more than happy to oblige. The experiments were considered so sensitive that the supposed volunteers, many of whom claimed to have been pressured into participating, were not told what they were being injected with, nor warned of the many side effects that included kidney failure. They were further threatened with punishment for speaking about the project. The Israeli Medical Association issued a scathing report of these violations, which it claimed were done to serve US interests. According to foreign reports, Israel shared the findings from these experiments with the US military in return for hundreds of millions in additional “research” funding.


The recent American wars in Afghanistan and Iraq have also taken their toll in other ways. Since the US entered these wars, more than two million US troops have been deployed. The reporting of American war deaths is now illegal, as is all video showing American bodies returning home, and deaths are under-reported. In addition to the deaths, more than 100,000 have been wounded with another 1.5 million requiring medical care. And while 400,000 veterans have sought mental assistance, more than 200,000 are living with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.[31][32][33] Over two million veterans are eligible for benefits with 600,000 already receiving federal disability. The savage barbarity that has engulfed American soldiers has also led to a massive increase in suicidal tendencies. The US government claims to have rescued 20,000 suicidal veterans, while thousands of others have committed suicide from their inability to live with the atrocities they committed at the instruction of their own government.


In spite of the number of American soldiers receiving treatment, many hundreds of thousands more have been studiously ignored, the US government steadfastly refusing to recognise their illnesses or even admit the existence of them. This applies to the severe mental and emotional disturbances resulting not from battle stress but from atrocities committed. As well, the many victims, certainly numbering in the hundreds of thousands, suffering from exposure to depleted uranium, are not only ignored but the US government flatly denies having used such munitions in the face of overwhelming evidence of their guilt. Countless thousands of American soldiers have experienced the same tragic birth defects in their own children as seen by people in Iraq, Afghanistan and Kuwait, but are left to their own devices to cope.


The US fired millions of artillery and other rounds in Iraq that were made of depleted uranium (DU). I won’t go into details here, but one effect of DU is that since then about 25% of all births in Iraq exhibit the most horrible deformities, babies born with no head, one head, two heads, or three heads. Many infants are born with most of their internal organs outside the torso, and many with the brain entirely outside the cranial cavity. Many have any number of limbs emanating from any part of the body, and many with no limbs at all. Some have no eyes; some have only one large eye in the center of their foreheads, if the nose isn’t already there.





A UN report described many emerging fetuses as “unidentifiable lumps of flesh“. It was so bad that the midwives who still at that time delivered most births in Iraq, were refusing to assist at birthing because “We don’t know what will come out.” For more information please click Here.



Life Magazine ran an article titled, detailing how many American soldiers returned home with the same radioactive contamination and whose wives experienced similar defective births. [34][35] The article was touching, and focused on the fact that the US military adamantly refused to admit that its DU munitions were responsible, and disclaimed any responsibility for the welfare of these soldiers. But the real point is that Life was somehow unaware of the hundreds of thousands of similar frightening births in Iraq, focusing only on a few treasured American lives. The article, and the issue, have since been deleted from Life’s archive and totally scrubbed from the internet, as have photo images of the cover. For more information please click Here.

















American servicemen who served in Afghanistan, and during the Gulf War in Kuwait and later in Iraq, have consistently and in very large numbers claimed to have been unknowingly exposed to large amounts of chemical and biological pathogens as well as lethal radioactive dust from depleted-uranium munitions. In spite of an enormous amount of direct and circumstantial evidence, the US military continues to steadfastly deny having employed any of these munitions or materials and has refused almost all medical care or disability pensions, or indeed any compensation, to these people. One problem in receiving treatment is that these veterans all claim, “We were lined up in front of the medical facility and made to sign waivers attesting to “not having been exposed to anything harmful” and these papers were PART of and KEY TO out-processing that base, i.e., going home.”. In other words, the US military not only forced each soldier to ingest unknown medications, but to sign a legal waiver of any government liability as a condition for ending a tour of duty and being able to return home. That constitutes coercion and extortion on a grand scale, and leaves war veterans with no recourse.


This large collection of illnesses has been collectively catalogued as “Gulf War Illnesses”, which the US military attributes entirely to “stress” or “battle fatigue”, implying these are simply psychological disorders experienced by the less than mentally fit. But the symptoms, according to the best medical minds in America, do not fit any such categorisation and would in fact be impossible as the results of stress. As well, virtually to a man, these soldiers deny that their participation in these wars was at all stressful, and refuse to accept that stress in any form played a part in their conditions. To further underscore these claims, a great many of these Gulf War veterans have transmitted their symptoms and illnesses to their immediate family members, to the workplace, and to other civilians as well. Moreover, treatments with medications that address exposure to chemical and biological agents have proven successful in a large number of cases in eliminating the symptoms and the illnesses, a result which would be impossible if the conditions were merely stress-induced.


The symptoms, such as chronic fatigue, Fibromyalgia, and chemical sensitivities appear to conform to chronic illnesses caused by exposure to various chemical and biological agents. “In addition to chronic fatigue, the soldiers have suffered headaches, memory loss, muscle pain, nausea, gastrointestinal problems, severe pain in joints and lymph nodes, memory loss, and other symptoms that included heightened sensitivities to various environmental agents as well as enhanced allergic responses. None of these are typically recognisable as stress-related symptoms, and none would be infectious or transmittable to others if they lacked a physical and medical basis.” The US military flatly denies that any symptoms have been transmitted to others, yet a US Senate investigative report concluded that a large number of Gulf War veterans do indeed have transmittable infections and that the families of these veterans have developed the same chronic infections in about 45% of all cases.


The US sent nearly two million soldiers to the Persian Gulf for the Gulf Wars, with a large percentage subjected to an experimental nerve agent which is later believed to be one of the causes of Gulf War Syndrome. The Defense Department at first attempted to lay the blame on Iraq’s chemical and biological facilities which were destroyed during the wars and which, it was claimed, released these toxins. However, it was later easily proven that Iraq had no such facilities of any consequence and, in any case, more than a third of all US soldiers suffering from these disabling illnesses had never left the US during either war, leaving the entire liability resting on the medications and vaccinations administered to the troops. Civilian medical investigators are unanimous in concluding these Gulf War illnesses are the result of exposure to multiple toxins from chemical, radiological and biological sources, which category would include the forced experimental vaccinations applied to these servicemen prior to their tours of duty. In fact, many servicemen who would not have been in position to be exposed to the other toxins or pathogens, are convinced it was the vaccinations themselves that induced the illnesses they now face. The US military refuses to discuss this matter as well.


In spite of the military’s consistent denials, it is an established fact not in dispute by the servicemen or the medical profession that vast numbers of chemical and biological exposures occurred during the Gulf War, and that the chronic and systemic conditions existing today are the natural result of these exposures. One such agent consists of a group of intracellular pathogens like mycoplasmas that affect a person’s immune system and trigger unusual auto-immune effects very much like the Gulf War symptoms, and it is precisely the mycoplasmas that the military is accused of having employed and dispersed in large amounts. Medical experts believe the proven existence of large-scale mycoplasma blood infections in these veterans, would explain most of their symptoms and illnesses. Certainly, the US military had been working on enhanced mycoplasma strains for many years, and clearly achieved some success since the US Armed Forces Institute of Pathology obtained a patent on mycoplasmas in June 1991. And as early as 1975 or 1976, the city of Huntsville, Texas experienced a serious outbreak of an apparently altered form of mycoplasma, that many observers concluded had resulted from a covert government experiment originating at a Texas military installation.


Dr. Garth Nicolson is one of the medical experts testifying in this arena. He is the Chief Scientific Officer and Research Professor at the Institute for Molecular Medicine in Huntington Beach, California, with a CV of credentials too extensive to list here. It was primarily his testimony that opened this matter to public debate, since his qualifications essentially placed him beyond impeachment. In November of 1998, Dr. Nicolson testified before a Congressional Committee on the matter of the Defense Department’s treatment of the Gulf War Illnesses. It was Dr. Nicholson’s work that discovered perhaps half of Gulf War veterans had been infected with “an altered strain of Mycoplasma incognitus”, one that was commonly used in the production of biological weapons, and whose molecular structure contained portions of an HIV protein coat, proving irrefutably that it had been made in a lab and was part of a genetically-engineered bio-warfare agent.


And this was where the lies began in earnest. The Defense Department testified to Congress and stated to the media that this type of mycoplasma infection was very common, not at all dangerous and would not even qualify as a human pathogen. Dr. Nicholson stated that “These statements could not be further from the truth”, that the US military Health Sciences “had been teaching its medical students for years that this type of infection is very dangerous and can progress to system-wide organ failure and death”, and that “the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology (AFIP) has been publishing for years that this type of infection can result in death …”.


Dr. Nicholson documented his success in treating these illnesses, stating it was only those antibiotics active against mycoplasmas that produced positive results, producing prima facie evidence that these biological organisms were the source of the Gulf War illnesses. Dr. Nicholson stated flatly that the “DoD is still trying to bury the issue of infectious diseases and GWI”, repeatedly referring to military statements with comments such as : “This is not the truth.”; “These are complete distortions and untruths.”. He also made the point, as have many others that, during the rather brief Gulf War offensive, chemical weapons alarms sounded more than 14,000 times, the military later dismissing this with a claim that the equipment “produced many false positives” and that no chemical or biological weapons were used.


Nicholson also discussed the vaccinations, testifying that soldiers were given “multiple inoculations, in some cases with experimental vaccines in unproved immunization schemes”, stating that the untested and unproven vaccines given simultaneously could easily result in immunosuppression. He further noted that these “experimental” vaccines were contaminated (whether accidentally or deliberately, he did not specify) and that many lots of these vaccines had to be destroyed due to the “microorganism contamination”.


Five years later, Dr. Nicolson uncovered evidence proving that the biological agents used during the Gulf War, and to which hundreds of thousands of soldiers were exposed, had been manufactured in Houston, TX and Boca Raton, Fl and tested on prisoners in the Texas Department of Corrections. Finally in 1996 the Department of Defense admitted that Desert Storm soldiers had been exposed to chemical agents dispersed by the US military, stating the US FDA (Food and Drug Administration) had granted the US military a “waiver of the Nuremberg Code”, thereby permitting the use of unapproved drugs (and weapons) and vaccines that were used in Desert Shield. This was an astonishingly ludicrous claim, since the FDA has no authority to waive international treaties. A year later, about 100 members of the US Congress presented a demand for an investigation into Gulf War Syndrome and the US military’s bio-weapons use, a demand which produced no result of which I am aware.


But even with the revelations and admitted complicity of the US government, the military and CIA, and hundreds of prominent American hospitals and universities, the victims have largely been left to fend for themselves without treatment or compensation, the US courts generally ruling that the government and all its agencies are immune to prosecution. And even to this date, not a single individual has been prosecuted for participation in this immense travesty of human rights violations.


There is one more aspect of this matter that the Western media have taken extraordinary pains to bury, to prevent the topic from even entering public consciousness. And this issue is the devastating horrors visited on the citizens of those nations listed above, since it wasn’t only US servicemen who were exposed to depleted uranium, dioxins and all the chemical and biological pathogens. Iraq alone has millions of civilians who were exposed to a wide range of these horrors, quite apart from the tragedy of the war itself, with the US government and the entire Western world pretending this matter doesn’t exist. But it does exist, even though the New York Times doesn’t care to tell you about it. Once again, the value of free speech depends entirely on who controls the microphone.


Not only have the victims not received compensation or treatment, in almost all instances the government has refused to even acknowledge what was done to them. This applies perhaps especially to members of the US Armed Services who were not only used as unwitting subjects in an enormous variety of chemical, biological and radioactive experimentation, but were knowingly subjected – en masse – to debilitating and often lethal doses of chemicals and radiation on the battlefield. This occurred after Hiroshima and Nagasaki as well as during the hundreds of nuclear test explosions conducted by the US military on American soil and around the world, when American soldiers were repeatedly sent in immediately following a nuclear test, without protection or warning. The same occurred during the war in Vietnam where government and military authorities were fully aware of the lethality and genetic horrors from exposure to dioxins like Agent Orange, exposing potentially millions of soldiers to these deadly poisons.


It occurred again in Operation Desert Storm and the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and Yugoslavia, where soldiers were widely exposed to the effects of depleted uranium and various biological agents that were proven to have been man-made. In all the above cases, the cancers, multiple other serious illnesses, hideous birth defects and much more, are simply denied even today, the military refusing even to admit its use of depleted uranium in spite of the overwhelming evidence.For more information please click Here.


Researchers using military patients in veterans’ hospitals as test subjects for human medical experiments, were ordered to never use the word “experiments”, but to describe their activities as “investigations” or “observations” in all medical reports, to avoid future public recriminations. One document classified as “Secret”, stated, “It is desired that no document be released which refers to experiments with humans that might have an adverse reaction on public opinion or result in legal suits.”, leaving no doubt the government was aware of the risks to both military personnel and civilians. This is a pattern to which the US government has steadfastly – and inexplicably – adhered for many decades.


A great many US war veterans still suffer from various cancers caused by the dioxins in Agent Orange that was used so freely in Vietnam, many even becoming ill long after the war from flying in aircraft still contaminated with heavy traces of the chemical. Most are still battling the US military and government for treatment and compensation, which the authorities refuse to provide. For Vietnam veterans, the Huffington Post reported in 2015 that of 900,000 Vietnam soldiers who applied for health care, about 300,000 have already died without receiving any assistance.


In 1994 Senator John D. Rockefeller issued a report revealing that for at least 50 years the Department of Defense had used hundreds of thousands of military personnel in human experiments, with intentional exposure to a vast array of dangerous substances that included mustard and nerve gas, nuclear radiation, psycho-chemicals, hallucinogens, as well as drugs and vaccines used during the Gulf War. Yet it was only in the late 1990s that the military admitted, under enormous pressure from Congress and after substantial public exposure in the media, that “maybe 20,000” Gulf War veterans “may have been exposed” to chemical and biological weapons in Kuwait and Iraq, but that belated recognition did not lead to either further disclosure or to medical treatment or compensation. At the time, Congress demanded of the White House and military a full public investigation into bioweapons used and the multiple resulting illnesses of Gulf War Syndrome; Congress was ignored.


It was not only the US military’s use of biological and chemical weapons in the Gulf, but of proven claims that the medications and vaccines administered to hundreds of thousands of soldiers were responsible for much of the epidemic of illnesses. But the military’s refusal to even admit, much less accept liability, was based in part of a claim that the FDA had approved military use of unapproved drugs and vaccines, and had “waived the Nuremberg Code” for the US military during the Gulf Wars. This is one branch of the US government disabling hundreds of thousands of its servicemen with biological, chemical and radioactive material, then disclaiming liability on the grounds that another branch of the same government gave it permission to do so. It would be difficult to uncover a more perfect example of specious and deceitful reasoning.


And this wasn’t the first time. In 1942, the US military developed a vaccine for yellow fever that was also meant to protect soldiers against smallpox, tetanus and typhoid. The vaccine was untested, unlicensed for use, and a safe version of this vaccine would prove to be more than ten years in the future. Moreover, the vaccine had been reported to cause jaundice and other medical problems, but the military decided to use it anyway, unleashing the largest single outbreak of Hepatitis B ever recorded, infecting hundreds of thousands of soldiers.


The US government’s position on compensation and medical treatment since the 1940s has been one of denying, ignoring, resisting and stonewalling until all the claimants eventually die, and this has been as true with civilian casualties as with military. Even in cases where virtually the entire medical community has documented the causes and origins of these illnesses, and where Congressional investigations have confirmed the liability, the White House and military refuse to cooperate. Instead, they present innumerable roadblocks and delaying tactics, often resorting to pressuring the judiciary and Department of Justice to refuse claims. The White House and the military have relied heavily on the judicial system to avoid liability. In one case, a US Army sergeant sued the military for subjecting him to drugs without his consent or even his knowledge, and the great US Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia wrote the final ruling that no serviceman had a right to sue the US military on the grounds that these illnesses or injuries were “service-related”. This was essentially the same excuse the military used after sending thousands of soldiers directly into ground zero immediately after a nuclear blast. The servicemen were being used in an abominable experiment to discover the radiation effects on humans of a nuclear blast, but they did so in the line of duty as a soldier.



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